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xiphos (formerly gnomesword. A bible study application)
Xiphos is a bible study program for GNOME. Xiphos is based on the
Sword project by the CrossWire Bible Society.

computer reading of the text using festival has not been tested.
if it works let me know, and i'll remove these two lines from the readme.

if you pass the variable WK2=yes to the build script, the dependencies
change slightly. instead of webkitgtk3, webkit2gtk and gtkhtml (v4) are

note: End program differences between webkit and webkit2 versions.
   studypad is missing the image for the "bold" text button (but it works)
   reported not to work with current
   studypad has an "add emoticon" button, but the images included are not
found, so an empty imagebox is added in the text if you try to add an icon.
   a few warnings shown on compile (but seems to work just fine).
   try this one for current. if it works, let me know, and I might change
   the default to WK2 :-).

For both versions, there is an issue where if the previewer is in the sidebar,
text is offset to the left, so you can't see the first 2 characters of each
line. This can be fixed by making the sidebar a little bit wider.

Note. xiphos version 4.1.0 requires sword v1.8 or higher
and biblesync v1.2 or higher