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2018-02-03Public www update: Sat Feb 3 00:00:00 UTC 2018.14.2-20180203.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-02-03libraries/libaudclient: Switch to https for the homepage. Matteo Bernardini
2018-02-03system/lxtask: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03system/lxsession: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03system/lxrandr: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03system/xdiskusage: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03desktop/lxmenu-data: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03network/openldap-server: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03desktop/lxlauncher: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03desktop/lxde-common: Call makepkg with the full path. Heiko Schlichting
2018-02-03games/mame: Updated for version 0.194. B. Watson
2018-02-03system/alacritty: Updated for version gitb82622. Andrew Clemons
2018-02-03development/pycharm: Updated for version 2017.3.3. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-02-03development/SQLAlchemy: Updated for version 1.2.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-02-03multimedia/beets: Updated for version 1.4.6. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-02-03network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2018.01.27. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-02-03network/skypeforlinux: Updated for version Mario Preksavec
2018-02-03network/postfix: Updated for version 3.2.5. Mario Preksavec
2018-02-03graphics/openimageio: Updated for version 1.8.8 Christoph Willing
2018-02-03python/python3-jupyter-ipykernel: New deps for jupyter-notebook. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-02-03development/jupyter-ipykernel: New deps for jupyter-notebook. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-02-03system/vagrant: Updated for version 2.0.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-02-03development/jupyter-notebook: Updated for version 5.4.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-02-03gis/geographiclib-python: Updated for version 1.49. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-02-03desktop/oranchelo-icon-theme: Updated for version Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-02-03office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 4.3.82. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-02-03system/forkstat: Updated for version 0.02.02. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-02-03multimedia/opera-developer-ffmpeg-codecs: Updated for version 65.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-02-03network/opera-developer: Updated for version 52.0.2852.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-02-03audio/whipper: Updated for version 0.6.0. Alexander Verbovetsky
2018-02-02audio/sunvox: Updated for version 1.9.3b. fuzzix
2018-02-02network/guacamole-client: Updated for version 0.9.14. Zhu Qun-Ying
2018-02-02network/guacamole-server: Updated for version 0.9.14. Zhu Qun-Ying
2018-02-02network/PaleMoon: Updated for version 27.7.2. khronosschoty
2018-02-02network/waterfox: Updated for version 56.0.4. Donald Cooley
2018-02-02development/tig: Updated for version 2.3.3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-02-02system/lynis: Updated for version 2.6.1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-02-02system/laptop-mode-tools: Updated for version 1.72. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-02-01network/brave: Updated for version 0.20.29. Donald Cooley
2018-02-01development/4th: Updated for version 3.62.5. Zbigniew Baniewski
2018-02-01graphics/feh: Updated for version 2.23.1. Hunter Sezen
2018-02-01system/symbola-font-ttf: Updated for version 10.24. Alexander Verbovetsky
2018-02-01network/palemoon: Updated for version 27.7.2. Skaendo
2018-02-01desktop/cnslock: Added (dock application). Yanes Checcacci Balod
2018-02-01system/mailutils: Added (email handling). Sergey Poznyakoff
2018-01-31network/dothost: Added (DNS lookup utility). Donald Cooley
2018-01-31python/python-mimeparse: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31python/Flask-WTF: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31python/Flask-Principal: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31python/Flask-Mail: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31python/Flask-HTMLmin: Fix DOWNLOAD url. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31network/heimdal: Updated for version 7.5.0. Thibaut Notteboom
2018-01-31misc/sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw: Updated for version 0.1.6. Andrzej Telszewski
2018-01-31network/sylpheed: Updated for version 3.7.0. Alan Ianson
2018-01-31system/f3: Updated for version 7.0. Konrad J Hambrick
2018-01-31network/dropbox: Updated for version 42.4.114. Amit Ugol
2018-01-31network/basilisk: Added (Web browser). Skaendo
2018-01-31office/paps: Updated for version 0.7.0. Leonard Schmidt
2018-01-31desktop/9menu: Updated for version 1.9. Leonard Schmidt
2018-01-31network/shorewall6: Updated for version ArTourter
2018-01-31network/shorewall: Updated for version ArTourter
2018-01-31network/shorewall-core: Updated for version ArTourter
2018-01-31system/sboui: Updated for version 1.0. Daniel Prosser
2018-01-31system/iucode_tool: Updated for version 2.3. Alexander Verbovetsky
2018-01-31office/ Reduce package size. Donald Cooley
2018-01-31libraries/libbsd: Updated for version 0.8.7. LEVAI Daniel
2018-01-31misc/xbanish: Updated for version 1.5. LEVAI Daniel
2018-01-31development/atom-amd64: Updated for version 1.23.3. Mohammad Etemaddar
2018-01-31multimedia/vivaldi-codecs-ffmpeg-extra: Updated for version 64.0. Alexander Verbovetsky
2018-01-31network/vivaldi: Updated for version 1.14.1077.41. Alexander Verbovetsky
2018-01-31development/gcc-d: Updated for version 2.076.0_b3 Eugen Wissner
2018-01-31development/hhvm: Updated for version 3.24.1 Eugen Wissner
2018-01-31office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 6.0.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 6.0.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-31office/libreoffice: Updated for version 6.0.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-28libraries/libupnp: Fix build on 32 bit. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-28office/anorack: Added (Spell checker). Donald Cooley
2018-01-28network/geomyidae: Updated for version v0.30. David Woodfall
2018-01-28multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 20.0.0. Ozan Türkyılmaz
2018-01-28network/prosody-mod-block-strangers: Added (block messages). Sergey Poznyakoff
2018-01-28libraries/adns: Added (C library). Sergey Poznyakoff
2018-01-28network/gtorrentviewer: Script cleanup. Donald Cooley
2018-01-28network/lxi-tools: Added LAN eXtensions for Instrumentation). Nate Bargmann
2018-01-28libraries/liblxi: Added (support library for LAN eXtensions). Nate Bargmann
2018-01-28system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 0.21.1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-28development/astyle: Updated for version 3.1 Nate Bargmann
2018-01-27system/kbfs: Updated for version 1.0.40_20180127033950. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-27desktop/docfetcher: Fix patch. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-27libraries/liburcu: Updated for version 0.10.1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-27libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.75.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-27multimedia/spotify: Remove whitespaces. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-27Public www update: Sat Jan 27 00:44:42 UTC 2018.14.2-20180127.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-01-27development/SQLAlchemy: Updated for version 1.2.1. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-01-27python/requests-futures: Updated for version 0.9.7. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-01-27network/xtables-addons: Updated for version 2.14. Robby Workman
2018-01-27network/claws-mail: Updated for version 3.16.0. Robby Workman
2018-01-27libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 4.0.0. Robby Workman
2018-01-27libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 4.0.0. Robby Workman
2018-01-27multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 21.0.2 Christoph Willing
2018-01-27python/python3-pyzmq: Updated for version 16.0.4 Christoph Willing