AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-04-24Fixed typocurrent-20220424.1 Lucio Pileggi
2022-04-24README: Updated to display fork informations. Matteo Bernardini
2022-04-23Public www update: Sat Apr 23 18:49:13 UTC 2022.15.0-20220423.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23libraries/libdca: New maintainer. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23network/teamviewer: Added (remote control application). ArTourter
2022-04-23libraries/libshout: New maintainer. Bill Kirkpatrick
2022-04-23audio/JDSP4Linux: Added (Pipewire system equalizer). Ralph Spitzner
2022-04-23python/objgraph: Added (Python Module). Markus Rinne
2022-04-23academic/FreeFem: Updated for version 4.11. Fellype do Nascimento
2022-04-23network/microsoft-edge: Update for version 100.0.1185.50. Reza Talebi
2022-04-23academic/petsc: Added (toolkit for scientific computation). Fellype do Nascimento
2022-04-23desktop/anki: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23development/jupyter_core: Updated for version 4.10.0. Isaac Yu
2022-04-23development/openjdk8: Updated for version 8u322. Strahil Yordanov
2022-04-23games/0ad: Updated for version 0.0.25b. Tim Dickson
2022-04-23games/0ad-data: Updated for version 0.0.25b. Tim Dickson
2022-04-23development/openjdk7: Fix script. Lenard Spencer
2022-04-23office/gnucash: Update DEP. Lenard Spencer
2022-04-23development/jupyter-notebook: Updated for version 6.4.11. Isaac Yu
2022-04-23development/portaudio: new maintainer. Bill Kirkpatrick
2022-04-23network/hostapd: Updated for version 2.10. Brenton Earl
2022-04-23system/evolution-data-server: Fix script. Ozan Türkyılmaz
2022-04-23network/strongswan: Updated for version 5.9.5. Wayne Cuddy
2022-04-23system/mpollux-digisign-client: Added (smart card middleware). pyllyukko
2022-04-23network/mailspring: Updated for version 1.10.3 Muhammad Mahendra Subrata
2022-04-23system/efiboots: Added (GTK3 frontend for efibootmgr). Logan Rathbone
2022-04-23system/swapinzram: Added (Configure a swap block device in RAM). marav
2022-04-23misc/fcitx-mozc: Updated for version 2.26.4220.102.1. Kuro_CODE25
2022-04-23libraries/libchamplain: Added (C library). Ozan Türkyılmaz
2022-04-23libraries/clutter-gtk: Added (GTK+ Integration library for Clutter). Ozan Türkyılmaz
2022-04-23libraries/clutter: Added (OpenGL based interactive canvas library). Ozan Türkyılmaz
2022-04-23system/brlaser: Added (CUPS driver for Brother laser printers). Juan M. Lasca
2022-04-23gis/python3-pyproj: Updated for version 3.3.1 ArTourter
2022-04-23development/neovim: Updated for version 0.7.0. Ruben Schuller
2022-04-23libraries/lua-luv: Updated for version 1.43.0_0. Ruben Schuller
2022-04-23office/hunspell-en: Update for 2020.12.07 (+new maintainer) Isaac Yu
2022-04-23system/trash-cli: Update for (+new maintainer) Isaac Yu
2022-04-23system/winetricks: Update for 20220411 (+new maintainer) Isaac Yu
2022-04-23libraries/libdbi-drivers: fixup the postgres flags Vincent Batts
2022-04-23system/pcem: update to version f4a1ab9.20220418 K. Eugene Carlson
2022-04-23development/mysql-workbench: Add upstream patch. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23development/ghex: Update for 42.1 Logan Rathbone
2022-04-23games/lutris: Updated to 0.5.10 Ozan Türkyılmaz
2022-04-23libraries/antlr4: Updated for version 4.10.1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23libraries/bullet: Updated for version 3.22b. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23network/franz: Updated for version 5.9.2. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23academic/gcompris-qt: Updated for version 2.4. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.6.21. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.31.2. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23system/netdata: Updated for version 1.34.1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23development/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.20.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23network/telegram: Updated for version 3.7.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23development/valgrind: Updated for version . Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.49. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23games/nestopia: Updated for version 1.51.1. Ruoh-Shoei LIN
2022-04-23office/pdfarranger: moved from python; adapted for icons brobr
2022-04-23system/yelp: Update README. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23gis/google-earth: Use correct VERSION. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-04-23graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.83. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.40.1. ArTourter
2022-04-23system/prometheus: Updated for version 2.35.0. Ebben Aries
2022-04-23system/scdoc: Updated for version 1.11.2. Manuel Argüelles
2022-04-23desktop/qtile: Updated README. Isaac Yu
2022-04-23games/ppsspp: Updated for version 1.12.3. Ruoh-Shoei LIN
2022-04-23network/zoom-linux: Updated for version Ebben Aries
2022-04-23system/osquery-bin: Updated for version 5.2.3. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20220324. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23python/pikepdf: Updated to version 5.1.2. brobr
2022-04-23academic/rpy2: Updated to version 3.5.1. brobr
2022-04-23misc/simh-classic: Gzip patch to preserve line endings. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23network/brave-browser: Fix BUILD variable usage. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23games/mgba: Updated for version 0.9.3. Ruoh-Shoei LIN
2022-04-23network/isync: Updated for version 1.4.4. Manuel Argüelles
2022-04-23libraries/cogl: Fix build with multiple jobs. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23python/python-xkbcommon: Fix github tarball handling. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23desktop/Tela-icon-theme: Fix github tarball handling. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23network/sslscan: Updated for version 2.0.13. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23network/dropbear: Updated for version 2022.82. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23libraries/htslib: Fix MD5SUM. Andrew Clemons
2022-04-23system/trousers: Added (TSS implementation by IBM) K. Eugene Carlson
2022-04-23desktop/foot: Added (native wayland terminal emulator) Damian Perticone
2022-04-23desktop/yambar: Added (status panel for X11 and Wayland) Damian Perticone
2022-04-23desktop/fuzzel: Added (wayland native application launcher) Damian Perticone
2022-04-23python/python3-pytest-cov: Added (coverage plugin for pytest) toolonely
2022-04-23audio/opustags: Added (View and edit Ogg Opus comments.) Andrew Strong
2022-04-23libraries/libtpms: Added (library for emulating TPM 1.2 and 2.0) K. Eugene Carlson
2022-04-23libraries/fcft: Added (font loading and glyph rasterization library) Damian Perticone
2022-04-23ham/qt-dab: Added (Software DAB Decoder) J
2022-04-23development/jupyterlab_pygments: Revert to version 0.1.2. Isaac Yu
2022-04-23system/fswatch: Updated for version 1.16.0. Konrad J Hambrick
2022-04-23libraries/live555: Update maintainer. Bill Kirkpatrick
2022-04-23libraries/tllist: Added (typed linked list c header file) Damian Perticone
2022-04-23multimedia/zvbi: Update maintainer. Template fixes. Bill Kirkpatrick
2022-04-23network/mrtg: Update maintainer email Ulrich Schaefer
2022-04-23academic/gwyddion: Updated for version 2.60. Daniil Bratashov
2022-04-23libraries/nlohmann_json: Added (JSON for Modern C++) Steven Voges
2022-04-23academic/dakota: Added documentation. Lorenzo Trevisan
2022-04-23academic/avogadroapp: Added (graphic user interface of Avogadro 2) Giancarlo Dessì
2022-04-23academic/avogadrolibs: Added (Libraries for Avogadro 2) Giancarlo Dessì
2022-04-23network/element-desktop: Updated for version 1.10.10. marav