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+Sat Apr 10 06:55:57 UTC 2010
+academic/GMT: Updated for version 4.5.2.
+academic/octave: Updated for version 3.2.4.
+academic/xephem: Added - Xephem is an astronomy program.
+ Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+audio/fluidsynth: Updated for version 1.1.1.
+audio/jack-audio-connection-kit: Updated for version 0.118.0.
+desktop/dmenu: Fixes for bash4.
+desktop/xtrascreenhacks: Added - this is a small collection of display modes
+ that are based on and intended to be run with XScreensaver.
+development/eric: Updated for version 4.4.3.
+development/kdesvn: Updated for version 1.5.2.
+development/ldns: Added - ldns is a DNS toolkit. Thanks to Andy Bailey.
+development/p4v: The Perforce Visual Client, provides quick and easy
+ access to versioned files through a graphical interface.
+ Thanks to Andy Bailey.
+development/qt-doc: Updated download link.
+games/freedroidrpg: Added - this is a sci-fi isometric role playing game.
+ Thanks to JK Wood.
+games/gl-117: Added - gl-117 is an action flight simulator.
+ Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+games/glbsp: Added - glBSP is a node builder specially designed for OpenGL
+ ports of the DOOM game engine. Thanks to B. Watson.
+games/oblige: Added - OBLIGE is a random level generator for various classic
+ games. Thanks to B. Watson.
+graphics/dcraw: Updated for version 8.99.
+graphics/fig2sxd: Added - fig2sxd converts images in fig format (used by
+ XFig) to Draw format. Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+graphics/goocanvas: Updated for bash4.
+graphics/tgif-QPL: Added - Tgif is an interactive 2-D drawing facility.
+ Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+libraries/Nevow: Added - Nevow is a web application construction kit written
+ in Python. Thanks to Marco Bonetti.
+libraries/argparse: Added - the argparse python module provides an easy
+ declarative interface for creating command line tools.
+ Thanks to Marco Bonetti.
+libraries/atlas: Added - ATLAS is Automatically Tuned Linear Algebra Software.
+ Thanks to Serban Udrea.
+libraries/darcsver: Added - generates a version number from darcs history.
+ Thanks to Marco Bonetti.
+libraries/fltk: Fixed download link.
+libraries/fltk2: Fixed download link.
+libraries/frei0r: Updated for latest version.
+libraries/gdata: Updated for version 2.0.9.
+libraries/gtksourceview: Updated for version 2.8.2.
+libraries/libssh: Updated for version 0.4.2.
+libraries/libvdpau: Updated for version 0.4.
+libraries/lxml: Updated for version 2.2.6.
+libraries/perl-Magick: Added - perl-Magick is a perl interface to ImageMagick.
+ Thanks to Mikhail Cuddy.
+libraries/ptlib: Updated for version 2.6.6.
+libraries/pygoocanvas: Updated for bash4.
+libraries/rrdtool: Updated for version 1.4.3.
+libraries/wxGTK: Updated for version 2.8.10.
+libraries/yaz: Updated for version 4.0.2.
+misc/hunspell: Updated for version 1.2.9.
+misc/openssl-certs: Added - openssl-certs are certificates for those
+ SSL-based programs that need them. Thanks to David Woodfall. --michiel
+misc/recode: Updated download link.
+multimedia/tvtime: Updated build with glibc patch.
+network/amavisd-new: Added - amavisd-new is an interface between
+ message transfer agent (MTA) and one or more content checkers.
+ Thanks to Nishant Limbachia.
+network/exim: Added - exim is a sendmail replacement. Thanks to Thomas Morper.
+network/exim-html: Added - html docs for exim. Thanks to Thomas Morper.
+network/msmtp: Updated for version 1.4.20.
+network/spamassasin: Updated for version 3.3.1. Thanks to LukenShiro.
+network/sylpheed: Updated build and added license.
+network/ttcp: Added - TTCP is a benchmarking tool for determining TCP and UDP
+ performance between 2 systems. Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+network/wireshark: Updated for version 1.2.7.
+office/hevea: Added - hevea is a LaTeX to HTML translator.
+ Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+office/html2ps: Added - html2ps converts HTML pages to PostScript documents.
+ Thanks to Dario Nicodemi.
+system/fpm2: Updated for version 0.78.
+system/kvm-kmod: Updated for version
+system/MySQL-Sandbox: Added - MySQL-Sandbox is a tool that installs one or
+ more MySQL servers within seconds, easily, securely, and with full control.
+ Thanks to Dhaby Xiloj.
+system/multitail: Updated for version 5.2.6.
+system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 195.36.15.
+system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 195.36.15.
+system/nvidia-legacy173-driver: Updated for version 173.14.25.
+system/nvidia-legacy173-kernel: Updated for version 173.14.25.
+system/nvidia-legacy96-driver: Updated for version 96.43.16.
+system/nvidia-legacy96-kernel: Updated for version 96.43.16.
+system/postgresql: Set default permissions on rc.postgresql to 0755; note
+ that this will not affect permissions if there's an existing rc script
+ on the system already. Thanks to Don Allen for the problem report.
+system/qemu-kvm: Updated for version 0.12.3.
+system/regionset: Added - regionset is a tool for setting the region code
+ in dvd drives. Thanks to David Woodfall.
+system/roxterm: Updated for version 1.18.1.
+system/xjobs: Updated for version 20100311.
+system/zeroinstall-injector: Updated for version 0.46.
Wed Apr 7 04:46:47 UTC 2010
audio/clementine: Added. Clementine is a port of Amarok 1.4, with some
features rewritten to take advantage of Qt4.