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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-01-1820200118.1 global branch merge.current-20200118.1 Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-18libraries/configobj: Updated for version 5.0.6, python3 support. B. Watson
2020-01-18libraries/libthai: Convert slack-desc to ASCII. B. Watson
2020-01-18sbo/scripts: Email changes Dave Woodfall
2020-01-18libraries/libxml++3: Updated for version 3.2.0. orbea
2020-01-18libraries/pyPEG2: Assume maintainership Dave Woodfall
2020-01-18libraries/libmp4v2: Updated for version 20191108_9084868. Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-18libraries/hdf5: Updated for version 1.8.21. Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-18libraries/live555: Updated for version 2020.01.11 Christoph Willing
2020-01-18libraries/zope.event: Add python3 support. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-01-18libraries/ntl: Updated for version 11.4.3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-01-18libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.79.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-01-18libraries/antlr4: Updated for version 4.8. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-01-18lbraries/librhtv: Fix build. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-01-18libraries/zope.component: Add python3 support. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-01-18libraries/ftgl: Disable docs to avoid texlive. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-16libraries/libdbusmenu: Updated for version 18.10.20180917~bzr492. Donald Cooley
2020-01-16libraries/SimGear: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Lenard Spencer
2020-01-12libraries/lapack: Updated for version 3.9.0. Kyle Guinn
2020-01-12libraries/blas: Updated for version 3.9.0. Kyle Guinn
2020-01-12libraries/frei0r: Force -std=c++11 to fix build. Luiz Ramos
2020-01-12libraries/olm: Added (olm and megolm cryptographic ratchets) David O'Shaughnessy
2020-01-12libraries/glfw3: Updated for version 3.3.1. orbea
2020-01-12libraries/libsixel: Updated for version 1.8.5. orbea
2020-01-12libraries/liblangtag: Updated for version 0.6.3. orbea
2020-01-12libraries/liborcus: Updated for version 0.15.3. orbea
2020-01-12libraries/spdlog: Updated for version 1.4.2. orbea
2020-01-12libraries/fmt: Updated for version 6.1.2. orbea
2020-01-12libraries/QScintilla-qt5: Set build concurrency. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-01-12libraries/live555: Updated for version 2020.01.10 Christoph Willing
2020-01-12libraries/opencv: Updated for version 4.2.0 Christoph Willing
2020-01-12libraries/p4api: Fix typo in script. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/libgxps: Remove mention of nonexistent B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/libmigdb: Remove template comments from script. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/liborocos-kdl: Make BUILD respect environment. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/p4api: Make sbolint happy. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/tcllib: New maintainer. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/qca-qt5: Fix shebang, #!/bin/bash => #!/bin/sh. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/nv-codec-headers: Remove template comments from script. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/libscca: Fix shebang, #/bin/sh => #!/bin/sh. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/liborocos-kdl: Add missing BUILD= to script. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/vcglib: Fix slack-desc and actually install it. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/med: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/marisa: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/lua-std.normalize: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/lua-std._debug: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/lua-readline: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/librhtv: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/QScintilla-qt5: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12libraries/fltk: Updated for version 1.3.5. LukenShiro
2020-01-12libraries/skalibs: Updated for version Muhammad Mahendra Subrata
2020-01-12libraries/libinput: Updated for version 1.15.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-01-12libraries/ode: Updated for version 0.16. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-12libraries/Botan: Updated for version 2.13.0. Markus Reichelt
2020-01-12libraries/ftgl: Updated for version 2.4.0. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-11libraries/libwnck3: New maintainer. Donald Cooley
2020-01-11libraries/bamf: New maintainer. Donald Cooley
2020-01-12libraries/libc++: Updated for version 3.8.0. Hunter Sezen
2020-01-11libraries/librhtv: Add back rhtv-config. Zhu Qun-Ying
2020-01-07libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2019.1.2. Lenard Spencer
2020-01-07libraries/libsigrokdecode: Updated for version 0.5.3. Andrzej Telszewski
2020-01-07libraries/libsigrok: Updated for version 0.5.2. Andrzej Telszewski
2020-01-03libraries/spread-sheet-widget: Fix .info. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/smpeg2: Fix .info. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/libyang: Fix VERSION (no hyphens). B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/libdatrie: Fixed VERSION in .info file Robby Workman
2020-01-03libraries/nx-libs: Fixed VERSION in .info file Robby Workman
2020-01-03libraries/ta-lib: Fixed VERSION in build script Robby Workman
2020-01-03libraries/frei0r: Updated for version 1.7.0. Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-03libraries/libx86emu: Updated for version 2.4. Robby Workman
2020-01-03libraries/qwt-qt5: Fixed PRGNAM in build script. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/msgpack-c: Fixed PRGNAM in build script. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/lua-luv: Fixed PRGNAM and .info. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/lapack-atlas: Fixed PRGNAM, do not cp -a from CWD. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/exempi: Updated for version 2.5.1, new maintainer. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/lame: Updated for version 3.100, new maintainer. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/libopenraw: Updated for version 0.1.3, new maintainer. B. Watson
2020-01-03libraries/dav1d: Updated for version 0.5.2. Andrew Strong
2020-01-03libraries/nv-codec-headers: Updated for version Andrew Strong
2020-01-03libraries/libaom: Updated for version 1.0.0.r29281.10cdc996a. Andrew Strong
2020-01-03libraries/htslib: Updated for version 1.10.2. Rob van Nues
2020-01-03libraries/ORBit2: Fixed download link Robby Workman
2020-01-03libraries/tls: Assume maintainership Didier Spaier
2020-01-03libraries/libshout: Assume maintainership Didier Spaier
2020-01-03libraries/libgtop: Assume maintainership Didier Spaier
2020-01-03libraries/libgksu: Assume maintainership Didier Spaier
2020-01-03libraries/libdca: Assume maintainership Didier Spaier
2020-01-03libraries/id3lib: Assume maintainership Dominik Drobek
2020-01-02libraries/plib: Assume maintainership Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-02libraries/ode: Assume maintainership Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-02libraries/ftgl: Assume maintainership Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-02libraries/quazip: Assume maintainership Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-02libraries/libglademm: Assume maintainership Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-02libraries/gstreamermm: Assume maintainership Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-02libraries/libmp4v2: Assume maintainership Matteo Bernardini
2020-01-01libraries/libmigdb: Added (A GDB/MI interface library) Zhu Qun-Ying
2019-12-31libraries/glfw3: Fix download URL + i486=>i586. orbea
2019-12-30libraries/bullet: Updated for version 2.89. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2019-12-30libraries/libmediainfo: Update to 19.09 Jeremy Hansen
2019-12-29libraries/libwacom: Updated for version 1.2. Edinaldo P. Silva