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Org is  an Emacs mode for  keeping notes, maintaining  TODO lists, and
doing project planning with a fast and effective plain-text system.

Org keeps  simple things simple. When  first fired up,  it should feel
like  a  straightforward, easy  to  use  outliner.  Complexity is  not
imposed, but  a large  amount of functionality  is available  when you
need  it. Org is  a toolbox  and can  be used  in different  ways, for
example as:

- an outline extension with visibility cycling and structure editing
- an ASCII system and table editor for taking structured notes
- an ASCII table editor with spreadsheet-like capabilities
- a TODO list editor
- a full agenda and planner with deadlines and work scheduling
- an environment to implement David Allen's GTD system
- a basic database application
- a simple hypertext system, with HTML and LaTeX export
- a publishing tool to create a set of interlinked webpages