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asbt acts like a package manager for your local copy of slackbuilds.
(usually obtained from

It supports searching (-s), viewing information (-i,-r,-d,-v) , 
downloading (-g), building (-B), and installing/removing/upgrading packages.

The list of available options is present in the readme and the man page.

The variables used in the script, which you would probably
adjust according to your wish, are:

1) repodir="/home/$USER/slackbuilds"
 # Repository for slackbuilds.

2) srcdir="/home/$USER/src"
 # Where the downloaded source packages are to be placed.
 # Leave it blank for saving it in the same directory as the slackbuild.

3) outdir="/home/$USER/src"
 # Where the build package will be placed. 
 # Leave it blank for putting it in /tmp.

4) gitdir="/home/$USER/git/slackbuilds/.git"
 # Directory where the slackbuilds git repository is present.

5) editor="/usr/bin/vim" 
 # Editor for viewing/editing slackbuilds.

These variables can also be configured via editing /etc/asbt/asbt.conf