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2011-02-28office/adobe-reader: Fix bug in bash-completion script ArTourter
2011-02-28office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 3.3.0. Niels Horn
2011-02-28office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.3.0. Niels Horn
2011-02-07office/impressive: Updated for version 0.10.3. Binh Nguyen
2011-02-06office/focuswriter: Added (distraction-free word processor) Giuseppe Scalzi
2011-02-06office/freemind: use a wrapper instead of symlink to launch Bruno T. Russo (BrunoRusso)
2011-01-30office/texlive: Patched to use correct path of texmf-local tree Robby Workman
2011-01-30office/sigil: Updated for version 0.2.4. Larry Hajali
2011-01-16office/wammu: Updated for version 0.35. Heinz Wiesinger
2011-01-11office/scribus: Updated for version 1.3.9. Heinz Wiesinger
2011-01-10office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.3.0rc2. Niels Horn
2011-01-10office/siag: Added (free office package) Zbigniew Baniewski
2011-01-10office/lcal: Added (generates graphical "lunar phase" calendar) Tracy Williams
2011-01-10office/pcal: Added (generate monthly format calendars) Tracy Williams
2011-01-10office/calibre: Updated for version 0.7.36. Larry Hajali
2011-01-10office/leafpad: Upgraded for version Grigorios Bouzakis
2010-12-29office/org-mode: Updated for version 7.4. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-12-27office/verbiste: Updated for version 0.1.32. Didier Charles
2010-12-27office/elyxer: Updated for version 1.1.2. Bending Unit 647
2010-12-27office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 3.3.0rc1. Niels Horn
2010-12-27office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.3.0rc1. Niels Horn
2010-12-17office/ding: Added (German-English Dictionary) Martin Ivanov
2010-12-17office/traduisons: Added (python front-end to Google Translate) John Tyree
2010-12-17office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3.2. Gilcio Amaral
2010-12-13office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.4.1. ArTourter
2010-12-12office/wyrd: Added (ncurses-based remind front-end) T3slider
2010-12-12office/remind: Added (A command-line calendar) T3slider
2010-12-12office/texmaker: Updated for version 2.1. Larry Hajali
2010-12-12office/elyxer: Updated for version 1.0.3. Bending Unit 647
2010-12-12office/lyx: Updated for version 1.6.8. Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér
2010-12-10office/full-pack: Added (a set of dictionaries for kbgoffice) Martin A. Ivanov
2010-12-10office/kbgoffice: Added (KDE frontend for the BG Office project) Martin A. Ivanov
2010-12-10office/pdftk: Hardcode "make -j1" to prevent build failure ArTourter
2010-12-09office/org-mode: Updated for version 7.02. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-12-06office/pdftk: Updated for version 1.44. ArTourter
2010-12-06office/calibre: Updated for version 0.7.30. Larry Hajali
2010-12-06office/gnumeric: Updated for version 1.10.12. Robby Workman
2010-12-04office/libreoffice-langpack: Fixed URI in README Robby Workman
2010-12-04office/pstoedit: Fixed download link Robby Workman
2010-12-02Various: miscellaneous fixes/tweaks to .info files Robby Workman
2010-11-29office/libreoffice-langpack: Added (language packs for LO) Niels Horn
2010-11-29office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.3.0_beta3. Niels Horn
2010-11-29office/kmymoney: Updated for version 4.5.1. Gilcio Amaral
2010-11-28office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3.1 Gilcio Amaral
2010-10-25office/gummi: Updated for version 0.5.2. Larry Hajali
2010-10-25office/zathura: Added (PDF viewer focusing on keyboard interaction) Binh Nguyen
2010-10-25office/pdf2djvu: Added (creates DjVu files from PDF files) Binh Nguyen
2010-10-25office/elyxer: Added (Lyx to HTML converter) Bending Unit 647
2010-10-20office/gummi: Added. (Lightweight Latex editor written PyGTK) Larry Hajali
2010-10-18office/wammu: Updated for version 0.34. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-10-18office/scribus: Updated for version 1.3.8. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-10-18office/rednotebook: Updated for version 1.1.1. David Woodfall
2010-10-18office/gnumeric: Updated for version 1.10.10. Robby Workman
2010-10-17office/apvlv: Updated for version Eugene Wissner
2010-10-17office/libreoffice: Added (Fork of Niels Horn
2010-10-16office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.4. ArTourter
2010-09-22office/texlive: Updated for version 20100722. Robby Workman
2010-09-13office/calibre: Updated for version 0.7.18. Larry Hajali
2010-08-29office/xournal: Fixed TAG. Erik Hanson
2010-08-29office/impressive: Added (A fancy PDF presentation program) Binh Nguyen
2010-08-29office/xournal: Added (note taking application) Michael Filz
2010-08-23office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.3.4. ArTourter
2010-08-23office/beaver: Added (Beaver is an Early AdVanced EditoR) Binh Nguyen
2010-08-23office/kmymoney: Updated for version 4.5. Gilcio Amaral
2010-08-18office/go_openoffice: Added (fork of David Somero
2010-08-18office/org-mode: Updated for version 7.01h. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-08-16office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3. Gilcio Amaral
2010-08-16office/python-gcalcli: Added (cli google calander application) David Woodfall
2010-08-15office/kchmviewer: Updated for version 5.2. Michiel van Wessem
2010-08-15office/calcurse: Updated for version 2.8. Michiel van Wessem
2010-08-15office/pdfedit: Updated for version 0.4.5. Pedro Mendes
2010-08-15office/sigil: Updated for version 0.2.3. Larry Hajali
2010-08-14office/pandoc: Updated for version 1.6. Peter Wang
2010-08-14office/org-mode: Updated for version 7.01g. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-08-01office/moneydance: Updated for version 2010_b751. Robby Workman
2010-07-26office/wammu: Added (Mobile-phone manager) Heinz Wiesinger
2010-07-26office/scribus: Updated for version 1.3.7. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-07-26office/apvlv: Updated for version New Maintainer. Eugene Wissner
2010-07-26office/lyx: Updated for version 1.6.7. Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér
2010-07-16office/adobe-reader: Build bump, fixed symlink typo. ArTourter
2010-07-09office/kmymoney: Fixed README again. Gilcio Amaral
2010-07-08office/verbiste: Added (a French conjugation system) Didier Charles
2010-07-08office/lyx: Fixed md5sum in Robby Workman
2010-07-08office/kmymoney: Fixed README. Gilcio Amaral
2010-07-06office/kmymoney: Removed now obsolete. dsomero
2010-07-06office/kmymoney: Fixed slack-desc and build tweaks. Gilcio Amaral
2010-07-04office/gnumeric: Updated for version 1.10.7. Robby Workman
2010-07-03office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.3.3. ArTourter
2010-07-03office/kmymoney: Added (personal finance app) Gilcio Amaral
2010-06-29office/calibre: Updated for version 0.7.4. Larry Hajali
2010-06-29office/sigil: Updated for version 0.2.1. Larry Hajali
2010-06-28office/eqonomize: Update hicolor icon cache in Heinz Wiesinger
2010-06-22office/evince: "F" removal. Erik Hanson
2010-06-20office/org-mode: Updated for version 6.36c. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-06-20office/homebank: Updated for version 4.3. Erik Hanson
2010-06-20office/ Updated for version 3.2.1. Oda
2010-06-18office/evince: Reverted to version 2.28.2. Michiel van Wessem
2010-06-17office/abiword: Updated for version 2.8.6. Robby Workman
2010-06-17office/lyx: Added (WYSIWYM document processor) Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejér
2010-06-17office/ Silence a harmless warning Robby Workman