AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-07Fixed typocurrent-20220207.1 Lucio Pileggi
2022-02-07README: Updated to display fork informations. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.14.1. Markus Rinne
2022-02-07libraries/google-fruit: Updated for version 3.6.0. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/gupnp: Fix for no man pages. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07academic/mkDSSP: Updated for version 4.0.3, switch to cmake. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libcifpp: Updated for version 3.0.0. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07games/xcpc: Updated for version 0.37.0, changed homepage. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libdsk: Updated for version 1.5.18. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libfprint: Updated for version 1.94.2. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libg3d: Disable gtk-doc building. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07gis/spatialite_gui: Removed. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libgaiagraphics: Removed (obsoleted upstream). Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07desktop/Alphacube-GTK: Switch to a no-spaces tarball name. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07development/zulu-openjdk17: Fix MD5SUMs. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/llcon: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/mididings: Fix configure. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/milkytracker: Fix github tarball handling. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/gimmix: Fix build. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/darkice: Use the C++14 standard. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/cuberok: Removed (unmaintained, qt4). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/chuck: Updated for version Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/audacious-aac: Updated for version 4.1. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/aseqview: Add missing patches. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/alsamodularsynth: Updated for version 2.2.0. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/SAM: Fix build with newer gcc. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07graphics/heif-gimp-plugin: Updated for version 20191012_d6bea52. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07audio/MP3Diags: Add qt4 dependency. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/mixxx: Updated for version 2.3.1. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07libraries/libshout: Compress manpages. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/mkcue: Updated for debian pkg version 7. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/mp3check: Fix build. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07system/uhd: Fix github tarball handling. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/nekobee: Fix build. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07python/python-importlib_metadata: Updated for version 4.10.1. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2022-02-07python/python-zipp: Updated for version 3.7.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2022-02-07python/colorama: Updated for version 0.4.4. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2022-02-07python/requests-toolbelt: Updated for version 0.9.1. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2022-02-07python/readme_renderer: Updated for version 32.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2022-02-07python/pkginfo: Updated for version 1.8.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2022-02-07development/racer: Updated for version 2.2.0. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07network/prosody-mod-vcard-muc: Updated for version hg4879. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07system/fd: Updated for version 8.3.2. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07system/slackroll: Updated for version v49. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07network/slimjet: Removed (abandoned by SBo maintainer) Skaendo
2022-02-07desktop/simplenote: Removed (abandoned by SBo maintainer) Skaendo
2022-02-07development/xemacs: Removed (unmaintained @ SBo) Robby Workman
2022-02-07system/powernowd: Use -std=gnu90. Dave Woodfall
2022-02-07audio/audioconvert: Patched. Dave Woodfall
2022-02-07multimedia/minitube: Fix missing quote. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-02-07multimedia/gst0-plugins-ugly: Added gst0-plugins-base dep. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/qmidiarp: Added qt4 dependency. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/qmidinet: Add qt4 dependency. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/qmmp: Updated for version 0.12.14. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/qtractor: Fix build. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/rebmp: Fix build with newer glibc. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/sbagen: Fix build. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07libraries/gnome-media: Add gstreamer0 dependency. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/soundkonverter: Updated for version 3.0.1. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/sunvox: Updated MD5SUM. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07multimedia/picard: Fix github tarball handling. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/whipper: Updated for version 0.10.0. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/xmms-wma: Fix build with newer gcc. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07audio/yoshimi: Add missing jack dependency. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07libraries/libgit2-glib: Fixed ninja build. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07business/AssociationSubscribersManager: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07libraries/libheif: Fix build with newer google-go-lang. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07business/lemonpos: Removed (requires KDE4). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07business/skrooge: Updated for version 2.27.0. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07desktop/light: Compress man pages. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-07libraries/libindi-drivers: Updated for version 1.9.4. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libindi: Updated for version 1.9.4. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libixp: Fix for gcc >= 10.x. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/liborcus: Updated for version 0.17.1. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libixion: Updated for version 0.17.0. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libetonyek: Updated for version 0.1.10. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/mdds: Updated for version 2.0.1. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07network/libinfinity: Removed (unused). Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07network/libqinfinity: Removed (unused). Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07network/kobby: Removed (no kde4 anymore). Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07libraries/libqxt: Added the dependency qt4. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-07system/firejail: Updated for version 0.9.68. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2022-02-07development/tkdiff: Updated for version 5.3 Duncan Roe
2022-02-07system/guake: Updated for version 3.8.5. Logan Rathbone
2022-02-07graphics/tesseract: Updated for version 5.0.1 Logan Rathbone
2022-02-07python/python3-pysdl2: Updated for version 0.9.11. Pouria Rezaei
2022-02-07python/python3-pulsectl: Updated for version 22.1.3. Pouria Rezaei
2022-02-07python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.9.1. Pouria Rezaei
2022-02-07python/python3-natsort: Updated for version 8.1.0. Pouria Rezaei
2022-02-07python/python3-fasteners: Updated for version 0.17.3. Pouria Rezaei
2022-02-07system/nix: Updated for version 2.6.0. Pouria Rezaei
2022-02-07python/python3-aiohttp-socks: Updated for version 0.7.1. Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/python3-aiohttp: Updated for version 3.8.1. Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/yarl: Updated for version 1.6.3. Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/async-timeout: Updated for version 4.0.2. Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/python-socks: Updated for version 2.0.3. Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/python3-multidict: Updated for version 6.2.0. Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/aiosignal: Added (managing callbacks) Isaac Yu
2022-02-07python/frozenlist: Added (list-like structure) Isaac Yu
2022-02-06desktop/rodent: Updated for version Matteo Bernardini