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The FFADO project aims to provide a free driver implemenation for
FireWire (IEEE1394, iLink) based (semi-) professional audio
interfaces. The focus of the project are on audio/music production
rather than consumer audio. This means that, although we intend to
supported all features at some point, consumer features are
considered less important. The most obvious example of a consumer
feature is AC3/DTS passthrough support, which is unsupported at
the moment.

When using ffado as a normal user you might run into permission
problems with access to /dev/raw1394. To solve that issue you
can add the line

KERNEL=="raw1394",              GROUP="disk"

to /lib/udev/rules.d/65-permissions.rules and make your user a
member of the disk group.

libffado requires libiec61883, libxml++ and scons.