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KeePassXC is a password and personal data management application that supports
the KeePass Password Safe file format.

KeePassXC is a fork of KeePassX that aims to incorporate stalled Pull Requests,
features, and bug fixes that are not being incorporated into the main KeePassX
baseline. KeePassXC may be installed alongside KeePassX (also available as a

KeePassXC can be built with YubiKey two-factor authentication support for
unlocking the database. This introduces a dependency on misc/ykpers and can be
enabled by passing YUBIKEY=ON to the script.

Browser support is enabled by default, meaning that KeePassXC can function as
password storage for Mozilla Firefox and Chromium/Chrome. This may be disabled
by passing BROWSER=OFF to the script.

KeePassXC will be built with SSH agent support, allowing it to interact with a
running agent. This may be disabled by passing SSHAGENT=OFF to the script.

Networking support, allowing website favicons to be downloaded, is enabled by
default. This maybe disabled by passing NETWORKING=OFF to the script.

Support for database sharing and synchronisation using KeeShare will be
disabled. It can be enabled by setting KEESHARE=ON, or a secure version can be
enabled with KEESHARE_SECURE=ON, providing libraries/quazip-qt5 is installed.

KeePassXC will display a notification of new releases unless the option
UPDATECHECK=OFF is provided.

Autotype may be disabled by passing AUTOTYPE=OFF.