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2019-01-0520190105.1 global branch merge.current-20190105.1 Matteo Bernardini
2019-01-05Public www update: Sat Jan 5 00:50:43 UTC 2019.14.2-20190105.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2019-01-05games/mame: Updated for version 0.205. B. Watson
2019-01-05network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2018.12.17. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2019-01-05desktop/qtile: Updated for version 0.13.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2019-01-05desktop/xfce4-volumed-pulse: Updated DOWNLOAD url. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2019-01-05ruby/rubygem-bundler: Updated for version 1.17.3. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2019-01-05academic/octave: Updated for version 4.4.1. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/arpack-ng: Updated for version 3.6.3. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/qrupdate: Update URLs and patches. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/spqr: Updated for version 2.0.9. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/umfpack: Updated for version 5.7.8. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/klu: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/cholmod: Updated for version 3.0.13. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/rbio: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/btf: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/ldl: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/cxsparse: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/csparse: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/ccolamd: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/colamd: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/camd: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/amd: Updated for SuiteSparse 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05academic/suitesparseconfig: Updated for version 5.4.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05network/privoxy: Updated for version 3.0.28. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05libraries/gtkdatabox: Updated for version Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05audio/freepats: Update URLs, script cleanup. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05audio/TiMidity++: Updated for version 2.15.0. Kyle Guinn
2019-01-05python/shutil_which: Updated for version 3.5.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2019-01-05gis/pyproj: Updated for version 1.9.6. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2019-01-05development/neovim: Updated for version 0.3.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2019-01-05libraries/libxmlb: Added (A library to handle binary XML blobs). Andrew Clemons
2019-01-05office/lyx: Update source. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2019-01-05games/edgar: Updated for version 1.30. Tim Dickson
2019-01-05development/universal-ctags: Updated for version 0b04c12 Eugen Wissner
2019-01-05development/tanya: Updated for version 0.14.0 Eugen Wissner
2019-01-05development/d-tools: Updated for version 2.084.0 Eugen Wissner
2019-01-05development/dmd: Updated for version 2.084.0 Eugen Wissner
2019-01-05libraries/libetpan: Updated for version 1.9.2. Erik Hanson
2019-01-05network/go-ipfs: Added (InterPlanetary File System). Marcin Szychowski
2019-01-05python/python-precis-i18n: Added (Int'd Usernames/Passwords). Andrew Clemons
2019-01-05system/passwordsafe: Updated for version 1.07BETA. rfmae
2019-01-05network/newsboat: Updated for version 2.14. Andrew Clemons
2019-01-05system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 0.30.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2019-01-05office/ReText: Added (Markdown Editor). MDrights
2019-01-05academic/pari: Updated for version 2.11.1. Joachim Kruth
2019-01-05gis/gpxsee: Updated for version 7.1. Nikolay Korotkiy
2019-01-05libraries/qt5-pbfimageplugin: Updated for version 1.2. Nikolay Korotkiy
2019-01-05network/quassel-qt5: Added (Distributed IRC client). Donald Cooley
2019-01-05network/quassel: Updated for version 0.13.0. Donald Cooley
2019-01-05desktop/xearth: Added (animated map). Richard Narron
2019-01-05python/Markups: Added (Wrapper around various text markups). MDrights
2019-01-05perl/perl-Data-Random: Updated for version 0.13. Donald Cooley
2019-01-05perl/perl-Test-MockTime: Added (Perl Module). Donald Cooley
2019-01-05perl/perl-Cpanel-JSON-XS: Updated for version 4.08. Donald Cooley
2019-01-05perl/perl-DBD-SQLite: Updated for version 1.62. Thomas Morper
2019-01-05libraries/bullet: Updated for version 2.88. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2019-01-05development/yarn: Updated for version 1.13.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2019-01-05development/cloc: Updated for version 1.80. Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05network/transgui: Updated for version 5.16.0. Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05multimedia/mediainfo: Updated for version 18.12. Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05libraries/libmediainfo: Updated for version 18.12. Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05python/python3-pyparsing: Updated for version 2.2.0. Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05development/meson: Updated for version 0.49.0. Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05perl/perl-parallel-forkmanager: Added (Parallel Processing Manager). Jeremy Hansen
2019-01-05development/netbeans: Updated for version 10.0. Sukma Wardana
2019-01-05development/samurai: Updated for version 0.5 + new maintainer. Hunter Sezen
2019-01-05network/ircd-hybrid: Added (IRC daemon). Ebben Aries
2019-01-05academic/samtools: Updated for version 1.9 + new maintainer. Rob van Nues
2019-01-05academic/bcftools: Added (BCF calling tools). Rob van Nues
2019-01-05libraries/htslib: Added (High Troughput Sequencing Library). Rob van Nues
2019-01-05misc/qtkeychain: Updated for version 0.9.1. Donald Cooley
2019-01-05system/Iosevka: Updated for version 2.0.2. Eugene M
2019-01-05network/dropbox: Updated for version 63.4.107. Amit Ugol
2019-01-05development/global: Updated for version 6.6.3 Arkadiusz Drabczyk
2019-01-05network/asterisk: Updated for version 16.1.1. Chris Walker
2019-01-05academic/bowtie2: Updated for version + new maintainer. Rob van Nues
2019-01-05network/pdns-recursor: Updated for version 4.1.8. Dejan Strbac
2019-01-05network/pdns: Updated for version 4.1.5. Dejan Strbac
2019-01-05network/neomutt: Fix README. Corrado Franco
2019-01-05network/chrony: Fix pid file path. Richard Ellis
2019-01-05academic/ngspice: Updated for version 29. R. S. Ananda Murthy
2019-01-05misc/jmri: Updated for version 4.14. Heiko Rosemann
2019-01-05system/fwupd: Updated for version 1.2.3. Andrew Clemons
2019-01-04libraries/appstream-glib: Fix building with meson 0.49.0. Andrew Clemons
2019-01-03ruby/rubygem-rubocop: Updated for version 0.62.0. Andrew Clemons
2019-01-01libraries/efivar: Updated for version 37. Andrew Clemons
2019-01-01ruby/rubygem-unicode-display_width: Updated for version 1.4.1. Andrew Clemons
2018-12-29Public www update: Sat Dec 29 00:04:44 UTC 2018.14.2-20181229.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-12-29games/open-adventure: Fix md5sum. B. Watson
2018-12-29development/Sphinx: Updated for version 1.8.3. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-12-29ruby/rubygem-lolcat: Updated for version 99.9.20. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-12-29games/freeorion: Updated for version 0.4.8. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-12-29development/pycharm: Updated for version 2018.3.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-12-29network/suricata: Updated for version 4.1.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-12-29ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20181225. Andrew Clemons
2018-12-29system/xen: Updated for version 4.11.1. Mario Preksavec
2018-12-29development/nodejs6: Updated for version 6.16.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-12-29development/nodejs: Updated for version 8.15.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-12-29development/hub: Updated for version 2.7.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo