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2014-09-13Public www update: Sat Sep 13 01:04:15 UTC 201414.1-20140913.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-13libraries/flickcurl: Updated for version 1.26. David Spencer
2014-09-13libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 9.70. David Spencer
2014-09-13system/virt-manager: Updated for version 1.1.0. Matteo Bernardini
2014-09-13libraries/libosinfo: Added (operating systems library). Matteo Bernardini
2014-09-13network/wireshark: Updated for version 1.12.0 Thanks to Luiz Ramos. Michiel van Wessem
2014-09-13multimedia/flashplayer-plugin: Updated for version Robby Workman
2014-09-13misc/html2ps: Fix leftover cruft in ; rm bashisms Robby Workman
2014-09-13system/adobe-source-han-sans-fonts: Added (OpenType Pan-CJK Font). CCHsu
2014-09-13network/zabbix_server: Updated for version 2.4.0. Michal Bialozor
2014-09-13network/zabbix_proxy: Updated for version 2.4.0. Michal Bialozor
2014-09-13network/zabbix_agentd: Updated for version 2.4.0. Michal Bialozor
2014-09-12multimedia/aegisub: Fix symlink in /usr/bin. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-12system/cwtex-q-fonts: Update source. CCHsu
2014-09-12libraries/live555: Fix script. Christoph Willing
2014-09-11network/x2goclient: Added (X2Go Remote Desktop solution). Elvio Basello
2014-09-11misc/kronometer: Updated for version 1.5.2. Elvis Angelaccio
2014-09-11python/ Added (A module wrapper for os.path). Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-09-11audio/sooperlooper: Updated for version 1.7.2. B. Watson
2014-09-11games/odamex: Don't trust wx-config. B. Watson
2014-09-11games/openyahtzee: Don't trust wx-config. B. Watson
2014-09-10office/ Updated for version 4.1.1. Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-09-10development/sqlitebrowser: updated for version 3.3.1 Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-09-10misc/dos2unix: updated for version 7.0 Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-09-10development/brackets: updated for version 0.43 Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-09-10network/x2goserver: Added (X2Go Remote Desktop solution). Elvio Basello
2014-09-10perl/perl-File-ReadBackwards: Added (Read a file backwards). Elvio Basello
2014-09-10perl/perl-Config-Simple: Added (simple configuration file class). Elvio Basello
2014-09-10libraries/wxGTK3: Update README about wx-config. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-09games/vera: Added (acryonym database). B. Watson
2014-09-09network/skylable-sx: Added (distributed data storage cluster). simotrone
2014-09-09academic/gtypist: Updated for version 2.9.5. Aaditya Bagga
2014-09-09libraries/lvtk: Update SOURCE url. B. Watson
2014-09-08games/sms_sdl: Fix bad patch and desktop integration. B. Watson
2014-09-08development/inform: Fix DOWNLOAD source. B. Watson
2014-09-08games/supermariowar: Fix broken patch. B. Watson
2014-09-08games/yar: Fix broken patch. B. Watson
2014-09-08system/d52: Fix broken patch. B. Watson
2014-09-08development/gradle: Updated for version 2.0. Arun Mascarenhas
2014-09-08development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 6.2.2. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-08network/mosaic-ck: Update DOWNLOAD source. B. Watson
2014-09-08system/info2man: Update DOWNLOAD source. B. Watson
2014-09-08office/zathura: Update README. B. Watson
2014-09-07development/ldns: Updated for version 1.6.17 + new maintainer. Larry Hajali
2014-09-07libraries/libmemcached: Script update. Nishant Limbachia
2014-09-07network/gns3: Added dynamips as DEPS. Markus Hutmacher
2014-09-07system/dynamips: Added (Emulator for Cisco IOS). Markus Hutmacher
2014-09-07libraries/libdvdcss: Reverted back to 1.2.13. Robby Workman
2014-09-06misc/ykpers: Updated for version 1.15.3. T3slider
2014-09-06system/mdocml: Update script. LEVAI Daniel
2014-09-06perl/perl-Scalar-List-Utils: Updated for version 1.41. LEVAI Daniel
2014-09-06graphics/xcalib: Added (color profile manager). klaatu
2014-09-06office/docx2txt: Updated for version 1.4. Phillip Warner
2014-09-06desktop/whaw: Updated for version 0.2. Phillip Warner
2014-09-06games/stone_soup: Updated for version 0.15.0. David Melik
2014-09-05multimedia/vlc: Added (VLC media player). Christoph Willing
2014-09-05games/wolf4sdl: Added (Wolfenstein 3D engine). B. Watson
2014-09-05Public www update: Fri Sep 5 17:05:08 UTC 201414.1-20140905.2 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-05python/py: Updated for version 1.4.24. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-09-05network/Pafy: Updated for version 0.3.62. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-09-05python/monty: Updated for version 0.3.6. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-09-05games/cpsokoban: Update script Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-09-05office/taskd: Added (task server daemon). Robert Allen
2014-09-05development/libb2: Added (Cryptographic C Library). Manuel Arg├╝elles
2014-09-05graphics/vsxu: Added (OpenGL Music Visualisation). Christoph Willing
2014-09-05desktop/whaw: Fix DOWNLOAD source and update script. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-05audio/gmusicbrowser: Updated for version 1.1.12. chinarulezzz
2014-09-05system/vinterm: Added (terminal emulator). B. Watson
2014-09-05multimedia/zvbi: Added (Zapping VBI library). Christoph Willing
2014-09-05games/noteye: Added (roguelike frontend). B. Watson
2014-09-05development/eclipse-cpp: Disable GTK+3 theme. Andre Barboza
2014-09-05development/eclipse: Disable GTK+3 theme. Andre Barboza
2014-09-05development/racket: updated for version 6.1. Markus Hutmacher
2014-09-05perl/perl-Test-Simple: Updated for version 1.001006. LEVAI Daniel
2014-09-05audio/SuperCollider: Updated for version 3.6.6. Felix Pfeifer
2014-09-05network/gns3: Updated for version 0.8.7. Markus Hutmacher
2014-09-05network/strongswan: Updated for version 5.2.0. Markus Hutmacher
2014-09-05python/affine: Added (Affine Matrices). Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-09-05misc/projectM: Updated for version 2.1.0. M.Dinslage
2014-09-05multimedia/makemkv: Updated for version 1.8.13. T3slider
2014-09-05misc/kronometer: Added (A stopwatch application for KDE). Elvis Angelaccio
2014-09-05system/adobe-source-serif-pro-font: Added (open source font). Dugan Chen
2014-09-05system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font: Updated for version 2.10roman. Dugan Chen
2014-09-05multimedia/plex-home-theater: Added (Media Center). Marcel Saegebarth
2014-09-05network/avahi: Fix DOWNLOAD Source. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-05libraries/libdaemon: Fix DOWNLOAD Source. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-05libraries/live555: Added (C++ libraries for multimedia streaming). Christoph Willing
2014-09-05games/stone_soup: Added Documentation. David Melik
2014-09-05Public www update: Fri Sep 5 16:25:24 UTC 201414.1-20140905.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-09-05multimedia/google-earth: Bugfixes for icon and Michiel van Wessem
2014-09-05network/transmission: Fixed building on 14.1. Erik Hanson
2014-09-05system/vagrant: Updated for version 1.6.4. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-09-05gis/rasterio: Updated for version 0.12.1. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-09-05gis/Fiona: Updated for version 1.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-09-05libraries/libvirt-glib: Updated for version 0.1.9. Robby Workman
2014-09-05libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 1.2.8. Robby Workman
2014-09-05libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 1.2.8. Robby Workman
2014-09-05libraries/gst1-libav: Updated for version 1.4.1. Robby Workman
2014-09-05libraries/gst1-plugins-bad: Updated for version 1.4.1. Robby Workman
2014-09-05libraries/gst1-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 1.4.1. Robby Workman