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1.0		20-MAR-2011	New Maintainer: Edward W. Koenig <>
1.1		10-APR-2011	updated to new version, testing 13.37rc4.6692
1.2		27-MAY-2011	new version, allow multilib option, minor edits
1.2.1	20-JUN-2011	minor edits, thanks to Robby and Roberto
1.5		01-JUL-2011	new version, single driver download, add switch to select pure x86_64 or x86_64 with 32-bit compatibility.
1.6		27-AUG-2011	version bump, minor edits
1.7		21-OCT-2011	version bump
1.8		24-MAR-2012	version bump, fix to nvidia-switch thanks to Phill W.
1.9		02-AUG-2012	version bmp, fixes, updates, nvidia-switch for install/uninstall only
3.0		06-JUL-2013 Legacy 304 branch, removed 32-bit compatibility
3.1		22-SEP-2013	version update
3.1a	04-NOV-2013	minor fixes for 14.1 release
3.2		08-FEB-2015 version update, restored 32-bit compatibility
3.3     05-SEP-2015 version update