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2014-06-29Public www update: Sun Jun 29 06:00:25 UTC 201414.1-20140629.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-29libraries/rxtx: Update HOMEPAGE and DOWNLOAD urls. David Spencer
2014-06-29network/p0f: Updated for version 3.07b. David Spencer
2014-06-29graphics/openscad: Updated for version 2014.03. David Spencer
2014-06-29libraries/OpenCSG: Updated for version 1.3.3. David Spencer
2014-06-29libraries/CGAL: Updated for version 4.4. David Spencer
2014-06-29libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 9.60. David Spencer
2014-06-29libraries/netcdf: Updated for version 4.3.2. David Spencer
2014-06-29graphics/darktable: Updated for version 1.4.2. David Spencer
2014-06-29gis/gdal: Updated for version 1.11.0. David Spencer
2014-06-29desktop/kdeconnect: Updated for version 0.7. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-06-29gis/qgis: Updated for version 2.4.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-06-29system/the_silver_searcher: Updated for version 0.23.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-06-29gis/geogit: Updated for version 0.10.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-06-29python/sge-pygame: Updated for version 0.10.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-29games/Pyfa: Added (Eve Online fitting tool). Zach Lewis
2014-06-29network/jitsi: Added (SIP Communicator). Furry Monster
2014-06-29development/mcu8051ide: Added (GUI IDE for 8051 microcontrollers). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-29development/openjdk: Updated for version 7u60. Strahil Yordanov
2014-06-29libraries/itcl: New Maintainer. R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-29system/tc-play: Added (TrueCrypt implementation). crtxc
2014-06-29graphics/tintii: Added (photo filter). Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-28graphics/urbanlightscape: Added (photo filter). Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-28system/patool: Updated for version 1.7. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-28system/graphterm: Updated for version 0.55.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-27development/newtonsoft-json: Added (JSON Framework for .NET). Ronny Schmatzler
2014-06-27desktop/keynav: Added (Pointer mover). Andreas Guldstrand
2014-06-27desktop/ede: Updated for version 2.1. Andrew Tkalia
2014-06-27libraries/edelib: Updated for version 2.1. Andrew Tkalia
2014-06-27graphics/CreateCloudMap: Updated for version 0.4.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-27network/awscli: Updated for version 1.3.19. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-27libraries/botocore: Updated for version 0.53.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-26libraries/giblib: Fix script. С уважением, А.Карабанов
2014-06-25desktop/screenfetch: Update slack-desc. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-25system/wmfsm: Added (dock application). Yanes Checcacci Balod
2014-06-25system/entr: Added (Event Notify Test Runner). Kent Fritz
2014-06-25system/docker: Updated for version 1.0.1. Vincent Batts
2014-06-25games/galaxyv2: Updated for version 1.80. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-25libraries/bwidget: Added (megawidgets for Tk). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-25games/nlarn: Added (roguelike game). Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-25network/wmget: Added (dock application). Yanes Checcacci Balod
2014-06-24development/crosstool-ng: Updated for version 1.19.0. Christoph Willing
2014-06-24desktop/wmpinboard: Added (dock application). Yanes Checcacci Balod
2014-06-24academic/spiceopus: Added (circuit simulator). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-24libraries/vte3: Updated for version 0.36.3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-24libraries/libglademm: Remove unknown parameters + script cleanup. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-24audio/paprefs: Updated for version 0.9.10. Christoph Willing
2014-06-24misc/wcd: Added (Wherever Change Directory). Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-06-24office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3.9. Gilcio Amaral
2014-06-24system/slpkg: Updated for version 1.5.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-24development/SQLAlchemy: Updated for version 0.9.6. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-24desktop/bspwm: Updated for version 0.8.9. John Vogel
2014-06-24desktop/bar: Add upstream patch. John Vogel
2014-06-24office/kmymoney: Fix md5sum. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-23development/asem51: Added (Macro Assembler). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-23desktop/herbstluftwm: Updated for version 0.6.2. Ian D. Brunton
2014-06-23network/nbd: Updated for version 3.8. Christoph Willing
2014-06-23audio/pavucontrol: Updated for version 2.0. Christoph Willing
2014-06-23academic/GeoGebra: Updated for version R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-23system/ttop: Updated for version 0.9.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-23network/flexget: Updated for version 1.2.140. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-23network/Pafy: Updated for version 0.3.52. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-23python/pipdeptree: Updated for version 0.4. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-23python/pysed: Updated for version 0.1.4. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-23Public www update: Mon Jun 23 01:26:11 UTC 201414.1-20140623.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-23desktop/i3: Updated for version 4.8. Marcin Herda
2014-06-23desktop/i3status: Updated for version 2.8. Marcin Herda
2014-06-23desktop/screenfetch: Change source URL. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-23system/betty: Updated for version 0.1.6. Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-06-23system/zpaq: Updated for version 6.54. Christoph Willing
2014-06-23python/python-netaddr: Updated for version 0.7.11. Christoph Willing
2014-06-23perl/perl-glib: Updated for version 1.305 + new maintainer. Glenn Becker
2014-06-23perl/perl-extutils-pkgconfig: New maintainer. Glenn Becker
2014-06-23perl/perl-extutils-depends: Updated for version 0.308. Glenn Becker
2014-06-22perl/perl-cairo: New maintainer. Glenn Becker
2014-06-22libraries/jbigkit: Updated for version 2.1. Glenn Becker
2014-06-22development/edsim51di: Added (An 8051 Simulator). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-22audio/cd-discid: Updated for version 1.4. Glenn Becker
2014-06-22python/pymongo: Updated for version 2.7.1. Christoph Willing
2014-06-22audio/pulseaudio: Updated for version 5.0. Christoph Willing
2014-06-22python/euca2ools: Updated for version 3.1.0. Christoph Willing
2014-06-22network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.2.4. Nishant Limbachia
2014-06-22development/autogen: Updated for version 5.18.3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-22misc/mosquitto: Updated for version 1.3.1. Christoph Willing
2014-06-22system/disksearch: Added (tool for searching). Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-22network/x11vnc: Updated for version 0.9.13. Christoph Willing
2014-06-22academic/drawtiming: Added (tool for drawing timing diagrams). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-22network/wmnotify: Added (dock application). Yanes Checcacci Balod
2014-06-22graphics/Shellpic: Updated for version 1.5. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-22network/copy: Added (File syncing client). Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-06-22office/kmymoney: Updated for version 4.6.6. Gilcio Amaral
2014-06-21desktop/kwalletcli: Updated for version 2.12. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2014-06-21office/texstudio: Updated for version 2.8.0. Larry Hajali
2014-06-21audio/tagtool: New maintainer. Ryan P.C. McQuen
2014-06-21network/Pafy: Updated for version 0.3.50. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2014-06-21libraries/ffms2: Updated for version 2.20. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2014-06-21academic/tkgate: Added (An event driven digital circuit simulator). R. S. Ananda Murthy
2014-06-21system/CNS11643-font: Added (Chinese Ming and Kai font). CCHsu
2014-06-21perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build: Updated for version 0.76. Andreas Voegele
2014-06-21perl/perl-CPANPLUS: Updated for version 0.9152. Andreas Voegele