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Sat Apr 16 05:25:03 UTC 2022
academic/R: Updated for version 4.1.3.
academic/bcftools: Updted to version 1.15.1
academic/bibletime: Updated for version 3.0.2.
academic/openboard: Fix build for current.
academic/rpy2: Updated to version 3.5.0
academic/samtools: Updated to version 1.15.1
academic/sword-data-kjv: Updated for version 1.9.0_1.
academic/sword: Updated for version 1.9.0.
academic/xflr5: Updated for version 6.54.
academic/xiphos: Fix build.
audio/rplay: Fix /usr/include permissions.
audio/sayonara-player: Updated for version 1.7.0_stable3.
desktop/Matcha-gtk-theme: Added (flat design theme).
desktop/Matcha-gtk-theme: Fix Github URL.
desktop/Tela-icon-theme: Added (flat icon theme).
desktop/bemenu: Add missing scdoc dependency.
desktop/bottles: Added (easily manage wineprefix using environments)
desktop/flatpak: Updated for version 1.12.7.
desktop/sway: Added (wayland i3 clone)
desktop/xwallpaper: Added (X wallpaper utility).
development/THE: Updated for version 3.3RC8.
development/dotnet-runtime-3.1: Update for version 3.1.24.
development/dotnet-runtime-5.0: Update for version 5.0.16.
development/dotnet-runtime-6.0: Update for version 6.0.4.
development/dotnet-sdk-3.1: Update for version 3.1.418.
development/dotnet-sdk-5.0: Update for version 5.0.407.
development/dotnet-sdk-6.0: Update for version 6.0.202.
development/erlang-otp: Strip binaries.
development/fpc: Clean up /usr/bin dir.
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.8.0
development/gnustep-base: Strip binaries.
development/google-go-lang: Updated for version 1.17.9.
development/gtest: Fix docs, shared lib perms.
development/hugo: Updated for version 0.97.0.
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Update for 6.13.0
development/jupyter_client: Update for 7.2.2
development/jupyterlab_pygments: Update for 0.2.0
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.6.20.
development/lazarus: Fix PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME, doinst, docs, symlink.
development/micro: Fix installing
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.31.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.9.0.
development/ocaml: Fix docs.
development/rr: Added (Record and Replay Framework).
development/rstudio-desktop: Fix github tarball handling.
development/rstudio-desktop: Use zulu-openjdk8.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.66.1.
games/ags: Strip binary.
games/devilutionx: Fix github tarball handling.
games/freeciv: updated for version 3.0.1
graphics/OpenVSP: Add missing dependency fltk.
graphics/fontforge: Fix doc location.
graphics/mangohud: Fix github tarball handling.
graphics/tuxpaint-stamps: Updated for version 2021.11.25.
libraries/PDCurses: Remove file libpdcurses-x11.pc.
libraries/QtUsb: Fix /usr/include permissions.
libraries/adns: Fix empty package.
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-3.1: Update for version 3.1.24.
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-5.0: Update for version 5.0.16.
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-6.0: Update for version 6.0.4.
libraries/cogl: Added (3D Graphics API).
libraries/confuse: Fix docs.
libraries/cppzmq: Add missing Catch dependency.
libraries/htslib: Updted to version 1.15.1
libraries/iddawc: Updated for version 1.1.2.
libraries/lablgtk: Fix docs.
libraries/libaal: Fix docs.
libraries/libbonoboui: Fix doc, .desktop.
libraries/libchewing: /usr/share/info => /usr/info.
libraries/libcsv: Fix docs.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.37.1.
libraries/libgdata: Added (online services APIs access)
libraries/libgksu: Fix docs and .desktop.
libraries/libgnomecanvas: Fix docs.
libraries/libgweather: Added (weather library for GNOME)
libraries/libgweather: Fix typo.
libraries/libpaper: Updated for version 1.1.28build2.
libraries/qmltermwidget: Fix build on 32bit.
libraries/rhonabwy: Updated for version 1.1.4.
libraries/seatd: Fix alternative tarball name handling.
libraries/stormlib: Use correct github URL.
libraries/ulfius: Updated for version 2.7.9.
libraries/vcglib: Make noarch; put docs in doc dir.
libraries/wxGTK3: Install generated HTML docs, not source.
libraries/wxPython3: Fix doc and include permissions.
libraries/wxPython: Fix permissions and .desktop.
misc/cwiid: Fix /usr/include permissions.
misc/gnome-mime-data: Make noarch, fix docs.
misc/recode: Strip binaries.
multimedia/intel-gmmlib: Fix github tarball handling.
multimedia/intel-media-driver: Fix github tarball handling.
multimedia/intel-media-sdk: Fix github tarball handling.
multimedia/l-smash: Fix /installpkg-* mess.
multimedia/plexmediaserver: Updated for v
multimedia/strawberry: Updated for version 1.0.4.
network/argus-clients: Fix /usr/include permissions.
network/avahi: No empty /run dir in package.
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.37.116.
network/clusterit: Fix ordering of info file entries.
network/cni-plugins: Updated for version 1.1.1.
network/dropbear: Don't overwrite /usr/bin/scp by default; fix docs.
network/element-desktop: Added (secure + independent communication).
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.59.0.
network/franz: Updated for version 5.9.1.
network/haproxy: Updated for version 2.5.5.
network/ipxnet: Fix /installpkg-* mess.
network/nextcloud-desktop: Fix URL.
network/nordvpn: Fix ARCH handling.
network/prosody-mod-http-upload: Updated for version hg4906.
network/snownews: Added (feed reader).
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.10.
network/zabbix_agentd: Updated for version 6.0.3.
network/zabbix_java_gateway: Updated for version 6.0.3.
network/zabbix_proxy: Updated for version 6.0.3.
network/zabbix_server: Updated for version 6.0.3.
office/fop: Update README, symlink.
office/pandoc-bin: Updated for versoin 2.18.
perl/perl-Curses: Fix docs.
perl/perl-File-Slurp: Make noarch, fix docs.
perl/perl-Locale-Codes: Fix slack-desc to be valid.
python/click-log: Added (Python Module).
python/click-threading: Added (add multithreading).
python/debugpy: Fix MD5SUM.
python/doit: Updated for version 0.35.0.
python/dulwich: removed, unused and replaced by python3 version
python/foolscap: Fix DOWNLOAD/HOMEPAGE.
python/hg-git: updated for version 1.0.0, new maintainer
python/nest_asyncio: Update for 1.5.5
python/pdfarranger: Fix installing
python/pygsl: Updated for version 2.3.2.
python/python-evdev: Update README.
python/python-prometheus_client: Update for 0.14.1
python/python-xkbcommon: Added (Python bindings for libxkbcommon)
python/python2-automat: Add missing python-m2r dependency.
python/python2-soupsieve: Fix docs.
python/python3-automat: Add missing python-m2r dependency.
python/python3-build: Added (Python module).
python/python3-pep517: Added (API to call PEP 517 hooks).
python/python3-pythran: Fix lib dir usage on 32bit.
python/python3-pyzmq: Updated for version 22.3.0
python/python3-soupsieve: Fix docs.
python/python3-twisted: Updated for version 22.4.0.
python/pywayland: Added (Python bindings for the libwayland library)
python/pywlroots: Added (Python binding to the wlroots library)
system/ccrypt: Fix docs.
system/cdemu-client: Fix docs.
system/cdemu-daemon: Fix docs.
system/cdrkit: Fix docs.
system/clamsmtp: Fix docs.
system/cnijfilter2: Strip binaries.
system/conky: Fix
system/courier-prime: Fix docs.
system/cpu-g: Fix permissions.
system/crashplan: Fix .desktop, respect environment ARCH.
system/crmsh: Fix docs.
system/crunch: Fix permissions.
system/csh: Fix
system/culmus: Fix ARCH, docs.
system/curlftpfs: Fix docs.
system/cutecom: Fix build.
system/d-feet: Fix, symlinks.
system/dar: Fix docs.
system/ddrescueview: Fix man page path.
system/docker-cli: Strip binary.
system/docker-machine-kvm: Strip binary.
system/docker-proxy: Strip binary.
system/dosbox-dev: Fix icon and .desktop.
system/driconf: Fix icon path, add
system/dtach: Updated for version 0.9, strip binary.
system/dvdisaster: Fix
system/evolution-data-server: Added (Desktop Information Store)
system/execline: Fix docs.
system/f3: Strip binary.
system/fatsort: Fix man page permission.
system/fileschanged: Don't spam /usr/lib.
system/firejail: Add SlackBuild to doc dir.
system/firetools: Add SlackBuild to doc dir.
system/fish: Updated for version 3.4.0.
system/font-manager: Fix
system/foomatic-db: Fix doc perms, PPD symlink.
system/freeipmi: Fix /installpkg-* mess, symlinks.
system/freeswitch: Fix docs.
system/fuse-exfat: Fix
system/fuse-zip: Remove /usr/share/doc.
system/fuseiso: Fix docs.
system/gdmap: Fix .desktop.
system/gencfs: Fix .desktop.
system/gentoo: Fix icon and .desktop.
system/geoclue: Add (glib schemas).
system/gnome-commander: Fix icon and symlinks.
system/gnome-online-accounts: Added (access GNOME online accounts)
system/goaccess: Fix docs.
system/hdapsd: Don't step on existing config file.
system/heartbeat: Fix
system/hfsprogs: Strip binaries.
system/iscan: Fix .desktop, symlink, docs.
system/kafka: Fix symlink.
system/lcdf-typetools: Added (Program for Font Manipulation).
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.26.0.
system/libratbag: Strip binaries.
system/lilyterm: Add, fix .desktop.
system/lvm2-cluster: Strip library.
system/lxsession: Fix docs.
system/multipath-tools: Strip binaries, fix docs.
system/musl: Updated for version 1.2.3.
system/nagvis: Fix docs, symlinks.
system/nss_ldap: Strip library, fix docs.
system/openrazer-daemon: Updated for version 3.3.0.
system/openrazer-kernel: Updated for version 3.3.0.
system/opensc: Fix
system/pass-import: Fix man page dir.
system/pcmanfm: Fix docs.
system/pcsc-perl: Strip shared lib.
system/pgbadger: updated for version 11.8, new maintainer
system/pgsanity: updated for version 0.2.9, python3, new maintainer
system/pommed-light: Strip binary.
system/postgresql: Strip pg_config binary.
system/qterminal: Fix .desktop and
system/qtgzmanager: Fix and .desktop.
system/rabbitmq-server: Fix docs.
system/rar2fs: Strip binaries.
system/reiser4progs: Fix docs, static libs.
system/restic: Updated for version 0.13.1
system/runc: Strip binary.
system/s3fs-fuse: Updated for version 1.91.
system/s6-linux-init: Fix docs.
system/s6-rc: Fix docs.
system/s6: Fix docs.
system/scalpel: Fix docs.
system/scanmem: Updated for version 0.17, use python3.
system/smem: updated for version 1.5, python3, new maintainer
system/squashfuse: Added (FUSE filesystem to mount squashfs).
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.22.1
system/ticpp: Fix /usr/include permissions.
system/tmsu-bin: Only x86_64 is supported.
system/unetbootin: Fix icon perms and .desktop.
system/wmfsm: Fix docs.
system/xorgxrdp: Fix docs.
system/xrdp: Fix
system/yelp: Updated for version 42.1.
system/yelp: Use WebKit 4.0 API.
Sat Apr  9 08:47:00 UTC 2022
academic/Gabedit: Added (Graphical UI to computational chemistry)
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Remove NUMJOBS per maillist
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Upgraded for version
academic/OpenFOAM: Updated for version 9.
academic/aeskulap: Fix shebang.
academic/amplifx: Fix download URL.
academic/armadillo: Fix download URL, doc dir.
academic/bedGraphToBigWig: Strip binary.
academic/cap3: Fix docs.
academic/convertall: Fix docs.
academic/genpak: Fix docs.
academic/scipy3: Updated for version 1.8.0. New maintainer.
academic/suitesparse: Updated for version 5.11.0
academic/xsimd: Added (C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics)
audio/MusicMixer: Add
audio/aacplusenc: Fix docs.
audio/alsa-tools: Remove bad symlinks, empty /etc dir.
audio/alsamixergui: Fix docs and PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME.
audio/amSynth: Fix
audio/ario: Fix docs.
audio/atunes: Make arch-dependent (not noarch).
audio/celt051: Fix docs.
audio/celt: Fix docs.
audio/qmmp-plugin-pack-qt5: Updated for version 1.5.3.
audio/qmmp-qt5: Updated for version 1.5.4.
audio/wireplumber: Added (policy manager for PipeWire).
business/beancount: Fix docs.
desktop/afterstep: Fix minor conflict with dpkg.
desktop/arandr: Add to support .desktop file.
desktop/areao43-icon-theme: Fix icon perms, don't write to $CWD.
desktop/aweather: Add
desktop/bashrun2: Fix docs.
desktop/bemenu: Gzip man page, use SLKCFLAGS.
desktop/birdtray: Fix .desktop file.
desktop/cairo-clock: Fix docs.
desktop/crystalcursors: Fix permmissions, broken symlinks.
desktop/mint-themes: Align to template.
desktop/recoll: Updated for version 1.32.0.
desktop/swaybg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
desktop/xss-lock: fix cmake policy obsoloscence warning
development/4th: Fix docs.
development/Fennel: Updated for version 1.0.0.
development/OpenJDK11: Fix github tarball handling.
development/OpenJDK17: Fix github tarball handling.
development/REDasm: Added (Cross Platform Dissassembler).
development/amazon-corretto: Fix PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME support.
development/apache-jmeter: Fix docs, symlinks.
development/apache-log4cxx: Fix docs, rm static lib.
development/arm-binutils: Fix docs.
development/asem51: Clean up package.
development/avr8-burn-o-mat: Make noarch, fix .desktop.
development/bed: Remove some cruft.
development/binwalk: Fix docs.
development/bzr: Remove INSTALL from doc dir.
development/cc65: Fix docs.
development/ccl: Fix download URL.
development/clojure: Added (Dynamic programming language for JVM).
development/colordiff: Fix download URL, fix docs.
development/cppcheck: Add doinst, fix translations.
development/cppcheck: Fix icon size (65x65 => 64x64).
development/cream: Fix icons, .desktop,
development/cunit: Fix docs.
development/ghex: Update for 42.0; new maintainer
development/ghidra: Added (Reverse Engineering Tool).
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Update README
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Fix REQUIRES.
development/jupyter-nbformat: Updated for version 5.3.0.
development/micro: Added (Text Editor).
development/mmtf-cpp: Remove template comment.
development/rstudio-desktop-legacy: Added (R Statistical IDE).
development/rstudio-desktop: Updated for version 2022.02.1+461.
development/ruff: install missing diagram.tcl file.
development/squeak-vm: Added (squeak virtual machine).
development/tiled: updated for version 1.8.4
development/xmake: Added (cross-platform build utility based on Lua)
games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2020.3.13.
games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2020.3.13.
games/SpaceZero: Fix doc permissions.
games/adl: Fix doc permissions.
games/ags: updated for version
games/alienarena: Fix docs.
games/antares: Fix .desktop file.
games/antimicrox: Fix docs,
games/armagetronad: Fix docs,
games/arnold-cpc: Fix docs.
games/arx-libertatis: Fix
games/assaultcube-reloaded: Strip binaries.
games/atari800: Strip binary.
games/bomberclone: Fix icon, .desktop.
games/briquolo: Add SlackBuild to doc dir.
games/cgames: Fix build.
games/devilutionx: Added (Port of Diablo).
games/edgar: Updated for version 1.35.
games/epsxe: Add missing file.
games/fceux: Updated for version 2.6.4.
games/mupen64plus-video-gliden64: Added (Plugin for mupen64plus).
games/protontricks: Added (winetricks wrapper for proton).
games/steamtinkerlaunch: Added (Linux wrapper tool for Steam client)
games/waterCloset: Update README.
games/wesnoth: Update for version 1.16.2
gis/gdal: fix download file.
gis/google-earth: Fix MD5SUM.
graphics/OpenVSP: Update DOWNLOAD URL.
graphics/apitrace: Fix conflict with dpkg.
graphics/birdfont: Added (free font editor).
graphics/blender: Fix doc and icon dirs, strip python stuff.
graphics/brlcad: Fix broken symlink in doc dir.
graphics/fontforge: Fix doc dir and PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME.
graphics/gscan2pdf: fix missing dependency
graphics/hugin: Updated for version 2021.0.0.
graphics/kColorPicker: Added (Qt based Color Picker).
graphics/kImageAnnotator: Added (Tool for annotating images).
graphics/ksnip: Added (Screenshot Tool).
graphics/mangohud: Add missing patch.
ham/ax25-apps: Strip binaries.
ham/ax25-tools: Strip binaries.
ham/baudline: Actually set ARCH.
ham/libax25: Strip libraries.
ham/tucnak: Install doinst.
libraries/PDCurses: Updated for version 3.9.
libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2020.3.13.
libraries/activemq-cpp: Fix docs, rm static lib.
libraries/adns: Strip binaries.
libraries/afflib: Strip library.
libraries/allegro4: Use correct doc dir.
libraries/alure: Remove empty /usr/share from package.
libraries/aqbanking: Fix docs.
libraries/cloog: Added (code generation library).
libraries/cppzmq: Remove tabs from README.
libraries/dcmtk: Fix docs.
libraries/gnome-autoar: Added (Archives library)
libraries/libmpdclient: Fix docs.
libraries/libmsym: Align to template.
libraries/libpano13: Updated for version 2.9.21.
libraries/libxmlbird: Remove template comments.
libraries/luadbi: Updated for version 0.7.2.
libraries/miniupnnpc: Remove python3 check.
libraries/qmltermwidget: Updated for version 20220109_6322802.
libraries/qt4: Fix docs, icon, .desktop.
libraries/seatd: Added (Seat management library and daemon).
libraries/setproctitle: Remove python3 check.
libraries/soci: Added (Database Access Library for C++).
libraries/stormlib: Added (Library to handle MPQ).
libraries/uhttpmock: Added (Library for Mocking web service API's).
libraries/wimlib: Updated for version 1.13.5.
libraries/wlroots: Added (wayland compositor library).
libraries/ytnef: Added (Yerase's TNEF Stream Reader).
misc/ardesia: Remove /usr/share/doc, don't write to /root.
misc/asterixInspector: Strip binary, fix .desktop.
misc/bbrun: Use SLKCFLAGS, strip binary.
misc/bodr: Fix docs.
misc/bsdsfv: COLOR=yes by default, fix docs.
misc/dex: Fix slack-desc.
misc/simh-classic (SimH Simulator).
multimedia/aegisub: Add SlackBuild to doc dir.
multimedia/audio-recorder: Fix template order (PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME).
multimedia/avidemux: Fix man page.
multimedia/bdtools: Fix docs.
multimedia/bdtools: Fix docs.
multimedia/haruna: Added (Video Player).
network/Electrum: Updated for version 4.2.1.
network/MEGAcmd: Fix slack-desc.
network/aoetools: Fix permissions.
network/arping: Fix docs.
network/asciinema: Install docs to correct dir.
network/awstats: Install SlackBuild in doc dir.
network/axel: Strip binary.
network/bollux: Make noarch, fix manpage perms.
network/ckermit: Fix doc and man permissions.
network/clipgrab: Fix docs.
network/clipgrab: Fix download URL and docs.
network/clusterit: Added (distributed shell)
network/mailspring: Updated for version 1.10.2.
network/microsoft-edge: Added (browser).
network/neomutt: Updated for version 20220408.
network/nextcloud-desktop: Fix Tarball.
network/nextcloud-desktop: Updated for version 3.4.4.
network/nordvpn: Updated for version 3.12.5.
network/openconnect-sso: Added (Wrapper for OpenConnect).
network/owncloud-client: Update for
network/sfeed: Updated for version 1.4.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.38.0.
network/syncthing: Revert maintainer.
network/syncthing: Update for 1.19.2
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.46.
office/aigaion: Fix doc ownership.
office/apvlv: Fix
office/basket: Fix .desktop perm, HTML doc path.
office/basket: Fix icon.
office/bibutils: Use SLKCFLAGS, strip binaries.
office/gnucash-docs: Updated for version 4.10.1.
office/gnucash: Updated for version 4.10.
office/keepassxc: updated for version 2.7.1
office/pstoedit: Updated for version 3.77.
perl/perl-GooCanvas2: fix missing dependency
perl/perl-Locale-Codes: Added (modules to handle locale codes)
perl/perl-PDF-Builder: Updated for version 3.023
python/artifacts: Fix docs.
python/buildbot-badges: Added (Plugin for buildbot).
python/cppy: Added (C++ header library)
python/cryptography: Fix docs.
python/icalendar: Added (parser / generator for iCalendar).
python/iniconfig: Added (INI file parsing).
python/psutil: Remove python3 check.
python/pyinotify: Build Python3 by default.
python/python-beniget: Added (static analyzer for Python code)
python/python-bitstring: Updated for version 3.1.9.
python/python-gast: Added (AST abstracts underlying Python version)
python/python-prometheus_client: Update for 0.14.0
python/python-watchdog: Added (Filesystem events monitoring).
python/python2-automat: updated REQUIRES (wheel needed for build)
python/python2-pyhamcrest: Added (Python module).
python/python2-twisted: updated for version 20.3.0
python/python3-automat: updated REQUIRES (wheel needed for build)
python/python3-fastjsonschema: Added (Fast JSON schema validator).
python/python3-kiwisolver: Updated for v. 1.4.2. New maintainer.
python/python3-klein: Added (micro-framework for web services).
python/python3-panda: Updated for version 1.4.2.
python/python3-pytest: Updated for version 7.1.1.
python/python3-pythran: Added (AOT compiler for numeric kernels)
python/typing-extensions: Fix docs.
system/afuse: Clean up doc dir.
system/alien: Remove perllocal.pod.
system/android-udev-rules: Added (udev rules and permissions).
system/andromeda: Fix .desktop file.
system/apache-activemq: Remove wrong-architecture binaries.
system/apcupsd: Fix icons and .desktop.
system/argyllcms: Fix doc permissions.
system/autoarchive: Fix broken man page symlink.
system/autojump: Don't install python modules to /usr/bin.
system/autoslackpkg: Removed (use slackupdr).
system/babeltrace: Remove static libs and /usr/share/doc.
system/bcache-tools: Strip binaries, move to /usr/sbin.
system/blake2: Strip binary, use SLKCFLAGS.
system/bogofilter: Fix doc dir.
system/bottom: Added (system/process monitor).
system/btrbk: Make noarch, gzip man pages.
system/bulk_extractor: Fix docs.
system/byobu: Fix doc dir and .desktop.
system/cfengine: Fix build when avahi installed.
system/cool-retro-term: Updated for version 1.2.0.
system/ddrescueview: Added (GUI For ddrescue).
system/dosbox: Fix icon and .desktop.
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.30.0.
system/hexcompare: Added (console-mode visual binary diff)
system/hyperfine: Added (command-line benchmarking tool).
system/iotop-c: Added (I/O top).
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.332.2.
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Remove unneeded patch.
system/pcem-roms: Fix github tarball handling.
system/piper: Update HOMEPAGE
system/powerline-status: Updated for version 2.8.2.
system/s6-rc: Updated for version
system/sane-airscan: Added (Scanner Access Now Easy).
system/sbo-maintainer-tools: Added (lint tools for SBo maintainers)
system/slackupdr: Added (slackpkg automation).
system/slpkg: Updated for version 3.9.6.
system/smpq: Added (StormLib MPQ archiving utility).
system/tmsu-bin: Added (tool for tagging files)
system/watchdog: Moved from python.
Sat Apr  2 11:20:15 UTC 2022
academic/aeskulap: Added (medical image viewer)
academic/fet: Updated for versio 6.3.1.
academic/mathics: Updated for version 4.0.0.
academic/molequeue: Added (Desktop integration of hq resources)
academic/ngspice: Updated for version 36.
audio/fantasia: Removed (redundant; use JSampler instead).
audio/google-musicmanager: Handle 32 bit version.
audio/ncspot: Added (cross-platform ncurses Spotify client)
audio/pipewire-native-jack: Added (PipeWire JACK API).
audio/qmmp-plugin-pack-qt5: Updated for version 1.5.2.
audio/qmmp-qt5: Updated for version 1.5.3.
desktop/NsCDE: Added (CDE Desktop).
desktop/bashmount: Added (manage removeable media).
desktop/bemenu: Added (Dynamic Menu Library).
desktop/clearlooks-phenix-theme: Updated for version 7.0.1.
desktop/gromit-mpx: Added (On-screen Annotation tool).
desktop/herbstluftwm: Updated for version 0.9.4
desktop/i3-gaps: Updated for version 4.20.1.
desktop/mint-themes: Added (Linux Mint theme)
desktop/mint-x-icons: Added (Mint Linux default icon theme)
desktop/mint-y-icons: Added (Mint Linux default icon theme)
desktop/qtile: Update for 0.21.0
desktop/swaybg: Added (sway background setter)
desktop/ufetch: Added (displays system information)
desktop/weston: Updated for version 10.0.0.
desktop/zenity: Update for 3.42.0
development/CVSTools: Move to private dir.
development/OpenJDK11: Added (open implementation of JDK 11).
development/OpenJDK17: Added (open implementation of JDK 17 LTS).
development/SQLAlchemy: Updated for version 1.4.34.
development/adms: Strip binaries/libraries.
development/dotnet-runtime-3.1: Updated for version 3.1.23.
development/dotnet-runtime-5.0: Added (Runtime for .NET 5.0).
development/dotnet-runtime-6.0: Added (Runtime for .NET 6.0).
development/dotnet-sdk-3.1: Updated for version 3.1.417.
development/dotnet-sdk-5.0: Added (Development Framework).
development/dotnet-sdk-6.0: Added (Development framework).
development/eclipse-cpp: Updated for version 4.23.
development/eclipse-java: Updated for version 4.23.
development/eclipse-jee: Updated for version 4.23.
development/eclipse-php: Updated for version 4.23.
development/flawfinder: Fix download URL, ARCH=noarch.
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.7.0
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Updated for version 6.10.0.
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Updated for version 6.4.5.
development/jupyter-qtconsole: Updated for version 5.3.0.
development/latrace: Fix download URL.
development/lepton-eda: Updated for version 1.9.17.
development/mmtf-cpp: Added (pure C++ implementation of MMTF API)
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.31.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.8.0.
development/regina-rexx: Updated for version 3.9.4.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 5.0.
development/s51dude: Fix download URL.
development/sbt: Updated for version 1.6.2.
development/sdcc: Updated for version 4.2.0
development/terraform: Added (IaC Tool).
development/tiled: updated for version 1.8.3
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.66.0.
development/vscodium: Updated for version 1.65.2.
development/vstudio: Updated for version 12.1.
development/zig: Added (toolchain).
games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2020.3.12.
games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2020.3.12.
games/SpaceZero: Strip binary, fix icon & .desktop.
games/advancemame: Add SlackBuild to doc dir.
games/aisleriot: Updated for version 3.22.22
games/angband: Updated for version 4.2.4.
games/beetle-psx-libretro: Added (libretro fork of Mednafen PSX).
games/crispy-doom: Updated for version 5.11.1.
games/darkplaces: Don't use precompiled binaries.
games/epsxe: Added (PSX Emulator)
games/fceux: Updated for version 2.6.3.
games/joy2key: Added (control applications with joystick/gamepad)
games/larn: Updated for version 14.1.5.
games/pychess: Updated for version 1.0.3.
games/rejoystick: Added (translates joystick movement/buttons)
games/rogue: Updated for version 5.4.5.
games/scid_vs_pc: Updated for version 4.23.
games/stone_soup: Updated for version 0.28.0.
games/tome-ah: Updated for version 20220224_d25bdae.
games/vkQuake: Updated for version 1.13.0.
gis/GMT: Updated for version 6.3.0.
gis/gdal: Updated for version 3.4.2
gis/google-earth-legacy: Added (Google Virtual Globe).
gis/google-earth: Updated for version 7.3.4.
gis/gpsbabel: Updated for version 1.8.0
gis/python3-basemap: Updated for version 1.3.2.
graphics/LDView: Fix .desktop,
graphics/OpenVSP: Added (3D Aircraft Modeling Tool).
graphics/gscan2pdf: Updated for version 2.12.4
graphics/lilypond: Updated for version 2.22.2
graphics/mangohud: Added (Vulkan/OpenGL Overlay).
graphics/paraview: Updated for version 5.10.1
graphics/vuescan: Updated MD5SUMs.
ham/tucnak: Added (Ham Radio - VHF/HF contest logbook)
libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2020.3.12.
libraries/VTK: Fix MPI option
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-3.1: Updated for version 3.1.23.
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-5.0: Added (Runtime for ASP.NET 5.0).
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-6.0: Added (Runtime for ASP.NET 6.0).
libraries/cppzmq: Added (C++ binding for zmq)
libraries/geocode-glib: Added (library for geocoding)
libraries/hoel: updated for version 1.4.20
libraries/libEMF: Updated for version 1.0.13.
libraries/libaal: HOMEPAGE Updated.
libraries/libcoap: Updated for version 4.3.0.
libraries/liblxqt: Added (LXQT library).
libraries/libmseed: Updated for version 2.19.7.
libraries/libmsym: Added (molecular point group symmetry)
libraries/liboop Update to 1.0.1.
libraries/libopenshot-audio: Updated for version 0.2.2
libraries/libopenshot: Updated for version 0.2.7
libraries/libsoup3: Updated for version 3.0.6.
libraries/libvdpau-va-gl: New maintainer + cleanup
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.8.
libraries/libxmlbird: Added (XML parser written in Vala)
libraries/libxnvctrl: Updated for version 510.60.02.
libraries/libzia: Added (Support lib for tucnak4)
libraries/lxqt-notificationd: Added (LXQt notification daemon).
libraries/lxqt-sudo: Added (GUI frontend for sudo/su).
libraries/msgpack-c: Updated for version 3.3.0.
libraries/rhonabwy: updated for version 1.1.3
libraries/spglib: Added (ibrary for crystal symmetry search)
libraries/tree-sitter: Updated for version 0.20.6.
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Updated for version 2.36.0.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.36.0.
misc/dex: Added (dex:)
multimedia/AtomicParsley: Fix ownership in doc dir.
multimedia/DivFix++: Fix doc dir, desktop, README, slack-desc.
multimedia/HandBrake: Strip ghb binary.
multimedia/JSampler: Add doinst, CLI launcher, fix jdk detection.
multimedia/JSampler: Fail if no jdk package installed.
multimedia/intel-gmmlib: Added (The Intel Graphics MML)
multimedia/intel-media-driver: Added (ntel Media Driver for VAAPI)
multimedia/intel-media-sdk: Added (Intel(R) Media SDK)
multimedia/jlscp: Fix jdk detection.
multimedia/lives: Update HOMEPAGE URL.
multimedia/openshot: Updated for version 2.6.1
multimedia/plexmediaserver: Updated for v
network/2ping: Add SlackBuild to doc dir.
network/MEGAcmd: Added (MEGA CLI Interactive/Scriptable Application)
network/WhatWeb: Updated for version 0.5.5.
network/XD: Updated for version 0.4.2.
network/acme: Updated for version 3.0.2.
network/bitchx: Added (IRC client).
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.37.109
network/csync: Fix download URL.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 145.4.4921
network/glewlwyd: updated for version 2.6.2
network/i2pd: Updated for version 2.41.0.
network/keepalived: Enable nftables and libipset support.
network/linksys-tftp: Add more patches.
network/lurch: Updated for version 0.7.0
network/mod_auth_kerb: Fix download URL.
network/mod_geoip2: Fix download URL.
network/modsecurity-apache: remove gpg detection.
network/nbd: Updated for version 3.24
network/neomutt: Updated for version 20211029.
network/newsboat: Updated for version 2.27.
network/nextcloud-client: Removed (use nextcloud-desktop).
network/nextcloud-desktop: Added (Nextcloud Desktop Client).
network/nginx: Update nginx.logrotate.
network/pgbouncer: Fix download URL.
network/scapy: Updated for version 2.4.5.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.36.0.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.37.0.
network/sniffjoke: Fix download URL.
network/sslstrip: Fix download URL.
network/unicornscan: Fix DOWNLOAD url.
network/webalizer: Fix download URL, man page path.
network/wp-cli: Updated for version 2.6.0.
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/adobe-reader: Fix .desktop, symlinks.
office/gnucash-docs: Updated for version 4.9.
office/gnucash: Updated for version 4.9.
office/hunspell-gr: Added (Greek hunspell dictionary).
office/keepassxc: Updated for version 2.7.0
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.3.2.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.3.2.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.3.2.
office/mate-calc: Updated for version 1.26.0
office/treesheets: Fixed MD5SUM.
office/xournalpp: Updated for version 1.1.1.
perl/MoarVM: Updated for version 2022.03.
perl/nqp: Updated for version 2022.03
perl/perl-Gtk3-ImageView: Added (Image viewer widget for Gtk3).
perl/perl-Gtk3-SimpleList: Added (interface to Gtk3's Widget).
perl/perl-gnome2-gconf: Updated for version 1.047.
perl/rakudo: Updated for version 2022.03
python/PyGreSQL: Updated for version 5.2.4
python/buildbot: updated for version 3.5.0, updated dependencies
python/cloudpickle: Added (Python Module).
python/debugpy: Updated for version 1.6.0.
python/doit: Added (task management tool).
python/ipython: Update for 8.2.0
python/pdfarranger: Added (Arrange PDF Pages).
python/pikepdf: Added (Python library).
python/pluggy: Updated for version 0.13.1.
python/py: Updated for version 1.11.0.
python/pybind11: Updated for version 2.9.2
python/pyfeed: Fix download URL.
python/python-colour: Added (python library).
python/python-daemonize: Added (python library).
python/python-evdev: Update for 1.5.0
python/python-mysql-replication: Updated for version 0.28.
python/python2-attrs: updated for version 21.4.0
python/python2-automat: removed unused python-m2r requirement
python/python3-alembic: updated for version 1.7.7
python/python3-amqp: updated for version 5.1.0
python/python3-autobahn: updated for version 22.3.2
python/python3-automat: removed unused python-m2r requirement
python/python3-characteristic: Added (Python module).
python/python3-dulwich: updated for version 0.20.35
python/python3-kombu: updated for version 5.2.4
python/python3-obspy: Updated for version 1.3.0.
python/python3-service-identity: Added (SIV for PyOpenSSL).
python/python3-tubes: Added (micro-framework for web services).
python/python3-twisted: updated for version 22.2.0, updated dependencies
python/python3-waitress: updated for version 2.1.1
python/python3-websockets: Added (WebSocket servers & clients)
python/xe: Fix download URL.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20220324.
system/CPU-X: Updated for version 4.3.0.
system/I-Nex: Fix symlimk, .desktop perms.
system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 10.0.20.
system/bat: Updated for version 0.20.0.
system/chronograf: Updated for version 1.9.4
system/duperemove: Added (Find duplicate extents).
system/dust: Updated for version 0.8.0.
system/fcron: Updated for version 3.3.1.
system/fuse-zip: Added (FUSE filesystem).
system/kapacitor: Updated for version 1.6.4
system/libratbag: Added (daemon for gaming mice).
system/mkslack: Removed.
system/musl: Updated for version 1.2.2
system/noto-emoji: Updated for version 2.034.
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 510.60.02.
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 510.60.02.
system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: Updated for version 390.147.
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Updated for version 390.147.
system/nvidia-legacy470-driver: Added (Nvidia 470 driver).
system/nvidia-legacy470-kernel: Added (Nvidia 470 kernel module).
system/openrazer-daemon: Added (Razer Drivers for Linux).
system/openrazer-kernel: Added (kernel modules for openrazer).
system/pam-gnupg: Added (Unlock GnuPG keys on login).
system/passwordsafe: Updated for version 1.14.0.
system/pcem-roms: Added (rom files for the pcem emulator)
system/pcem: Added (low-level emulator for IBM compatibles)
system/piper: Added (configure gaming mice).
system/polychromatic: Added (GUI frontend for openrazer).
system/powershell: Updated for version 7.2.2.
system/pytrash: Updated for version 1.1.5.
system/razerCommander: Added (Razer device manager).
system/razergenie: Added (Razer device configuration tool).
system/reiser4progs: Updated for version 1.2.2.
system/restic: Updated for version 0.13.0
system/rmw: Update email.
system/sboui: Updated for version 2.2.
system/slpkg: Updated for version 3.9.4.
system/spman: Updated for version 2.2.3.
system/tagainijisho: Updated for version 1.1.94.
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.22.0
system/ttf-charis-sil: Updated for version 6.101.
system/ttf-doulos-sil: Updated for version 6.101.
system/xen: Updated for version 4.15.2.
system/yelp-tools: Updated for version 42.0.
system/yelp-xsl: Updated for version 42.0.
system/yelp: Updated for version 42.0.
Sat Mar 26 01:58:27 UTC 2022
academic/SU2: Mark as 64-bit only.
academic/arpack: Disable parallel build.
academic/qucs: Align to template.
academic/ugene: Mark 32bit as UNSUPPORTED.
academic/z3: Updated for version 4.8.12.
audio/deadbeef: Fix 32-bit build.
audio/google-musicmanager: Fix 32-bit build.
audio/google-musicmanager: Fix VERSION+MD5SUM.
audio/guitarix: Fix 32-bit build.
audio/helm: Fix 32-bit build.
audio/sbagen: Fix 32-bit build.
desktop/bumblebee-status: Fix SLKCFLAGS -02 typo.
desktop/kwalletcli: Fix 32-bit build.
development/atom-amd64: Updated for version 1.60.0.
development/avr8-gnu-toolchain: Fix download URL.
development/cf-cli: Fix ARCH detection.
development/crystal-lang: Fix ARCH detection.
development/crystal-lang: Fix BUILD usage.
development/energia: Update ARCH handling.
development/gforth: Disable parallel build.
development/guile1.8: Fix build on 32 bit.
development/icon: Disable parallel build.
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Update for 6.9.2
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Update for 6.4.4
development/jupyter-nbformat: Update for 5.2.0
development/jupyter-notebook: Update for 6.4.10
development/jupyter_core: Update for 4.9.2
development/maude: Fix 32-bit build.
development/neovim: Updated for version 0.6.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.7.2.
development/nsis: Removed (FTBFS; not updated since 2010).
development/perf: Fix build with x86 -smp kernel.
development/postman: Updated for version 9.15.2
development/ruff: Updated for version 2.2.0.
development/sonarqube: i486 => i586.
development/vis: Updated for version 0.7.
development/xmlcopyeditor: Fix wxPython/wxGTK3 conflict.
games/bluez-sixaxis: Remove .la files.
games/d1x-rebirth: Fix 32-bit build.
games/d2x-rebirth: Fix 32-bit build.
games/eduke32: Fix 32-bit build.
games/ffgo: Fix
games/fgo: Fix
games/hedgewars: Document different dep on 32-bit.
games/hexglass: Fix 32-bit build.
games/speed-dreams: Updated MD5SUM.
games/waterCloset: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/Blender: Fix 32-bit build (make embree optional).
graphics/brlcad: Fix 32bit build.
graphics/darktable: Mark as 64-bit only (it really is).
graphics/embree: Mark as 64-bit only.
graphics/fotowall: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/luminance-hdr: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/mitsuba2: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/nsxiv: Use correct github URL.
graphics/opencolorio: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.82.
libraries/OpenBLAS: Fix Build on 32 bit.
libraries/antlr4: Update DEP.
libraries/bctoolbox: Update DOWNLOAD.
libraries/belle-sip: Updated DOWNLOAD.
libraries/bzrtp: Fix download URL.
libraries/libhoard: i486 => i586.
libraries/libindi-drivers: Mark 32bit as unsupported.
libraries/libpri: Removed (No maintainer and not used).
libraries/libsoup3: Updated for version 3.0.5.
libraries/lua-lpeg: install lpeg for all luas
libraries/msgpack-c: Updated for version 4.0.0.
libraries/onevpl: Mark as 64-bit only.
libraries/qt5-postgresql: Fix DOWNLOAD url.
libraries/xmpppy: Fix SLKCFLAGS -02 typo.
misc/ Fix ARCH detection.
misc/sbo-templates: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/stardict: Updated for version 3.0.6 ( segfaults).
multimedia/Gem: Fix build on 32bit.
multimedia/HandBrake: Fix 32-bit build.
multimedia/cantata: Updated for version 2.5.0.
multimedia/minitube: Fix 32-bit build.
multimedia/tvheadend: Fix 32-bit build.
network/heimdal: Fix 32-bit build.
network/icecat: Fix ARCH detection and support.
network/opendmarc: Remove .la files.
network/opera-legacy: Fix ARCH detection and support.
network/pdns-recursor: Fix 32-bit build (until 2038!).
network/pdns: Fix 32-bit build (until 2038!).
network/pidgin-musictracker: Fix 32-bit build.
network/rclone: Updated for version 1.58.0
network/riot-web: Removed at maintainer's request (mailing list).
network/rspamd: Add missing patch.
network/rspamd: Fix 32-bit build.
network/seafile-server: Remove .la files.
network/slurm: Fix 32-bit build.
network/suricata: Remove .la files.
network/teams: Fix glibc compatibility.
network/tntnet: Remove .la files.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.9.
network/varnish: Remove .la files.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.6.3.
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
office/lout: Updated for version 3.42.1.
office/pandoc: i486 => i586.
python/jedi: Fix renamed dependency reference.
python/nbxmpp: Updated for version 2.0.6.
python/python3-aiorpcX: Update for 0.22.1
python/terminado: Update for 0.13.3
python/terminado: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/afdko: Fix downloading during build.
system/bacula-client: Updated for version 9.6.7.
system/bacula: Exit with failure status if user/group don't exist.
system/bacula: Updated for version 9.6.7.
system/bulk_extractor: Fix 32-bit build.
system/commons-daemon: Fix download URLs.
system/dahdi-complete: Removed (no maintainer and ftbfs).
system/ksh-openbsd: Fix DOWNLOAD.
system/libtrash: Align to template.
system/multipath-tools: Fix 32-bit build.
system/nix: Fix 32-bit build; stop spamming /usr.
system/pax: Update EMAIL.
system/pixma: Fix 32bit build
system/qemu: Update README.
system/samsung-mfp-drivers: Updated for version 1.00.39.
system/slackrepo-hints: Updated for version 20220325.
system/slackrepo: Updated for version 20220325.
system/sysdig: Mark 32bit as UNSUPPORTED.
system/system76-power: Mark 32bit as unsupported.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Mark as 64-bit only.
system/virtualbox: Mark as 64-bit only.
Sun Mar 20 13:46:41 UTC 2022
academic/cap3: Fix 32-bit build when ARCH set in environment.
academic/karma: Allow ARCH=i586 in environment.
academic/ncbi-rmblastn: Allow ARCH=i586 in environment.
audio/tta++: Removed (redundant; use tta).
desktop/libqtxdg: Updated for version 3.8.0.
development/autogen: Fix 32-bit build.
development/edb-debugger: Fix PKG assignment.
development/frobtads: Fix 32-bit build.
development/kforth: Fix build on 15.0.
development/mysql-workbench: Fix 32-bit build.
development/pforth: Fix 32-bit build.
development/phantomjs: Fix 32-bit build.
development/xvile: Do not write to /usr/lib during build.
development/zope.interface: new maintainer, updated for version 5.4.0
games/beetle-psx-libretro: Fix file permissions.
games/dgen: Fix 32-bit build.
games/gzdoom: Fix 32-bit build (require SSE2).
games/odamex: Fix 32-bit build.
games/zdoom: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/mozjpeg: Fix 32-bit build.
graphics/screengrab: Updated for version 2.3.0.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.81.
libraries/lxqt-build-tools: Updated for version 0.10.0.
libraries/qt3: Fix 32-bit build.
misc/sbo-templates: Updated for version 1.3.3.
network/avahi: Included several patches from Debian
network/haproxy: Avoid specifying CFLAGS.
network/libnfsidmap: Removed (included in Slackware).
network/palemoon-bin: updated for version 30.0.0
network/palemoon: updated for version 30.0.0
network/tor: Updated for version
network/uudeview: Fix 32-bit build.
perl/perl-MIME-Types: Updated for version 2.22.
perl/perl-Math-BigInt-GMP: Updated for version 1.6010.
perl/perl-Math-BigInt: Updated for version 1.999829.
perl/perl-Math-GMPq: Updated for version 0.51.
perl/perl-Math-GMPz: Updated for version 0.54.
perl/perl-Math-Int128: Mark as unsupported on 32-bit (it really is).
perl/perl-Math-MPC: Updated for version 1.15.
perl/perl-Math-MPFR: Updated for version 4.21.
perl/perl-Sidef: Updated for version 3.99.
python/python2-automat: Fix MD5SUM.
python/python2-twisted: reverted to version 17.9.0
python/python3-pythondialog: Updated for version 3.5.3.
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 15.0.2.
system/capstone: Fix .pc file and 32-bit build.
system/cnijfilter2: Fix permission.
system/cnijfilter2: Updated for version 6.30.1.
system/dosemu: Fix segfaults on 15.0 (use gcc5).
system/hddtemp: Fix 32-bit build.
system/ksh-openbsd: Use correct github URL.
system/mediaextract: Fix 32-bit build.
system/mksh: Allow tests to pass without controlling tty.
system/scangearmp2: Updated for version 4.30.1.
Thu Mar 17 17:28:01 UTC 2022
academic/bowtie2: Mark x86 as unsupported.
academic/bowtie: Mark x86 as unsupported.
academic/celestia: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/ds9: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/fiji: Fix 32bit build.
academic/fiji: Fix source name on 32bit.
academic/gcompris-qt: Updated for version 2.3.1.
academic/labplot2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/ladr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/ncbi-blast+: Fix build on i586.
academic/octave: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/qrupdate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/root: Actually install
academic/scipy3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/spqr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/suitesparse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/treebest-ensembl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/ugene: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/umfpack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
academic/verilator: Make slack-desc ASCII.
academic/xflr5: Wrap README at 72 columns.
accessibility/eflite: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/TiMidity++: Handle content-disposition download.
audio/amSynth: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/clementine: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/clockchimes: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/cmus: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/darkice: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/deadbeef: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/gnump3d: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/google-musicmanager: Fix broken symlink.
audio/jack_capture: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/rhythmbox: Wrap README at 72 columns.
audio/tta: Fix 32-bit build.
desktop/Qogir-icon-theme: Fix VERSION in script.
desktop/Surfn: Fix VERSION in script.
desktop/bumblebee-status: Wrap README at 72 columns.
desktop/e16: Remove template comment.
desktop/obshutdown: Fix DOWNLOAD/HOMEPAGE.
desktop/xdm-slackware-theme: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/J-Link: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/android-tools: Add network warning to README.
development/apache-maven: Updated for version 3.8.5.
development/bluefish: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/dfu-programmer: Move setup instructions to README.SBo.
development/f2c: Remove template comment.
development/gcc5: Fix sbolint nitpicks.
development/git-extras: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.6.0
development/golang-googlecode-gotools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/hugo: Updated for version 94.2.
development/jdk11: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/jupyter-nbclient: Update for 0.5.13
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Update for 6.4.3
development/jupyterlab_pygments: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/lighttable: Add network warning to README.
development/mysql-workbench: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.7.1.
development/openjdk7: Move template preamble to top of script.
development/php-xdebug: Fix PRGNAM in script.
development/racer: Add network warning to README.
development/racer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/sbcl: Updated for version 2.2.2
development/shc: Fix DOWNLOAD.
development/shc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/shiboken2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/sqlcl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/sqlitebrowser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
development/tora: Fix VERSION in script.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 3.6.1.
games/beetle-psx-libretro: updated for version 2022.02.11 + new maintainer
games/clksignal-roms: Host 2 of the downloads under sane names.
games/dmagnetic: gzip the man pages.
games/jin: Update email
games/lutris: Updated for version, new maintainer
games/m64py: Remove template comment.
games/scid_vs_pc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/scummvm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/sl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/smashbattle: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/solarus-quest-editor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/speed-dreams: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/steam: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/tintin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/tome-ah: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/trigger-rally: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/tuxnes: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/uligo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/ut2004: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/vcmi: updated for version 0.99_git20220314
games/voxelands: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/warzone2100: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.2.7
games/wesnoth: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/worldofgoo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/xroar-roms: Get rid of duplicate ROMs.
games/xye: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/yamagi-quake2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/zaz: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/zelda-roth-se: Wrap README at 72 columns.
games/zseal: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/Fiona: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/Geohash: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/OTB: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/SFCGAL: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/TauDEM: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/geographiclib-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/geopandas: Changed REQUIRES for python3-psycopg2
gis/geopandas: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/gpsbabel: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/grass: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/josm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/laszip: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/libspatialindex: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/libspatialite: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/mapnik: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/opengrads: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/openorienteering-mapper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/osgEarth: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/osm-gps-map: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/ossim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/pdal: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/pgrouting: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/pgsql-ogr-fdw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/pktools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/pointcloud: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/polyline: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/postgis: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/python-mapnik: Fix VERSION in script.
gis/python-pygeos: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/python3-cartopy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/python3-pyproj: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/python3-pyshp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/python3-xarray: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/qgis: Changed REQUIRES for python3-psycopg2
gis/qgis: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/rasterio: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/routino: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/saga-gis: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/spatialite-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/tangogps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/whitebox-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
gis/xplanet: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/Blender: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/FreeCAD: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/LDView: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/SweetHome3D: Update email
graphics/VariCAD: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/XnViewMP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/abcm2ps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/aewan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/apitrace: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/brlcad: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/converseen: Updated for version
graphics/darktable: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/dia: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/dvisvgm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/embree: Make slack-desc ASCII.
graphics/embree: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/enblend-enfuse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/fbpic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/fig2sxd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/fotowall: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/frescobaldi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/fritzing: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/gliv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/gnome-themes-extras: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/gpicview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/gpscorrelate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/graph-easy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/gthumb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/img2pdf: Remove tabs from README.
graphics/imgmin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/jp2a: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/jpeg2ps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/leocad_pieces: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/maim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/meshlab: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/nsxiv: Updated for version 29
graphics/nvidia-texture-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/openclipart: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/opencollada: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/openscad-mcad: Fix VERSION in script.
graphics/openscad: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/paraview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/pdf2png: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/pencil3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/pho: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/png2ico: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/pngcrush: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/potrace: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/pygraphviz: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/qcad: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/rawtherapee: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/scrot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/tesseract: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/tgif-QPL: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/tkpng: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/trimage: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/ueberzug: Make slack-desc ASCII.
graphics/ufraw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/unpaper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.80.
graphics/wavelet-denoise: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/whyteboard: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/xcalib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/xdot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/yafaray-blender: Wrap README at 72 columns.
graphics/zgv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/ax25-apps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/baudline: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/csdr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/cwdaemon: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/ebook2cw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/grig: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/libax25: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/svxlink-sounds-en_US-heather-16k: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/svxlink: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/tlf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/tqsl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/xfhell: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/xpsk31: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ham/xwxapt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/ghc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-HTTP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-HUnit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-ShellCheck: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-base16-bytestring: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-cgi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-cmark: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-colour: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-digest: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-fail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-graphviz: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-lpeg: Make slack-desc ASCII.
haskell/haskell-memory: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-pandoc-types: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-polyparse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-regex-applicative: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-texmath: Wrap README at 72 columns.
haskell/haskell-zlib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/BeautifulSoup: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/CGAL: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/CondConfigParser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ConfigParser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/DevIL: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/FreeImage: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/Geraldo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/Nevow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/OpenBLAS: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/OpenCSG: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Remove tabs from README.
libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/PyOpenGL: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/Pykka: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/SFML: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/Smarty: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/VTK: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/adodb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/agg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/allegro: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/antlr4: Add network warning to README.
libraries/antlr4: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/barry: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/batinfo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/bctoolbox: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/bitstream: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/blas: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/bluez-alsa: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/bzrtp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/cal3d: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/cdk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/cffi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/confuse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/console_bridge: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/crossguid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/curses_ex: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/dcadec: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/dcmtk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/edelib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/efl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/eris: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/evernote-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/exiftool: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/facebook-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/fcgi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/fifechan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/fltk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/fox-toolkit-devel: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/freexl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ftplib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/futures: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/gitdb2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/gitdb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/gl2ps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/goffice0.8: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/grpc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/gspell: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/gtkdatabox: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/gtkglarea: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/hdf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/hoel: updated for version 1.4.19
libraries/http-parser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/hurry-filesize: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/iddawc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ignition-transport: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/iksemel: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/imlib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/irrlicht: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/isodate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/itcl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lablgtk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lapack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/levmar: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libEMF: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libaacs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libass: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libavc1394: Update email
libraries/libavc1394: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libb64: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libbde: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libbdplus: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libbsd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libbtbb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libcangjie: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libcbor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libcec: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libchewing: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libcli: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libdbh2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libdc1394: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libdca: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libdv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libeatmydata: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libesedb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libesmtp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libexe: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libfaketime: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libg15: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libg15render: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libgit2-glib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libgit2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libgnomecanvas: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libgnomecups: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libgsasl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libharu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libhid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libhtp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libiec61883: Update email
libraries/libiec61883: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libindi-drivers: Update email
libraries/libindi: Update email
libraries/libindi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libiptcdata: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libircclient: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libisoburn: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libkate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libkml: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/liblightgrep: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/liblxi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmicrohttpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmimic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmpdclient: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmsiecf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmspack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmusicbrainz3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libmusicbrainz5: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libnids: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/liboglappth: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libolecf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libotr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libp11: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libpar2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libpff: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libpri: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libqcow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/librapi2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libraqm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libreadline-java: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/librsync: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libscrypt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libshout: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libslack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libsmraw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libsoup3: Update to 15.0 template.
libraries/libsrtp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libsynce: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libtermkey: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libthai: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libticonv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libtubo0: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libucil: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libversion: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvhdi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvirt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvmime: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvorbisidec: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvshadow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvslvm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libvterm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libwebsockets: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libwhisker2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libxmi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libxml++: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/libxmp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/live555: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lockdev: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/log4net: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lua-lpeg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lua-luv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lua-mpack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lua-posix: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/lunatic-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/meanwhile: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/menu-cache: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/mowitz: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/mpir: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/msgpack-c: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/mujs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/mysql++: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/nextaw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/nini: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ocaml-batteries: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ocaml-camomile: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ocaml-findlib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/opencl-amd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/orcania: updated for version 2.2.2
libraries/paho-mqtt: Update to 15.0 template.
libraries/paho-mqtt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pcl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pexpect: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pgtcl-ng: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/physfs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/plplot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/progressbar: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pycparser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pyftpdlib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pylast: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pymdstat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/pysendfile: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/python-efl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/python-gnupg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/python-meld3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/rarfile: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/reportlab: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/rhino: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/robin-map: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/rpyc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/rrdtool: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/rtorrent-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/rudiments: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/setproctitle: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/skalibs: Updated for version
libraries/soundtouch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/spread-sheet-widget: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/sqlpp11: Add network warning to README.
libraries/tDOM: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/tbb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/tinyxml2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/totem-pl-parser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/tsocks: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ulfius: updated for version 2.7.8
libraries/unibilium: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/unixODBC: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/urdfdom_headers: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/varconf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/volk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/ Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wxGTK3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wxGTK: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wxPython3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wxPython4: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wxPython: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/wxX11: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/xerces-c: Fix 32bit build.
libraries/xforms: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/xmlrpc-c: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/yaz: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/yder: updated for version 1.4.15
libraries/zfec: Wrap README at 72 columns.
libraries/zziplib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/ardesia: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/asr-manpages: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/bchunk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/beep: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/biosdisk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/boncuk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/bsdmainutils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/ccze: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/chm2pdf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/cksfv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/clawsker: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/dcc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/dmg2img: Update email
misc/drg2sbg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/dvtm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/dwdiff: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/figlet-contributed: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/funny-manpages: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/g15composer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/g15daemon: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/gcp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/goldencheetah: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/gramps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/heimdall: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/hoorex: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/kasumi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/keychain: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/kronometer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/ltunify: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/mdic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/megatunix: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/ Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/mosquitto: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/myclippings: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/par2cmdline-tbb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/par2cmdline: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/projectM: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/recode: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/rsnapshot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/solunar: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/subsurface: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/sunwait: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/torrentinfo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/weather: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/xdelta: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/xwinwrap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/yara: Wrap README at 72 columns.
misc/ykpers: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/HandBrake: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/Mopidy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/OpenLP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/SimpleSysexxer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/abcMIDI: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/anyremote: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/audiopreview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/avidemux: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/castnow: Add network warning to README.
multimedia/ccxstream: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/dirac: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/droidcam: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/dsmidiwifi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/dvblast: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/dvdrip: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/exaile: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/flvtool2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gaupol: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/genpuid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gmidimonitor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gmtp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gnome-mplayer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gnupod: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gpac: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/gst0-plugins-ugly: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/iat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/inputstream.adaptive: Remove template comment.
multimedia/ivtv-utils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/jlscp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/minitube: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/mjpegtools: Update email
multimedia/mjpegtools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/mjpegtools: fix email
multimedia/mp3fm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/mpgtx: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/musixmatch: Make slack-desc ASCII.
multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 27.2.3
multimedia/obs-studio: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/oggconvert: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/oggvideotools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/opencaster: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/parole: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/ripperX: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/smpeg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/spek: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/subtitleeditor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/subtitleripper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/tovid: Update email
multimedia/tovid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/transcode: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/tstools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/tvtime: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/ucview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/vcdimager: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/vlc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/wxcam: Update email
multimedia/wxcam: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/xjadeo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/xmltv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/xvid4conf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/yarock: Wrap README at 72 columns.
multimedia/zvbi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/3proxy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/CherryMusic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ClusterSSH: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/DarTui: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/Flootty: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/Free-Cinema: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/GhostInTheMail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/LOIC: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/NetworkManager-l2tp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/Pafy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/PyRSS2Gen: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/Pyrit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/SoulseekQt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/TeamSpeak3: Update email
network/WhatWeb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/aMule: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/amap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/amavisd-new: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/arno-iptables-firewall: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/avahi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/awstats: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/bip: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/bitlbee: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.35.112
network/btpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/c-toxcore: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/cacti: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/cadaver: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/cherokee: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/clamav-unofficial-sigs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/claws-mail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/cmdiag: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/cni-plugins: Add network warning to README.
network/cni-plugins: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/comgt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/corkscrew: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/csync: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ctorrent: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/darkhttpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/darkstat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ddgr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/deluge: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dillo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dirb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dma: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dmitry: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dnscrypt-proxy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dnscrypt-wrapper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dnsmap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dnstop: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/driftnet: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 144.4.4491.
network/dsniff: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/easyrsa: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/efax-gtk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/efax: Remove template comment.
network/efax: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/eiskaltdcpp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/emailrelay: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/enet: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/etherape: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/etherpad-lite: Add network warning to README.
network/ettercap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/exim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/fdm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/filezilla: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/firehol: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/flvstreamer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/fping: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/freeradius-server: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/gajim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/geoipupdate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/glewlwyd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/gns3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/googler: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/gophernicus: Move setup instructions to README.SBo.
network/graphite-carbon: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/gtk-gnutella: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/gui-ufw: Fix broken wrapper scripts.
network/hamachi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/haproxy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/haskell-network-multicast: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/havp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/host-sflow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/hostsblock: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/hping3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/httpie: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/icinga2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/identicurse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/inadyn: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/iodine: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ipcalc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/iperf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ircd-hybrid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/isync: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/jabberd2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/jboss-as: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/jitsi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/kivy-garden: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/knock: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/leafnode: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/libmaxminddb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/libnatpmp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/libnfsidmap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/light-firefox: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/linphone: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/linssid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/livestreamer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/lizardfs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/lxi-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mailman: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mailspring: Updated for version 1.10.1
network/malheur: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/masscan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/megatools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/memcached: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mitmproxy-bin: Update to 15.0 template.
network/mod_auth_kerb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mod_chroot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mod_evasive: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mod_geoip2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mod_ruid2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mod_wsgi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/monkey: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mumble-server: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/mysecureshell: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nagios: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ncrack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/netcat-openbsd: Update download URL
network/netcat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/netdiscover: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/netdrive-connector: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/netqmail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/netsurf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/newsboat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nextcloud-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nginx: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ngrep: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ngrok: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nikto: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nrpe: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nsca: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nsd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nss-mdns: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/nweb: Fix VERSION in script.
network/oidentd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/onedrive: Updated to version 2.4.16
network/onionshare: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/openconnect: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/opendchub: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/opendkim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/opendmarc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/openntpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/opensmtpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/openvswitch-utils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/owncloud-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/owncloud-server: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/p0f: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pCloudDrive: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/packit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/palemoon-bin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pdns: Remove tabs from README.
network/periscope: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pflogsumm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pfqueue: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pgpool-II: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/phpmyadmin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pidgin-nudge: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pidgin-otr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pidgin-privacy-please: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pidgin-sound: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/plowshare: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pmacct: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/policyd2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/polipo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/postgrey: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/pptpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/prosody-mod-turncredentials: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/prosody-mod-vcard-muc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/protonvpn-cli: Remove template comment.
network/protonvpn-cli: Update homepage and download link.
network/proxymini: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/proxytunnel: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/psad: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/psi-plus: Add network warning to README.
network/qTox: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/radvd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/reaver: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/rejik: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/republicanywhere: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/retroshare: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/riot-web: Remove tabs from README.
network/riot-web: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/rtl8821ce: Make slack-desc ASCII.
network/seahub: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/shibboleth-sp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sickrage: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/siege: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.35.0
network/silc-toolkit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/skypeforlinux: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/slirp4netns: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/slowhttptest: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/smcroute: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sniffjoke: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/snort: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/spamassassin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/spambayes: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/speedometer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/speedtest-cli: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sqlninja: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sqlrelay: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/squid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/squidanalyzer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sshguard: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sstp-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/strongswan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/sylpheed: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tahoe-lafs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tcpflow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/teams: Make slack-desc ASCII.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.6.1.
network/telegram: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/thrift: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/thttpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tinc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tinyproxy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tmate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tor: New maintainer.
network/toxcore: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/translate-shell: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ttcp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ttdnsd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/tunctl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/turbolift: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ubertooth: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ucspi-tcp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/udpcast: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/ufw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/uget-chrome-wrapper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/uget-integrator: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/urlgrabber: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/urlscan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/urlview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/uudeview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/verlihub: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/vmware-horizon-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/vnstat: Move setup instructions to README.SBo.
network/vnstat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/vrrpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/w3af: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/webhook: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/weighmail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/wendzelnntpd: Remove template comment.
network/wildfly: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/wireshark: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/wmget: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/wmnotify: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/wp-cli: Remove tabs from README.
network/wrk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/wvdial: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/x11spice: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/x11vnc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/x2goserver: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/xinetd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/xl2tpd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/xnetload: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/yadifa: Remove tabs from README.
network/yate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/youtube-dl-gui: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/zabbix_agentd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/zabbix_java_gateway: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/zabbix_proxy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/zabbix_server: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/zmap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/znc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
network/zoom-linux: Make slack-desc ASCII.
office/FreeOffice: Make slack-desc ASCII.
office/JabRef: Fix BUILD usage.
office/LanguageTool: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/LibreOffice: Remove tabs from README.
office/LibreOffice: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/Ted: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/adobe-reader-fontpacks: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/aigaion: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/anorack: Remove tabs from README.
office/apvlv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/basket: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/briss: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/ Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/calibre: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/cups-pdf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/devtodo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/ding: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/docx2txt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/elyxer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/epdfview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/flowkeeper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/ghostwriter: Remove template comment.
office/homebank: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/htmldoc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/jstock: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/keepassxc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/keepnote: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/latex2rtf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/lcal: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/minidjvu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/moneydance: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/msee: Add network warning to README.
office/msee: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/mu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/multivalent-tool-pdf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/odt2txt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/pandoc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/pdfpc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/pdftk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/ps2eps: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/pstoedit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/pstotext: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/pyspread: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/scribus: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/t-prot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/taskjuggler: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/taskopen: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/tellico: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/text2pdf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/tpp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/traduisons: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/trello-cli: Add network warning to README.
office/tudu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/verbiste: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/vmd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/watson: Wrap README at 72 columns.
office/xmind: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Bit-Vector: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-CGI: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-CPAN-Changes: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Carp-Clan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Class-Gomor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Config-File: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Config-IniFiles: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Convert-ASN1: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-Blowfish_PP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-CAST5: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-CBC: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-IDEA: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-AES: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Guess: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Crypt-Rijndael: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Data-UUID: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Date-Calc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-DateTime-Format-Builder: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-DateTime-Format-ISO8601: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Devel-PartialDump: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Encode-Detect: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-ExtUtils-Install: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-ExtUtils-ModuleMaker: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-File-Copy-Recursive: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-File-Finder: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-File-Remove: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-File-ShareDir-Install: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-File-Slurp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Geo-IP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Geography-Countries: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Gtk2-Ex-Simple-List: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-HTML-HTMLDoc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-IO-All: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-IO-CaptureOutput: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-IO-Socket-INET6: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-IO-Socket-Multicast: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-IO-Tty: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-IO-stringy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Inline-C: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-List-AllUtils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Log-Dispatch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-MIME-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Mail-SPF-Query: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-MailTools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Math-Base85: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Module-Build: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-Humane: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-MooX-StrictConstructor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-CIDR-Lite: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-CIDR: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-IPv4Addr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-IPv6Addr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-Jabber: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-LibIDN: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-Libdnet: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-Pcap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-RawIP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-SNMP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-Telnet: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Net-Write: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-NetPacket: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Pegex: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Proc-PID-File: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Scope-Guard: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Socket6: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Statistics-Descriptive: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-String-PerlIdentifier: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Switch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Sys-Mmap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-TeX-Hyphen: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Term-ProgressBar: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Test-LongString: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Test-PerlTidy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Test-RequiresInternet: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Test-Simple: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Test-SubCalls: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Text-CSV_XS: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Text-Tabs+Wrap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-TryCatch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Unicode-Map8: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-Unicode-Map: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-X11-Protocol-Other: Disable test by default (requires X).
perl/perl-X11-Protocol-Other: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-XML-XPath: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-YAML-LibYAML: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-digest-hmac: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-encode-locale: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-file-desktopentry: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-file-listing: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-html-parser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-http-tiny: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-inc-latest: Wrap README at 72 columns.
perl/perl-x11-protocol: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/Baker: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/PyGreSQL: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/PyInstaller: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/PyPDF2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/PyStemmer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/PythonQt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/RBTools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/WebHelpers: Removed, replaced by WebHelpers2 on python3-webhelpers2
python/XlsxWriter: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/affine: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/anyjson: Removed, very old and not in any more REQUIRES
python/apsw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/argcomplete: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/argh: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/arrow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/artifacts: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/asgiref: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/atomicwrites: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/backcall: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/backports.lzma: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/bencode: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/biplist: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/bleach: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/boto3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/boto: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/buildbot-worker: updated for version 3.5.0, updated dependencies
python/cddb-py: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/cfgparse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/cheetah3: Make slack-desc ASCII.
python/cheroot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/click-default-group: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/click-didyoumean: Make slack-desc ASCII.
python/click: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/clint: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/colorama: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/construct: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/contextlib2: Make slack-desc ASCII.
python/contextlib2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/coverage: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/cryptography: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/cssselect: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/defusedxml: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/dfdatetime: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/dfvfs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/dfwinreg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/django-debug-toolbar: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/dotty: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/dtfabric: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/dukpy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/easygui: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/elasticsearch5: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/entrypoints: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/feedparser: Remove tabs from README.
python/feedparser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/flask-paginate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/frosted: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/hachoir-core: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/hachoir-metadata: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/hachoir-parser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/hachoir: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/ipython_genutils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/josepy: Updated for version 1.13.0.
python/json-py: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/llfuse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/mini-amf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/monotonic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/more-itertools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/mpmath: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/msgpack-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/ndg_httpsclient: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/nest_asyncio: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/numexpr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/odoo: Changed REQUIRES for python3-psycopg2
python/parso: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pefile: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/phply: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pickleshare: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pillowfight: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pkginfo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/plaso: Changed REQUIRES for python2-pyzmq
python/poster: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/psutil: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pyamf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pybind11: Updated for version 2.9.1
python/pybind11: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pycdio: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pychecker: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pycryptopp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pycxx: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pyflakes: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pygpgme: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pyjwt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pynzb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pyqode.cobol: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pyresample: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pysha3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pysqlite: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pysvn: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pytest-cov: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pytest: Changed REQUIRES for python2-attrs
python/python-PySnooper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-argopt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-emoji: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-fonttools: Updated for version 4.30.0.
python/python-importlib_metadata: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-joblib: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-jsonrpclib: Updated for verson
python/python-kerberos: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-ly: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-magic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-markdown-math: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-musicbrainz2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-nbxmpp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-neovim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-pcapy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-precis-i18n: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-prometheus_client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python-sh: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python2-attrs: renamed from attrs, updated for version 21.2.0
python/python2-automat: renamed from Automat, updated for version 20.2.0
python/python2-pycrypto: Fix PRGNAM in script.
python/python2-pyzmq: renamed from pyzmq
python/python2-selectors2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python2-twisted: updated for version 20.3.0, updated REQUIRES
python/python3-amqp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-defusedxml: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-django: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-gitdb2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-hupper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-ipaddr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-isort: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-jedi: Changed REQUIRES for python3-parso
python/python3-kiwisolver: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-monotonic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-nltk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-nxt-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-paginate: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-pandas: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-parso: renamed from parso
python/python3-paste: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-pexpect: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-prompt_toolkit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-psycopg2: renamed from psycopg2
python/python3-pyjwt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-pylint: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-pyparted: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-rsa: Make slack-desc ASCII.
python/python3-setuptools_autover: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-tekore: Make slack-desc ASCII.
python/python3-twisted: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-urlobject: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-uth: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-waitress: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/python3-webhelpers2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/pyudev: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/readme_renderer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/requirements-detector: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/rfc6555: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/rsa: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/salt: Changed REQUIRES for python2-pyzmq
python/scikit-learn: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/selenium: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/send2trash: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/service_identity: Changed REQUIRES for python2-attrs
python/setuptools-scm-git-archive: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/simplejson: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/snowballstemmer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sphinxcontrib-applehelp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sphinxcontrib-devhelp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sphinxcontrib-jsmath: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sphinxcontrib-qthelp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sphinxcontrib-websupport: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/sqlparse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/stopit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/subprocess32: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/subuser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/testpath: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/timehash: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/tinycss: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/tox: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/traitlets: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/trezor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/typed_ast: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/vinetto: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/waitress: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/websocket-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/werkzeug: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/xlutils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/yara-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
python/zxcvbn-python: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/ncurses-ruby: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rbenv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/ruby-native-package-installer: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-activesupport: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-coderay: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-concurrent-ruby: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/ Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-daemons: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-diff-lcs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-fastercsv: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-file-tail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-fluentd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-gtk2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-highline: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-http_parser.rb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-manpages: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-msgpack: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-mustache: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-net-ssh: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-optimist: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-ronn: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-rspec-mocks: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-rspec: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-ruby2ruby: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-ruby_parser: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-sass: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-sexp_processor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-slop3: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-sourcify: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-trogdoro-el4r: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-tzinfo-data: Wrap README at 72 columns.
ruby/rubygem-xiki: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/AnonymousPro: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/GentiumPlus: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 15.0.2
system/SavvyCAN: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/Sl: Silence sbolint warning.
system/TLP: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ZoneMinder: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/acpi: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/adobe-source-code-pro-font: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/afuse: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/amanda: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/apache-activemq: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 10.0.18.
system/apache-tomcat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/apachetop: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/apcupsd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/apparmor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/artwiz-aleczapka: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/artwiz-cursor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/asbt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/aterm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/audit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/augeas: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/avfs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/bacula-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/bacula: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/barman: Changed REQUIRES for python3-psycopg2 and python3-dateutil
system/bcache-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/binfmt-support: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/bootchart: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/btop: Update to 15.0 template.
system/bubblewrap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/buildah: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/bulk_extractor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/burp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/byobu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/capabilities: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/caprice32: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ccd2iso: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ccid: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cdemu-client: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cdrkit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cdw: Update email
system/cdw: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/chronograf: Make slack-desc ASCII.
system/clamav: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cndrvcups-capt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cndrvcups-common: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cnijfilter2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cntlm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/commons-daemon: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/conmon: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/containerd: Add network warning to README.
system/coolkey: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/corosync: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/crashplan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/crmsh: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cronie: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/cwtex-q-fonts-TTFs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/daemontools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dahdi-complete: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/davfs2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/debootstrap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/diskscan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/disksearch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/displaylink: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dlm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dosbox-dev: Move setup instructions to README.SBo.
system/dosbox-dev: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dosbox-dev: updated for version 0.75_pre4473
system/drbd-utils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/driconf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dstat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/duplicity: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dust: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/dvdisaster: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ecryptfs-utils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/efitools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/eibd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/elasticsearch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/eltclsh: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/eventlog: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/execline: Updated for version
system/exfat-utils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/fence-agents: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/findpkg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/fio: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/firejail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/firmware-gobi-2000: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/foomatic-db-engine: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/foomatic-db: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/foremost: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/freeswitch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/fslint: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/fswatch: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/fuse-exfat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/gammu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/gconf-editor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/gdmap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/gigolo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/glances: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/gnu-unifont: Updated for version 14.0.02.
system/gnu-unifont: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/go-mtree: Add network warning to README.
system/gpart: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/heartbeat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/hstr: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/hwinfo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/i8kutils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/icingaweb2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/idle3-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/influxdb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/irqbalance: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/isight-firmware-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/isomaster: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/jdiskreport: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/kapacitor: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/kbfs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/kc: Remove tabs from README.
system/kc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ksh-openbsd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/laptop-mode-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.25.0.
system/letsencrypt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/libnatspec: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/local-persist: Add network warning to README.
system/locust: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/logkeys: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/luckybackup: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/lxsplit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/mailfromd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/mailutils: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/makepp: Fix broken symlinks.
system/makeself: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/mcrypt: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/memtest86+: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/memtest86: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/microcode_ctl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/monit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/monitoring-plugins: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/motion: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/mpich: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/msr-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/multiload-ng: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/multitail: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/munin-node: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/musl: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nagios-plugins: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nagvis: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nano-syntax-highlighting: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nbench: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/netatop: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nix: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nmon: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/noto-emoji: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nsca-ng: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nss_ldap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nut: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/nvidia-legacy340-kernel: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ohsnap: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/opendoas: Handle environment BUILD better.
system/openrc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/opensc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ossec-agent: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ossec-local: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ossec-server: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/otf-hermit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pacemaker: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pass-otp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/passwdqc: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/password-store: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/patool: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pause: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pbzip2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pcsc-lite: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pcsc-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/percona-toolkit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/phpsysinfo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/picocom: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pixma: Remove tabs from README.
system/pixma: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/plan9port: Remove tabs from README.
system/plan9port: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/podman: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/porg: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/procinfo-ng: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.34.0
system/pwgen: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pwman: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/pwsafe: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/qdirstat: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/qemu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/qtgzmanager: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ranger: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rar2fs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rear: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/recoverdm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/refind: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rename: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/resource-agents: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rhash: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rkhunter: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rng-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/runit-services: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/runit: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/rush: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/s3ql: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/s6-linux-init: Updated for version
system/s6: Updated for version
system/saleae-logic: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/samhain: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sargon: Add network warning to README.
system/sbbdep: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sbotools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sboui: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/scalpel: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/scangearmp2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/scanmem: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/schedtool: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sdltrs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sentimental-skk: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/signify: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/skim: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/skopeo: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/slack-osquery: Fix HOMEPAGE.
system/slack-osquery: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/smart: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/socklog: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/softhsm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/splix: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sqlcipher: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sqldiff: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/squidclamav: Move setup instructions to README.SBo.
system/srm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sudosh2: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/sunflower: Fix VERSION in script.
system/sysdig: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/syslog-ng: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/system76-io-dkms: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/tagainijisho: Updated for version 1.1.93.
system/telegraf: Make slack-desc ASCII.
system/telegraf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/termenu: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/terminator: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/terminology: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/thermald: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/thin-provisioning-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/thinkfan: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/tinycdb: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/tm: Move setup instructions to README.SBo.
system/tm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/trashy: Clean up build.
system/ts: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ttf-lato: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ttop: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/tty2gif: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/ttygif: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/twin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/unace: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/unhide: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/unison: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/unp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/uptimed: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/usbrelay: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/usbview: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/vagrant: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/vhba-module: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/virt-manager: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/volatility: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/wangfonts: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/webcore-fonts: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/webmin: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/wiimms-iso-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/wmconfig: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/wmfsm: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/wqy-microhei-font-ttf: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/x86_energy_perf_policy: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xbindkeys: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xen: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xen: x86 is unsupported.
system/xjobs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xorgxrdp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xosd: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xrdp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xstow: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/xtrs: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/yaft: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/yelp-tools: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/yelp: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/zfs-auto-snapshot: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/zookeeper: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/zopfli: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/zpaq: Wrap README at 72 columns.
system/zsh-syntax-highlighting: Wrap README at 72 columns.
Sat Mar 12 02:29:40 UTC 2022
academic/cufflinks: Fix info file.
academic/fiji: Fix VERSION.
academic/kurso: x86 is unsupported.
academic/openboard: Fix slack-desc.
academic/siril: Fix VERSION.
academic/verilator: Fix slack-desc.
audio/drumstick: Install
audio/nekobee: Fix README.
audio/non: Fix README.
audio/wavbreaker: Fix slack-desc.
desktop/bukubrow: Fix duplicate DOWNLOAD_x86_64 in info file.
desktop/rofi: Fix DOWNLOAD.
desktop/zenity: Fix slack-desc.
development/dotnet-sdk-6.0: Fix slack-desc.
development/fly: Fix .info file.
development/jupyter-nbclient: Fix slack-desc.
development/jupyterlab_pygments: Fix slack-desc.
development/mdbook: Fix missing closing quote.
development/minikube: Fix .info file.
development/octant: Fix .info file.
development/postman: Fix slack-desc.
development/scikit-build: Fix .info file.
development/velero: Fix .info file.
games/0ad: Fix VERSION.
games/antimicrox: Fix .info file.
games/endgame-singularity: Fix slack-desc.
games/sauerbraten: Fix shebang.
games/zseal: Fix slack-desc.
graphics/fbgrab: Fix slack-desc.
graphics/gthumb: Fix slack-desc.
graphics/img2pdf: Fix slack-desc.
graphics/mypaint: Fix .info file.
graphics/nsxiv: Fix shebang.
graphics/xmedcon: Fix slack-desc.
graphics/yed: Fix slack-desc.
haskell/haskell-commonmark: Fix slack-desc.
haskell/haskell-path: Fix REQUIRES.
haskell/haskell-th-compat: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime-3.1: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/cyrus-sasl-xoauth2: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/fuzzylite: Remove empty
libraries/libart-lgpl: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/libeditline: Fix README.
libraries/libopenmpt: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/libsoup3: Fix shebang.
libraries/nv-codec-headers: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/paho-mqtt: Fix PRGNAM.
libraries/paho-mqtt: Fix shebang.
libraries/paho-mqtt: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/pytaglib: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/rasqal: Fix slack-desc.
libraries/toxext: Fix slack-desc.
misc/gourmet: Fix slack-desc.
misc/klibc: Fix .info file.
multimedia/MuseScore: Remove stray trailing spaces.
multimedia/droidcam: Fix slack-desc.
multimedia/gstreamer0: Fix slack-desc.
multimedia/kaffeine: Fix slack-desc.
multimedia/spotify: Fix
multimedia/srt-to-vtt-cl: Fix .info file.
network/bombadillo: Fix
network/bombadillo: Fix slack-desc.
network/efax: Fix .info file.
network/freedownloadmanager: Fix slack-desc.
network/ngrok: Fix slack-desc.
network/palemoon: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/prettyping: Fix slack-desc.
network/prettyping: Fix slack-desc.
network/tixati: Fix md5sum.
network/wavemon: Fix overriding VERSION.
network/x11spice: Fix slack-desc.
network/zeek: Fix slack-desc.
office/JabRef: Align to template.
office/kbibtex: Fix slack-desc.
perl/perl-Test-Memory-Cycle: Fix slack-desc.
python/Kallithea: Fix README.
python/async-timeout: Fix shebang.
python/async_generator: Fix slack-desc.
python/cheetah3: Fix slack-desc.
python/click-repl: Fix slack-desc.
python/kallithea-frontend: Fix download URL.
python/nest_asyncio: Fix slack-desc.
python/python-dbus-next: Fix shebang.
python/python-socks: Fix shebang.
python/python-uritemplate: Fix slack-desc.
python/python2-BeautifulSoup4: Fix slack-desc.
python/python2-Safe: Fix slack-desc.
python/python2-Safe: Fix slack-desc.
python/python2-cryptography: Fix shebang.
python/python2-mimeparse: Fix slack-desc.
python/python2-pkgconfig: Fix shebang.
python/python3-MutatorMath: Fix .info file.
python/python3-MutatorMath: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-aiohttp-socks: Fix shebang.
python/python3-aiohttp: Fix shebang.
python/python3-autobahn: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-automat: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-defcon: Fix .info file.
python/python3-defcon: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-editor: Fix shebang.
python/python3-fontMath: Fix .info file.
python/python3-fontMath: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-fontParts: Fix .info file.
python/python3-fontParts: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-fontPens: Fix .info file.
python/python3-fs: Fix .info file.
python/python3-fs: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-ipaddr: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-multidict: Fix shebang.
python/python3-psautohint: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-pyclipper: Fix .info file.
python/python3-pyclipper: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-pyjwt: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-turbogears2: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-twisted: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-ufoProcessor: Fix .info file.
python/python3-ufoProcessor: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-ufonormalizer: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/python3-waitress: Fix shebang.
python/python3-webob: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-zopfli: Fix .info file.
python/python3-zopfli: Fix PRGNAM usage.
python/reedsolo: Fix slack-desc.
system/btop: Fix shebang.
system/chkrootkit: Fix VERSION.
system/conky: Add newline at EOF.
system/libcloudproviders: Fix shebang.
system/megacli: Fix slack-desc.
system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: Adjust slack-desc.
system/pce: Fix VERSION.
system/prometheus: Fix slack-desc.
system/restic: Fix slack-desc.
system/ticpp: Fix slack-desc.
Fri Mar 11 13:59:59 UTC 2022
SlackBuilds repository for Slackware 15.0 is now officially available.
  Here it is! The launch of the repository into the 15.0 era.
  With the help of our amazing community we spent the last year testing, fixing,
  and updating the scripts in the repository for the latest
  Slackware release.  We are happy to say that we think it has never been
  better (yes, we say this every time)  :-)
We've made some changes to the template script so be sure to check those out
before starting to submit new scripts.
We'd like to take this time to welcome the newest member of our admin team,
  Andrew Clemons (aclemons)
Thanks to all of our users and maintainers for continuing to do what you
  do - your dedication and attention to detail is greatly appreciated.
  Pull requests and merge requests are welcome
All: Change SlackBuild shebang to /bin/bash
All: SlackBuilds run in the directory they are in
All: Support $PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME env var
Edits to .mailmap to update entries
Kvantum-Qt5: Added (Optional kwindowsystem Engine)
Revert 18dea74a4fc97 - go back to openbabel-2.4.1
Update CDEmu software series
Updated to latest upstream 18.0.4
Upgrade hyperscan slackbuild to 5.4.0
academic/CAFS_divergence: update Copyright year
academic/CAPS_coevolution: update Copyright years and README
academic/Data2FCS: Handle url-encoded filenames.
academic/Data2FCS: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/Data2FCS: update Copyright year and REQUIRES to adoptopenjdk
academic/DendroPy: update Copyright year
academic/EMBASSY: Remove .la files.
academic/EMBASSY: fix x86 arch and add -fcommon for PHYLIPNEW
academic/EMBOSS: Remove .la files.
academic/EMBOSS: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/EMBOSS: fix x86 arch and REQUIRES="adoptopenjdk"
academic/FCSalyzer: Handle url-encoded filenames.
academic/FCSalyzer: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/FCSalyzer: update for version 0.9.22-alpha, switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/Gblocks: Fix download.
academic/Gblocks: update Copyright year + misc cleanups
academic/GeoGebra: Use zulu-openjdk7.
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Fixed dep info in README
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Patched for boost >= 1.73.0.
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Updated deps README email
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Updated for version
academic/Gridcoin-Research: Use MAKEFLAGS to pass numjobs.
academic/HMMER: Fixed dep info
academic/HMMER: update for version 3.3.2
academic/IGV: update for version 2.9.4
academic/ITK: Downgrade and add GCC 10 support.
academic/ITK: Update the internal patch for gcc 11.x.
academic/Kst: Fixed dep info in README
academic/Kst: Updated for version 20220116_2b8e03e.
academic/Kst: patch to fix the path for H5Cpp.h file
academic/MetaPhlAn2: update for version 20201202_git4e4416
academic/Mnemosyne: Fixed dep info
academic/Mnemosyne: Removed (requires nonexistent PyQtWebEngine dep).
academic/PhyML: update Copyright years
academic/QtiPlot: Removed.
academic/R: Fixed dep info
academic/R: Updated for version 4.1.2.
academic/RAxML: update Copyright year
academic/RepeatMasker: update for version 4.1.2_p1
academic/STAR: Updated for version 2.7.9a.
academic/STAR: Updated to version 2.7.10a
academic/SeqMonk: update Copyright years
academic/Shark: Updated for version 4.0.1.
academic/TreeGraph: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/TreeGraph: switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/ViennaRNA: Fixed dep info
academic/ViennaRNA: Remove .la files.
academic/ViennaRNA: Updated for version 2.4.18.
academic/ViennaRNA: Updated to version 2.5.0
academic/WEVOTE: update Copyright years
academic/Xyce: Removed (ftb).
academic/ZeGrapher: Fixed dep info
academic/abella: Removed (ftb).
academic/abntex: Updated for version 20200715_f0a4d3c.
academic/aline: update README
academic/aliview: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/aliview: update for version 1.27 + switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/amplicon: update README
academic/amplifx: update Copyright years + web-site
academic/antiprism: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
academic/antiprism: Remove .la files.
academic/archaeopteryx: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/archaeopteryx: update copyright year + switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/aris: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
academic/arka: fix build + misc cleanups
academic/artha: Updated for version 1.0.5.
academic/avogadro: Removed.
academic/bcftools: Update to version 1.15
academic/bcftools: Updated for version 1.13
academic/bcftools: Updated to version 1.14
academic/bedGraphToBigWig: update copyright year
academic/bedtools: update for version 2.30.0
academic/bibletime: Fixed dep info
academic/biopython: update for version 1.78 + fix build with python3
academic/boinc: Fix wxPython/wxGTK3 conflict.
academic/boinc: Remove .la files.
academic/boinc: Updated README and email
academic/boinc: Use MAKEFLAGS to pass numjobs.
academic/bowtie2-legacy: Patch source.
academic/bowtie2: Fixed dep info
academic/bowtie2: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/bowtie2: Updated to version 2.4.5
academic/bowtie: update for version 1.3.0
academic/bpp-core: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp-core: update copyright year
academic/bpp-phyl-omics: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp-phyl-omics: update copyright year
academic/bpp-phyl: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp-phyl: update copyright year
academic/bpp-popgen: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp-popgen: update copyright year
academic/bpp-seq-omics: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp-seq-omics: update copyright year
academic/bpp-seq: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp-seq: update copyright year
academic/bpp1.9-* update copyright year
academic/bpp1.9-numcalc: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp1.9-phyl: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp1.9-seq: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bpp1.9-utils: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bppsuite: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/bppsuite: update copyright year
academic/bwa: fix build -fcommon
academic/cadabra2: Fixed dep info
academic/calc: Updated for version
academic/calc: Updated for version
academic/calcoo: Updated copyright
academic/cap3: Note the need to download the tarballs manually.
academic/cap3: use x84_64 not opteron64 binary
academic/cblas: Updated for version 3.10.0
academic/cdo: Updated for version 2.0.0
academic/cdo: Updated for version 2.0.1
academic/cdo: Updated for version 2.0.2
academic/cdo: Updated for version 2.0.3
academic/cdo: Updated for version 2.0.4.
academic/celestia: Updated for version
academic/celestia: Updated maintainer email
academic/chartgeany: Fixed dep info in README
academic/chemtool: Change ARCH to i586
academic/chemtool: Fix build failure with gcc10.
academic/chemtool: Updated copyright
academic/cistrome-CEAS: update copyright year
academic/cistrome-MACS: Handle content-disposition download.
academic/cistrome-MACS: update copyright years
academic/cistrome-conductGO: update copyright years
academic/cistrome-extra: fix download link
academic/cistrome-mdseqpos: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
academic/cistrome-mdseqpos: Fix dependency.
academic/cistrome-mdseqpos: Update DEP.
academic/cistrome-mdseqpos: fis REQUIRES and build with python2
academic/clark-ugene: update copyright year
academic/clustalo: Remove .la files.
academic/clustalo: update copyright years
academic/clustalw: misc cleanups
academic/clustalx: Patch for qt5.
academic/colin: Fixed dep info
academic/colin: Use qt4.
academic/convertall: Fixed dep info
academic/coq: Removed (ftb).
academic/coq: Updated for version 8.12.2.
academic/cufflinks: use binaries
academic/cutadapt: update copyright years
academic/cvc4: Fix download.
academic/dakota: Updated for version 6.15.0.
academic/datamash: update copyright years
academic/diamond: update copyright years
academic/drawtiming: Removed (incompatible with the newer gcc).
academic/ed-v6: Fix github tarball handling.
academic/edsim51di: Update DOWNLOAD to https.
academic/edsim51di: Use zulu-openjdk7.
academic/engauge: Fixed dep info
academic/engauge: Updated for version 12.1.
academic/ent: remove template comment.
academic/equalx: Fix build for qt5.
academic/evopedia_qt: Use qt4.
academic/exonerate: update copyright years
academic/extrema: Remove .la files.
academic/fet: Fixed dep info
academic/fiji: update for version 20201104_1356
academic/finchtv: update webpage link
academic/fityk: Fix wxPython/wxGTK3 conflict.
academic/fityk: Fixed dep info in README
academic/fityk: Remove .la files.
academic/fityk: Updated for version 20210925_e022356.
academic/flann: Fix building with the newer cmake, cleanups.
academic/flashqard: Removed (no qt4-webkit available).
academic/flexbar: Update copyright year.
academic/g3data: Update github tarball handling.
academic/gchemutils: Disable mozilla/gnumeric plugins (broken).
academic/gchemutils: Fix typo in script.
academic/gchemutils: Remove .la files.
academic/gchemutils: Use the C++14 standard.
academic/gchemutils: update copyright info
academic/gcompris-qt: Fixed dep info
academic/gcompris-qt: Switch to https.
academic/gcompris-qt: Updated for version 2.0.
academic/gcompris-qt: Updated for version 2.1.
academic/gcompris-qt: Updated for version 2.3.
academic/gcompris: Removed.
academic/gcompris: Switch to https.
academic/geda-gaf: Added the new dependency guile1.8.
academic/geda-gaf: Remove .la files.
academic/geda-gaf: Updated for version 1.10.2.
academic/gelemental: Patch for the newer gcc.
academic/gelemental: Remove .la files.
academic/gelemental: remove unnecessary patch
academic/geneconv: misc cleanups
academic/genius: Added the new dependency vte2.
academic/genius: Updated for version 1.0.27.
academic/genometools: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
academic/genometools: add patch for gcc10 and fix build
academic/genpak: misc cleanups
academic/geomview: Remove .la files.
academic/gerbv: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
academic/gerbv: Remove .la files.
academic/getdp: Updated for version 3.4.0
academic/ggobi: Remove .la files.
academic/ggobi: Updated for version 2.1.11.
academic/ghemical: Fix build.
academic/glpk: Don't ship *.la files.
academic/glpk: Remove .la files.
academic/gmsh: Updated for version 4.9.2
academic/gp2fasta: Use qt4.
academic/gpredict: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
academic/gpredict: revert to latest stable version 2.2.1
academic/gretl: Fixed dep info
academic/gretl: Remove .la files.
academic/gretl: Updated for version 2022a.
academic/gspiceui: Depend on wxGTK3 instead of wxPython3
academic/gtkwave: Updated for version 3.3.111.
academic/gwyddion: Fixed dep info in README
academic/gwyddion: Remove .la files.
academic/harminv: Remove .la files.
academic/hyphy/: update for version 2.5.31
academic/iTest: Use qt4.
academic/io_lib. update for version 1.14.14
academic/io_lib: Remove .la files.
academic/isoelectric-point: Use qt4.
academic/jalview: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/jalview: update for version
academic/jellyfish_k-mer: Remove .la files.
academic/jellyfish_k-mer: update copyright years
academic/jpicedt: Align with template
academic/kile: Removed (added to Slackware).
academic/klavaro: Updated for version 3.11.
academic/kraken: update copyright year
academic/ktikz: Updated for version 0.13.2.
academic/kurso: Updated for version 5.2.
academic/labplot2: Fixed dep info
academic/labplot2: Fixed dep info in README
academic/labplot2: Updated for version 2.8.2
academic/ladr: Don't install *.la file
academic/ladr: Updated maintainer email
academic/lalnview: update copyright years
academic/lapacke: Updated for version 3.10.0
academic/libghemical: Remove .la files.
academic/libqalculate: Removed (added to Slackware).
academic/link-grammar: Remove .la files.
academic/locarna: Remove .la files.
academic/locarna: Update copyright year.
academic/loggerpro: Removed (upstream removed linux builds)
academic/mafft: update for version 7.475
academic/mathics: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
academic/mathics: Fix dependency.
academic/mathics: Fixed dep info
academic/mathjax2: Added mathjax2
academic/mathjax2: Fix github tarball handling.
academic/matio: Remove .la files.
academic/meep: Remove .la files.
academic/megax: update for version 10.2.5_1
academic/meme-db-gomo: update copyright years
academic/meme-db-motif: update for version 12.21
academic/meme-db-tgene: update copyright years
academic/meme-suite: Fixed dep info
academic/meme-suite: Remove python3 dep (part of slackware).
academic/meme-suite: update for version 5.3.3
academic/mendeleydesktop: Fixed dep info
academic/mkDSSP. update for version 4.0_git6338c83
academic/mkDSSP: Updated for version 4.0.3, switch to cmake.
academic/mpb: Remove .la files.
academic/mrbayes: update copyright years
academic/muscle: update copyright years
academic/ncbi-blast+. update for version 2.11.0
academic/ncbi-blast+: Fixed dep info
academic/ncbi-blast: update copyright years
academic/ncbi-rmblastn: updated copyright years
academic/nco: Remove .la files.
academic/nco: Updated for version 5.0.2
academic/nco: Updated for version 5.0.4
academic/nco: Updated for version 5.0.5
academic/nco: Updated for version 5.0.6.
academic/nco: updated for version 5.0.1
academic/nco: updated to version 5.0.3
academic/novocraft: files update.
academic/octave: Remove Qt4 support
academic/octave: Updated for version 6.3.0
academic/octave: Updated for version 6.4.0
academic/openboard: Added.
academic/openboard: Fix build on current.
academic/openboard: Removed quazip-qt5 dep. (part of slackware).
academic/pal2nal: update copyright years
academic/paml: fix build (-fcommon)
academic/pamlX: Use qt4.
academic/papi: Updated for version
academic/patsy: Fixed dep info
academic/perlprimer: update copyright years
academic/pianobooster: Added the dependency ftgl.
academic/pianobooster: Updated for version 1.0.0.
academic/plasmidomics: update copyright years
academic/prank-msa: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/prank-msa: update copyright years
academic/primer3: Respect our CFLAGS, added -fpermissive.
academic/primer3: update copyright years
academic/pspp: Fixed dep info
academic/pspp: Updated for version 1.4.1.
academic/pulseview: Fixed dep info
academic/pulseview: Updated for version 20210103_d023660.
academic/pulseview: Updated for version 20220225_4efbe9b.
academic/pyCRAC: Fixed dep info
academic/pyCRAC: Update MD5SUM.
academic/pyCRAC: Updated for version 1.5.1.
academic/pysam: Fixed dep info
academic/pysam: Updated for version 0.17.0
academic/pysam: Updated to version 0.18.0
academic/pysam: Use internal htslib-1.14
academic/pysam: use packaged htslib 1.13
academic/qalculate-gtk: Fixed dep information
academic/qrupdate: Workaround to build with gcc >= 10.x.
academic/qucs: minor change + update DEPS
academic/root: Switch to cmake
academic/root: Updated for version 6.10.02.
academic/rpy2: Update DEP.
academic/rpy2: Updated for version 3.4.5.
academic/sage-bin: Fix quote.
academic/sage-bin: Updated for version 9.4
academic/sage: Updated for version 9.2.
academic/sage: Updated for version 9.3.
academic/sage: Updated for version 9.4
academic/samtools-legacy: update copyright years
academic/samtools: Update to version 1.15
academic/samtools: Updated for version 1.13
academic/samtools: Updated to version 1.14
academic/scidavis: Fixed dep info in README
academic/scidavis: Update DEPS and infomation in the build script
academic/scidavis: Update DEPS.
academic/scidavis: Updated for version 2.4.0.
academic/scilab: Note that the download url is not wget-friendly.
academic/scilab: Updated for version 6.1.1
academic/scipy3: Add missing dependency.
academic/scipy3: Updated for version 1.5.4.
academic/scipy: Updated for version 1.2.2.
academic/seaview: Removed the treerecs dependency (ftb).
academic/seaview: update copyright years
academic/seqkit: update for version 0.16.0
academic/sequence-analysis: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/sequence-analysis: switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/sigrok-cli: Updated for version 20220222_525f481.
academic/siril: Fixed dep info
academic/siril: Updated for version 1.0.0_rc2, switch to meson.
academic/slatec: Removed (No maintainer).
academic/smath-studio: Updated email
academic/snpEff: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/snpEff: switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/spades: 3.15.2
academic/speedcrunch: Fixed dep info
academic/spidey: update copyright years
academic/squizz: Remove .la files.
academic/squizz: update copyright years
academic/staden: update copyright years
academic/stellarium: Fixed dep info
academic/stellarium: Updated for version 0.21.0.
academic/stringtie: update copyright years
academic/suitesparse: Updated for version 5.10.0
academic/suitesparse: Updated for version 5.10.1
academic/sundials: Fixed dep info
academic/sword: Remove .la files.
academic/t_coffee: Updated for version 13.45.58.c355d11.
academic/t_coffee: update copyright years
academic/tabix-legacy: update copyright years
academic/tilem: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
academic/topdraw: update copyright years
academic/tophat: Patched for gcc >= 6.x.
academic/tophat: Use -std=c++14.
academic/tophat: update copyright years
academic/treebest-ensembl: fix build (-fcommon)
academic/treerecs: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/treerecs: update copyright years
academic/treeviewx: update copyright years
academic/trfind: update copyright years
academic/trimmomatic: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/trimmomatic: switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/tuxmath: Rename blits. Remove dupe lan player.
academic/tuxmath: Use -std=gnu11 and -fcommon.
academic/ucsc-blat: update copyright years
academic/ugene: Fixed dep info
academic/ugene: Patch to avoid hardcoding headers location.
academic/ugene: Use -std=c++11.
academic/ugene: update for version 38.1
academic/units: updated for version 2.21
academic/vCAPS_coevolution: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer).
academic/vCAPS_coevolution: update README
academic/vcftools: update copyright years
academic/verilator: Fixed dep info
academic/verilator: Updated for version 4.218.
academic/verilog: Updated for version 11.0.
academic/veusz: Fixed dep info
academic/veusz: Use sip as provided by current.
academic/wehi-*: switch to adoptopenjdk
academic/wehi-cellsymphony: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/wehi-deid: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/wehi-hackit: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/wehi-weasel: Use zulu-openjdk11.
academic/wmcalc: remove template comment.
academic/wxMaxima: Fix github tarball handling.
academic/wxMaxima: Fixed dep info
academic/wxmacmolplt: Removed (ming dep is gone)
academic/xflr5: Fixed dep info
academic/xflr5: Update DOWNLOAD.
academic/xfoil: Updated the patch to fix build.
academic/xiphos: Fix build on current.
academic/xiphos: Fixed dep info
academic/xoscope: Updated for version 2.3
academic/z3: Fix github tarball handling.
academid/ngspice: Fix URLs.
accessibility/Synkron: Add qt4 dependency.
accessibility/easystroke: Patched for gcc >= 7.x.
accessibility/espeak: remove template comment.
accessibility/espeakup: Remove espeak dep.
accessibility/flite: Added the new dependency texi2html.
accessibility/flite: Updated for version 2.2.
accessibility/fonts-opendyslexic: remove template comment.
accessibility/jpilot: Fix build with newer gcc.
accessibility/jpilot: Updated for version 1.8.2.
accessibility/mag: Fix all-black window bug.
accessibility/mag: remove template comment.
accessibility/magnus: Added (screen magnifier for X)
accessibility/pastebinit: remove template comment.
accessibility/picospeaker: Added (CLI frontend to svox).
accessibility/speech-dispatcher: Removed (added to Slackware).
accessibility/svkbd: Updated for version 0.4.
accessibility/svox: Add man page for pico2audio.
accessibility/unclutter-xfixes: Fix README.
accessibility/unclutter-xfixes: remove template comment.
accessibility/unclutter: remove template comment.
accessibility/wgetpaste: remove template comment.
accessibility/xdotool: Fixed dep info
accessibility/xdotool: remove template comment.
accessibility/xsel: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
accessibility/xsel: remove template comment.
accessibility/xzoom: remove template comment.
accessibility/ydotool: Added (fake key/mouse events, no X).
audio/*various*: Killed ttaenc mentions
audio/DPF-Plugins: Updated for version 1.5.
audio/FAudio: Update DEP.
audio/HamsiManager: Removed (No maintainer).
audio/Luppp: Fix github tarball handling.
audio/Luppp: Fix slack-desc.
audio/Luppp: Updated for version 0a55b49.
audio/MP3Diags: Add qt4 dependency.
audio/Pd-extended: Fixed dep info
audio/Pd-extended: Removed (ftbfs)
audio/SAM: Fix build with newer gcc.
audio/SuperCollider: Fixed dep info
audio/SuperCollider: Updated for version 3.12.2.
audio/TiMidity++: Fixed dep info in README
audio/a2jmidid: Fixed dep info
audio/a2jmidid: Support alternatives for ninja
audio/aacgain: Pass -fpermissive and disable narrowing warnings.
audio/aacgain: Updated maintainer email
audio/aacplusenc: Added (High-Efficency AAC )
audio/aacplusenc: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/acousticbrainz-client: Switch to https.
audio/acousticbrainz-gui: Fixed dep info
audio/acousticbrainz-music-extractor: Fix DOWNLOAD URL.
audio/aeolus: Fix download URL.
audio/alsa-plugin-ffmpeg: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/alsa-plugin-jack: Updated for version 1.2.5.
audio/alsa-tools: Fix README.
audio/alsa-tools: Remove .la files.
audio/alsa-tools: Updated for version 1.2.5.
audio/alsacap: remove template comment.
audio/alsaequal: Update DOWNLOAD.
audio/alsamixergui: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
audio/alsamodularsynth: Switch to clang, cleanups.
audio/alsamodularsynth: Updated for version 2.2.0.
audio/amSynth: Updated for version 1.12.4.
audio/amrnb: Don't install *.la files
audio/amrnb: Updated maintainer email
audio/amrwb: Don't install *.la files
audio/amrwb: Updated maintainer email
audio/apulse: remove template comment.
audio/ardour: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
audio/ardour: Updated for version 6.9.
audio/ario: Fix 15.0 build.
audio/aseqview: Add missing patches.
audio/aseqview: Build with gtk2, not gtk1.
audio/asunder: Fixed dep info
audio/audacious-aac: Updated for version 3.8.2.
audio/audacious-aac: Updated for version 4.1.
audio/audacious-cue: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/audacious-cue: Updated for version 3.8.2.
audio/audacious-ffmpeg: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/audacity: Add a missing include for gcc >= 11.x.
audio/audacity: Fixed dep info
audio/audacity: Updated for version 2.4.1.
audio/audacity: Updated for version 3.0.2.
audio/audacity: Use the bundled sqlite.
audio/audenc: Fixed dep info
audio/audenc: Updated for version 3.3.5.
audio/audioconvert: Fixed dep info in README
audio/audioconvert: Patched.
audio/bristol: Fix build, add launcher.
audio/butt: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
audio/butt: Fixed dep info
audio/butt: Updated for version 0.1.32.
audio/calf-ladspa: Clean up README and slack-desc.
audio/calf-ladspa: Move HTML docs to subdir.
audio/calf-ladspa: Uncomment patch for gcc >= 7.x.
audio/calf: Fixed dep info
audio/calf: Move HTML docs to subdir.
audio/caps: Fix permission on shared lib.
audio/carla: Fixed README re optional deps
audio/carla: Fixed dep info
audio/carla: Updated for version 2.4.1.
audio/celt051: Remove .la files.
audio/celt: Don't install *.la files
audio/celt: Updated maintainer email
audio/chuck: Align with template
audio/chuck: Updated for version
audio/clam: Fixed dep info
audio/clam: Removed (nobody cared).
audio/clam_annotator: Removed (nobody cared).
audio/clam_voice2midi: Removed (nobody cared).
audio/clementine: Fixed dep info
audio/clementine: Fixed dep info in README
audio/clementine: New maintainer.
audio/clementine: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
audio/clementine: Updated for version 1.4.0rc1_420_g596cd9b0a.
audio/clyrics: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/cmt: Fix MD5SUM.
audio/cmt: Updated for version 1.18.
audio/cmus: Fixed dep info in README
audio/connie: New-style icons.
audio/creox4: Removed (requires KDE4, use guitarix instead).
audio/cuberok: Removed (unmaintained, qt4).
audio/darkice: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
audio/darkice: Fixed dep info in README
audio/darkice: Use the C++14 standard.
audio/dcaenc: Remove .la files.
audio/dcaenc: Updated for version 3.
audio/deadbeef: Fixed dep info
audio/deadbeef: Updated for version 1.8.7.
audio/decibel-audio-player: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/distrho-mini-series: Updated for version 1.1.
audio/distrho-ports: Updated for version 20180416.
audio/drumkv1: Fixed dep info
audio/drumkv1: Updated for version 0.9.23.
audio/drumstick: Fixed dep info
audio/drumstick: Updated for version 2.4.1.
audio/dssi-vst: i486 => i586.
audio/easytag: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/eawpats: Remove template comment.
audio/ecasound: Add python3 support.
audio/ecasound: Fix README.
audio/ecasound: Fixed dep info in README
audio/exhale: Updated for version 1.1.9.
audio/fIcy: Remove template comment.
audio/faac: Remove .la files.
audio/faad2: Remove .la files.
audio/fantasia: New-style icons.
audio/fantasia: Use zulu-openjdk8.
audio/faust: Fix download URL.
audio/ff8dls: Remove template comment.
audio/flacon: Fixed dep info
audio/flacon: Fixed dep info in README
audio/flake: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/fluid-soundfont: Fixed dep info
audio/fluid-soundfont: Remove template comment.
audio/fluidsynth-dssi: Fixed dep info
audio/fluidsynth-dssi: Update soundfont path.
audio/fluidsynth: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/fmit: Updated for version 1.2.14.
audio/fmmidi: Remove template comment.
audio/foo-yc20: Fix README.
audio/foo-yc20: New-style icons.
audio/freac: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/fst: i486 => i586.
audio/ghostess: Updated for version 20210101.
audio/gimmix: Fix build.
audio/gmpc-plugins: Delete refs to AWN
audio/gmpc-plugins: Fix download URL.
audio/gmpc-plugins: Fixed dep info
audio/gmpc-plugins: Kill awn notes in README
audio/gmpc: Fixed dep info
audio/gmpc: i486 => i586.
audio/gmusicbrowser: Killed gst0-plugins-bad note
audio/gnomad2: Fix 15.0 build.
audio/google-musicmanager: Updated for version 1.0.467.4929.
audio/grip2: Removed (replaced with grip).
audio/grip2: remove template comment.
audio/grip: Added (GTK+ CD player/ripper; replaces grip2)
audio/gtklick: New-style icons.
audio/guitarix: New-style icons, fix perms.
audio/guitarix: Remove Slackware 14.2 dep note for the README.
audio/guitarix: Updated for version 0.42.1.
audio/gvolwheel: Fix 15.0 build.
audio/helm: Patch for gcc >= 9.
audio/herrie: Fix download URL.
audio/horgand: New-style icons.
audio/hydrogen: Updated for version 1.0.2.
audio/hydrogen: Updated for version 1.1.1.
audio/icecast: Fix typo.
audio/icecast: Fixed dep info in README
audio/ices-cc: Fixed dep info in README
audio/id3tool: Remove template comment.
audio/id3v2: Fixed dep info
audio/invada_studio_plugins_lv2: Remove template comment.
audio/jaaa: New-style icons, expand man page.
audio/jack-keyboard: New-style icons.
audio/jack-rack: New-style icon.
audio/jack-tools: Updated for version 20210917_ab297f4.
audio/jack1: Remove .la files.
audio/jack1: remove template comment.
audio/jack: Fixed dep info
audio/jack: Fixed dep info in README
audio/jack: Updated for version 1.9.19.
audio/jack_delay: Remove template comment.
audio/jackmeter: Remove template comment.
audio/jalv: Updated for version 1.6.6.
audio/jamin: Fix 15.0 build.
audio/jamulus: Switch to Qt5.
audio/jamulus: Updated for version 3.8.1.
audio/japa: New-style icons, expand man page.
audio/jkmeter: New-style icons.
audio/jnoise: Add man page.
audio/jokosher: Fixed dep info
audio/jokosher: Removed (literally a joke app; nobody uses it).
audio/kid3: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/klick: Fix -current build.
audio/kradio: Fixed dep info
audio/kradio: Patch in extra #include.
audio/kradio: Updated for version 5.0.0_beta1.
audio/ladspa_sdk: Fix MD5SUM.
audio/ladspa_sdk: Updated for version 1.17
audio/ladspa_sdk: Updated maintainer email
audio/lash: Avoid a linking issue and use libtirpc.
audio/lash: Remove %README% from REQUIRES.
audio/lash: Remove .la files.
audio/lash: Update README optional dep.
audio/lash: Update for new texi2html.
audio/lastfm: Fixed dep info
audio/lastfm: Removed (because libraries/lastfm was removed).
audio/libbs2b: Remove .la files.
audio/libebur128: Fixed dep info
audio/libebur128: Updated for version 1.2.6.
audio/lingot: Updated for version 1.1.1.
audio/linuxsampler: Updated for version 2.2.0.
audio/listener: Fix for latest portaudio.
audio/listener: Fix homepage/download URLs.
audio/llcon: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs).
audio/lmms: Fixup README re optional deps
audio/lmms: Updated for version 1.2.2, use qt5.
audio/lsmi: Remove template comment.
audio/lv2-mda-metapiano: Fix homepage and download.
audio/lv2dynparam1: Remove .la file.
audio/lv2file: Remove template comment.
audio/lyvi: Fixed dep info
audio/lyvi: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/lyvi: Update DEP.
audio/mac: Man page, other enhancements.
audio/mac: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
audio/match-vamp-plugin: Remove template comment.
audio/mda-lv2: Update README, URLs.
audio/mhwaveedit: Build enhancements.
audio/mididings: Fix configure.
audio/mididings: Updated for version 20151117_bbec99a.
audio/midillo: Remove .la files.
audio/milkytracker: Fix github tarball handling.
audio/millennium-plugins: Remove template comment.
audio/miniAudicle: Use c++14.
audio/mixxx: Fix for a python3-based scons.
audio/mixxx: Fixed dep info
audio/mixxx: Updated for version 2.3.0, switch to cmake.
audio/mixxx: Updated for version 2.3.1.
audio/mixxx: Updated for version 2.3.2.
audio/mkcue: Updated for debian pkg version 7.
audio/mktoc: Remove template comment.
audio/mktoc: Update DEP.
audio/mp3blaster: Force linking against libncursesw.
audio/mp3check: Fix build.
audio/mp3gain: Update man page.
audio/mp3splt-gtk: New-style icons.
audio/mp3splt-gtk: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
audio/mp3splt: Remove template comment.
audio/mp3val: New-style icons.
audio/mp4tools: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/mpd: Add missing required dep.
audio/mpd: Fix build when Sphinx not installed.
audio/mpd: Fixed dep info
audio/mpd: Fixed dep info in README
audio/mpd: Fixed ninja build.
audio/mpd: Support alternatives for ninja
audio/mpd: Updated for version 0.23.5.
audio/multimidicast: Updated for version 1.4.
audio/muse: Fixed dep info
audio/muse: Fixed dep info in README
audio/museeks: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/musepack-tools: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
audio/nas: Patch for llvm 11.
audio/nas: Updated for version 1.9.5.
audio/ncmpcpp: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
audio/nekobee: Fix build.
audio/nekobee: Fix github tarball handling.
audio/nekobee: Updated for version 56187f6
audio/ngjackspa: Disable Qt4 UI by default.
audio/nnls-chroma: Remove template comment.
audio/non: Avoid an fs loop error with find.
audio/non: Fix tarball handling.
audio/non: Updated for version 1.3.0.
audio/ntk: Avoid an fs loop error with find.
audio/ntk: Fix tarball handling.
audio/ntk: Updated for version 1.3.1001
audio/ocp: Fix build.
audio/ocp: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
audio/ogmtools: patch for gcc >= 11.x.
audio/opencore-amr: Remove .la files.
audio/opus-tools: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/opus: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/opusfile: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/oss: Removed (won't build on recent kernels).
audio/oss: Updated for version 4.2.2019, patched for glibc >= 2.23.
audio/padthv1: Fixed dep info
audio/padthv1: Updated for version 0.9.23.
audio/paprefs: Fix VERSION
audio/paprefs: Updated for version 1.2
audio/patchage: Updated for version 1.0.4.
audio/phat: Remove .la files.
audio/pianobar: Updated for version 2020.11.28, fixed dep info.
audio/pithos: Align with new template.
audio/pithos: Fix ninja usage
audio/pithos: Fixed dep info
audio/pithos: Updated for version 1.4.0.
audio/pithos: Updated for version 1.5.1
audio/playmp3list: Removed.
audio/podget: Updated for version 0.8.10.
audio/portmidi: Drop symlinking libporttime to libportmidi.
audio/portmidi: Fix dependents looking for libporttime.
audio/portmidi: Updated for version 2.0.2.
audio/puddletag: Fix copying docs.
audio/puddletag: Fix copying docs.
audio/puddletag: Fixed dep info
audio/puddletag: Killed gst0-plugins-bad note + fix dep info
audio/puddletag: Updated for version 2.1.1.
audio/pyalsaaudio: Fixed dep info
audio/qastools: Fixed dep info
audio/qastools: Updated for version 0.23.0.
audio/qjackctl: Fixed dep info
audio/qjackctl: Updated for version 0.9.5.
audio/qm-vamp-plugins: Remove template comment.
audio/qmidiarp: Added qt4 dependency.
audio/qmidinet: Add qt4 dependency.
audio/qmidiroute: Fix -current build.
audio/qmmp-plugin-pack-qt5: Updated for version 1.5.1.
audio/qmmp-qt5: Fixed dep info
audio/qmmp-qt5: Updated for version 1.5.1.
audio/qmmp: Fixed dep info in README
audio/qmmp: Updated for version 0.12.14.
audio/qsynth: Fixed dep info
audio/qtractor: Fix build.
audio/qtractor: Updated for version 0.9.23, added a license.
audio/quodlibet: Remove gst-plugins-bad dependency.
audio/quodlibet: Update DEP.
audio/quodlibet: Updated for version 4.4.0.
audio/rakarrack: New-style icons.
audio/rebmp: Fix build with newer glibc.
audio/rebmp: Remove .la files.
audio/retrovol: Updated for version 0.14.2.
audio/rev-plugins: Remove template comment.
audio/rezound: Fixed dep info
audio/rhythmbox: Fixed dep info
audio/rhythmbox: Remove .la files.
audio/rhythmbox: Updated for version 3.4.3.
audio/rosegarden: Bumped version to 20.12 to fix compile errors.
audio/rosegarden: Changed ARCH to i586
audio/rosegarden: Updated for version 21.06.1
audio/rosegarden: Updated maintainer email
audio/rubberband: Updated for version 2.0.0.
audio/rubyripper: Align with template
audio/rubyripper: Fixed dep info in README
audio/rubyripper: Updated for version 0.8.3.rc3.
audio/rumor: Patched for gcc >= 7.x.
audio/samplv1: Fixed dep info
audio/samplv1: Updated for version 0.9.23.
audio/sayonara-player: Fixed dep info
audio/sayonara-player: Remove gst-plugins-bad dependency.
audio/sbagen: Fix build.
audio/sfc: Icons, .desktop.
audio/sfc: Install
audio/shell-fm: Removed (not working anymore).
audio/sidplayfp: Updated for version 1.4.3.
audio/snd: Fix download URL.
audio/sonata: Fix REQUIRES for python2.  Add -fcommon.
audio/sonic-visualiser: Fixed dep info
audio/sonic-visualiser: Updated for version 4.4.
audio/sooperlooper: Updated for version 1.7.8.
audio/soundconverter: Fixed dep info
audio/soundconverter: Killed gst0-plugins-bad note
audio/soundkonverter: Updated for version 3.0.1.
audio/spandsp: Fix DOWNLOAD in the file.
audio/spandsp: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
audio/spandsp: Removed (roger-router is removed).
audio/speex: Removed (added to Slackware).
audio/stretchplayer: Added (audio player with pitch/speed control).
audio/sunvox: Updated MD5SUM.
audio/swami: Fixed dep info in README
audio/swh-plugins-lv2: Update README, slack-desc.
audio/synthv1: Fixed dep info
audio/synthv1: Updated for version 0.9.23.
audio/tap_plugins: Updated for version 1.0.1.
audio/tapiir: New-style icons, capabilities.
audio/taunmb: Fix permission.
audio/tauonmb: Deploy .desktop from source.
audio/tauonmb: Fix for version 6.8.0.
audio/tauonmb: Fix locale.
audio/tauonmb: Fixed dep info
audio/tauonmb: Revert Presence back.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version 6.6.0.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version 6.8.3.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version 7.0.1.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version 7.1.1.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version 7.1.2.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version 7.1.3.
audio/tauonmb: Updated for version v6.8.0.
audio/transcribe: Updated for version 8.80.
audio/tta++: Added (TTA lossless audio codec written in C++)
audio/tta: Fix i486 -> i586.
audio/tta: Update DOWNLOAD. Remove static lib.
audio/ttaenc: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/twolame: Remove .la files.
audio/unsf: Updated for version 1.1+git20201107.
audio/vamp-plugin-sdk: Add -j1 to make command.
audio/vcf_plugins: Reformat slack-desc.
audio/vmpk: Updated for version 0.8.5
audio/vocoder-ladspa: Remove template comment.
audio/vocoder: New-style icons.
audio/volumeicon: Fix download URL.
audio/volwheel: Removed (no maintainer)
audio/vorbisgain: Updated maintainer email
audio/waon: Fix icons.
audio/wavbreaker: Updated for version 0.13.
audio/whipper: Fixed dep info
audio/whipper: Removed dependency.
audio/whipper: Updated for version 0.10.0.
audio/whysynth: Updated for version 20170701.
audio/wineasio: Updated for version 1.0.0.
audio/wmusic-xmms: Remove template comment.
audio/wmusic: Fix build for updated playerctl.
audio/xcfa: Fix for gcc 10.
audio/xcfa: Kill aacplusenc mention in README
audio/xfca: Fixed dep info
audio/xforge: Cleanup SlackBuild.
audio/xmms-jack: Remove template comment.
audio/xmms-ladspa: Remove template comment.
audio/xmms-mp4: Update URLS, README.
audio/xmms-wma: Fix build with newer gcc.
audio/xmms2: Updated for version 20170827_dedc33d.
audio/xsynth-dssi: Remove .la file.
audio/xwax: Fixed dep info in README
audio/yoshimi: Add missing jack dependency.
audio/zita-ajbridge: Remove template comment.
audio/zita-dpl1: New-style icons.
audio/zita-rev1: New-style icons, man page.
audio/zynaddsubfx: Updated for version 3.0.6.
audio/zynjacku: Fix lockups when guitarix installed.
audio/zynjacku: Remove template comment.
audio:eyeD3: Updated for version 0.9.6, switch to python3.
business/AssociationSubscribersManager: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs).
business/ledger: Fix conflict with utfcpp.
business/ledger: Fix for boost >= 1.76.0.
business/ledger: Note utfcpp incompatibility in current.
business/lemonpos: Removed (requires KDE4).
business/maltego: Fix download URL.
business/openerp-client: Removed.
business/openerp-server: Removed.
business/skrooge: Updated for version 2.27.0.
business/stansoft: Fix download URLs.
business/stansoft: Updated for version 7.26.
business/trytond: Fix build if Sphinx installed.
business/trytond: Fix dependency.
business/trytond: changed REQUIRES to python2-psycopg2
desktop/2bwm: Kill rxvt-unicode dep mention
desktop/9menu: Remove template comment.
desktop/Alphacube-GTK: Switch to a no-spaces tarball name.
desktop/LX-Colors-Revival: Fix permission.
desktop/LX-Colors-Revival: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/LX-Colors-Revival: added back + new maintainer
desktop/LX-Colors-themes: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/Window_Manager_Scripts: Removed (No maintainer).
desktop/XDecorations: Patch for the newer gcc.
desktop/Zafiro-icons: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/adapta-gtk-theme: Fixed dep info
desktop/adwaita-qt: Updated for version 1.3.1.
desktop/afterstep: Updated for version 20201113_f6da4b7.
desktop/alltray: Update DEP.
desktop/anki: Fixed dep info in README
desktop/anki: Update DEP.
desktop/anki: Update DEP.
desktop/arandr: Fixed dep info
desktop/arandr: Updated for version 0.1.10, switch to python3.
desktop/arc-openbox: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/arc-theme-Red: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/arc-theme: Fixed dep info
desktop/arc-theme: Updated for version 20201121_81130a2.
desktop/avant-window-navigator: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/awemenugen: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/awesome-extra: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/awesome: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/awesome: Fixed dep info
desktop/awesome: Fixed dep info.
desktop/awn-extras: Fixed dep info
desktop/awn-extras: Removed (no active maintainer, no reverse deps)
desktop/awoken-icon-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/bashish: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/bashrun2: Use systemwide dir for bash completion files
desktop/boje-themes: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/breath-gtk-theme: Fix tarball handling.
desktop/breath-gtk-theme: Fixed dep info
desktop/breath-gtk-theme: Quote the cmake variables.
desktop/bspwm: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/buku: Update DEP.
desktop/buku: Updated for version 4.6.
desktop/buku: Use systemwide dir for bash completion files
desktop/bukubrow: Updated for version 5.3.0.
desktop/bukubrow: Updated for version 5.4.0.
desktop/bumblebee-status: Updated for version 2.1.5.
desktop/bunsen-themes: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/buttonmaker: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/buttonmaker: New maintainer.
desktop/caffeine-ng: Update DEP.
desktop/cairo-compmgr: Removed.
desktop/cairo-dock-plugins: Fixed dep info
desktop/cairo-dock-plugins: Updated for version 20201022_a0d3415.
desktop/cairo-dock: Updated for version 20201103_0836f5d.
desktop/catfish: Updated for version 4.16.0.
desktop/catfish: Updated for version 4.16.3.
desktop/cathexis-suite-themes: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/ccsm: Updated for version 0.8.18.
desktop/cellwriter: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/ceti-2-theme: Removed (incompatible with the newer gtk+3).
desktop/clearlooks-classic-themes: small cleanup
desktop/clipmenu: Remove template comment.
desktop/compton-conf: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/conky-manager: Fixed dep info
desktop/copyq: Add the dependency qt4.
desktop/crystal: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/ctwm: Remove template comment.
desktop/cwm: Remove template comment.
desktop/cwp: Removed (this is KDE4-only software)
desktop/cycler: Update DEP.
desktop/dark-aurora-gtk-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/dbgl-legacy: Use zulu-openjdk8.
desktop/dbgl: Fix DOWNLOAD.
desktop/dbgl: Use zulu-openjdk8.
desktop/devilspie: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
desktop/dmenu: Updated for version 4.9.
desktop/docfetcher: Updated for version 1.1.25.
desktop/docfetcher: Use zulu-openjdk7.
desktop/draco: Remove NUMJOBS.
desktop/dunst: Updated for version 1.6.1
desktop/dunst: Updated for version 1.7.3
desktop/dwm: Remove a patch not necessary on current.
desktop/dzen2: Fix DOWNLOAD.
desktop/e16.theme.pack: New maintainer.
desktop/echinus: Add missing xinitrc.
desktop/ee: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/elementary-xfce: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/emerald-themes: Updated for version 0.8.18.
desktop/emerald: Fixed dep info
desktop/emerald: Updated for version 0.8.18.
desktop/enlightenment: Align with new template.
desktop/enlightenment: Fixed ninja build.
desktop/enlightenment: Updated for version 0.25.1.
desktop/faba-icon-theme: Align with new template.
desktop/faba-icon-theme: Fixed dep info
desktop/faba-icon-theme: Fixed ninja build.
desktop/faba-mono-icons: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/faenza-cupertino: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/faenza-icon-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/faenza-xfce: Removed (No maintainer).
desktop/faience-icon-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/fbpanel: Updated for version 7.2, cleanups.
desktop/fehlstart: Added the dependency keybinder.
desktop/ffmpegthumbnailer: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/find-cursor: Updated for version 1.7.
desktop/find-cursor: Updated for version 1.8.
desktop/flatpak: Don't ship *.la files.
desktop/flatpak: Fixed dep info
desktop/flatpak: Remove useless docs.
desktop/flatpak: Update DEP.
desktop/flatpak: Updated for version 1.10.2.
desktop/flatpak: Updated for version 1.8.3.
desktop/florence: Remove .la files.
desktop/fusion-icon: Build with python3 instead of python2
desktop/fvwm-crystal: Updated for version 3.7.5.
desktop/fvwm3: Fixed dep info.
desktop/fvwm3: Updated for version 1.0.4.
desktop/glabels: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/glabels: Fixed dep info
desktop/glabels: Remove .la files.
desktop/gnome-menus: Remove .la files.
desktop/gnome-menus: Updated to version 3.36.0
desktop/gntp-send: Remove .la files.
desktop/grits: Remove .la files.
desktop/grun: Cleanup SlackBuild.
desktop/grun: Fix DOWNLOAD.
desktop/gsimplecal: Updated for version 2.2.
desktop/gtk-chtheme: Removed (unmaintained).
desktop/gtk-kde4: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/gtk-theme-Albatross: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/gtk-theme-Blackbird: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/gtk-theme-Greybird: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/gtk-theme-Orion: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/gtk1-industrial-engine: misc cleanups
desktop/gtk1-theme-switch: misc cleanups
desktop/homerun: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/hushboard: Kill py3cairo dep
desktop/hushboard: Update DEP.
desktop/i3-gaps: Fixed dep info
desktop/i3-gaps: Support alternatives for ninja
desktop/i3-gaps: Updated for version 4.19.1.
desktop/i3: Fixed dep info
desktop/i3: Removed patch for 14.2.
desktop/i3blocks: Force a single job during "make install".
desktop/i3lock: Fixed dep info
desktop/i3lock: Updated for version 2.13.
desktop/i3minator: Update DEP.
desktop/i3situation: Update DEP.
desktop/icewm: Updated for version 2.3.2.
desktop/idesk: Remove template comment.
desktop/j4-dmenu-desktop: Remove template comment.
desktop/kbdd: Fix github tarball handling.
desktop/kcometen4: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/kde-gtk-config: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/kfaenza-icon-theme: Updated for version 0.8.9_19
desktop/kolorcontrol: Fixed dep info
desktop/kover: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/kupfer: Fixed dep info
desktop/kwalletcli: Support for KDE 5.
desktop/libqtxdg: Updated for version 3.6.0.
desktop/light: Compress man pages.
desktop/light: Updated for version 1.2.2, fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/lumina: Fixed dep info
desktop/lumina: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
desktop/lxpanel: Add the new dependency keybinder.
desktop/macopix: Updated for version 3.4.0, fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/materia-theme: Updated for version 20200916.
desktop/mcwm: Remove template comment.
desktop/menulibre: Patch to avoid conflict with gtk+4.
desktop/menumaker: Updated for version 0.99.12.
desktop/mh5000: New maintainer.
desktop/mhsetroot: New maintainer.
desktop/mimi: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
desktop/moka-icon-theme: Align with new template.
desktop/moka-icon-theme: Fixed ninja build.
desktop/moka-minimal: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/moka-themes: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/mousepad: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/murrine-themes: update copyright years
desktop/neofetch: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/neutral: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/nitrokey-app: Updated for version 1.4.2.
desktop/noice: Updated for version 0.8.
desktop/obconf: Fixups for Slackware 15.0
desktop/obsession: Fixed dep info
desktop/obshutdown: Fix 15.0 build.
desktop/oomox: Fixed dep info
desktop/openbox-simple-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/openbox: Remove .la files.
desktop/openbox: Various fixups for Slackware 15.0
desktop/oranchelo-icon-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/orchis-gtk-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/paper-gtk-theme: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/paper-icon-theme: Align with new template.
desktop/paper-icon-theme: Fixed dep info
desktop/paper-icon-theme: Fixed ninja build.
desktop/papirus-icon-theme: Updated for version 20201031.
desktop/peksystray: Remove template comment, add WTFPL.
desktop/pekwm: Updated for version 0.1.18.
desktop/pekwm: Updated for version 0.2.1
desktop/picom: Added (fork of compton).
desktop/picom: Align with new template.
desktop/picom: Fixed ninja build.
desktop/picom: Update parameter name.
desktop/picom: Updated for version 9.
desktop/pidgin-window_merge: Fix github tarball handling.
desktop/plank: Fixed dep info
desktop/plank: Remove .la files.
desktop/plasma-adjustable-clock: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/plasma-applet-daisy: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/plasma-eyasdp: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/plasma-geek-clock: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/plasma-runner-browsefirefoxbookmarks: Removed.
desktop/plasma-widget-menubar: Removed (abandonded ftbfs).
desktop/plasmaxplanet: Removed (KDE 4 only).
desktop/polar-cursor-themes: misc cleanups
desktop/polybar: Fix for the newer xcb-proto.
desktop/polybar: Updated for version 3.5.7.
desktop/protozoa-cursor-themes: misc cleanups
desktop/pspshrink: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/ptbatterysystemtray: Removed (abandoned upstream).
desktop/ptwit: Fix dependency.
desktop/py3status: Updated for version 3.40.
desktop/python3-cycler: Update DEP.
desktop/q4wine: Updated for version 1.3.12.
desktop/qt-recordmydesktop: Removed (needs PyQt4).
desktop/qtcurve: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/qtile: Update README - Add python-dbus-next as optional dependency
desktop/qtile: Update for 0.20.0 (+new maintainer)
desktop/quadkonsole4: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/quickaccess: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/razorqt: Add the dependency qt4.
desktop/recoll: Updated for version 1.31.0.
desktop/recorditnow: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/recorditnow: Update DEP.
desktop/rodent: Updated for version
desktop/rofi-calc: Fixed dep info
desktop/rofi-pass: Fix github tarball handling.
desktop/rofi: Updated for version 1.7.3
desktop/rsl: Remove .la files.
desktop/rsl: Use libtrpc.
desktop/rss-glx: Add a patch for gcc >= 11.x.
desktop/rss-glx: Added patches from debian and gentoo.
desktop/rss-glx: Fixed dep info in README
desktop/rss-glx: Remove .la files.
desktop/rss-glx: Remove .la files.
desktop/rss-glx: Remove reference to non-existing directory.
desktop/rss-guard: Updated for version 3.5.9.
desktop/salmon: Remove template comment.
desktop/sawfish-extras: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/sawfish-pager: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/sawfish-session-dialog: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/sawfish: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/screenkey: Fix MD5SUM.
desktop/screenkey: Updated dependencies.
desktop/screensaver-icon: Removed (source does not exist).
desktop/seafile-client: Added (Seafile Desktop applet)
desktop/seafile-client: Updated for version 8.0.4.
desktop/seafile-gui: Removed (replaced by seafile-client).
desktop/searchmonkey: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
desktop/searchmonkey: Removed.
desktop/sgsearch: Updated for version 1.2.3.
desktop/simon: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/simplenote: Removed (abandoned by SBo maintainer)
desktop/siva-flat-themes: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/skulpture: Add the dependency qt4.
desktop/smaragd: Fixed download link
desktop/smaragd: Updated for version 0.1.1.
desktop/ssr: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/stoken: Remove .la files.
desktop/stoken: Remove .la files.
desktop/subtle: Fix 15.0 build.
desktop/sun: Update DEP.
desktop/sun: Updated for version 1.3.2.
desktop/sun: Updated for version 1.3.3.
desktop/sun: Updated for version 1.3.5.
desktop/suru-plus-icon-theme: Added (icon theme).
desktop/sxhkd: Updated for version 0.6.2.
desktop/thunar-archive-plugin: Updated for version 0.4.0.
desktop/thunar-archive-plugin: Various fixups for Slackware 15.0
desktop/thunar-dropbox: Removed (unmaintained upstream).
desktop/thunar-media-tags-plugin: Fixed homepage in info file
desktop/thunar-media-tags-plugin: Updated for version 0.3.0.
desktop/thunar-sendto-clamtk: update copyright year
desktop/thunar-thumbnailers: Fixed dep info
desktop/thunar-thumbnailers: Removed (abandoned upstream)
desktop/thunar-vcs-plugin: Misc fixups for Slackware 15.0
desktop/thunar-vcs-plugin: Updated for version 0.2.0.
desktop/trayer-srg: Grammar/spelling fixes.
desktop/tty-clock: Fix i486 -> i586.
desktop/tty-clock: Updated for version 2.3.
desktop/unsaver: Remove template comment.
desktop/unsaver: Updated for version 0.4.1.
desktop/uwm: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/vala-panel-appmenu: Fixed dep info
desktop/vala-panel-appmenu: Updated for version 0.7.6.
desktop/vala-panel-appmenu: Updated for version 20191009_060f7ac.
desktop/variety: Change BeautifulSoup4 DEP to python2-BeautifulSoup4
desktop/variety: Fixed dep info
desktop/vbox-runner: Update download URL
desktop/vbox-runner: Updated for version git_20200604_e2306271
desktop/vbox-runner: Updated maintainer email
desktop/vertex-maia-themes: Removed.
desktop/vertex-theme: Removed (not suitable for current).
desktop/vivacious-colors-gtk-icon-theme: Removed (does not work well with xfce 4.16)
desktop/vivacious-colors-gtk-theme: Removed (does not work well with xfce 4.16)
desktop/vwm: Fix build. Again.
desktop/vwm: Move to system/vwm.
desktop/vwm: Relicense.
desktop/vwm: Update DEP.
desktop/vwm: Updated for version 3.3.2+20200112_207d888.
desktop/wally: Add the dependency qt4.
desktop/wbar: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
desktop/wbar: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/weston: Align with new template.
desktop/weston: Cleanups to docs and SlackBuild.
desktop/weston: Updated for version 9.0.0, use PAM.
desktop/wmCalClock: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmMoonClock: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmSun: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmSunMoon: Pass -fcommon with the CFLAGS for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmakerconf: Use (amended) freebsd patches, fix linking.
desktop/wmbackground: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmbiff: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmblob: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmbutton: New maintainer, add icon.
desktop/wmcliphist: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmclock: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmclockmon: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmcpuwatch: Fix download URL.
desktop/wmcube: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmdate: Fix download URL.
desktop/wmdl: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmfire: Drop broken inlining (tnx gentoo!).
desktop/wmfire: Update DEP.
desktop/wmii: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wminfo: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmix: Updated for version 3.5, new maintainer.
desktop/wmmixer: Use the C++14 standard, cleanups.
desktop/wmmon: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmphoto+: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmpower: Patch for gcc >= 10.x (tnx gentoo!).
desktop/wmslideshow: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/ Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmsupermon: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmsysmon: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmsystemtray: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmtime: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmtimer: Add man page.
desktop/wmtop: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmudmount: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmweather+: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmweather: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
desktop/wmwebcam: Remove template comment.
desktop/wmxss: Fix -current build.
desktop/workrave: Added (work break alerts).
desktop/workrave: Remove .la files.
desktop/workrave: Update DEP.
desktop/workrave: Updated for version 1.10.49.
desktop/x2x: Remove template comment.
desktop/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk: Fix dependency info.
desktop/xdg-desktop-portal-gtk: Remove .la files.
desktop/xdg-desktop-portal: Fixed dep info
desktop/xdg-desktop-portal: Fixed dep info
desktop/xdg-desktop-portal: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/xdg-desktop-portal: Updated for version 1.8.0.
desktop/xdgmenumaker: Fix for new txt2tags.
desktop/xdgmenumaker: Remove template comment.
desktop/xdgurl: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/xed: Fixed dep info
desktop/xed: Removed (no active maintainer)
desktop/xfce4-battery-plugin: Disable debug in build
desktop/xfce4-battery-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.3.
desktop/xfce4-battery-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.4.
desktop/xfce4-cpufreq-plugin: Updated for version 1.2.2.
desktop/xfce4-cpufreq-plugin: Updated for version 1.2.7.
desktop/xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.0.
desktop/xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: Updated for version 1.2.4.
desktop/xfce4-cpugraph-plugin: Updated for version 1.2.6.
desktop/xfce4-datetime-plugin: Updated for version 0.8.1.
desktop/xfce4-dict: Fixed homepage
desktop/xfce4-dict: Updated for version 0.8.4.
desktop/xfce4-diskperf-plugin: Fixed homepage in info file
desktop/xfce4-diskperf-plugin: Updated for version 2.6.3.
desktop/xfce4-embed-plugin: Removed (no more libxfce4ui-1).
desktop/xfce4-eyes-plugin: Updated for version 4.5.1.
desktop/xfce4-fsguard-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.1.
desktop/xfce4-fsguard-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.2.
desktop/xfce4-genmon-plugin: Fixed homepage
desktop/xfce4-genmon-plugin: Updated for version 4.1.0.
desktop/xfce4-kbdleds-plugin: Removed (unmaintained upstream).
desktop/xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: Updated for version 1.3.0.
desktop/xfce4-mount-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.4.
desktop/xfce4-mount-plugin: Updated for version 1.1.5.
desktop/xfce4-mpc-plugin: Fixed homepage
desktop/xfce4-mpc-plugin: Updated for version 0.5.2.
desktop/xfce4-netload-plugin: Updated for version 1.3.2.
desktop/xfce4-netload-plugin: Updated for version 1.4.0.
desktop/xfce4-notes-plugin: Updated for version 1.9.0.
desktop/xfce4-notes-plugin: Updated for version 20201231_b38052b.
desktop/xfce4-places-plugin: Misc fixups for Slackware 15.0
desktop/xfce4-places-plugin: Updated for version 1.8.1.
desktop/xfce4-quicklauncher-plugin: Removed (needs libxfcegui4).
desktop/xfce4-sensors-plugin: Updated for version 1.3.95.
desktop/xfce4-sensors-plugin: Updated for version 1.4.1.
desktop/xfce4-sensors-plugin: Updated for version 1.4.3.
desktop/xfce4-sensors-plugin: Updated for version 20201116_a487acb.
desktop/xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: Updated for version 0.5.1.
desktop/xfce4-smartbookmark-plugin: Updated for version 0.5.2.
desktop/xfce4-timer-plugin: Updated for version 1.7.1.
desktop/xfce4-verve-plugin: Updated for version 2.0.0.
desktop/xfce4-verve-plugin: Updated for version 2.0.1.
desktop/xfce4-volumed-pulse: Add the new dependency keybinder.
desktop/xfce4-wavelan-plugin: Updated for version 0.6.2.
desktop/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: Removed (added to Slackware).
desktop/xfce4-windowck-plugin: Updated for version 0.4.10.
desktop/xfce4-xkb-plugin: Updated for version 0.8.1, chgd homepage.
desktop/xfce4-xkb-plugin: Updated for version 0.8.2.
desktop/xfce4-xmms-plugin: Removed (needs libxfcegui4).
desktop/xipper: Removed (no maintainer)
desktop/xmms-skins-almond: update copyright year
desktop/xmms-skins-ater: misc cleanups
desktop/xmms-status-plugin: misc cleanups
desktop/xmobar: Updated for version 0.41.
desktop/xmonad: Updated for version 0.17.0.
desktop/xonclock: Add homepage.
desktop/xonclock: Cleanup SlackBuild.
desktop/xpenguins-xtrathemes: Fix build for new xpenguins.
desktop/xpenguins: Updated for version 3.2.1, new maintainer.
desktop/xpra: Added (remote X11 desktop proxy)
desktop/xss-lock: Fixed dep info in README
desktop/xtrkcad: Updated for version 5.2.2GA.
desktop/xtrlock: Remove template comment.
desktop/xvkbd: Updated for version 4.1.
desktop/yad: Fixed dep info
desktop/yad: Updated for version 7.3.
desktop/yawp: Removed (no more kde4).
desktop/zenity: Updated for version 3.41.0, changed maintainer.
developer/jupyterlab_pygments: Added jupyterlab-pygments (+new maintainer)
development/Arduino: Fix github tarball handling.
development/Arduino: Updated for version 1.8.19.
development/CImg: Updated email
development/CImg: Updated for version 2.9.8
development/CImg: Updated for version 3.0.1
development/CVSTools: Mirror download URL.
development/Catch: Updated for version 2.13.8.
development/ChezScheme: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
development/Coin: Fix github filename.
development/Coin: Patch to fix FreeCAD segfault at startup.
development/Coin: Updated for version 4.0.0
development/FreeBASIC: Updated for version 1.09.0.
development/J-Link: Fixed dep info (but not in README)
development/J-Link: Updated for version 7.00a.
development/JSONObject: Removed (incompatible with the newer boost).
development/KKEdit: Removed.
development/MySQL-python: Add a fix for mariadb >= 10.2.8.
development/MySQL-python: Updated for version 1.2.5.
development/Naked: Removed redundant
development/Naked: Update DEP.
development/Naked: Update DEP.
development/OpenHantek6022: Fixed dep info
development/ParadisEO: Updated for version 3.0.0_beta.
development/Pivy: Updated for version 0.6.6
development/QtPy: Removed (abandoned).
development/QtPy: Updated dependencies.
development/SDL2_gfx: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/SQLAlchemy: Updated for version 1.4.31.
development/ShellCheck-bin: Updated for version 0.7.2.
development/ShellCheck-bin: Updated for version 0.8.0.
development/SoQt: Updated for version 1.6.0
development/Sphinx: Update DEP.
development/Sphinx: Updated dependencies.
development/Sphinx: Updated for version 4.0.2.
development/Sphinx: Updated for version 4.2.0.
development/acpica: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
development/acpica: Updated for version 20210331.
development/acpica: Updated for version 20210730
development/acpica: Updated for version 20210930
development/acpica: Updated for version 20211217
development/acpica: Updated maintainer email
development/adms: Remove .la files.
development/adoptopenjdk-openj9: Removed (EOL).
development/adoptopenjdk: Removed (EOL).
development/afl: Removed (replaced with aflplusplus).
development/aflplusplus: Added (fuzzer; replaces afl).
development/aflplusplus: Remove old template CWD.
development/ahven: Removed (needs gprbuild).
development/alembic: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
development/alembic: Fix dependency.
development/alembic: Update DEP.
development/alloy: Removed (no maintainer)
development/android-studio: Updated for version 29.0.5.
development/android-tools: Align with new template.
development/android-tools: Fix typo.
development/android-tools: Fixed dep info
development/android-tools: Updated for version 31.0.2.
development/android-tools: Updated for version 31.0.3.
development/android-tools: Updated for version 31.0.3p1
development/anjuta: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
development/anjuta: Fixed dep info
development/anjuta: Removed.
development/apache-jmeter: Updated for version 5.4.
development/apache-jmeter: Updated for version 5.4.3.
development/apache-log4cxx: Fix download URL.
development/apache-log4cxx: Remove .la files.
development/apache-maven: Updated for versio 3.8.2.
development/apache-maven: Updated for version 3.8.3.
development/apache-maven: Updated for version 3.8.4.
development/arduino: Updated for version 1.8.19.
development/as31: Remove template comment.
development/asl: Updated for version 142_bld207.
development/astyle: Remove template comment.
development/atasm: Remove template comment.
development/atom: Removed (no maintainer).
development/autoconf-archive: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/autogen: Add the missing patch for guile2.2.
development/autogen: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
development/autogen: Remove .la files.
development/avarice: Updated for version 2.14.
development/avarice: Use the C++14 standard.
development/avr-binutils: Updated for version 2.35.1.
development/avr-gcc: Fix compiler FLAGS on 32bit ARCHs.
development/avr-gcc: Fix download URL.
development/avr-gcc: Updated for version 10.2.0.
development/avr-gdb: Updated for version 10.1.
development/avrdude: Remove .la files.
development/bacon: Removed (no maintainer).
development/bacon: Updated DOWNLOAD.
development/bas55: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
development/bas55: Fixed for libedit in Slackware
development/bas: Updated for version 2.5.
development/bashdb: Updated for version 5.0_1.1.2.
development/bashdb: Updated for version 5.1_20210713.
development/bats-core: Renamed from bats and updated for 1.4.1
development/bats-core: Updated for version 1.5.0
development/bats: Updated maintainer email
development/beav: Remove template comment.
development/bed: Fix 15.0 build.
development/bed: Remove template comment.
development/blassic: Fix 15.0 build.
development/blassic: Remove template comment.
development/bless: Fix build with the newer mono.
development/bless: Remove template comment.
development/bless: Various fixes.
development/bluefish: Corrected spelling
development/bluefish: Updated email
development/bmake: Updated for version 20210803.
development/bpython: Update DEP.
development/brackets: Removed (End of Support by Adobe).
development/brotli: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/bsdiff: Remove template comment.
development/bviplus: Remove template comment.
development/byacc: Fix DOWNLOAD.
development/byacc: Switch to https.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20210520.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20210619.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20210802.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20210808.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20211224.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20220109.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20220114.
development/byacc: Updated for version 20220128.
development/bzr: Fixed dep info
development/bzr: Updated copyright and homepage
development/camlp4: Updated for version 4.08_1.
development/camlp4: Updated for version 4.13.
development/camlp5: Updated for version 8.0.
development/casperjs: Updated for version 1.1.4_2
development/casperjs: Updated maintainer email
development/cc65: Remove template comment.
development/check: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/chibi-scheme: Updated for version 0.10.
development/chicken: Updated for version 5.3.0.
development/cim: Remove .la files.
development/cloc: Updated for version 1.92.
development/cmake-202x: Removed (already in Slackware).
development/coccinelle: Updated for version 1.0.8.
development/coccinelle: Updated for version 1.1.1.
development/codeblocks: Patch for gcc >= 11.x.
development/codeblocks: Remove .la files.
development/codespell: Updated for version 2.1.0.
development/colm: Remove .la files.
development/conan: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
development/conan: Update DEP.
development/conan: Update DEP.
development/couchdb: Removed (ftb, no maintainer).
development/cppcheck: Updated for version 2.6
development/cproto: Updated for version 4.7s.
development/cproto: Updated for version 4.7t.
development/cudatoolkit: Do not write to $CWD.
development/cudatoolkit: Use zulu-openjdk8.
development/cunit: Remove .la files.
development/curlpp: Removed (No maintainer).
development/cxxtools: Remove .la files.
development/cxxtools: Updated for version 3.0.
development/d-tools: Updated for version 2.097.2
development/d-tools: Updated for version 2.098.1
development/darcs: Updated for version 2.16.5.
development/devhelp: Updated for version 40.2.
development/device-tree-compiler: Add a fix for gcc >= 10.x.
development/device-tree-compiler: Respect DESTDIR in python install
development/device-tree-compiler: Updated for version 1.5.0.
development/device-tree-compiler: Updated for version 1.6.0.
development/device-tree-compiler: Updated for version 1.6.1.
development/dhex: Fix typos and grammar.
development/dis6502: Fix -current build.
development/dis: Add man page.
development/dkms: Updated for version 2.8.5
development/dkms: Updated for version 2.8.6
development/dkms: Updated for version 3.0.3
development/dmd: Updated for version 2.097.2
development/dmd: Updated for version 2.098.1
development/docutils: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/dotnet-runtime: Changed package name to dotnet-runtime-3.1 and updated for version 3.1.21.
development/dotnet-sdk-6.0: Added (.NET SDK).
development/dotnet-sdk: Changed package name to dotnet-sdk-3.1 and updated fo version 3.1.415.
development/dpkg: Remove .la files.
development/dpkg: Updated for version 1.21.1.
development/dune: Added (ocaml build system - formerly jbuilder).
development/dune: Updated for version 3.0.0.
development/ecl: Updated for version 21.2.1.
development/eclim: Removed (no longer builds).
development/eclipse-cpp: Updated for version 4.19.
development/eclipse-cpp: Updated for version 4.20.
development/eclipse-cpp: Updated for version 4.21.
development/eclipse-cpp: Updated for version 4.22.
development/eclipse-java: Updated for version 4.19.
development/eclipse-java: Updated for version 4.20.
development/eclipse-java: Updated for version 4.21.
development/eclipse-java: Updated for version 4.22.
development/eclipse-jee: Fix MD5SUM.
development/eclipse-jee: Updated for version 4.19.
development/eclipse-jee: Updated for version 4.20.
development/eclipse-jee: Updated for version 4.21.
development/eclipse-jee: Updated for version 4.22.
development/eclipse-php: Updated for version 4.19.
development/eclipse-php: Updated for version 4.20.
development/eclipse-php: Updated for version 4.21.
development/eclipse-php: Updated for version 4.22.
development/edb-debugger: Updated for version 1.3.0.
development/editorconfig-core-c: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/elixir: Updated for version 1.11.3.
development/energia: Fix downloads.
development/enki: Update DEP.
development/enki: Updated for version 20220128_3f86457.
development/envytools: Update README.
development/envytools: Updated for version 20210309_39d90be.
development/eric: Removed (needs PyQt4).
development/erlang-otp: Updated DOWNLOAD.
development/erlang-otp: Updated for version 23.2.
development/evemu: Remove .la files.
development/ex-vi: Remove template comment.
development/extra-cmake-modules: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/facile: Removed
development/fasm: Added (fast assembler for x86/x86_64).
development/flow: Removed (ftb).
development/fossil: Updated for version 2.17.
development/fpc-source: Removed (no dependees).
development/fpc-source: Updated for version 3.2.2.
development/fpc: Updated for version 3.2.2, new maintainer.
development/freetds: Remove .la files.
development/freetds: Updated for version 1.00.99.
development/frobtads: Updated for version 2.0.
development/fsharp: Removed (abandoned).
development/ftnchek: Updated for version 3.3.1.
development/fuel: Removed (no maintainer)
development/gambas3: Fixed dep info in README
development/gambas3: Updated for version 3.16.3.
development/gauche: Updated for version 0.9.11.
development/gcc-d: Removed (added to Slackware as part of gcc).
development/gcc5: Added (gcc version 5 C, C++ and Java compilers).
development/gcc5: Addressed ponce's remarks about the SlackBuild.
development/gcc5: Explicitly disable isl.
development/gcc5: Fix building with recents glibc, gcc and kernels.
development/gcc5: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
development/gcc5: Patch for glibc-2.28.
development/gcc5: Speed up find/chmod.
development/gcc5: fix md5sum in
development/gcc5: fix the .la file filtering
development/gcc5: further cleanups of the SlackBuild
development/gcc5: update to 5.5.0
development/gcclegacy494: Removed (FTB).
development/geany-plugins: Disable broken plugins.
development/geany-plugins: Fixed dep info
development/geany-plugins: Remove .la files.
development/geany-plugins: Updated for version 1.36.0.
development/geany: Remove .la files.
development/geany: Updated for version 1.36.0 (switch to gtk+3).
development/gedit: Disable spellchecker (no more enchant-1.x).
development/gedit: Fix underlinking.
development/ghex: Align with new template.
development/ghex: Fixed dep info
development/ghex: Updated for version 3.41.beta.
development/git-cola: Fixed dep info in README
development/git-lfs: Updated for version 3.0.1.
development/git-lfs: Updated for version 3.0.2.
development/git-lfs: Updated for version 3.1.2.
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.10.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.10.3
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.11.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.12.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.12.1
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.13.1
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.14.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.9.1
development/github-cli: Updated for version 1.9.2
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.0.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.1.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.2.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.3.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.4.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.5.0
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.5.1
development/github-cli: Updated for version 2.5.2
development/glade: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/global: Updated for version 6.6.7.
development/gn: Fixed dep info
development/gnats: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
development/gnats: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
development/gnome-inform7: Removed.
development/gnulib: Remove template comment.
development/gnuradio: Add various patches for the newer boosts.
development/gnuradio: Fix man pages location.
development/gnuradio: Fixed python2-cheetah dependency.
development/gnuradio: Update DEP.
development/gnuradio: Updated for version
development/gnustep-base: Updated for version 1.27.0.
development/gnustep-make: Updated for version 2.8.0.
development/gnustep-startup: Removed (no maintainer)
development/golang-googlecode-gotools: fix build of
development/google-appengine-gosdk: Removed (no maintainer)
development/google-appengine-pysdk: Removed (no maintainer)
development/google-go-lang: Updated for version 1.16.10.
development/google-go-lang: Updated for version 1.17.7.
development/google-go-lang: fix build for x86
development/google-webdesigner: Removed.
development/gprolog: Updated for version 1.5.0.
development/gpsim: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
development/gpsim: Remove .la files.
development/gr-osmosdr: Add various fixes for the newer boosts.
development/gr-osmosdr: Fixed python2-cheetah dependency.
development/gr-osmosdr: Updated for version 20210128_a100eb0.
development/gradle: Use zulu-opendjdk11.
development/gsoap: Updated for version 2.8.111.
development/gsoap: Updated for version 2.8.117
development/gsoap: Updated for version 2.8.118
development/gsoap: Updated maintainer email
development/gtest: Install libraries and pkgconfig files.
development/gtkdialog: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
development/gtkextra: Remove .la files.
development/guile-json: Removed (no maintainer)
development/guile1.8: Remove la files.
development/guile2.0: Added (GNU's extension language library).
development/guile2.0: Remove .la files.
development/guile2.2: Added (GNU's extension language library).
development/guile2.2: Remove .la files.
development/happy: Updated for version 1.20.0.
development/hexcurse: Fix -current build.
development/hexe: Fix -current build.
development/hexer: Remove template comment.
development/hexinator: Fix -current build.
development/hexinator: Fix DOWNLOAD_x86_64.
development/hexinator: Fix downloads.
development/hexinator: Remove template comment.
development/hexnet: Updated for version 1.1.1, fix for gcc >= 10.x.
development/hhvm: Create /var/run stuff in init script
development/hhvm: Fixed dep info
development/hhvm: Updated for version 4.104.1
development/highlight: Disable parallel jobs on install.
development/highlight: Updated for version 4.1.   also enabled GUI app, thanks j12i.
development/hopper: Updated for version 4.7.4.
development/hopper: Updated for version 4.9.1.
development/hopper: Updated for version 4.9.2.
development/hopper: Updated for version 4.9.5.
development/hte: Fix build with newer gcc.
development/hte: Updated for version 2.1.0, cleanups.
development/hugo: Switch back to 644.
development/hugo: Update for version 0.92.2.
development/hugo: Updated for version 0.92.1.
development/icdiff: Updated for version 2.0.4.
development/icecream: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/icemon: Fixed dep info
development/icemon: Updated for version 3.3
development/icemon: Updated maintainer email
development/idlex: Build with python3 by default
development/idlex: Updated for version 1.22.
development/ignition-math: Fix DOWNLOAD.
development/inform: Updated for version 6.35_r2.
development/ioncube-loader: Updated for version 11.0.1.
development/jasspa: Patch for glibc >= 2.32.
development/javacc: Updated for version 7.0.10.
development/jdk11: Updated for version 11.0.12.
development/jdk11: Updated to version 11.0.11
development/jdk12: Removed (EOL).
development/jdk13: Removed (EOL).
development/jdk14: Removed (EOL).
development/jdk15: Removed (EOL).
development/jdk16: Removed (EOL).
development/jdk16: Updated for version 16.0.2.
development/jdk16: Updated to version 16.0.1
development/jdk: Don't set the MANPATH variable.
development/jdk: Updated for version 8u291.
development/jdk: Updated for version 8u321.
development/jeex: Fix -current build.
development/jenv: Fix github tarball handling.
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Added jupyter-ipykernel (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-ipykernel: Updated dependencies.
development/jupyter-ipyleaflet: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-ipywidgets: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-ipywidgets: Updated dependencies.
development/jupyter-nbclient: Added jupyter-nbclient (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter-nbclient: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-nbclient: Update for 0.5.12
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Added jupyter-nbconvert (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-nbconvert: Update DEP.
development/jupyter-nbdime: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-nbdime: Updated dependencies.
development/jupyter-nbformat: Added jupyter-nbformat (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter-nbformat: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-notebook: Added (new maintainer)
development/jupyter-notebook: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-notebook: Update DEP.
development/jupyter-qtconsole: Added jupyter-qtconsole (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter-qtconsole: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter-qtconsole: Updated for version 5.0.3.
development/jupyter-qtconsole: Updated for version 5.1.0.
development/jupyter-widgetsnbextension: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter_client: Added jupyter_client (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter_client: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter_client: Updated for version 6.2.0.
development/jupyter_console: Added jupyter_console (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter_console: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter_console: Update for 6.4.3
development/jupyter_core: Added jupyter_core (+new maintainer)
development/jupyter_core: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyter_core: Updated dependencies.
development/jupyterlab_pygments: Removed (abandoned).
development/jupyterlab_pygments: Updated dependencies.
development/jython: Removed (No maintainer).
development/kakoune: Updated for version 2020.09.01.
development/kakoune: Updated for version 2021.11.08.
development/kconfig-frontends: Remove .la files.
development/kconfig-frontends: Updated for version
development/kcov: Updated for version 40.
development/kdesvn: Updated for version 20211128_4a776d5.
development/kdiff3: Updated for version 1.9.3.
development/kicad: Updated for version 5.1.9.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.5.0.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.5.10.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.5.20.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.5.21.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.5.30.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.5.31.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.6.0.
development/kotlin: Updated for version 1.6.10.
development/latrace: Patch for flex 2.6.x.
development/lazarus: Updated for version 2.0.12, new maintainer.
development/ldns: Add python3 support.
development/ldns: Fix 15.0 build.
development/ldns: Remove .la files.
development/le: Updated for version 1.16.8.
development/leo: Fixed dep info
development/libb2: Remove .la files.
development/libbitcoin: Removed (incompat boost 1.78).
development/libbitcoin: Update DOWNLOAD.
development/libcutl: Patch for gcc >= 11.x.
development/libcutl: Remove .la files.
development/libodb-boost: Removed (abandoned).
development/libodb-mysql: Removed (abandoned).
development/libodb-pgsql: Removed (abandoned).
development/libodb-qt: Removed (abandoned).
development/libodb-sqlite: Removed (abandoned).
development/libodb: Fix build on -current.
development/libodb: Remove .la files.
development/libodb: Removed (abandoned).
development/lmdb: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/love-legacy072: Fix -current build.
development/love-legacy072: Fixed dep info
development/love-legacy080: Fix -current build.
development/love-legacy080: Fixed dep info
development/love: Fix -current build.
development/love: Fixed dep info
development/ltrace: Remove template comment.
development/lwtools: Updated for version 4.19.
development/mads: Updated for version 2.1.3.
development/maude: Updated for version 3.1.
development/mawk: Remove template comment.
development/mcrl2: Removed (no maintainer)
development/mdbook: Added (utility to create modern online books)
development/mdbook: Fix github tarball handling.
development/mdbook: Fix offline build.
development/mdbook: Updated for version 0.4.14.
development/mdbook: Updated for version 0.4.15.
development/medit: Updated email
development/meld3: Fixed dep info
development/meld3: Updated for version 1.8.6.
development/meld3: Updated for version 3.20.1.
development/meld3: Updated for version 3.20.4.
development/menhir: Added the dependency dune (removed ocamlbuild).
development/menhir: Updated for version 20190924.
development/menhir: Updated for version 20220210.
development/meson: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/mg-openbsd: Fix for gcc >= 10.x, cleanups.
development/mg-troglobit: Updated for version 3.5.
development/ming: Removed.
development/mkchroot: Updated for version 1.5
development/mockpp: Remove .la files.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.27.1.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.28.0.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.28.1.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.28.2.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.28.4.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.29.4.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.29.5.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.29.6.
development/mongodb-compass: Updated for version 1.30.1.
development/monkey-studio: Removed (no qt4-qscintilla).
development/mono-addins: Avoid nuget to build.
development/mono-addins: Fix github tarball handling.
development/mono-basic: Updated for version 20200408_bdb5276.
development/mono-debugger: Removed (abandoned and ftb).
development/mono: Updated for version
development/monodevelop: Removed (abandoned).
development/mozjs: Removed (won't build).
development/mrustc: Removed (rust now in slackware).
development/mtasc: Changed ARCH to i586
development/mtd-utils: Updated for version 2.1.2.
development/mysql-pinba: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
development/mysql-pinba: Removed
development/mysql-pinba: Updated maintainer email
development/mysql-workbench: Fix for gcc >= 7.x.
development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 8.0.23.
development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 8.0.24.
development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 8.0.25.
development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 8.0.26.
development/mysql-workbench: Updated for version 8.0.28.
development/nchexedit: Updated for version 0.9.7_7.1, fix rc1 build.
development/ne: Removed (No maintainer).
development/neovim-qt: Updated dependencies.
development/neovim-remote: Use system dir for completion files
development/neovim: New maintainer.
development/neovim: Updated for version 0.5.0.
development/netbeans: Updated for version 13.
development/newlib: Force a single make install job.
development/nexus: Use zulu-openjdk8.
development/nickle: Updated for version 2.90.
development/nim: Updated for version 1.4.8.
development/ninja-ide: Updated for version 2.4.
development/ninja: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/nodejs-bin: Removed.
development/nodejs: Updated for versin 14.17.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.16.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.17.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.17.3.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.17.4.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.17.5.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.17.6.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 14.18.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 16.11.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 16.11.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.0.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.1.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.3.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.3.1.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.4.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.5.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for version 17.6.0.
development/nodejs: Updated for vesion 17.2.0.
development/nodejs: Use ninja to build.
development/notepadqq: Fixed dep info
development/noweb: Updated for version 2.12
development/nuget: Removed (abandoned).
development/numpy-legacy3: Removed (ftb).
development/numpy3: Updated for version 1.20.2.
development/numpy3: Updated for version 1.20.3
development/numpy3: Updated for version 1.21.2.
development/nvi: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/obcpl: Updated for version 0.9.8, fix build.
development/ocaml-num: Added (arbitrary precision arithmetic).
development/ocaml-num: Fix download URL.
development/ocaml: Update for version 4.13.1
development/ocaml: Updated for version 4.08.1, changed maintainer.
development/ocaml: Updated for version 4.08.1.
development/ocaml: Updated for version 4.13.1.
development/ocamlbuild: Updated for version 0.14.0.
development/odb: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
development/odb: Removed (abandoned).
development/ola: Updated for version 0.10.8.
development/omake: Fix github tarball handling.
development/omake: Updated for version 0.10.3.
development/omniORB: Updated for version 4.3.0.
development/omniORBpy: Updated for version 4.3.0.
development/oniguruma: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/opencl-headers: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/opencomal: Remove template comment.
development/opencvs: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
development/opendbx: Removed (unmaintained upstream).
development/openjdk6: Added (re-added + new maint).
development/openjdk6: Removed (EOL).
development/openjdk7: Updated for version 7u321 + new main.
development/openjdk8: Updated for version 8u292.
development/openocd: Updated for version 0.10.0.
development/openocd: Updated for version 0.11.0.
development/p4v: Fix typo.
development/pahole: Updated for version 1.23.
development/pandas: Fix dependency.
development/patchutils: Updated for version 0.4.2.
development/pcc: Updated for version 1.2.0.DEVEL+20210905.
development/perf: Fixed dep info
development/perf: Updated for version 5.10.13.
development/perf: Updated for version 5.12.14.
development/perf: Updated for version 5.13.2.
development/perf: Updated for version 5.15.16.
development/perl-shtags: Removed.
development/pforth: Updated for version 20220221_6aa1010.
development/phantomjs: Updated for version 2.1.1
development/phantomjs: Updated maintainer email
development/php-apcu: Updated for version 5.1.17.
development/php-pinba: Removed
development/php-pinba: Updated maintainer email
development/php-xdebug: Renamed from xdebug
development/php-xdebug: Updated for version 3.1.1
development/pip2tgz: Fix VERSION in
development/pip2tgz: Update DEP.
development/pip2tgz: Updated for version 0.5
development/pip2tgz: Updated for version 0.6
development/pip2tgz: Updated for version 0.7
development/pip2tgz: Updated for version 0.8
development/pkgconf: Remove .la files.
development/pkgdiff: Remove template comment.
development/pli: Added (Iron Spring PL/I Compiler).
development/poedit: Updated for version 2.4.2.
development/poedit: Updated for version 2.4.3.
development/poedit: Updated for version 3.0.
development/poedit: Updated for version 3.0.1.
development/polyml: Remove .la files.
development/portaudio: Fix DOWNLOAD typo
development/portaudio: Updated for version 19.7.0.
development/portaudio: Updated for version v190700_20210406.
development/postman: Fix tarball handling with content disp.
development/postman: Updated for version 8.10.0
development/postman: Updated for version 8.12.4
development/postman: Updated for version 8.12.5
development/postman: Updated for version 8.5.1
development/postman: Updated for version 8.6.1
development/postman: Updated for version 8.6.2
development/postman: Updated for version 8.7.0
development/postman: Updated for version 8.8.0
development/postman: Updated for version 8.9.1
development/postman: Updated for version 9.1.5
development/postman: Updated for version 9.11.0
development/postman: Updated for version 9.12.2
development/postman: Updated for version 9.14.0
development/postman: Updated for version 9.7.1
development/postman: Updated for version 9.8.3
development/postman: Updated for version 9.9.3
development/psycopg2: Updated for version 2.9.3, removing python2 support
development/psycopg2: new maintainer
development/psycopg: Updated dependencies.
development/pudb: Updated for version 2020.1.
development/pycharm: Updated for version 2021.2.
development/pycharm: Updated for version 2021.3.2.
development/pyenchant: Fix 15.0 build, add python3 support.
development/pylint: Fix dependency.
development/python3-matplotlib: Build offline.
development/python3-matplotlib: Fix Download URL.
development/python3-matplotlib: Fixed dep info
development/python3-matplotlib: Updated for version 3.4.3.
development/qconf: Added the dependency qt4.
development/qt-creator-llvm: Update DEP.
development/qt-creator-llvm: Updated for version 13.0.0_d7b669b.
development/qt-creator2: Removed (abandoned).
development/qt-creator: Updated for version 4.13.3.
development/qt-creator: Updated for version 4.15.0.
development/qt-creator: Updated for version 5.0.3.
development/racer: Check for rust version with rustup.
development/racer: Updated for version 2.1.46.
development/racer: Updated for version 2.2.0.
development/ragel: Check for installed copy first.
development/ragel: Remove .la files.
development/rapidsvn: Fix URL, wx conflict, disable doxygen.
development/rapidsvn: Remove .la files.
development/rapidsvn: Use the C++14 standard.
development/rapidsvn: i486-->i586
development/rarian: Remove .la files.
development/re2c: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/reckless: Updated for version 3.0.3.
development/redo: Add python2-BeautifulSoup4 DEP
development/redo: Fix github tarball handling.
development/redo: Updated for version 0.42d.
development/referenceassemblies-pcl: Removed (abandoned).
development/reflex: Updated for version
development/rmac: Updated for version 2.1.12_20210820.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 4.0.2.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 4.0.3.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 4.1.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 4.1.1.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 4.1.2.
development/robotframework: Updated for version 4.1.3.
development/rstudio-desktop: Added the dependency gst0-plugins-base.
development/rustup: Updated for version 1.24.3.
development/sassc: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/sbcl: Updated for version 2.1.10.
development/sbcl: Updated for version 2.1.7.
development/sbcl: Updated for version 2.2.0.
development/sbcl: Updated for version 2.2.1.
development/scala: Updated for version 2.13.6.
development/scala: Updated for version 2.13.8.
development/schroot: Remove .la files.
development/scikit-build: Added (CPython build system generator)
development/scikit-build: Use consistent URL.
development/scite: Updated for version 5.2.1.
development/scratch: Removed.
development/setedit: Fix tarball handling.
development/setedit: Force a single make job.
development/shiboken2: Added. Required for pyside2
development/shiboken: Add qt4 dependency.
development/shiboken: Fix download URL.
development/simulavr: Updated for version 20201006_32985f7.
development/sloccount: Fix download URL and add license
development/sloccount: Updated maintainer email
development/smalltalk: Remove .la files.
development/smlnj: Add missing source file
development/snappy: Save as utf8-encoded.
development/source-highlight: Patch for gcc >= 11.x, cleanups.
development/source-highlight: Remove .la files.
development/sourcenav: Removed.
development/spice-protocol: Fix build.
development/spice-protocol: Remove NUMJOBS.
development/spice-protocol: Updated for version 0.14.3.
development/spice-protocol: Updated for version 0.14.4.
development/spl: Removed (no maintainer)
development/splint: Updated for version 20170327_3fb908d.
development/sqlcl: Align with template
development/sqldeveloper: Align with template
development/sqlitebrowser: Updated for version 3.12.2
development/sqliteman: Use qt5.
development/squeak-vm: Fixed dep info in README
development/squeak-vm: Removed.
development/srcML: Add the dependency jdk.
development/srecord: Rearrange docs, get rid of .la.
development/sublime_merge: Updated for version 2054.
development/swfmill: Disabled narrowing warnings.
development/swfmill: Updated for version 0.3.6.
development/swi-prolog: Fixed dep info
development/swift: Fixed dep info
development/swift: Fixed dep info
development/swift: Removed (abandoned, ftbfs).
development/systemtap: Updated for version 4.5.
development/tanya: Removed (author stopped development).
development/tcc: Updated for version 20220221_308d8d1.
development/tea: Link qt5 by default
development/tea: Updated to reflect changes in 15.0 - uses qt5 by default
development/tea: updated for version 60.1.0
development/tea: updated for version 60.3.0
development/tea: updated for version 60.4.0
development/tea: updated for version 60.5.0
development/tea: updated for version 60.6.0
development/tea: updated for version 60.7.0
development/tea: updated homepage
development/texi2html: s,i486,i586,g and see commit note below
development/thunderpad: Removed (no maintainer)
development/tidy-html5: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/tig: Updated for version 2.5.4.
development/tig: Updated for version 2.5.5.
development/tig: Use systemwide dir for bash completion files
development/tiled: updated for version 1.6.0
development/tiled: updated for version 1.7.0
development/tiled: updated for version 1.7.1
development/tiled: updated for version 1.7.2
development/tiled: updated for version 1.8.0
development/tiled: updated for version 1.8.1
development/tiled: updated for version 1.8.2
development/tkdiff: Updated for version 5.3
development/tora: Updated for version 20170725_d9fddb8.
development/tora: Updated for version git5859a97.
development/tweak: Updated for version 3.02+20200601.
development/tyrutils-ericw: Removed (No maintainer).
development/ucblogo: Updated for version 6.2.2.
development/ucpp: Remove .la files.
development/udis86: Remove .la files, misc cleanup
development/uncrustify: Updated for version 0.73.0
development/uncrustify: Updated for version 0.74.
development/unifdef: Remove template comment.
development/universal-ctags: Updated for version p5.9.20211031.0
development/urjtag: Remove .la files.
development/urjtag: Updated for version 2021.03.
development/vala-12: Remove .la files.
development/vala: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/valabind: Fixed dep info
development/valabind: Updated for version 1.8.0.
development/valgrind: Mention mpich/openmpi optional deps.
development/valgrind: Updated for version 3.18.1.
development/valkyrie: Added qt4 dependency.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.56.1.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.57.0.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.57.1.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.58.2.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.59.1.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.60.2.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.61.1.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.62.3.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.63.2.
development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.64.2.
development/vscode: Removed.
development/vscode: Updated for version 1.59.0.
development/vstudio: Fix version number in BASENAME.
development/vstudio: Updated MD5SUM.
development/vstudio: Updated for version 12.0.2.
development/vstudio: Updated for version 12.0.4..
development/watchman: Removed (needs boost-1.69.0, tries to download it).
development/wheel: Removed redundant
development/woff2: Removed (added to Slackware).
development/xa: Remove template comment.
development/xasm: Remove template comment.
development/xdebug: Fixed dep info
development/xdebug: Updated for version 3.0.4.
development/xdebug: Updated maintainer email
development/xemacs: Removed (unmaintained @ SBo)
development/xnedit: Updated for version 1.3.2
development/xnedit: Updated for version 1.3.3.
development/xnedit: Updated for version 1.4.0.
development/xsp: Remove .la files.
development/xtruss: Updated for version 20210225.2addd50.
development/xvi: Remove template comment.
development/xxdiff: Updated for version 20220219_d4432be.
development/yarn: Update README and homepage URL.
development/z88dk: Fix -current build.
development/zeal: Fix build with qt 5.15.
development/zeal: Fixed dep info
development/zulu-openjdk-lts: Moved to zulu-openjdk11 and updated for version 11.0.13
development/zulu-openjdk11: Fix the ARCH checking routine.
development/zulu-openjdk11: Updated for version
development/zulu-openjdk17: Added Azul Zulu OpenJDK 17 LTS
development/zulu-openjdk17: Fix MD5SUMs.
development/zulu-openjdk17: Fix slack-desc.
development/zulu-openjdk17: Fix the ARCH checking routine.
development/zulu-openjdk17: Updated for version 17.0.2.
development/zulu-openjdk6: Added Azul Zulu OpenJDK6 LTS version 6.0.119
development/zulu-openjdk6: Fix pkg ARCH.
development/zulu-openjdk6: Fix the ARCH checking routine.
development/zulu-openjdk7: Fix the ARCH checking routine.
development/zulu-openjdk7: Updated for version 7.0.322
development/zulu-openjdk7: Updated for version 7.0.332.
development/zulu-openjdk8: Fix the ARCH checking routine.
development/zulu-openjdk8: Updated for version 8.0.312
development/zulu-openjdk8: Updated for version 8.0.322.
development/zulu-openjdk9: Removed since Azul stopped support it
games/0ad-data: Updated for version 0.0.24b.
games/0ad-data: Updated for version 0.0.25.
games/0ad: Updated for version 0.0.24b.
games/0ad: Updated for version 0.0.25.
games/4do-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/7kaa: Fixed dep info
games/Chatbot-Eliza: Updated to 1.08.
games/CorsixTH: Fixed dep info in README
games/CorsixTH: Update DEP.
games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2020.3.11.
games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2020.3.8.
games/FlightGear: Fixed dep info in README
games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2020.3.11.
games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2020.3.8, cleanups.
games/Gearboy: Removed (no maintainer)
games/Gearsystem: Removed (no maintainer)
games/Genesis-Plus-GX: Removed (no maintainer)
games/KAdventure: Fix 15.0 build.
games/OpenJK: Fix 15.0 build.
games/OpenJK: Fixed dep info
games/OpenRA: Update DEP.
games/OpenRA: Updated for version 20210321.
games/Pyfa: Fix dependency.
games/RetroArch: Fixed dep info
games/RetroArch: Force building with clang.
games/RetroArch: Un-dumbify the build script (my fault)
games/RetroArch: Updated for version 1.10.0.
games/SLADE: Fix build.
games/SLADE: Fixed dep info
games/SLADE: Update DEP.
games/SLADE: Updated for version 3.2.0_b3.
games/SameBoy: Removed (no maintainer)
games/Scorched3D: Fix wxPython/wxGTK3 conflict.
games/Scorched3D: Patched to use wxGTK3
games/Scorched3D: Updated maintainer email
games/Sokoban: Fix download URL.
games/SpaceZero: Fix 15.0 build.
games/VASSAL: Updated for version 3.5.7.
games/VASSAL: Updated for version 3.6.5.
games/ZEsarUX: Fix 15.0 build.
games/ace: Fix 15.0 build.
games/adl: Remove template comment.
games/advancemame: Fix -current build.
games/advancescan: Fix -current build.
games/ags: updated for version
games/ags: updated for version
games/ags: updated for version
games/ags: updated for version
games/ags: updated for version
games/ags: updated for version
games/ags: updated for version
games/aklabeth: Remove template comment.
games/alephone: Fixed dep info
games/alephone: Updated for version 20210408.
games/alienarena: Fix 15.0 build.
games/alienarena: Fixed dep info
games/alienarena: Updated to an svn snapshot, cleanups.
games/an: Remove template comment.
games/angband: Fix download URL.
games/antares: Fixed dep info
games/antares: Fixed dep info (libc++)
games/antimicro: Fix 15.0 build.
games/antimicro: Update DEP.
games/antimicrox: renamed and updated for version 3.2.2.
games/ardentryst: Fix download URL.
games/arnold-cpc: Fix 15.0 build.
games/arx-libertatis: Fixed dep info
games/arx-libertatis: Updated for version 1.2_dev_2019_07_22.
games/asc: Fix 15.0 build.
games/asc: Removed SDL_sound dep (part of Slackware).
games/assaultcube-reloaded: Fixed dep info
games/assaultcube: Fixed dep info
games/assaultcube: Patched for the newer gcc.
games/asteroidsinfinity: Remove template comment.
games/astromenace: Update DEP.
games/atanks: Updated for version 6.6.
games/atari++: Updated for version 1.84.
games/atari800: Remove template comment.
games/atari800_roms: Remove template comment.
games/bastet: Fix -current build.
games/beetle-bcfx-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-lynx-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-ngp-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-pce-fast-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-psx-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-saturn-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-supergrafx-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-vb-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/beetle-wswan-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/berusky-data: Fix download URL.
games/berusky2-data: Fix download URL.
games/berusky2: Fix 15.0 build.
games/berusky2: Updated for version 20170630_974e2e5.
games/berusky: Updated for version 1.7.2.
games/bitfighter: Fixed dep info
games/blastem-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/blobby2: Update DEP.
games/blobby2: Updated maintainer email
games/blobwars: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
games/blobwars: Fix 15.0 build.
games/blobwars: Update DEP.
games/bloodcm: Remove template comment.
games/bloodcm: Removed (no longer works with eduke32, use nblood).
games/bloodfrontier: Disabled narrowing warnings.
games/blueMSX-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/bluez-sixaxis: Updated for version 5.58
games/brainparty: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
games/brickout: Remove template comment.
games/briquolo: Fix 15.0 build.
games/bsnes-mercury: Removed (no maintainer)
games/bstone: Update DEP.
games/bstone: Updated for version 1.2.11.
games/burgerspace: Updated for version 1.9.4.
games/bzflag: Fixed dep info
games/bzflag: Remove .la files.
games/cannonball-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/ceferino: Remove template comment.
games/cgames: Updated for version 2.2b.
games/cgmadness: Fix 15.0 build (but this still needs attention).
games/chessx: Updated for version 1.5.6.
games/chexquest3: Use noarch.
games/chocolate-doom: Fix build on -current.
games/chocolate-doom: Remove template comment.
games/chocolate-doom: Update DEP.
games/chocolate_duke3D: Remove template comment.
games/chocolate_duke3D: Removed (broken and abandoned).
games/chroma: Patch for the newer gcc, cleanups.
games/chromium-bsu: Fixed dep info
games/circuslinux: Remove template comment.
games/ckmame: Fix 15.0 build.
games/clksignal-roms: Added (ROM images for clksignal).
games/clksignal: Added (emulate classic computers/consoles).
games/clonekeen: Remove template comment.
games/colem: Updated for version 5.6.
games/commandergenius: Fixed dep info
games/commandergenius: Updated for version 3.0.8.
games/cosmic_assault: Fix -current build.
games/cosmic_assault: Remove template comment.
games/cosmic_assault: Update DEP.
games/cosmosmash: Updated for version 1.4.8.
games/cpat: Fix 15.0 build.
games/crack-attack: Fix conflict with enet.
games/crispy-doom: Update DEP.
games/crossfire-client: Fixed dep info
games/crossfire-client: Updated for version 1.75.2.
games/crrcsim: Patch for the newer gcc.
games/cryptokwot: Added (substitution cipher game).
games/curseofwar: Updated for version 1.3.0.
games/cyphesis: Use the C++14 standard.
games/d1x-rebirth: Updated for version 20220130_7258b7f.
games/d2x-rebirth: Updated for version 20220130_7258b7f.
games/darkplaces: Patch for gcc >= 11.x.
games/darkplaces: i486-->i586
games/defendguin: Remove template comment.
games/desmume: Fixed dep info
games/desmume: Support alternatives for ninja
games/desmume: Updated for version 20210409_e8f619c.
games/dfarc: Fix wxPython/wxGTK3 conflict.
games/dhewm3: Fixed dep info
games/dice: Fix 15.0 build.
games/dice: Update DEP.
games/digger: Support PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME.
games/digger: Take over maintenance.
games/digger: misc cleanups
games/dmagnetic: Added (magnetic scrolls interpreter)
games/dolphin-emu: Fixed dep info
games/dolphin-emu: Updated for version 20210406_5322256.
games/domination: New-style icons.
games/doom_shareware_data: Update URLs.
games/doomretro: Update DEP.
games/doomretro: Updated for version 4.2.3.
games/doomsday: New-style icons.
games/doomsday: Remove duplicate image.
games/doomsday: Update DEP.
games/doomsday: Updated for version 2.3.1.
games/doomseeker: Updated for version 1.3.2.
games/dreamchess: Update DEP.
games/ds-models: Remove gzdoom support since it was broken.
games/dunelegacy: Remove template comment.
games/dunelegacy: Update DEP.
games/dungeon: Fix -current build.
games/dustrac: Fix 15.0 build.
games/dustrac: Fixed dep info
games/edgar: Fix download URL.
games/edgar: Update DEP.
games/eduke32: Updated for version 20211102_9751_8970754aa.
games/eduke32_hires_pack: Updated for version 5.4.
games/eduke32_shareware_data: Minor fixes.
games/egoboo: Update DEP.
games/ember: Removed (not compatible with latest OGRE).
games/endless-sky: Fixed dep info
games/endless-sky: updated for version 0.9.14
games/enigma: Remove template comment.
games/etlegacy-from-source: Added (collaborative FPS).
games/etlegacy-from-source: Fix 15.0 build.
games/etlegacy-from-source: Fix PRGNAM in the info file.
games/etlegacy-from-source: Removed (use the binary).
games/etlegacy: Updated for version 2.79.0.
games/eureka: Remove template comment.
games/extremetuxracer: Updated for version 0.8.1
games/extremetuxracer: Updated maintainer email
games/f1spirit: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
games/fbalpha: Removed (no maintainer)
games/fceux: Updated for version 2.4.0.
games/ffgo: Fixed dep info
games/fgo: Fix download URL.
games/fifengine: Fixed dep info
games/fifengine: Updated for version 0.4.2.
games/fizmo: Remove template comment.
games/flare-game: updated for version 1.12
games/flare-game: updated for version 1.13.04
games/flare: Update DEP.
games/flare: updated for version 1.12
games/flare: updated for version 1.13.04
games/flare: updated homepage
games/fmsx-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/foobillardplus: Change download link.
games/fortune-dharma: Handle weird source filename.
games/fortune-dune: Update slack-desc.
games/fortune-farscape: Remove template comment.
games/fortune-futurama: Remove template comment.
games/fortune-game_of_thrones: Updated for version 20210128.
games/fortune-noobfarm: Remove template comment.
games/fortune-slackware: Remove template comment.
games/fortune-starwars: Remove template comment.
games/fortune_doctor_who: Remove template comment.
games/fortune_firefly: Remove template comment.
games/freeblocks: Fix -current build.
games/freeciv: Remove .la files.
games/freeciv: updated for version 2.6.5
games/freeciv: updated for version 2.6.6
games/freeciv: updated for version 3.0.0
games/freedink: Fixed dep info
games/freedink: Update optional deps.
games/freedoom: Remove template comment.
games/freedroid: Fix 15.0 build.
games/freedroidrpg: Fix 15.0 build.
games/freeminer: Fixed dep info
games/freeminer: Updated for version
games/freeorion: Fix DOWNLOAD + MD5SUM.
games/freeorion: Fix build.
games/freeorion: Fixed dep info
games/freeorion: Updated for version
games/freeorion: Updated for version
games/frogatto: Fix FTBFS.
games/frogatto: Switch to clang, remove -Werror.
games/frotz: Updated for version 2.53.
games/frozen-bubble: Update download URL
games/frozen-bubble: Updated for version git_20170702_d6a0291
games/frozen-bubble: Updated maintainer email
games/fs-uae-arcade: Fixed dep info
games/fs-uae-launcher: Fixed dep info
games/fs-uae: Fixed dep info
games/fs-uae: Updated for version 3.1.35.
games/fs2open: Fix download links, .desktop.
games/fs2open: Fixed dep info
games/gambatte-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/garden: Fix 15.0 build.
games/gargoyle: Added -fpermissive to the CCFLAGS.
games/gargoyle: Fix 15.0 build.
games/gargoyle: Removed SDL_sound dep (part of Slackware).
games/gargoyle: updated for version 2022.1
games/gemrb: Fixed dep info in README
games/gemrb: Updated for version 0.9.0.
games/gens-gs: Removed (no maintainer).
games/ggmud: Updated for version 0.9.4.
games/glPortal: Fix 15.0 build.
games/glPortal: Removed (will not build against bullet 3.x, ran out of patience).
games/glPortal: Update DEP.
games/glbsp: Better icons and .desktop.
games/glestae: Fixed dep info
games/glob2: Added more patches to let it build.
games/glob2: Fixed dep info
games/glob2: Patch for the newer gccs.
games/gnogograms: Fix build.
games/gnonograms: Fixed dep info
games/gnubg: Removed as running it breaks build.
games/gnubg: Updated for version 1.06.002.
games/gnugo: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
games/gnurobbo: Fix 15.0 build.
games/golly: New-style icons.
games/goonies: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
games/gottet: Updated for version 1.2.0.
games/gtkballs: New-style icons; setgid binary.
games/gtklife: Build with gtk+2.
games/gw-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/gzdoom-legacy: Fix -current build.
games/gzdoom-legacy: Fixed dep info in README
games/gzdoom-legacy: Update DEP.
games/gzdoom: Fixed dep info
games/gzdoom: Updated for version 4.7.0.
games/hack-of-life: Icon and .desktop.
games/hatari: Remove template comment.
games/hatari_tos_roms: Remove template comment.
games/haxima-nazghul: Fix 15.0 build.
games/hedgewars: Fix build on -current.
games/hedgewars: Update DEP.
games/heretic_shareware_data: Include docs in package.
games/hexen_demo_data: Fix slack-desc.
games/hexen_demo_data: Minor build tweaks.
games/hexglass: Fix 15.0 build.
games/higan: Downgrade to version 106.
games/higan: Fix shebang.
games/higan: New template.
games/higan: Updated for version 110.
games/ho1: Fix download URL.
games/homm3_shareware_data: added. Heroes III demo data for VCMI.
games/icebreaker: New-style icons.
games/ifm: Fix 15.0 build.
games/img2xterm: Patch for imagemagick >=7.x.
games/img2xterm: Remove template comment.
games/img2xterm: Update README.
games/instead: Update DEP.
games/ioquake3: Fixed dep info
games/iortcw: Fixed dep info
games/jackhammer: Removed (No maintainer).
games/jezzball-kazzmir: Fix -current build.
games/jfsw: Fixed dep info in README
games/jfsw: Updated for version 20210725_716e1e3.
games/jfsw_demo_data: Simplify script.
games/jfsw_hires_pack: Updated for version 20201205_r21.
games/jfsw_registered_data: Add ogg quality option.
games/jfsw_twin_dragon: Remove template comment.
games/jfsw_wanton_destruction: Remove template comment.
games/jzintv: Fix -current build, allow ROMs in pkg.
games/kardsgt: Update for new qt4, fix icons.
games/kildclient: Add missing requires to info file.
games/knights: Removed (added to Slackware).
games/koules: Fix -current build.
games/koules: Fix slack-desc.
games/larn: Fix 15.0 build.
games/lgogdownloader: Fix download URL.
games/lgogdownloader: removed liboauth requirement
games/lgogdownloader: updated for version 3.8
games/lgogdownloader: updated for version 3.9
games/libretro-2048: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-desmume: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-fceumm: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-handy: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-prboom: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-reicast: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-vecx: Removed (no maintainer)
games/libretro-yabause: Removed (no maintainer)
games/lightyears: Fix download URL.
games/liquidwar6: Fix -current build, include extra maps.
games/lmarbles: New-style icons.
games/lmpc: Fix -current build.
games/lutris: Update DEP.
games/lutris: Update DEP.
games/m64py: Build using qt5
games/m64py: Updated for version 0.2.5.
games/madbomber: New-style icons.
games/maelstrom: Updated for version 3.0.7.
games/mame: Align with template
games/mame: Update DEP.
games/mame: Updated for version 0.237.
games/mame: Updated for version 0.240.
games/manaplus: Fix download URL.
games/mangband: Fix 15.0 build.
games/marathon-data: Updated for version 20210408.
games/marathon-infinity-data: Updated for version 20210408.
games/marathon2-data: Updated for version 20210408.
games/mari0: New-style icons.
games/mars: Fix 15.0 build.
games/mars: Fixed dep info
games/meandmyshadow: Update DEP.
games/mednafen: Update DEP.
games/mednafen: Updated for version 1.29.0.
games/mednaffe: Fix old-style icon.
games/megaglest: Fix 15.0 build.
games/megaglest: Fixed dep info
games/megamario: New-style icons, fix music.
games/mgba: Fixed dep info
games/micropolis: New-style icons.
games/micropolis: glibc-2.27 requires IEEE math error reporting.
games/minetest: Fixed dep info
games/minetest: Updated for version 5.4.1, patch for gcc >= 11.x.
games/mininim: Fix -current build.
games/miscom: Remove template comment.
games/mog: Removed SDL_sound dep (part of Slackware).
games/mrboom: Fix 15.0 build.
games/mrboom: Update DEP.
games/mrboom: Update MD5SUM.
games/mrrescue: New-style icons.
games/mupen64plus: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
games/mupen64plus: Updated for version 2.5.9.
games/nFlood: Fix 15.0 build.
games/naev: Fix 15.0 build.
games/naev: Fixed dep info
games/nblood: Update DEP.
games/nblood: Updated for version 1.01+20211016_b90417ed8.
games/ncursesoflife: Remove template comment.
games/nestopia: Fixed dep info
games/nethack: Removed (added to Slackware).
games/neverball: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
games/neverball: Update DEP.
games/nevernoid: Install
games/nevernoid: New-style icons.
games/nexuiz: Remove template comment.
games/ninvaders: Fix 15.0 build.
games/njam: misc cleanups
games/nlarn: Fix 15.0 build.
games/nlarn: Set our CFLAGS, disable -Werror, use ncurses6-config.
games/noteye: Switch to clang.
games/noteye: Updated for version 8.4.
games/notpacman: Remove template comment.
games/nottetris2: Remove template comment.
games/nsuds: Fix 15.0 build.
games/nuvie: Fix 15.0 build.
games/nxengine-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/o2em: Fix -current build.
games/oblige-legacy4: New-style icons.
games/oblige: Fix -current build.
games/odamex: Add SDL2 option.
games/odamex: Add missing diff.
games/odamex: Updated for version 0.9.5.
games/oolite: Fix build.
games/oolite: Fixed dep info
games/oolite: Remove espeak dep.
games/open-adventure: Fixed dep info
games/open-adventure: New-style icons, HTML docs.
games/open-adventure: Update DEP.
games/openarena: Fixed dep info
games/openclonk: Fixed dep info
games/openclonk: Updated for version 8.0.
games/opendune: Fix -current build.
games/openjazz: Updated for version 20190106.
games/openlierox: Updated for version 20170313_3825306.
games/openlierox: Updated for version 20200424_d316c14.
games/openmortal: Fix -current build.
games/openmsx-catapult: Updated for version 17.0.
games/openmsx-debugger: Updated for version 20220221.
games/openmsx: Updated for version 17.0
games/openmw: Fixed dep info
games/openmw: Updated for version 0.47.0.
games/openmw: Use correct github URL.
games/opensonic: Add missing diff.
games/opensonic: Fix download URL.
games/openspades: Fixed dep info
games/openttd: Pass an additional flag for the newer icu4c.
games/opentyrian: Fix -current build.
games/openyahtzee: New-style icons.
games/ostrichriders: Old-style icon.
games/pacman-arena: Fix -current build.
games/pacman: Remove NUMJOBS from README.
games/pacman: Remove NUMJOBS.
games/pacman: Update DEP.
games/pangzero: Remove template comment.
games/parallel-n64: Removed (no maintainer)
games/pcgen: Add missing patch file.
games/pcgen: Updated for version 6.09.05.
games/pcsx2: Removed by maintainer request.
games/pcsx2: Update DEP.
games/pcsxr: Updated for version 1.9.95.
games/penguin-command: New-style icons.
games/pentagram: New-style icons.
games/picodrive: Removed (no maintainer)
games/pingus: Add a missing header (for the newer glibc).
games/pingus: Fix building on -current
games/pingus: Updated maintainer email
games/pioneer: Fixed dep info
games/planetblupi: Update DEP.
games/pokerth: Updated for version 20200721_a333185.
games/pokerth: Use protobuf3 as a dependency.
games/pom1: New-style icons.
games/powerslave_demo_data: Remove template comment.
games/ppsspp: Update DEP.
games/prboom-plus: Fixed dep info
games/prboom-plus: Updated for version 2.6.1um, fix segfault.
games/prboom: Fix 15.0 build.
games/prosystem-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/pushover: Fix download URL.
games/puzzles: Updated for version 20211212.b56c994
games/puzzles: Updated for version 20220128.c43a34f.
games/pybik: Fix download URL, parallel build.
games/pybik: Fixed dep info
games/pychess: Fixed dep info
games/pychess: Switch to python-3.x.
games/pysolfc-extra-cardsets: Fix homepage URL.
games/pysolfc: Patched for pillow-6.x.
games/pysolfc: Update DEP.
games/pysolfc: Updated for version 2.14.1.
games/qmc2: Patch for qt >= 5.15.x and gcc >= 10.x.
games/qstat: Removed (No maintainer).
games/qtads: Fixed dep info
games/qtads: Updated for version 3.2.0.
games/qtsixa: Removed (FTBFS, unmaintained, replace someday with "sixad").
games/quake3_shareware_data: update copyright years
games/quakeforge: Remove .la files.
games/quakespasm: Added (ID's Quake port).
games/quakespasm: Update DEP.
games/qzdl: Updated for version
games/qzdoom: Fix -current build.
games/qzdoom: Fixed dep info
games/redeclipse: Update DEP.
games/rejoystick: Removed (no maintainer).
games/residualvm: Updated for version 0.3.1.
games/retux: Updated for version 1.6.1.
games/rezerwar: Fix 15.0 build.
games/rlvm: Fix 15.0 build, better parallel support.
games/rlvm: Patch for the newer gcc.
games/rlvm: Remove NUMJOBS.
games/roadfighter: Patch for the newer gcc.
games/roadfighter: Removed SDL_sound dep (part of Slackware).
games/roccat-tools: Fix build.
games/roccat-tools: Patch to correctly find the newer harfbuzz.
games/rocksndiamonds: Fix 15.0 build.
games/rogue: Fix 15.0 build.
games/rogue: Fix build failure with latest ncurses.
games/rott: New-style icons.
games/sauerbraten: Updated email
games/sauerbraten: Updated for version 2020_12_27
games/sauerbraten: fix email
games/scid_vs_pc: Updated for version 4.22.
games/scummvm-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/scummvm: Avoid breakage with the gold linker on i*86.
games/scummvm: Fixed dep info in README
games/scummvm: Updated for version 2.5.1.
games/sdlpop: Update DEP.
games/sdlpop: Updated for version 1.22.
games/simplesok: Update DEP.
games/simsu: Updated for version 1.4.0.
games/skulltag: Fix README.
games/skulltag: New-style icons.
games/smc: New-style icons.
games/sms_sdl: New-style icons.
games/snes9x: Downgrade to v1.59 due to crashes.
games/snes9x: Fixed dep info
games/snes9x: Support alternatives for ninja
games/solarus: Fixed dep info
games/solarwolf: Fix -current build.
games/solarwolf: Remove template comment.
games/speed-dreams: Fixed dep info
games/speed-dreams: Patch for the newer gcc.
games/speed-dreams: Updated for version 2.2.3_r7616.
games/spring: Fix 15.0 build.
games/spring: Fixed dep info
games/srb2: Update DEP.
games/srb2: Updated for version 2.2.9.
games/starfighter: Update DEP.
games/steam: Fixed dep info
games/steam: Updated for version
games/steam: Updated for version
games/steam: Updated for version
games/steem: Removed (dead project; use hatari instead).
games/stella-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/stella: Update DEP.
games/stella: Updated for version 6.5.3.
games/stockfish: Fix download URL.
games/stockfish: Updated for version 14.1.
games/stone_soup: Update DEP.
games/stone_soup: Update DEP.
games/stratagus: Fix -current build.
games/stratagus: Fix README.
games/stratagus: Fixed dep info
games/sumeria: Remove template comment.
games/sumwars: Removed (ftbfs).
games/supermariowar: Updated for version 2020_04_25.
games/supertux: Fixed dep info
games/supertux: Updated for version 0.6.2_rc.1.
games/supertux: i486-->i586
games/supertuxkart: Fix building with SDL2 >= 2.0.14.
games/supertuxkart: Fixed dep info
games/supertuxkart: Updated for version 1.3.
games/syobonaction: Updated for version 0.2+20210411_f2e8629.
games/taipan: Remove template comment.
games/talkfilters: Remove .la files.
games/tanglet: Updated for version 1.5.5.
games/tbftss: Update DEP.
games/teeworlds: Update DEP.
games/tkgames: Added (a collection of card and puzzle games).
games/tkgames: Fix permission.
games/tkgames: Remove old template CWD.
games/tome: Fixed dep info
games/tome: Updated for version 1.6.0.
games/torcs: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
games/torcs: New-style icons.
games/trackballs: Added the new dependency guile2.2.
games/trackballs: Update DEP.
games/trackballs: Updated for version 1.3.3.
games/transfusion: Removed (dead project; play nblood instead).
games/tty-solitaire: Fix 15.0 build.
games/tuxnes: Fix 15.0 build.
games/typespeed: Fix 15.0 build.
games/typhoon_2001: Fix README.
games/typhoon_2001: Fix sound.
games/typhoon_2001: Put exe in /usr/games.
games/tyrquake-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/ucr: Removed (broken; play aklabeth instead).
games/ufoai: Fix -current build.
games/ultimatestunts: Use a single make job.
games/unknown-horizons: Update DEP.
games/unnethack: Updated for version 6.0.4_20220203_1f061e93b.
games/unvanquished: Fixed dep info
games/unvanquished: Update DEP.
games/unvanquished: Update DEP.
games/uqm-megamod: Added (space adventure game).
games/uqm-megamod: Fix build with MAKEFLAGS.
games/uqm: Fixed dep info
games/uqm: Remove template comment.
games/uqm_3domusic: Remove template comment.
games/uqm_remixes: Remove template comment.
games/uqm_voice: Remove template comment.
games/vbam: Fix -current build, enhancements.
games/vbam: Fix wxPython vs. wxGTK3 mess. Again.
games/vbam: Update DEP.
games/vcmi-core: new maintainer
games/vcmi-core: update copyright years
games/vcmi-resolutions: new maintainer
games/vcmi-resolutions: update for version 20141001
games/vcmi-resolutions: updated for version 20151113
games/vcmi-wog: new maintainer
games/vcmi-wog: update copyright years
games/vcmi. update for version 0.99_gitb310f2e
games/vcmi: Update DEP.
games/vcmi: Update DEP.
games/vcmi: Update DEP.
games/vcmi: Updated for version 569dv9ed.
games/vcmi: new maintainer and updated for version 0.99_gite219e1f
games/vcmi: updated for version 0.99_git20220130
games/vectoroids: Add .desktop and icons.
games/vegastrike: Adjustments for -current.
games/vegastrike: Fix 15.0 build.
games/vegastrike: Fixed dep info
games/vera: Various fixes and enhancements.
games/virtualjaguar-libretro: Removed (no maintainer)
games/vitaquake2-libretro: Updated for version aed906ef.
games/vkQuake: Fixed dep info
games/vms-empire: Fix 15.0 build.
games/voxelands: Fixed dep info
games/voxelands: Updated for version 1709.00.
games/wargus: Add missing diff.
games/wargus: Fix -current build.
games/wargus: Fixed dep info
games/warmux: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
games/warmux: Removed.
games/warsow: Fix 15.0 build.
games/warsow: Fixed dep info
games/warzone2100: Fixed dep info
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.0.1
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.1.0
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.1.1
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.1.3
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.2.0
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.2.1
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.2.3
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.2.4
games/warzone2100: updated for version 4.2.5
games/warzone2100: updated homepage
games/waterCloset: Fix download URL.
games/waterCloset: Update DEP.
games/wesnoth: Fix 15.0 build, better parallel support.
games/wesnoth: Remove NUMJOBS.
games/wesnoth: Update DEP.
games/wesnoth: Updated email
games/wesnoth: Updated for version 1.14.17
games/wesnoth: Updated for version 1.16.1
games/widelands: Update DEP.
games/widelands: Updated for version 1.0
games/widelands: Updated for version build21.
games/widelands: Updated maintainer email
games/wmquake: Removed (dead project; dumb idea anyway).
games/wolf4sdl: New-style icons.
games/wordwarvi: New-style icons.
games/worldofgoo: New maintainer.
games/xarchon: Fix -current build.
games/xcowsay: Remove template comment.
games/xcpc: Updated for version 0.37.0, changed homepage.
games/xmoto: Fixed dep info
games/xonotic: Fix 15.0 build.
games/xonotic: Remove .la files.
games/xonotic: Update DEP.
games/xroar-roms: Remove template comment.
games/xroar: Updated for version 0.37.1.
games/xspacewarp: Fix window close button.
games/xu4: Fix build on -current.
games/xu4: New-style icons, disable alt-x.
games/xu4: Remove template comment, fix URLs.
games/xye: Disabled narrowing warnings.
games/yabause: Fix 15.0 build.
games/yabause: Fix building (using the qt version).
games/yabause: Fixed dep info
games/yae: Fix audio, X close button.
games/yahtzee: Fix MD5SUM.
games/yahtzee: New-style icons.
games/yamagi-quake2: Fixed dep info
games/yamagi-quake2: Updated for version 7.45.
games/yar: Better icons.
games/yar: New-style icon.
games/z26: Fix build on -current. Again.
games/z26: Remove template comment.
games/z26: Removed (broken, don't care).
games/z26v2: Removed (use stella instead).
games/z26v3: Remove template comment.
games/zdbsp: Minor man page nitpick.
games/zdoom: Fixed dep info in README
games/zdoom: New-style icons, fix -current build.
games/zdoom: Update DEP.
games/zennode: Update slack-desc, add man page.
games/znake: Fix 15.0 build.
games/zoom: Bugfix patches, new icons.
games/zork: Updated for version 20211011.
games/zsnes: Fix -current build, new-style icons.
games/zsnes: Remove statifier support (broken).
games/ztools: Fix -current build.
gis/CreateCloudMap: Removed (Service is shut down).
gis/CreateCloudMap: Update DEP.
gis/Fiona: Updated dependencies.
gis/Fiona: Updated for version 1.8.20.
gis/Geohash: Removed Python 2 support.
gis/OTB: Updated for Slackware 15.
gis/OTB: Updated for Slackware 15.
gis/OTB: Updated for version 7.3.0.
gis/OWSLIB: Updated dependencies.
gis/OWSLib: Updated for version 0.24.1.
gis/SFCGAL: Updated for Slackware 15.
gis/Shapely: Fix Download URL
gis/Shapely: New maintainer.
gis/Shapely: Updated dependencies.
gis/Shapely: Updated for version 1.8.0
gis/cartopy: Updated for version 0.19.0.post1.
gis/cartopy: Updated for version 0.20.1 + new maintainer.
gis/cartopy: Updated for version 0.20.2
gis/cartopy: update dependency in info file
gis/cligj: Updated for version 0.7.1 and Python 3.
gis/foxtrotgps: Updated for version 1.2.2.
gis/gdal: Apply upstream patch for the newer poppler.
gis/gdal: Fix location of the new mariadb headers.
gis/gdal: Fixed dep info
gis/gdal: Fixed dep info again
gis/gdal: Remove .la files.
gis/gdal: Updated dependencies.
gis/gdal: Updated for version 3.3.0.
gis/gdal: Updated for version 3.3.2 + new maintainer.
gis/gdal: Updated for version 3.3.3
gis/gdal: Updated for version 3.4.0
gis/gdal: Updated for version 3.4.1
gis/gdal: fix building when freexl is installed.
gis/geogig-py: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geogig: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geographiclib-python: Removed Python 2 support.
gis/geojson: Updated dependencies.
gis/geopandas: update DEP
gis/geopy: Updated dependencies.
gis/geos: Fix tarball handling.
gis/geos: Updated for Slackware 15.
gis/geos: Updated for version 3.10.0 + new maintainer.
gis/geos: Updated for version 3.10.1
gis/geos: Updated for version 3.10.2
gis/geoserver-control-flow: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver-css: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver-javascript: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver-oracle: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver-pyramid: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver-python: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver-wps: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/geoserver: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/gj2ascii: Update DEP
gis/grass: Fix for GDAL 3.3.
gis/grass: Fixed dep info
gis/laszip: Don't ship *.la files.
gis/laszip: Remove .la files.
gis/laszip: Remove .la files.
gis/libLAS: Patch for the newer boost.
gis/libgeotiff: Don't ship *.la files.
gis/libgeotiff: Remove .la files.
gis/libgeotiff: Remove .la files.
gis/librasterlite: Fix build on 15.0.
gis/librasterlite: Remove .la files.
gis/libspatialindex: Remove .la files.
gis/libspatialite: Remove .la files.
gis/libspatialite: Update DEP.
gis/libspatialite: Updated for version 5.0.1
gis/mapnik: Fixed dep info in README
gis/mapnik: Updated for version 3.1.0.
gis/merkaartor: Fix build for Qt 5.15.
gis/merkaartor: Updated dependencies.
gis/merkaartor: Updated for version 0.19.0
gis/mobac: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/navit: Updated for version 0.5.6.
gis/opencpn: Update README.
gis/opencpn: Update dep.
gis/opencpn: Updated for version 5.2.4.
gis/openorienteering-mapper: updated to version 0.9.5
gis/osgEarth: Updated for version 3.1
gis/osgEarth: Updated for version 3.2
gis/osm-gps-map: Remove .la files.
gis/osm2pgrouting: Updated for version 2.3.8.
gis/ossim: Updated for version 2.12.0.
gis/pgsql-ogr-fdw: Updated for version 1.1.1.
gis/pktools: Remove libLAS support.
gis/pointcloud: Update website.
gis/polyline: Removed Python 2 support.
gis/postgis: Updated for version 3.1.2.
gis/postgis: Updated for version 3.1.4.
gis/proj-data: Fix VERSION.
gis/proj-data: Updated for version 1.5.0.
gis/proj-data: Updated for version 1.7 + new maintainer.
gis/proj-data: Updated for version 1.8
gis/proj-data: Updated for version 1.9
gis/proj: Remove la file.
gis/proj: Updated for version 8.1.1 + new maintainer.
gis/proj: Updated for version 8.2.0
gis/proj: Updated for version 8.2.1
gis/proj: Updated for version 9.0.0
gis/pyproj: Updated dependencies.
gis/pyproj: Updated for version 3.2.1 + new maintainer.
gis/pyshp: New maintainer.
gis/pyshp: Removed Python 2 support.
gis/pyshp: Updated for version 2.2.0
gis/python-mapnik: Updated for version git4a6f35d.
gis/python-pygeos: Updated for version 0.10.2 + new maintainer
gis/python-pygeos: Updated for version 0.11.1
gis/python-pygeos: Updated for version 1.12.0
gis/python3-basemap: Fix build on -current.
gis/python3-basemap: Update DEP
gis/python3-cartopy: Renamed from gis/cartopy
gis/python3-pyproj: Fix slack-desc.
gis/python3-pyproj: renamed from gis/pyproj
gis/python3-pyshp: renamed from gis/pyshp
gis/python3-shapely: Fix slack-desc.
gis/python3-shapely: renamed from gis/Shapely, updated for version 1.8.1.post1
gis/python3-xarray: renamed from python/xarray and updated for version 2022.03.0
gis/pytrainer: Fix dependency.
gis/pytrainer: Update DEP.
gis/qgis: Fixed dep info
gis/qgis: Improve build process.
gis/qgis: Patch a cmake bug and point at current's sip3.
gis/qgis: Update DEP.
gis/qgis: Update DEP.
gis/qgis: Updated for version 3.20.0.
gis/qmapshack: Fixed dep info
gis/qmapshack: Updated for version 1.16.1.
gis/rasterio: Updated dependencies.
gis/rasterio: Updated for version 1.2.6.
gis/readosm: Remove .la files.
gis/saga-gis: Fix typo in script.
gis/saga-gis: Fix wxPython/wxGTK3 stupidity.
gis/saga-gis: Remove .la files.
gis/saga-gis: Updated dependencies.
gis/spatialite-tools: Updated for version 4.3.0.
gis/spatialite_gui: Removed.
gis/tangogps: Fix build on 15.0.
gis/udig: Removed (No maintainer).
gis/viking: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
gis/viking: Fixed dep info
gis/whitebox-tools: Updated for version 1.5.0.
git/cargo: avoid writing to $HOME/.cargo
git/gitignore: Add .tar.zst in gitignore.
git/pyproj: Updated for version 3.3.0
graphics/Alchemy: removed.
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.92.0.
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.0
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.1
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.2
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.3
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.4
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.5
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 2.93.6
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 3.0.0
graphics/Blender: Updated for version 3.0.1
graphics/CairoSVG: Fixed dep info
graphics/FreeCAD: Updated for version 0.18.4.
graphics/FreeCAD: Updated for version 0.19.2
graphics/GPS: Update README
graphics/GraphicsMagick: Added a note to the README.
graphics/GraphicsMagick: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/GraphicsMagick: Minor build quibble.
graphics/GraphicsMagick: Remove .la files.
graphics/GraphicsMagick: Updated for version 1.3.36.
graphics/LDView: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/LDView: Updated for version 4.4.1
graphics/LDraw_data: Updated for version 202201.
graphics/OpenCASCADE: Fix building with cmake >= 3.20.x.
graphics/OpenCASCADE: Modify for latest VTK
graphics/OpenSubdiv: Distinct SRCNAM no longer needed
graphics/OpenSubdiv: Fix github URL, remove static libs.
graphics/OpenSubdiv: Fixed dep info
graphics/OpenSubdiv: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/OpenSubdiv: Updated for version 3.4.4
graphics/Pixie: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/PyMOL: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
graphics/SPIRV-Tools: Removed (included in -current).
graphics/SweetHome3D: Updated for version 6.6.
graphics/SweetHome3D: Use zulu-openjdk8.
graphics/SweetHome3d: Fixed dep info (-openjdk8)
graphics/VariCAD: Fix download URLs.
graphics/VariCAD: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
graphics/Vulkan-Tools: Removed (included in -current).
graphics/Vulkan-Tools: Update DEP.
graphics/XnViewMP: Fixed dep info
graphics/XnViewMP: Update MD5SUM, VERSION.
graphics/advancecomp: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/autotrace: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/baires: Fix -current build.
graphics/barcode: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/bdfedit: Remove template comment.
graphics/brlcad: Fixed dep info
graphics/brlcad: Updated for version 7.32.4.
graphics/brlcad: updated homepage
graphics/cam: Added (display images in a terminal).
graphics/converseen: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/converseen: Switch to https.
graphics/converseen: Updated for version
graphics/converseen: Updated for version
graphics/converseen: Updated for version
graphics/converseen: Updated for version
graphics/darktable: Fixed dep info
graphics/darktable: Updated for version 3.4.0.
graphics/dblatex: Update MD5SUM.
graphics/digikam: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/discwrapper: Removed (No maintainer).
graphics/draftsight: Removed (No maintainer).
graphics/enblend-enfuse: Add a missing header.
graphics/enblend-enfuse: Updated for version 20191019_4c30a326b3f4.
graphics/entangle: Fixed dep info
graphics/entangle: Remove .la files.
graphics/exact-image: Fix build if efl installed.
graphics/exact-image: Patch for giflib >= 5.2.x.
graphics/exact-image: Updated for Slackware 15.
graphics/fbida: Fix README.
graphics/fbida: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
graphics/fbida: Remove template comment.
graphics/fbv: Remove template comment.
graphics/fim: Updated for version 0.6_trunk.
graphics/findimagedupes: Updated for version 2.19.1.
graphics/flameshot: Fixed dep info
graphics/flpsed: Remove template comment.
graphics/fontforge: Don't ship .la files
graphics/fontforge: Update the pre-install catcher.
graphics/fontforge: Updated for version 20201107.
graphics/fotowall: Updated for version 1.0.
graphics/fotoxx: Removed (ornery requirements; I'm done)
graphics/freewrl: Fixed dep info
graphics/freewrl: Removed (no maintainer, ftbfs).
graphics/frescobaldi: Updated for version 3.1.3.
graphics/fyre: fix build
graphics/gcolor2: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
graphics/gdk-pixbuf-psd: Remove template comment.
graphics/gifsicle: Updated for version 1.93.
graphics/gimagereader: Updated for version 20201201_2d32618.
graphics/gimagereader: Updated for version 3.4.0.
graphics/gimp-feca_hdr-plugin: Updated for version 2018.07.28.
graphics/gimp-lqr-plugin: Fix building on -current.
graphics/gimp-plugin-bimp: Updated for version 2.0.
graphics/gimp-plugin-bimp: Updated for version 2.5.
graphics/gimp-plugin-bimp: Updated for version 2.6
graphics/gimp-wideangle-plugin: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/glslang: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/gmic: Fixed dep info
graphics/gmic: Updated for version 2.9.4.
graphics/gnome-web-photo: Removed.
graphics/goocanvas: Fix underlinking.
graphics/goocanvas: Remove .la files.
graphics/gource: Update DEP.
graphics/gpaint: Fix underlinking against libm.
graphics/gpaint: update copyright years
graphics/gpscorrelate: Updated for version 2.0.
graphics/graphene: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/graphite2: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/graphviz: Disable the php bindings (FTB ATM).
graphics/graphviz: Remove .la files.
graphics/gthumb: Align with new template.
graphics/gthumb: Fixed build failure
graphics/gthumb: Fixed dep info
graphics/gthumb: Updated for version 3.10.3
graphics/gthumb: Updated for version 3.10.4.
graphics/gtkam: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/heif-gimp-plugin: Updated for version 20191012_d6bea52.
graphics/hp2xx: Remove template comment.
graphics/hugin: Fix wxPython conflict.
graphics/hugin: Updated for version 2020.0.0.
graphics/icc_profiles: Fix build.
graphics/imgcurses: Added (character-based image viewer).
graphics/imgmin: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/imgp: Fixed dep info
graphics/imgp: Updated for version 2.8.
graphics/imgp: Use systemwide dir for bash completion files
graphics/imv: Fixed dep info
graphics/imv: Updated for version 4.3.0.
graphics/inkscape: Patch for glib2 >= 2.67.3.
graphics/inkscape: Updated for version 1.0.2.
graphics/inkscape: Updated for version 1.1.
graphics/inkscape: Updated for version 1.1.1.
graphics/inkscape: Updated for version 1.1.2.
graphics/ipe: Fix 15.0 build, use LIBDIRSUFFIX.
graphics/ipe: Update DOWNLOAD url.
graphics/jpegoptim: Expand README & slack-desc.
graphics/k3d: Patch for gcc >= 7.x.
graphics/k3d: Removed (FTBFS).
graphics/kamerka: Removed (KDE4 app, untouched since 2014).
graphics/kphotoalbum: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/kphotoalbum: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/kphotoalbum: Updated for version 5.7.0.
graphics/kuickshow: Updated for version 0.10.1.
graphics/lddot: Install man page correctly.
graphics/leocad: Updated for version 21.06
graphics/leocad_pieces: Updated for version 20.03
graphics/libfpx: Fix README.
graphics/libfpx: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
graphics/libfpx: Remove template comment.
graphics/libplacebo: Fix dep info (again)
graphics/libplacebo: Fixed dep info
graphics/libplacebo: Updated for version 3.120.3.
graphics/librecad: Fix building with the newer boost.
graphics/lilypond: Don't depend on dblatex
graphics/lilypond: Update DEP.
graphics/lilypond: Updated for version 2.22.1
graphics/luminance-hdr: Fixed dep info
graphics/luminance-hdr: Update DEP.
graphics/luminance-hdr: Updated for version 2.6.0.
graphics/luxcorerender: Add missing desktop file.
graphics/luxcorerender: Fix slack-desc, PRGNAM.
graphics/luxrender: Fix download URLs.
graphics/luxrender: Fixed dep info
graphics/luxrender: Migrated to luxcorerender 2.6.
graphics/maim: Update DEP.
graphics/makehuman: Updated for version 1.2.0+20201105183027.
graphics/mcomix3: Added (comic book reader)
graphics/mcomix: Removed (no python2 pillow in current).
graphics/meh: Remove template comment.
graphics/meshlab: Fix github filename, desktop, doinst.
graphics/meshlab: Updated for version 2021.10.
graphics/mftrace: Fix dep info (t1utils)
graphics/mirage: updated for version 0.11.1
graphics/mitsuba-blender: Removed (ftbfs).
graphics/mitsuba2: Added (replacement of mitsuba).
graphics/mitsuba: Removed (ftbfs).
graphics/mlbrot: Removed (ftb).
graphics/mozjpeg: Note zulu-openjdk*.
graphics/mozjpeg: Remove template comment.
graphics/mtpaint: update copyright years
graphics/mypaint-brushes2: Added.
graphics/mypaint-brushes2: Fix slack-desc.
graphics/mypaint: Remove json-c dep (part of Slackware).
graphics/mypaint: Updated for version 1.2.1.
graphics/mypaint: Updated for version 2.0.1.
graphics/mypaint: Use correct numpy dep.
graphics/nomacs: Updated for version 3.17.2206.
graphics/nsxiv: Added (Neo Simple X Image Viewer).
graphics/nvidia-cg-toolkit: Updated maintainer email
graphics/nvidia-texture-tools: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/opencollada: Add a patch for the newer pcre.
graphics/opencolorio: Add net warning in README.
graphics/opencolorio: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
graphics/opencolorio: Fix destination lib directory
graphics/opencolorio: Fix quote.
graphics/opencolorio: Remove build dir.
graphics/opencolorio: Updated for version 2.0.1
graphics/opencolorio: Updated for version 2.1.0
graphics/opencolorio: Updated for version 2.1.1
graphics/openimageio: Updated for version
graphics/openimageio: Updated for version
graphics/openimageio: Updated for version
graphics/openimageio: Upgraded for version
graphics/openscad-mcad: Fix github filename mess.
graphics/openscad: Updated for version 2021.01.
graphics/oyranos: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/paraview: No tabs in .info file.
graphics/paraview: Update DEP.
graphics/paraview: Updated for version 5.10.0
graphics/paraview: Updated for version 5.9.1
graphics/pcx-pixbuf-loader: Fixed dep info
graphics/pcx-pixbuf-loader: Remove template comment.
graphics/pcx-pixbuf-loader: Support alternatives for ninja
graphics/pencil2d: Fixed dep info
graphics/pencil3: Align with template
graphics/pencil3: Updated for version 3.1.0.
graphics/photivo: Fixed dep info
graphics/photivo: Removed.
graphics/photoprint: Fix building with the newer glibc.
graphics/photoprint: Removed.
graphics/photoqt: Fixed README (poppler-qt5)
graphics/photoqt: Fixed dep info
graphics/photoqt: Updated for version 2.1.1.
graphics/photoqt: Updated for version 2.5.
graphics/plotutils: Remove .la files.
graphics/povray: Updated for version
graphics/povray: Updated for version 3.8.0_beta.2.
graphics/pqiv: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/psftools: Use https URLs, remove .la file.
graphics/pyformex: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/pygifme: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/qcad: Updated for version
graphics/qcomicbook: Fix github filename.
graphics/qcomicbook: Updated for version 0.9.1 (qt5-based).
graphics/qelectrotech: Updated for version 0.8.0.
graphics/qiv: Fixed dep info in README
graphics/qiv: Remove template comment.
graphics/qrencode: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/ralcgm: Remove template comment.
graphics/raw-thumbnailer: Get rid of incorrect usage info.
graphics/raw-thumbnailer: Remove template comment.
graphics/rawstudio: Disabled narrowing warnings.
graphics/rawstudio: Fix download URL.
graphics/rawstudio: Fixed dep info
graphics/rawstudio: Removed (FTBFS).
graphics/rawtherapee: Fixed dep info
graphics/rawtherapee: Updated for version 5.8.
graphics/ristretto: Updated for version 0.10.0.
graphics/ristretto: Updated for version 0.12.2.
graphics/scantailor-advanced: Remove compatibility hacks.
graphics/scantailor-advanced: Updated for version 20200531_3d1e74e.
graphics/scantailor: Removed (incompatible with qt5-5.15.x).
graphics/screencloud: Updated for version 1.5.3, build from source.
graphics/screengrab: Updated for version 2.1.0.
graphics/separate+: Removed (crashed at runtime).
graphics/shaderc: Fixed dep info
graphics/shaderc: Removed (included in -current).
graphics/shotwell: Fixed dep info
graphics/shotwell: Remove .la files.
graphics/simple-scan: Align with new template.
graphics/simple-scan: Fixed dep info
graphics/simple-scan: Updated for version 3.34.0, changed homepage.
graphics/simple-scan: Updated for version 3.38.5.
graphics/tclblt: Add -j1 to make, use /usr/lib64 on x86_64.
graphics/teighafileconverter: Remove template comment.
graphics/teighaviewer: Remove "broken" comment (qt4 fixes it).
graphics/teighaviewer: Remove template comment.
graphics/teighaviewer: Removed (outdated binary-only software).
graphics/tesseract: Updated for version 5.0.1
graphics/textext: Update DEP.
graphics/tgif-QPL: Fix download URL.
graphics/tintii: Fix wxPython conflict.
graphics/tuxpaint: Fix DEP.
graphics/tuxpaint: Updated for version 0.9.27.
graphics/ueberzug: Fixed dep info
graphics/ufraw: Fixed dep info
graphics/ufraw: Patch for the newer toolchain.
graphics/ufraw: Updated for version 20210427_684af05.
graphics/unpaper: Update DEP.
graphics/urbanlightscape: Fix wxPython conflict.
graphics/veles: Add net warning in README.
graphics/viewnior: Align with new template.
graphics/viewnior: Fixed dep info
graphics/viewnior: Remove template comment.
graphics/vips: Update DEP.
graphics/vips: Updated for version 8.12.2.
graphics/vsxu: Update DEP.
graphics/vsxu: Update REQUIRES (glfw => glfw3).
graphics/vuescan: Updated MD5SUMs.
graphics/vuescan: Updated MD5SUMs.
graphics/vuescan: Updated MD5SUMs.
graphics/vuescan: Updated MD5SUMs.
graphics/vuescan: Updated MD5SUMs.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.55.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.56.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.58.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.59.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.64.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.65.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.67.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.69.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.71.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.74.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.76.
graphics/vuescan: Updated for version 9.7.79.
graphics/vulkan-sdk-bin: Removed (included in -current).
graphics/vulkan-sdk: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/wavelet-denoise: Fix build on 15.0, do not spam /usr.
graphics/wayland-protocols: Removed (added to Slackware).
graphics/webp-pixbuf-loader: Fixed dep info
graphics/webp-pixbuf-loader: Support alternatives for ninja
graphics/webp-pixbuf-loader: Updated for version 0.0.3.
graphics/white_dune: Update DEP.
graphics/wine-nine-standalone: Fixed dep info
graphics/wine-nine-standalone: Updated for version 0.8.
graphics/xbmbrowser: Fix download URL.
graphics/xcalib: Updated for version 0.10
graphics/xcf-pixbuf-loader: Remove template comment.
graphics/xcur2png: Remove template comment.
graphics/xfishtank: Updated for version 2.6.
graphics/xli: Remove template comment.
graphics/xmedcon: Remove .la files.
graphics/xmedcon: Updated for version 0.21.2, change maint. email.
graphics/xpe: Fix 15.0 build.
graphics/yacreader: Fixed dep info
graphics/yacreader: Updated for version
graphics/yafaray-blender: Fix github filename.
graphics/yafaray-blender: Updated for version 3.2.0.
graphics/yafaray: Fix github URL, support optional qt4.
graphics/yafaray: Fixed dep info (opencv)
graphics/yafaray: Updated for version 3.2.0.
graphics/yagf: Fix DEP.
graphics/yed: Updated for version 3.21.1
graphics/yesplz: Removed (No longer maintained).
graphics/zbar: Remove .la files.
graphics/zbar: Updated for version 0.23.90.
gupnp: Updated for version 1.4.2.
ham/7plus: Fixes for the 64bit build.
ham/CubicSDR: Fix github tarball handling.
ham/CubicSDR: Fix github tarball handling.
ham/CubicSDR: Updated for version 0.2.7.
ham/SoapySDR: Updated for version 0.8.1.
ham/SoapySDRPlay: Fix DOWNLOAD.
ham/aprx: Use -fcommon. i486->i586. Fix README.
ham/chirp: Updated for version 20210416.
ham/chirp: Updated for version 20210830.
ham/chirp: Updated for version 20220219.
ham/cwstation: Use i486->i586.
ham/direwolf: Compress manpages.
ham/direwolf: Fix github zip handling.
ham/ebook2cw: Fixed dep info
ham/fldigi: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
ham/fldigi: Fix REQUIRES.
ham/fldigi: Updated for version 4.1.20.
ham/fldigi: Use -std=c++14. Adjust REQUIRES.
ham/flmsg: Updated for version 4.0.19. Fix README.
ham/flrig: Fix dep info (+fltk)
ham/flrig: Updated for 1.4.4. Adjust REQUIRES.
ham/freedv: Fixed dep info
ham/gqrx-sdr: Fix DOWNLOAD & README.
ham/gqrx-sdr: Updated for version 2.15.8.
ham/gsmlib: Remove .la files.
ham/gsmlib: Use -std=c++14. i486->i586. Fix README.
ham/hamlib: Fix README.
ham/hamlib: Remove .la files.
ham/inspectrum: Updated for version 0.2.3.
ham/klog: Fix DOWNLOAD.
ham/klog: Updated for version 1.8.7. Adjust README. Fix paths.
ham/libax25: Remove .la files.
ham/linlogbook: Removed.
ham/linpsk: Updated for version 1.3.5.
ham/liquid-dsp: Updated for version 1.4.0.
ham/lpsk31: Use -fcommon. Fix README.
ham/qradiopredict: Removed.
ham/qsstv: Updated for version 9.5.8.
ham/soundmodem: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
ham/spectools: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
ham/svxlink: Fix DOWNLOAD.
ham/svxlink: Fix github tarball handling.
ham/svxlink: Fixed dep info
ham/svxlink: Patched for gcc >= 6.x.
ham/tqsl: Updated for version 2.5.7.
ham/twhamqth: Use -fcommon. i486->i586. Fix README.
ham/unixcw: Remove .la files.
ham/wsjtx: Fixed dep info.
ham/wsjtx: Updated for 2.5.4. Fix README.
ham/xdemorse: Updated for 3.6.5. i486->i586. Fix README.
ham/xdx: Use -fcommon. Fix README.
ham/xgridloc: Fix DOWNLOAD.
ham/xlog: Updated for version 2.0.24.
ham/xnec2c: Updated for 4.4.5. Fix README.
haskell-doctemplates: Updated for version
haskell/ghc: Install the man page in the correct place.
haskell/ghc: Updated for version 8.10.4.
haskell/haskell-Crypto: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-Diff: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-FindBin: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-GLURaw: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-GLURaw: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-GLUT: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-GLUT: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-Glob: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-Glob: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-HTTP: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-HTTP: Updated for version 4000.3.16.
haskell/haskell-HUnit: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-HsYAML: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-HsYAML: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-JuicyPixels: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-JuicyPixels: Updated for version 3.3.6.
haskell/haskell-ObjectName: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-OneTuple: Added (singleton tuple).
haskell/haskell-OpenGL: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-OpenGL: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-OpenGL: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-OpenGLRaw: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-OpenGLRaw: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-QuickCheck: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-QuickCheck: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-QuickCheck: Updated for version 2.14.2.
haskell/haskell-SHA: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-ShellCheck: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-ShellCheck: Updated for version 0.7.2.
haskell/haskell-ShellCheck: Updated for version 0.8.0.
haskell/haskell-StateVar: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-StateVar: Updated for version 1.2.2.
haskell/haskell-Tensor: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-X11-xft: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-X11: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-X11: Updated for version 1.10.2.
haskell/haskell-aeson-compat: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-aeson-compat: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-aeson-compat: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-aeson-compat: Updated for version 0.3.10.
haskell/haskell-aeson-pretty: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-aeson-pretty: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-aeson-pretty: Updated for version 0.8.9.
haskell/haskell-aeson: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-aeson: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-aeson: Fix depenedencies.
haskell/haskell-aeson: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-annotated-wl-pprint: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-ansi-terminal: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-ansi-wl-pprint: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-appar: Added (A simple applicative parser).
haskell/haskell-asn1-encoding: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-asn1-encoding: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-asn1-encoding: Updated for version 0.9.6.
haskell/haskell-asn1-parse: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-asn1-parse: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-asn1-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-assoc: Added (swap and assoc).
haskell/haskell-async: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-async: Updated for version 2.2.3.
haskell/haskell-async: Updated for version 2.2.4.
haskell/haskell-attoparsec-iso8601: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-attoparsec-iso8601: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-attoparsec: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-attoparsec: Updated for version 0.14.1.
haskell/haskell-attoparsec: Updated for version 0.14.3.
haskell/haskell-auto-update: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-base-compat-batteries: Added (base-compat extras).
haskell/haskell-base-compat: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-base-compat: Updated for version 0.12.1.
haskell/haskell-base-orphans: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-base-orphans: Updated for version 0.8.6.
haskell/haskell-base-prelude: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-base16-bytestring: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-base16-bytestring: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-base64-bytestring: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-basement: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-basement: Updated for version 0.0.12.
haskell/haskell-bifunctors: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-bifunctors: Updated for version 5.5.11.
haskell/haskell-bindings-uname: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-bitarray: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-blaze-builder: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-blaze-html: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-blaze-html: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-blaze-markup: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-blaze-markup: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-bmp: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-byteable: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-byteorder: Added (native endianness lib).
haskell/haskell-bytestring-builder: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cabal-doctest: Added (A Setup.hs helper).
haskell/haskell-cabal-install: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cabal-install: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-call-stack: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-case-insensitive: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-case-insensitive: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cereal: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cereal: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-cgi: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cgi: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cgi: Updated for version 3001.5.0.0.
haskell/haskell-cipher-aes: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cipher-aes: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cipher-des: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cipher-des: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cipher-rc4: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cipher-rc4: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-citeproc: Added (gen citations).
haskell/haskell-clock: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cmark-gfm: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cmark: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cmdargs: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cmdlib: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cmdlib: Removed (does not build with ghc 8.10.4).
haskell/haskell-colour: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-colour: Updated for version 2.3.6.
haskell/haskell-commonmark-extensions: Added (commonmark extends).
haskell/haskell-commonmark-pandoc: Added (Bridge pandoc AST).
haskell/haskell-commonmark: Added (Pure Haskell commonmark parser).
haskell/haskell-comonad: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-comonad: Updated for version 5.0.8.
haskell/haskell-composition: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-conduit-extra: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-conduit-extra: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-conduit: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-conduit: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-conduit: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-connection: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-connection: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-connection: Updated for version 0.3.1.
haskell/haskell-constraints: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-constraints: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-constraints: Updated for version 0.13.3.
haskell/haskell-contravariant: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-contravariant: Updated dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cookie: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-crypto-cipher-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-crypto-cipher-types: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-crypto-numbers: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-crypto-numbers: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-crypto-pubkey-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-crypto-pubkey-types: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-crypto-pubkey: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-crypto-pubkey: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-crypto-random: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cryptohash-sha256: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cryptohash: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cryptohash: Fix deps.
haskell/haskell-cryptonite-conduit: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cryptonite-conduit: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-cryptonite: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-cryptonite: Updated for version 0.29.
haskell/haskell-curl: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-data-default-class: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-data-default-instances-containers: Fix metadata.
haskell/haskell-data-default: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-data-default: Fix deps.
haskell/haskell-data-fix: Added (Fixpoint data types).
haskell/haskell-data-ordlist: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-dataenc: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-deepseq-generics: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-deepseq-generics: Fix build with ghc 8.10.4.
haskell/haskell-digest: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-distributive: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-distributive: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-dlist: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-dlist: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-doclayout: Added (A prettyprinting library).
haskell/haskell-doctemplates: Add dependency.
haskell/haskell-doctemplates: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-doctemplates: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-double-conversion: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-easy-file: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-echo: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-ed25519: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-edit-distance: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-either: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-either: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-emojis: Added (emoji conversions).
haskell/haskell-enclosed-exceptions: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-enclosed-exceptions: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-env-locale: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-erf: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-errors: Added (Simplified error-handling).
haskell/haskell-exceptions: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-exceptions: Removed (part of ghc).
haskell/haskell-exceptions: Updated for version 0.10.4.
haskell/haskell-extensible-exceptions: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-extra: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-fail: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-fast-logger: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-fast-logger: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-fgl: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-fgl: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-file-embed: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-file-embed: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-filelock: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-filemanip: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-fixed: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-foundation: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-foundation: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-free: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-free: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-free: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-free: Updated for version 5.1.7.
haskell/haskell-fsnotify: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-fsnotify: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-generic-deriving: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-generic-deriving: Updated for version 1.14.1.
haskell/haskell-ghc-paths: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-ghc-paths: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-gitrev: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-gloss-rendering: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-gloss-rendering: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-gloss-rendering: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-gloss: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-gloss: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-graphviz: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-graphviz: Updated for version 2999.20.1.0.
haskell/haskell-hackage-security: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hackage-security: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-hackage-security: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-haddock-library: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-haddock-library: Updated for version 1.10.0.
haskell/haskell-half: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hashable: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hashable: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-hashable: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-hashed-storage: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hashed-storage: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-haskell-src: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-haskell-src: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-highlighting-kate: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hinotify: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hostname: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hourglass: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hpack: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hpack: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-hpack: Updated for version 0.34.6.
haskell/haskell-hslogger: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hslogger: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-hslua-aeson: Added (aeson data types for Lua).
haskell/haskell-hslua-classes: Added (Type classes for HsLua).
haskell/haskell-hslua-core: Added (lua bindings).
haskell/haskell-hslua-marshalling: Added (marshalling lua values).
haskell/haskell-hslua-module-path: Added (lua module for files).
haskell/haskell-hslua-module-system: Added (system module wrapper).
haskell/haskell-hslua-module-text: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hslua-module-text: Updated for version 1.0.1.
haskell/haskell-hslua-module-version: Added (module for versions).
haskell/haskell-hslua-objectorientation: Added (OO tools for HsLua).
haskell/haskell-hslua-packaging: Added (Utils to build Lua modules).
haskell/haskell-hslua: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hslua: Updated for version 2.1.0.
haskell/haskell-hsp: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hspec-core: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hspec-core: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-hspec-core: Updated for version 2.9.4.
haskell/haskell-hspec-discover: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hspec-discover: Updated for version 2.9.4.
haskell/haskell-hspec-expectations: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hspec-expectations: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-hspec-smallcheck: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hspec-smallcheck: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-hspec: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hspec: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-hspec: Updated for version 2.9.4.
haskell/haskell-html: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-http-api-data: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-http-api-data: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-http-api-data: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-http-client-tls: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-http-client-tls: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-http-client-tls: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-http-client: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-http-client: Updated for version 0.7.11.
haskell/haskell-http-conduit: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-http-conduit: Updated for version 2.3.8.
haskell/haskell-http-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hxt-charproperties: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hxt-regex-xmlschema: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hxt-unicode: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hxt: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-hxt: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-hxt: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-idna: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-indexed-traversable-instances: Added (more inst).
haskell/haskell-indexed-traversable: Added (indexed traversables).
haskell/haskell-infer-license: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-integer-logarithms: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-integer-logarithms: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-iproute: Added (IP Routing Table).
haskell/haskell-ipynb: Added (Data structure for Jupyter notebooks).
haskell/haskell-iwlib: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-jira-wiki-markup: Added (Jira wiki markup).
haskell/haskell-json: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-json: Updated for version 0.10.
haskell/haskell-lcs: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-lexer: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-lexer: Updated for version 1.1.
haskell/haskell-libyaml: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-libyaml: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-lifted-async: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-lifted-async: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-lifted-base: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-lifted-base: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-logict: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-logict: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-lpeg: Added (Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua).
haskell/haskell-lua: Added (bindings to lua).
haskell/haskell-megaparsec: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-megaparsec: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-megaparsec: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
haskell/haskell-memory: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-memory: Updated for version 0.16.0.
haskell/haskell-microlens-mtl: Added (microlens support).
haskell/haskell-microlens-th: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-microlens-th: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-microlens: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-microlens: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-mime-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mintty: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mmap: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mmorph: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mmorph: Updated for version 1.2.0.
haskell/haskell-monad-control: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-monad-control: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-monad-logger: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-monad-logger: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-monad-logger: Updated for version 0.3.36.
haskell/haskell-monad-loops: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-monads-tf: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mono-traversable: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mono-traversable: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-mtl: Added (Monad classes, using funct. deps).
haskell/haskell-multipart: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-multipart: Updated for version 0.2.1.
haskell/haskell-mustache: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-mustache: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-mustache: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
haskell/haskell-nats: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-neat-interpolation: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-neat-interpolation: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
haskell/haskell-network-bsd: Added (POSIX network database).
haskell/haskell-network-uri: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-network: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-network: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-old-locale: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-old-time: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-old-time: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-open-browser: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-optparse-applicative: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-optparse-applicative: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-optparse-simple: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-optparse-simple: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-pandoc-lua-marshal: Added (pandoc types in lua).
haskell/haskell-pandoc-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-pandoc-types: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-pandoc-types: Updated for version 1.22.1.
haskell/haskell-parallel: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-parallel: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-parsec-numbers: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-parser-combinators: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-path-io: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-path-io: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-path-io: Updated for version 1.6.3.
haskell/haskell-path-pieces: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-path: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-path: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-path: Updated for version 0.9.2.
haskell/haskell-pem: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-pem: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-persistent-sqlite: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-persistent-sqlite: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-persistent-sqlite: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-persistent-template: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-persistent-template: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-persistent-template: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-persistent: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-persistent: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-persistent: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-pipes: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-pipes: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-pipes: Updated for version 4.3.16.
haskell/haskell-polyparse: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-polyparse: Updated for version 1.13.
haskell/haskell-pretty-show: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-pretty-show: Updated for version 1.10.
haskell/haskell-primitive: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-primitive: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-profunctors: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-profunctors: Fix dependenies.
haskell/haskell-profunctors: Updated for version 5.6.2.
haskell/haskell-project-template: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-project-template: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-publicsuffixlist: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-publicsuffixlist: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-punycode: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-quickcheck-io: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-random: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-applicative-text: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-applicative: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-base: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-base: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-regex-compat-tdfa: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-compat-tdfa: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-regex-compat: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-pcre-builtin: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-pcre-builtin: Updated for
haskell/haskell-regex-pcre: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-pcre: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-regex-posix: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-posix: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-regex-tdfa: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-regex-tdfa: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-resolv: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-resolv: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-resource-pool: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-resource-pool: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-resourcet: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-resourcet: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-resourcet: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-resourcet: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-retry: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-retry: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-retry: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-rio: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-rio: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-rio: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-rio: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-safe: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-safe: Updated for verion 0.3.19.
haskell/haskell-sandi: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-sandi: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-sandi: Updated for version 0.5.
haskell/haskell-scientific: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-scientific: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-securemem: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-semialign: Added (Align and Zip type-classes).
haskell/haskell-semigroupoids: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-semigroupoids: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-semigroupoids: Updated for version 5.3.6.
haskell/haskell-semigroups: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-semigroups: Update dependencies.
haskell/haskell-setenv: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-setlocale: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-setlocale: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-shelly: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-shelly: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-shelly: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-shelly: Updated for version 1.10.0.
haskell/haskell-silently: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-skylighting-core: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-skylighting-core: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-skylighting-core: Updated for version 0.12.1.
haskell/haskell-skylighting-core: Updated for version 0.12.2.
haskell/haskell-skylighting: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-skylighting: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-skylighting: Updated for version 0.12.2.
haskell/haskell-smallcheck: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-smallcheck: Updated for version 1.2.1.
haskell/haskell-socks: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-socks: Updated for version 0.6.1.
haskell/haskell-split: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-split: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-splitmix: Added (Pure Haskell Splitmix).
haskell/haskell-stack: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-stack: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-stack: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-stm-chans: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-store-core: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-store-core: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-store: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-store: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-store: Removed (ftbfs, unmaintained).
haskell/haskell-store: Updated for version 0.7.14.
haskell/haskell-streaming-commons: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-strict: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-strict: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-stringprep: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-stringsearch: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-stringsearch: Fix building on -current.
haskell/haskell-syb: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-syb: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-system-fileio: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-system-filepath: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-tagged: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-tagged: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-tagsoup: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-tar: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-tar: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-temporary: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-temporary: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-test-framework-hunit: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-test-framework-hunit: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-test-framework-quickcheck2: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-test-framework-quickcheck2: Fix build.
haskell/haskell-test-framework: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-test-framework: Fix build.
haskell/haskell-texmath: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-texmath: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-texmath: Updated for version 0.12.4.
haskell/haskell-text-conversions: Added (Safe conversions of text).
haskell/haskell-text-icu: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-text-icu: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-text-metrics: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-text-metrics: Updated for version 0.3.2.
haskell/haskell-text-short: Added (Memory-efficient uni strings).
haskell/haskell-tf-random: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-abstraction: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-abstraction: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-th-compat: Added (Backward-compatible types).
haskell/haskell-th-expand-syns: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-expand-syns: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-th-lift-instances: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-lift-instances: Updated for version 0.1.19.
haskell/haskell-th-lift: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-lift: Updated for version 0.8.2.
haskell/haskell-th-orphans: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-orphans: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-th-orphans: Updated for version 0.13.12.
haskell/haskell-th-reify-many: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-reify-many: Updated for version 0.1.10.
haskell/haskell-th-utilities: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-th-utilities: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-these: Added (An either-or-both data type).
haskell/haskell-time-compat: Added (Compatibility package for time).
haskell/haskell-time-locale-compat: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-tls: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-tls: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-tls: Updated for version 1.5.6.
haskell/haskell-transformers-base: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-transformers-compat: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-type-equality: Added (Data.Type.Equality compat).
haskell/haskell-typed-process: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-typed-process: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-unicode-collation: Added (Unicode Collation).
haskell/haskell-unicode-transforms: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-uniplate: Added (operatio writing help).
haskell/haskell-unix-compat: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-unix-time: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-unliftio-core: Fix build on -current.
haskell/haskell-unliftio-core: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-unliftio-core: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-unliftio: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-unliftio: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-unordered-containers: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-unordered-containers: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-unordered-containers: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-utf8-string: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-uuid-types: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-uuid-types: Updated for version 1.0.4.
haskell/haskell-uuid-types: Updated for version 1.0.5.
haskell/haskell-vector-algorithms: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-vector-algorithms: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-vector-algorithms: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-vector: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-vector: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-void: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-void: Updated dependencies.
haskell/haskell-witherable: Added (filterable traversable).
haskell/haskell-wl-pprint-text: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-wl-pprint-text: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-x509-store: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-x509-store: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-x509-system: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-x509-system: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-x509-validation: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-x509-validation: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-x509: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-x509: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-x509: Updated for version 1.7.5.
haskell/haskell-xml-conduit: Added (XML library).
haskell/haskell-xml-types: Added (Basic types for representing XML).
haskell/haskell-xml: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-yaml: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-yaml: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-yaml: Updated for version
haskell/haskell-zeromq4-haskell: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-zeromq4-haskell: Fix dependencies.
haskell/haskell-zip-archive: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-zlib: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/haskell-zlib: Updated for version
haskell/hscolour: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/xmonad-contrib: Fix build with ghc 8.10.
haskell/xmonad-contrib: Updated for version 0.17.0.
ibraries/vsqlite++: Handle url-encoded filenames.
kildclient: Version updated. Added new dependency for gtkspell3. Removed perl-JSON dependency.
libraries/Atlas-C++: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/Atlas-C++: Handle url-encoded filenames.
libraries/Atlas-C++: Remove .la files.
libraries/Atlas-C++: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/Botan: Fix build.
libraries/CCfits: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
libraries/CCfits: Remove .la files.
libraries/CCfits: Update DEP.
libraries/CEGUI0.7: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
libraries/CEGUI0.7: Remove .la files.
libraries/CEGUI: Fix conflict with ogre.
libraries/CEGUI: Updated for version 0.8.7.
libraries/CoinMP: Remove .la files.
libraries/DevIL: Fix build on Slackware-current
libraries/DevIL: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/DirectFB: Add a fix for the new man2html syntax.
libraries/DirectFB: Remove .la files.
libraries/DirectFB: Removed (old age, lack of use).
libraries/ETL: Remove .la files.
libraries/FreeImage: Updated for version 3.18.0.
libraries/FreeImage: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/GLee: Remove .la files.
libraries/GtkD: Removed (not used by any slackbuild)
libraries/GtkD: Updated for version 3.8.5.
libraries/Impacket: Update DEP.
libraries/Ipopt: Remove .la files.
libraries/Jinja2: Removed (Added to Slackware).
libraries/Jinja2: Removed Python 2 support.
libraries/Jinja2: new maintainer
libraries/Kivy: Fixed dep info
libraries/LucenePlusPlus: Fixed dep info
libraries/MyGUI: Remove redundant
libraries/MyGUI: Updated for version 3.4.1.
libraries/Nevow: Fixed python2-twisted dep.
libraries/ORBit2: Remove .la files.
libraries/ORBit2: s,i486,i586,g
libraries/OpenAL: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Fix build when asio is installed.
libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Fix building against wxGTK3.
libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Move bins from /usr/share and fix libdir
libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Updated for version 3.6.5
libraries/PDCurses: Remove .la files.
libraries/PDFlib-Lite: Remove .la files.
libraries/PDFlib-Lite: misc cleanups
libraries/PyOpenGL: Updated for version 3.1.6, add python3 support.
libraries/PyQt5-legacy: Removed (isn't it obvious?)  :-)
libraries/PyQt5: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/PyQwt: Removed (needs PyQt4).
libraries/QDarkStyle: Updated for version 3.0.2 (+new maintainer)
libraries/QScintilla-qt5: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/QUSB: Add the dependency qt4.
libraries/QUSB: Fix DEP.
libraries/QtUsb: Install in lib64 on x86_64.
libraries/SDL2: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/SDL2_image: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/SDL2_mixer: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/SDL2_net: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/SDL2_ttf: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/SDL_Pango: Remove .la files.
libraries/SDL_gfx: Remove .la files.
libraries/SDL_gfx: Remove .la files.
libraries/SDL_gfx: Remove .la files.
libraries/SDL_gfxL Updated for version 2.0.26.
libraries/SDL_kitchensink: Update DEP.
libraries/SDL_sound: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/SFGUI: Fix for gcc >= 11.x.
libraries/SFGUI: Updated for version 0.4.0.
libraries/SFGUI: Updated for version d37b377.
libraries/SFGUI: Use correct github URL.
libraries/SFML: Fixed dep info
libraries/SOPE: Remove .la files.
libraries/SPIRV-Headers: Removed (included in -current).
libraries/SQLObject: Fixed dep info
libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2020.3.11.
libraries/SimGear: Updated for version 2020.3.8.
libraries/VTK: Fixed dep info
libraries/VTK: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/VTK: Patch for qt-5.15.x.
libraries/VTK: Updated for version 9.0.1
libraries/VTK: Updated for version 9.0.3
libraries/VitaMTP: Remove .la files.
libraries/Vulkan-Headers: Removed (included in -current).
libraries/WebOb: Removed redundant
libraries/ZODB3: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
libraries/activemq-cpp: Remove .la files.
libraries/activemq-cpp: Updated for version 3.9.5.
libraries/adns: Remove .la files.
libraries/afflib: Remove .la files.
libraries/afflib: Updated for version 3.7.19.
libraries/agg: Patch for the newer compiler.
libraries/agg: Remove .la files.
libraries/alglib: update copyright years
libraries/allegro4: Make eawpats a hard dep.
libraries/allegro4: Updated for version
libraries/allegro: Removing workaround for 14.2, and updated for version
libraries/alure: Fix 15.0 build.
libraries/alure: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/alure: Fix build with newer cmake.
libraries/alure: Fixed README re optional deps
libraries/alure: Fixed dep info
libraries/antlr4: Updated for version 4.9.2.
libraries/antlr4: Updated for version 4.9.3.
libraries/apiextractor: Add qt4 dependency.
libraries/appmenu-qt: Removed (orphaned - qt4 + ftbfs).
libraries/appstream-glib: Align with new template.
libraries/appstream-glib: Fix build.
libraries/appstream-glib: Fixed dep info
libraries/appstream-glib: Updated for version 0.7.18.
libraries/aqbanking: Updated for version 6.4.1.
libraries/argon2: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/argtable: Get rid of .la files.
libraries/asio: Remove .la files.
libraries/asio: Updated for version 1.18.2.
libraries/aspnetcore-runtime: Changed package name to aspnetcore-runtime-3.1 and updated for version 3.1.21.
libraries/assimp: Fix cmake support for 64-bit.
libraries/assimp: Remove redundant
libraries/assimp: Updated for version 5.0.1.
libraries/atlas: Remove .la files.
libraries/atlas: Removed (use OpenBLAS).
libraries/audiere: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/audiere: Remove .la files.
libraries/audioread: Python3 Fixes.
libraries/avbin: Handle weird download filenames.
libraries/avr-libc: Remove .la files.
libraries/avr-libc: Updated for version 2.0.0.
libraries/bamf: Fixed dep info
libraries/bamf: Patch to add a disable warning configure option.
libraries/bamf: Remove .la files.
libraries/bamf: Update DEP.
libraries/barry: Remove .la files.
libraries/barry: Use systemwide dir for bash completion files
libraries/bcdoc: Fixed dep info
libraries/bctoolbox: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/beignet: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/beignet: Removed (incompatible with the newer llvm).
libraries/beignet: Updated for version 1.3.2, fix for llvm >= 6.x.
libraries/belle-sip: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/belle-sip: Patch for gcc >= 9.x.
libraries/belle-sip: Remove .la files.
libraries/blas: Updated for version 3.10.0
libraries/bluez-alsa: Added rc script
libraries/bluez-alsa: Remove .la files.
libraries/bluez-alsa: Updated for version 3.1.0.
libraries/boolstuff: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/boolstuff: Remove .la files.
libraries/boolstuff: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/botocore: Update DEP.
libraries/buddy: Remove .la files.
libraries/bullet: Updated for version 3.17.
libraries/bullet: Updated for version 3.21.
libraries/bullet: Use double precision.
libraries/bwidget: Removed redundant
libraries/bzrtp: Remove .la files.
libraries/bzrtp: Updated DOWNLOAD.
libraries/c++-gtk-utils: Handle url-encoded filenames.
libraries/c++-gtk-utils: Remove .la files.
libraries/c-ares: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/cal3d: Remove .la files.
libraries/cal3d: Removed redundant
libraries/capnproto: Remove .la files.
libraries/capnproto: Updated for version 0.9.0.
libraries/ccrtp: Remove .la files.
libraries/ccrtp: Updated for version 2.1.2.
libraries/cdk: Remove .la files.
libraries/cffi: Only build for python2.
libraries/cffi: Updated for version 1.13.2.
libraries/cfitsio: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/cgicc: Remove .la files.
libraries/cgicc: Updated for version 3.2.19.
libraries/cln: Remove .la files.
libraries/compface: Remove .la files.
libraries/compiz-bcomp: Updated for version 0.8.18.
libraries/compiz-bcop: Remove .la files.
libraries/compiz-plugins-experimental: Remove .la files.
libraries/compiz-plugins-experimental: Updated for version 0.8.18.
libraries/compiz-plugins-extra: Remove .la files.
libraries/compiz-plugins-extra: Updated for version 0.8.18.
libraries/compiz-plugins-main: Remove .la files.
libraries/compiz-plugins-main: Updated for version 0.8.18.
libraries/compizconfig-python: Remove .la files.
libraries/compizconfig-python: Updated for version 0.8.18.
libraries/configobj: Remove template comment.
libraries/configobj: Update DEP.
libraries/confuse: Remove .la files.
libraries/cpp-netlib: Updated for version 0.13.0.
libraries/cppo: Added (C-style preprocessor for OCaml).
libraries/cppo: Removed (ftb).
libraries/cpprestsdk: Fix conflict with libwebsocketpp.
libraries/cpprestsdk: Updated for version 20201210_eb6801f.
libraries/cracklib: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/cryptopp: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/ctemplate: Fix build on current.
libraries/cuneiform: Add the missing patch for gcc.
libraries/cuneiform: Patch for the newer gccs.
libraries/cuneiform: Patch from Debian to avoid strings.h collision.
libraries/cyrus-sasl-xoauth2: Remove .la files.
libraries/daq: Remove .la files.
libraries/dav1d: Fixed dep info
libraries/dav1d: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/dav1d: Updated for version 0.8.2.
libraries/dav1d: Updated for version 0.9.2.
libraries/db46: Removed (not needed, and conflicts with Slack db48)
libraries/db46: Use libtirpc.
libraries/dbus-cpp: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/dbus-sharp-glib: Remove .la files.
libraries/dbus-sharp-glib: Removed (dbus-sharp ftbfs)
libraries/dbus-sharp: Remove .la files.
libraries/dbus-sharp: Removed (ftbfs)
libraries/digimend-kernel-drivers: Allow building for other kernels.
libraries/discogs-client: Update DEP.
libraries/dlib: Update README.
libraries/dotconf: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/dropbox-python: Update DEP.
libraries/dumb: Update DEP.
libraries/edelib: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
libraries/edelib: Remove .la files.
libraries/efivar: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/efl: Align with new template.
libraries/efl: Fixed dep info
libraries/efl: Fixed ninja build.
libraries/efl: Updated for version 1.24.4, no scim (use ibus).
libraries/efl: Updated for version 1.26.1.
libraries/efl: Updated icon cache in
libraries/enca: Remove .la files.
libraries/enchant2: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/enchant2: Updated for version 2.2.14.
libraries/enum34: Removed (added to Slackware as python-enum34).
libraries/eris: Remove .la files.
libraries/eris: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/evernote-python: Fix python2-oauth dep.
libraries/exempi: Updated for version 2.5.2.
libraries/exempi: Updated for version 2.5.2.
libraries/facebook-python: Update DEP.
libraries/fcgi: Remove .la files.
libraries/ffms2: Update DEP.
libraries/ffms2: Updated for version 2.40.
libraries/fifechan: Fix installing to lib64.
libraries/fifechan: Update DEP.
libraries/fifechan: Updated for version 0.1.5.
libraries/flashplugin-lahf-fix: Removed.
libraries/flatbuffers: Updated for version 1.12.0.
libraries/flatzebra: Updated for version 0.1.7.
libraries/flatzebra: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/flickcurl: Remove .la files.
libraries/flint: Remove .la files.
libraries/fltk: Remove .la files.
libraries/fltk: Updated for version 1.3.8.
libraries/fmodapi: Remove template comment.
libraries/folly: Fixed dep info
libraries/folly: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
libraries/fox-toolkit-devel: Remove .la files.
libraries/fox-toolkit-devel: Updated for version 1.7.77.
libraries/fox-toolkit: Remove .la files.
libraries/fox-toolkit: Updated for version 1.6.57.
libraries/freealut: Fixed dep info
libraries/freealut: Remove .la files.
libraries/freealut: Remove .la files.
libraries/freexl: Remove .la files.
libraries/frei0r: Removed (added to Slackware as frei0r-plugins).
libraries/ftgl: New maintainer, optional API doc.
libraries/fuzzylite: Removed redundant
libraries/fuzzylite: Updated for version 6.0.
libraries/gallerize: Removed Python 2 support.
libraries/gallerize: Update DEP.
libraries/gallerize: Updated for version 0.4.
libraries/ganv: Updated for version 1.8.0.
libraries/gavl: Remove .la files.
libraries/gazebo: Removed (no qt4-webkit available).
libraries/gcab: Fixed dep info
libraries/gcab: Remove .la files.
libraries/gconfmm: Fix double patch.
libraries/gconfmm: Patch fo 15.0
libraries/gconfmm: Remove .la files.
libraries/gconfmm: add patch to fix build
libraries/gdl: Added (GNOME Docking Library).
libraries/gdl: Remove .la files.
libraries/gdl: Removed.
libraries/gdl: Updated for version 3.34.0.
libraries/gevent: Updated for version 21.1.2.
libraries/gevent: Updated for version 21.8.0.
libraries/gf2x: Remove .la files.
libraries/gf2x: Updated for new project home
libraries/giblib: Remove .la files.
libraries/girara: Align with new template.
libraries/girara: Fix README.
libraries/girara: Fixed dep info
libraries/girara: Fixed ninja build.
libraries/girara: Updated for version 0.3.6.
libraries/glfw: Removed (no dependees, conflicts with glfw3).
libraries/glktermw: Remove template comment.
libraries/glog: Remove .la files.
libraries/glog: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/gloox: Remove .la files.
libraries/gmtk: Remove .la files.
libraries/gnet: Remove .la files.
libraries/gnome-desktop: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/gnome-desktop: Update DEP.
libraries/gnome-desktop: Updated for version 41.1
libraries/gnome-desktop: Updated to version 40.2
libraries/gnome-media: Add gstreamer0 dependency.
libraries/gnome-media: Remove .la files.
libraries/gnome-python2-gconf: Removed (nothing uses this)
libraries/gnome-sharp: Remove .la files.
libraries/gnome-vfsmm: Remove .la files.
libraries/gnonlin: Removed (no dependees).
libraries/goffice0.8: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/goffice0.8: Misc cleanups for Slackware 15.0
libraries/goffice0.8: Remove .la files.
libraries/goffice: Remove .la files.
libraries/goffice: Updated for version 0.10.49.
libraries/google-fruit: Updated for version 3.6.0.
libraries/gperftools: Remove .la files.
libraries/gperftools: Updated for version 2.9.1.
libraries/grantlee-qt5: Removed (added to Slackware)
libraries/greenlet: Fix MD5SUM.
libraries/greenlet: Updated for version 0.4.17.
libraries/greenlet: Updated for version 1.1.0.
libraries/greenlet: Updated for version 1.1.2.
libraries/grpc: Fixed dep info
libraries/grx: Remove .la files.
libraries/gsnmp: Remove .la files.
libraries/gsound: Added (library for playing system sounds).
libraries/gspell: Added (spell checking library)
libraries/gspell: Remove .la files.
libraries/gspell: Support PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME.
libraries/gssdp: Align with new template.
libraries/gssdp: Build with sniffer.
libraries/gssdp: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/gssdp: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/gssdp: Updated for version 1.2.3.
libraries/gssdp: Updated for version 1.3.0.
libraries/gssdp: Updated for version 1.3.1.
libraries/gssdp: Updated for version
libraries/gst-editing-services: Added (editor creating lib).
libraries/gstreamer-editing-services: Compress man pages.
libraries/gstreamer-editing-services: Remove .la files.
libraries/gstreamer-editing-services: Removed.
libraries/gstreamer-editing-services: Updated for version 1.14.0.
libraries/gstreamermm: Patch for gcc >= 7.x.
libraries/gstreamermm: Remove .la files.
libraries/gstreamermm: Updated for version 1.10.0.
libraries/gtk-aurora-engine: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtk-qt-engine: Removed (abandoned ftbfs).
libraries/gtk-sharp: Fix building against newer monos.
libraries/gtk-sharp: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkdatabox: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkdatabox: Revert duplicate .la file removal
libraries/gtkdatabox: Updated for version 1.0.0
libraries/gtkdatabox: Updated icon cache.
libraries/gtkglarea: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkglarea: Revert duplicate .la file removal
libraries/gtkglext: Fixups for Slackware 15.0
libraries/gtkglext: Patch for a conflicting definition.
libraries/gtkglext: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkglextmm: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkhotkey: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/gtkhtml: Patched for the newer enchant.
libraries/gtkhtml: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkimageview: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkmm-utils: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtksourceview3: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/gtksourceview4: Added (framework for source code editing).
libraries/gtksourceview4: Fixed dep info
libraries/gtksourceview4: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/gtksourceview4: Updated for version 4.8.1.
libraries/gtksourceview: Remove .la files.
libraries/gtkspell3: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/gtkspell3: Fixed dep info.
libraries/gtkspell3: Remove la file.
libraries/gts: Remove .la files.
libraries/guichan: Remove .la files.
libraries/gumbo-parser: Remove .la files.
libraries/gupnp: Align with new template.
libraries/gupnp: Compress manpages.
libraries/gupnp: Fix for no man pages.
libraries/gupnp: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.2.4.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.2.6.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.2.7.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.3.0.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.3.1.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.4.0.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.4.1.
libraries/gupnp: Updated for version 1.4.3.
libraries/gwenhywfar: Build qt5 gui.
libraries/gwenhywfar: Update for version 5.8.2.
libraries/hdf5: Remove .la files.
libraries/hdf: Force use of libtirpc in the CFLAGS.
libraries/hdf: Remove .la files.
libraries/hidapi: FIx building with the newer autotools.
libraries/hidapi: Updated for version 0.10.1.
libraries/hinnant-date: Removed (included in sqlpp11).
libraries/hoel: updated for version 1.4.18
libraries/hpx: Forced c++11 and added a patch for gcc >= 7.x.
libraries/hpx: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
libraries/hpx: Updated for version 1.7.1.
libraries/html5lib: Fix python3-webencodings dep name.
libraries/html5lib: Update DEP.
libraries/htmlcxx: Remove .la files.
libraries/htmlcxx: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/htslib: Remove .la files.
libraries/htslib: Update to version 1.15
libraries/htslib: Updated for version 1.13.
libraries/htslib: Updated to version 1.14
libraries/http-parser: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/hug: Removed (no maintainer).
libraries/hyperscan: Remove fix unnecessary for current.
libraries/hyphen: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/id3lib: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/iddawc: updated for version 1.0.0
libraries/iddawc: updated for version 1.1.1
libraries/ignition-transport: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
libraries/iksemel: Remove .la files.
libraries/imlib2: Updated for version 1.7.2.
libraries/imlib2: Updated for version 1.7.3.
libraries/imlib2: Updated for version 1.7.4.
libraries/imlib2_loaders: Updated to version 1.7.1
libraries/imlib: Remove .la files.
libraries/iniparser: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
libraries/irrlicht: Remove a sysctl.h include.
libraries/isl: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/isodate: Add python3 support.
libraries/isodate: Update DEP.
libraries/itcl: Remove .la files.
libraries/jai-imageio: Removed (No maintainer).
libraries/jai: Removed (No maintainer).
libraries/jansson: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/jbig2dec: Remove .la file.
libraries/jbig2enc: Remove .la file.
libraries/jcal: Remove .la files.
libraries/jreen: Add qt4 dependency.
libraries/json-glib: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/json-parser: Remove .la files.
libraries/jsoncpp: Fixed dep info
libraries/jsoncpp: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/keybinder: Added (gtk+2 keyboard shortcut library).
libraries/keybinder: Remove .la files.
libraries/lablgtk: Added the dependency ocaml-findlib.
libraries/lablgtk: Remove .la files.
libraries/lablgtk: Updated for version 2.18.12.
libraries/lablgtk: Updated for version 2.18.8, changed maintainer.
libraries/lame: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/lapack-atlas: Removed (Along with atlas).
libraries/lapack: Updated for version 3.10.0
libraries/lastfmlib: Removed
libraries/lastfmlib: Updated maintainer email
libraries/lensfun: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.81.1.
libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.82.0.
libraries/libAfterImage: Fix make command.
libraries/libAfterImage: Remove .la files.
libraries/libEMF: Remove .la files.
libraries/libEMF: i486 => i586.
libraries/libaacs: Remove .la files.
libraries/libaacs: Updated for version 0.11.0.
libraries/libaaio: Remove .la files.
libraries/libaal: Remove .la files.
libraries/libabw: Remove .la files.
libraries/libaec: Updated for version 1.0.6
libraries/libaec: updated for version 1.0.5
libraries/libagentcrypt: Fixed dep info
libraries/libagentcrypt: Remove .la files.
libraries/libalkimia: Removed (added to Slackware as alkimia).
libraries/libantlr3c: Remove .la files.
libraries/libaosd: Remove .la files.
libraries/libappindicator3: Removed (shipped with Slackware 15.0)
libraries/libart-lgpl: Added (graphics library).
libraries/libart-lgpl: Remove .la files.
libraries/libasr: Remove .la files.
libraries/libass: Remove la files.
libraries/libast: Remove .la files.
libraries/libaudclient: Remove .la files.
libraries/libavc1394: Remove .la files.
libraries/libb64: Fix 15.0 build.
libraries/libbde: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libbde: Remove .la files.
libraries/libbdplus: Remove .la files.
libraries/libbluray: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libbonobo: Remove .la files.
libraries/libbonoboui: Remove .la files.
libraries/libbsd: Remove la file.
libraries/libbson: Removed (no longer needed)
libraries/libbtbb: Fix tarball handling.
libraries/libburn: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libc++: Removed (added to Slackware as part of llvm).
libraries/libcacard: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcangjie: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcapsimage: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcapsimage: Remove template comment.
libraries/libcbor: updated for version 0.9.0
libraries/libcdaudio: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcdr: Remove .la files.
libraries/libchewing: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcifpp: Updated for version 3.0.0.
libraries/libcifpp: added. Dependency for mkDSSP
libraries/libcitadel: Remove .la files.
libraries/libclaw: Patches for the newer gcc.
libraries/libclaw: Removed redundant
libraries/libcli: Updated for version 1.10.7
libraries/libcli: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libcmis: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcoap: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcompizconfig: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcompizconfig: Updated for version 0.8.18.
libraries/libconfig: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcpuid: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcryptui: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcsv: version update, new maintainer.
libraries/libctl: Remove .la files.
libraries/libcue: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libcuefile: Specify cmake's path to source, cleanups.
libraries/libdaemon: Remove la file.
libraries/libdatrie: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libdatrie: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdbh2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdbi-drivers: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdbi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdbus-c++: Don't install .la files
libraries/libdbus-c++: Updated for version 20160924_e3455d2.
libraries/libdbus-c++: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libdbusmenu: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libdc1394: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdca: New maintainer. Updated for version 0.0.7
libraries/libdca: Remove .la files.
libraries/libde265: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdesktop-agnostic: Fixed dep info
libraries/libdesktop-agnostic: Removed (no active maintainer)
libraries/libdispatch: Fix conflict with libkqueue.
libraries/libdivecomputer: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdmapsharing: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdmtx: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libdockapp: Updated for version 0.7.3.
libraries/libdsk: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdsk: Updated for version 1.5.18.
libraries/libdv: Don't install *.la files
libraries/libdv: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libdvbcsa: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdvbpsi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdvbpsi: Updated for version 1.3.3.
libraries/libdvdcss: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdvdcss: Updated for version 1.4.3.
libraries/libdwarf: Remove .la files.
libraries/libdynamite: Remove .la files.
libraries/libe-book: Remove .la files.
libraries/libeatmydata: Remove .la files.
libraries/libebml: Added shared lib build to cmake.
libraries/libebml: Updated for version 1.4.2.
libraries/libechonest: Remove qt4 support (breaks build).
libraries/libechonest: Removed.
libraries/libedit: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libeditline: Added version 1.17.1.
libraries/libeditline: Remove .la files.
libraries/libee: Remove .la files.
libraries/libeot: Remove .la files.
libraries/libepubgen: Remove .la files.
libraries/libesedb: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libesedb: Remove .la files.
libraries/libesmtp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libestr: Remove .la files.
libraries/libetonyek: Remove .la files.
libraries/libetonyek: Updated for version 0.1.10.
libraries/libetpan: Remove .la files.
libraries/libetpan: Updated for version 1.9.4.
libraries/libev: Remove .la files.
libraries/libevdevplus: Added (C++ event device lib).
libraries/libevhtp: Updated for version 1.2.16.
libraries/libevt: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libevt: Remove .la files.
libraries/libevtx: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libevtx: Remove .la files.
libraries/libewf: Enable python3 modules.
libraries/libewf: Remove .la files.
libraries/libewf: Updated for version 20140812.
libraries/libexe: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libexe: Remove .la files.
libraries/libexif-gtk: Remove .la files.
libraries/libexttextcat: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfastjson: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfdk-aac: Remove la file.
libraries/libfdk-aac: Updated for version 2.0.2
libraries/libffado: Cleanups, add the new dep libdbus-c++.
libraries/libffado: Removed icon cache update.
libraries/libffado: Updated for version 2.4.4, point to python3.
libraries/libffado: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libffado: Various script cleanup
libraries/libfido2: Add udev rule.
libraries/libfido2: Added (Yubico 2UF C library).
libraries/libfido2: Updated for versino 1.9.0.
libraries/libfido2: Updated for version 1.10.0.
libraries/libfido2: Updated for version 1.8.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.26.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.27.1.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.28.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.30.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.31.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.31.1.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.32.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.34.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.34.2.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.35.0.
libraries/libfilezilla: Updated for version 0.36.0.
libraries/libfilteraudio: Fixed dep info
libraries/libfishsound: Fix README, remove template comment.
libraries/libfishsound: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/libfixposix: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfm-extra: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfm: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/libfm: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfprint: Updated for version 1.94.2.
libraries/libfreehand: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfsapfs: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libfsapfs: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfsntfs: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libfsntfs: Remove .la files.
libraries/libftdi1: Removed redundant
libraries/libftdi1: Updated for version 1.5.
libraries/libftdi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfvde: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libfvde: Remove .la files.
libraries/libfwnt: Fix download URL.
libraries/libfwsi: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libfwsi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libg15: Remove .la files.
libraries/libg15render: Remove .la files.
libraries/libg3d: Disable gtk-doc building.
libraries/libg3d: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgadu: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgaiagraphics: Removed (obsoleted upstream).
libraries/libgaminggear: Patch to correctly find the newer harfbuzz.
libraries/libgcrypt15: Removed (dependency for brackets).
libraries/libgda: Fixed dep info
libraries/libgda: Removed.
libraries/libgdiplus: Updated for version 6.0.5.
libraries/libgee1: Fixed dep info
libraries/libgee1: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgee: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libgexiv2: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libgig: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgig: Updated for version 4.3.0.
libraries/libgit2-glib: Align with new template.
libraries/libgit2-glib: Fixed dep info
libraries/libgit2-glib: Fixed ninja build.
libraries/libgksu: Avoid using the newer gtk-doc.
libraries/libgksu: Fixed
libraries/libgksu: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgksu: Update DEP.
libraries/libglademm: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgme: Updated for version 0.6.3.
libraries/libgnome: Fix source files encoding.
libraries/libgnome: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomecanvas: Added the new dependency libart-lgpl.
libraries/libgnomecanvas: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomecanvasmm: Don't install .la files
libraries/libgnomecanvasmm: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libgnomecups: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomemm: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomeprint: Add the new dependency libart-lgpl.
libraries/libgnomeprint: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomeprintui: Don't use the newer gtk-doc.
libraries/libgnomeprintui: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomeui: Fix source files encoding.
libraries/libgnomeui: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgnomeuimm: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgringotts: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgsasl: Remove .la files.
libraries/libgtop: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libgusb: Fixed dep info
libraries/libgusb: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libgusb: Updated for version 0.3.10.
libraries/libgusb: Updated for version 0.3.6.
libraries/libgusb: Updated for version 0.3.7.
libraries/libgusb: Updated for version 0.3.8.
libraries/libgusb: Updated for version 0.3.9.
libraries/libgxps: Fixed dep info
libraries/libgxps: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libhandy: Added (UI components for gtk+3).
libraries/libhandy: Remove old template CWD.
libraries/libhandy: Updated for version 1.5.0.
libraries/libharu: Remove .la files.
libraries/libheif: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
libraries/libheif: Remove .la files.
libraries/libhid: Remove .la files.
libraries/libhoard: Updated for version 3.13
libraries/libhoard: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libhtp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libicns: Get rid of .la file.
libraries/libidn2: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libido3: Disable warnings-as-errors.
libraries/libido3: Fixed dep info
libraries/libido3: Remove .la files.
libraries/libido3: Removed.
libraries/libiec61883: Remove .la files.
libraries/libilbc: Remove .la files.
libraries/libilbc: Updated for version 3.0.4.
libraries/libindi-drivers: Updated for version 1.9.4.
libraries/libindi: Fix download URL and tarball name.
libraries/libindi: Update DEP.
libraries/libindi: Updated for version 1.9.4.
libraries/libindicator3: Disable warnings-as-errors.
libraries/libindicator3: Removed (shipped with Slackware 15.0)
libraries/libinput: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libiptcdata: Remove .la files.
libraries/libircclient: Fix to support openssl-1.1.x.
libraries/libircclient: Remove .la files.
libraries/libisoburn: Fixed dep info
libraries/libisoburn: Remove .la files.
libraries/libisofs: Remove .la files.
libraries/libixion: Remove .la files.
libraries/libixion: Updated for version 0.17.0.
libraries/libixp: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/libjwt: Fixed dep info
libraries/libjwt: Remove .la files.
libraries/libjwt: updated for version 1.13.1
libraries/libkate: Remove .la files.
libraries/libkface: Removed (unused)
libraries/libkgeomap4: Removed (unused)
libraries/libkqueue: Updated for version 2.3.1, switch to cmake.
libraries/libkvkontakte: Removed (No longer needed).
libraries/liblangtag: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblightgrep: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
libraries/liblightgrep: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblinebreak: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblnk: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/liblnk: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblo: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblogging: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblqr: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblrdf: Added the new dependency raptor.
libraries/liblrdf: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblscp: Remove .la files.
libraries/liblxi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmaa: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/libmaa: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmatheval: Avoid the incompatible guile 3, use 1.8.
libraries/libmatheval: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmatroska: Build shared libs.
libraries/libmatroska: Updated for version 1.6.3.
libraries/libmediainfo: Add tfsxml patch
libraries/libmediainfo: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmediainfo: Version bump, add optional dependency, and copyright update
libraries/libmemcached: Patch for recent gccs.
libraries/libmemcached: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmicrohttpd: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmigdb: Fix file ownership.
libraries/libmikmod: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmimedir: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmimic: Remove .la files.
libraries/libminizip: Remove la file.
libraries/libmirage: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/libmms: Don't install *.la files
libraries/libmms: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libmodbus: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmodplug: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmp3splt: Fix README.
libraries/libmp3splt: Get rid of .la files.
libraries/libmp4v2: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/libmp4v2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmp4v2: Use a safer patch.
libraries/libmpd: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmpdclient: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmpeg2: Don't install *.la files
libraries/libmpeg2: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libmrss: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmsiecf: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libmsiecf: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmspack: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmspub: Fix missing include.
libraries/libmspub: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmusicbrainz5: Fix download URL and tarball name.
libraries/libmusicbrainz5: Patched for the newer cmake.
libraries/libmusicbrainz: Disabled narrowing warnings.
libraries/libmusicbrainz: Remove .la files.
libraries/libmusicbrainz: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/libmwaw: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/libmwaw: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnbcompat: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnet: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnfc: Added (Near Field Communication (NFC) library)
libraries/libnfs: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnfs: Updated for version 5.0.1.
libraries/libnice: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libnids: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnova: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnsgif: Remove template comment.
libraries/libnumbertext: Remove .la files.
libraries/libnxml: Remove .la files.
libraries/liboauth: Fix for openssl-1.1.x.
libraries/liboauth: Remove .la files.
libraries/liboauth: Remove .la files.
libraries/liboauth: Remove .la files.
libraries/libofa: Remove .la files.
libraries/libofx: Remove .la files.
libraries/liboglappth: Remove .la files.
libraries/libolecf: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libolecf: Remove .la files.
libraries/liboop: Remove .la files.
libraries/libopenmpt: Added (OpenMPT based module player library).
libraries/libopenmpt: Remove .la files.
libraries/libopenraw: Fix my own stupidity.
libraries/libopenraw: Remove .la files.
libraries/libopenraw: Updated for version 0.3.0.
libraries/libopenshot: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/libopenshot: Update DEP.
libraries/libopusenc: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/liborcus: Remove .la files.
libraries/liborcus: Updated for version 0.17.1.
libraries/liborocos-kdl: Fix file ownership.
libraries/libosinfo: Fixed dep info
libraries/libosinfo: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libosinfo: Updated for version 1.9.0.
libraries/libosmo-dsp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libotf: Remove .la files.
libraries/libotr: Remove .la files.
libraries/libp11: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpagemaker: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpano13: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpaper: Remove la file.
libraries/libpar2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpeas: Fix parameter.
libraries/libpeas: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libpeas: Updated for version 1.24.1, switch to meson.
libraries/libpeas: Updated for version 1.30.0.
libraries/libpff: Fix download URL.
libraries/libpff: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpgf: Fix download URL.
libraries/libpgf: Updated for version 7.21.7.
libraries/libpinyin: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libpng-legacy12: Remove .la file (not needed).
libraries/libpng-legacy12: Remove template comment.
libraries/libportal: Added (Flatpak portal library).
libraries/libportal: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libpqxx: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpqxx: Updated for version 6.4.8.
libraries/libprelude: Remove .la files.
libraries/libpri: Disable -Werror.
libraries/libpseudo: Remove (no dependees).
libraries/libpst: Updated for version 0.6.76.
libraries/libpwquality: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libqb: Fixed dep info
libraries/libqb: Remove .la files.
libraries/libqcow: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libqcow: Remove .la files.
libraries/libqinfinity: Disabled narrowing warnings.
libraries/libqsqlpsql: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libquicktime: Add missing dependency.
libraries/libquicktime: Don't install *.la files
libraries/libquicktime: Fixed dep info
libraries/libquicktime: Patch for ffmpeg-4.x.
libraries/libquicktime: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libquvi-scripts: Remove .la files.
libraries/libquvi-scripts: Removed.
libraries/libquvi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libquvi: Removed (Not needed as cclive is removed).
libraries/libqxp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libqxt: Added the dependency qt4.
libraries/libqxt: Patch for gcc >= 6.x.
libraries/libqxt: Remove .la files.
libraries/libr3: Remove .la files.
libraries/librapi2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libraqm: Remove .la files.
libraries/librcd: Remove .la files.
libraries/libreadline-java: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/libregf: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libregf: Remove .la files.
libraries/librelp: Remove .la files.
libraries/librep: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/libreplaygain: Specify cmake's path to source, cleanups.
libraries/librevisa: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/librevisa: Remove .la files.
libraries/librfm5: Remove .la files.
libraries/librfm5: Updated for version
libraries/librhtv: Remove .la files.
libraries/librra: Remove .la files.
libraries/librsync: Remove .la files.
libraries/librtfcomp: Remove .la files.
libraries/librtfcomp: Updated for version 1.3.
libraries/libsass: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libscca: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libscca: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsearpc: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libsearpc: Fixed dep info
libraries/libsearpc: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsearpc: Updated for version 3.1.0.
libraries/libsearpc: Updated for version 3.2_latest.
libraries/libseccomp: Remove la file.
libraries/libseccomp: Removed (Added to Slackware).
libraries/libseccomp: Updated for version 2.5.2.
libraries/libseccomp: Updated for version 2.5.3.
libraries/libserialport: Remove .la files.
libraries/libshout: Compress manpages.
libraries/libshout: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/libshout: New maintainer. Updated for version 2.4.5
libraries/libshout: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsidplay2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsidplayfp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsidplayfp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsidplayfp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsidplayfp: Updated for version 1.8.7.
libraries/libsieve: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsigc++-legacy12: Removed (no dependees).
libraries/libsigrok: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsigrok: Updated for version 20201229_f93bf8b.
libraries/libsigrok: Updated for version 20220224_6dc55e4.
libraries/libsigrokdecode: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsigrokdecode: Updated for version 20201111_3f77dc2.
libraries/libsigrokdecode: Updated for version 20220224_24ba9e1.
libraries/libsigscan: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libsigscan: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsixel: Removed. (no longer maintained).
libraries/libskk: Fixed dep info
libraries/libskk: Re-added libgee1 as dep
libraries/libskk: Remove .la files.
libraries/libslack: Fix file permissions.
libraries/libslack: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsmbios: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsmbios: Updated for version 2.4.3.
libraries/libsmdev: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libsmdev: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsmf: Fix README.
libraries/libsmf: Remove .la file.
libraries/libsmi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsmraw: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libsmraw: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsodium: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libsoup3: Added (an HTTP client/server library).
libraries/libspectrum: Remove .la files.
libraries/libspf2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libspf2: Removed
libraries/libsrtp: Disable openssl (not compatible with 1.1.x).
libraries/libsrtp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libstaroffice: Remove .la files.
libraries/libstatgrab: Remove .la files.
libraries/libstrophe: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsuinput: Remove .la files.
libraries/libsuinput: Removed redundant
libraries/libsunpinyin: Removed (no maintainer).
libraries/libsynce: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtar: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtecla: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtelnet: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtermkey: New maintainer.
libraries/libtermkey: Remove .la files.
libraries/libthai: Remove .la files.
libraries/libticables2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libticalcs2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libticonv: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtifiles2: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtomcrypt: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtommath: Remove template comment.
libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar-legacy: Removed.
libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtorrent: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libtorrent: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtsm: Fixed dep info
libraries/libtsm: Remove .la file.
libraries/libtubo0: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtunepimp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libtunepimp: Removed (ftbfs)
libraries/libtxc_dxtn: Removed (already included in the newer mesa).
libraries/libu2f-host: Fix VERSION.
libraries/libu2f-host: Remove .la files.
libraries/libu2f-host: Updated for version 1.1.11 (unreleased)
libraries/libucil: Remove .la files.
libraries/libuinputplus: Added (C++ uinput lib).
libraries/libunibreak: Updated for version 4.3, new maintainer.
libraries/libunicap: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/libunicap: Remove .la files.
libraries/libunicapgtk: Remove .la files.
libraries/libunique3: Remove .la files.
libraries/libunique: Remove .la files.
libraries/libunwind: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libupnp-legacy: Remove .la files.
libraries/libupnp: Updated for version 1.14.12.
libraries/liburcu: Remove .la files.
libraries/liburcu: Updated for version 0.13.0.
libraries/liburcu: Updated for version 0.13.1.
libraries/liburing: Added (io_uring library).
libraries/liburing: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libuv: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libvdpau-va-gl: Update DEP.
libraries/libversion: Fixed dep info
libraries/libvhdi: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libvhdi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libvhdi: Updated for version 20210425.
libraries/libvidcap: Remove .la files.
libraries/libviper: Remove (included in vwm already).
libraries/libvirt-glib: Fixed dep info
libraries/libvirt-glib: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libvirt-glib: Updated for version 4.0.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 7.2.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 7.3.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 7.4.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 7.6.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 7.9.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 8.0.0.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 8.1.0.
libraries/libvirt: Fix build when qemu not present.
libraries/libvirt: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 7.2.0, switch to meson.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 7.3.0.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 7.4.0.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 7.6.0.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 7.9.0.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 8.0.0.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 8.1.0.
libraries/libvirt: detect bash-completion properly
libraries/libvmdk: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libvmdk: Remove .la files.
libraries/libvmdk: Updated for version 20210418.
libraries/libvmdk: Updated for version 20210807.
libraries/libvmime: Updated for version 5617460.
libraries/libvorbisidec: Remove .la files.
libraries/libvshadow: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libvshadow: Remove .la files.
libraries/libvslvm: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libvslvm: Remove .la files.
libraries/libvterm: New maintainer
libraries/libvterm: Remove .la files.
libraries/libwacom: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libwebp: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libwebsockets: Updated for version 4.2.0.
libraries/libwfut: Remove .la files.
libraries/libwfut: Removed redundant
libraries/libwnck3: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libwpe: Fixed dep info
libraries/libwpe: Updated for version 1.10.0.
libraries/libwpe: Updated for version 1.10.1.
libraries/libwpe: Updated for version 1.12.0.
libraries/libwps: Disable some warning-as-errors.
libraries/libwps: Remove .la files.
libraries/libwrc: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/libwrc: Remove .la files.
libraries/libx86emu: Updated for version 3.4
libraries/libx86emu: Updated maintainer email
libraries/libxdg-basedir: Do not install .la files
libraries/libxdg-basedir: Update for version 1.2.2.
libraries/libxfcegui4: Remove .la files.
libraries/libxfcegui4: Update icon cache in
libraries/libxkbcommon: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/libxls: Compress manpages.
libraries/libxls: Remove .la files.
libraries/libxmi: Remove .la files.
libraries/libxml++3: Remove .la files.
libraries/libxml++: Remove .la files.
libraries/libxmlb: Align with new template.
libraries/libxmlb: Fixed dep info
libraries/libxmlb: Fixed ninja build.
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.0.
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.1.
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.2.
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.3.
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.6.
libraries/libxmlb: Updated for version 0.3.7.
libraries/libxmp: Remove .la files.
libraries/libyubikey: Remove .la files.
libraries/libzdb: Disabled openssl (incompatible with 1.1.x).
libraries/libzdb: Fixed dep info
libraries/libzdb: Remove .la files.
libraries/libzen: Remove .la files.
libraries/libzen: Version bump and copyright update
libraries/libzmf: Remove .la files.
libraries/libzookeeper: Disable warnings-as-errors.
libraries/libzookeeper: Remove .la files.
libraries/libzrtpcpp: Updated for version 4.6.6.
libraries/live555: Fix missing header in glibc >= 2.26.
libraries/lksctp-tools: Remove .la files.
libraries/log4c: Remove .la files.
libraries/log4cplus: Remove .la files.
libraries/log4cpp: Remove .la files.
libraries/log4cpp: Updated for version 1.1.3.
libraries/log4shib: Remove .la files.
libraries/log4shib: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/logilab-common: Update DEP.
libraries/lua-MessagePack: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/lua-cmsgpack: Removed (No maintainer).
libraries/lua-lpeg: Fix quote.
libraries/lua-lpeg: New maintainer.
libraries/lua-luv: New maintainer
libraries/lua-luv: Updated dependencies.
libraries/lua-mpack: New maintainer.
libraries/lua-posix: Install in lib64 on x86_64.
libraries/lua-zlib: Align with template
libraries/luacrypto: Updated for version 0.5.1.
libraries/luasec: Updated for version 1.0.2.
libraries/lunatic-python: Align with template
libraries/lvtk: Remove template comment.
libraries/lxqt-build-tools: Updated for version 0.8.0.
libraries/mariadb_client: Removed (substituted by connector, FTB).
libraries/marisa: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/mathgl: Updated for version 2.4.4, use qt5.
libraries/matplotlib: Fix dependency.
libraries/matplotlib: Update DEP.
libraries/mdds: Remove .la files.
libraries/mdds: Updated for version 2.0.1.
libraries/meanwhile: Remove .la files.
libraries/meanwhile: Remove .la files.
libraries/meanwhile: Remove .la files.
libraries/med: Disable the swig python bindings (broken).
libraries/med: Remove .la files.
libraries/menu-cache: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/menu-cache: Remove .la files.
libraries/mercator: Remove .la files.
libraries/miniupnpc: Updated for version 2.2.3.
libraries/mlt-bindings: Added (bindings for MLT).
libraries/mongo-c-driver: Updated for version 1 17.3.
libraries/mongo-cxx-driver: FIx building against the new libmongoc.
libraries/mowitz: Remove .la files.
libraries/mpir: Remove .la files.
libraries/msgpack-c: New maintainer.
libraries/msgpack-c: Use the C++11 standard.
libraries/msx264: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/msx264: Fix download URL.
libraries/msx264: Remove .la files.
libraries/muParser: New maintainer.
libraries/muParser: update for version2.3.2
libraries/mujs: Updated for version 1.1.2
libraries/mujs: Updated for version 1.1.3
libraries/mujs: Updated for version 1.2.0
libraries/mxml: Remove .la files.
libraries/mysql++: Remove .la files.
libraries/mysql++: Updated for version 3.3.0.
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Updated for version 8.0.23.
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Updated for version 8.0.24.
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Updated for version 8.0.25.
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Updated for version 8.0.26.
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Updated for version 8.0.28.
libraries/mysql-connector-python: Removed.
libraries/mysql-connector-python: Updated for version 8.0.23.
libraries/mysqltcl: Remove .la files.
libraries/netcdf: Remove .la files.
libraries/nextaw: Remove .la files.
libraries/nlopt: Updated for version 2.7.1.
libraries/nltk: Updated for version 3.6.7
libraries/nltk: Updated for version 3.7.
libraries/nltk: updated to version 3.6.5
libraries/npth: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/nspluginwrapper: Fix file permissions.
libraries/nspluginwrapper: Remove .la files.
libraries/ntl: Remove .la files.
libraries/ntl: Updated for version 11.5.1.
libraries/nv-codec-headers: Updated for version
libraries/nx-libs: Compress manpages.
libraries/nx-libs: Fix build (make -j1).
libraries/nx-libs: Remove .la files.
libraries/nx-libs: Updated for version, use libtirpc.
libraries/oath-toolkit: Remove .la files.
libraries/oath-toolkit: Updated for version 2.6.7.
libraries/ocaml-batteries: Add missing dep.
libraries/ocaml-batteries: Fix download URL.
libraries/ocaml-batteries: Updated for version 3.4.0.
libraries/ocaml-bisect: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/ocaml-bisect: Remove .la files.
libraries/ocaml-bisect: Removed (ftb).
libraries/ocaml-camomile: Correctly handle github tarball.
libraries/ocaml-camomile: Fix build and deps.
libraries/ocaml-camomile: Fix download URL.
libraries/ocaml-camomile: Updated for version 1.0.2.
libraries/ocaml-findlib: Remove .la files.
libraries/ocaml-findlib: Updated for version 1.8.1, changed maint.
libraries/ocaml-findlib: Updated for version 1.9.1.
libraries/ocaml-ounit: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/ocaml-ounit: Removed (ftb).
libraries/ocl-icd: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/ode: Remove .la files.
libraries/ogre: Explicitly disable the C# bindings.
libraries/ogre: Fix 15.0 build.
libraries/ogre: Fixed dep info
libraries/ogre: Updated for version 13.2.4.
libraries/olm: New maintainer
libraries/olm: Updated for version 3.2.10.
libraries/olm: Updated for version 3.2.8.
libraries/onevpl/: Added (oneAPI Video Processing Library)
libraries/opal: Disabled ffmpeg support (not compatible with 4.x).
libraries/opal: Fixed dep info
libraries/opal: Removed.
libraries/openbabel: Fix download URL, remove jdk dep.
libraries/openbabel: Missed an i486->i586 change
libraries/openbabel: Switch to i586.
libraries/openbabel: Updated for version 2.4.1.
libraries/openbabel: Updated for version 3.1.1.
libraries/opencl-amd: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
libraries/opencv-legacy: Removed (not compatible with opencv).
libraries/opencv: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/opendht: Fixed dep info
libraries/openjfx: Remove.
libraries/opensaml: Remove .la files.
libraries/opensaml: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/orcania: Compress manpages.
libraries/orcania: Fixed dep info
libraries/orcania: updated for version 2.2.1
libraries/osgQt: Updated for version 20210405_8fa9e2a.
libraries/paho-mqtt: Moved from thirdparty.
libraries/pangox-compat: Remove .la files.
libraries/pangox-compat: Updated for version 20150430_edb9e09.
libraries/pcl: Updated for version 1.12.1.
libraries/pcre2: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/pgplot: Removed (abandoned upstream and FTB).
libraries/pgtcl-ng: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-imagick: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-imagick: Updated for version 3.5.1
libraries/php-imagick: Updated maintainer email
libraries/php-memcache: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-memcache: Updated for version
libraries/php-memcached: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-memcached: Updated for version 3.1.5.
libraries/php-mssql: Removed (no more mssql ext in php 7.4.x).
libraries/php-oci8: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-oci8: Updated for version 2.2.0.
libraries/php-pdo_dblib: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-pdo_dblib: Updated for version 7.4.27.
libraries/php-pgsql: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-pgsql: Updated for version 7.4.27
libraries/php-pgsql: Updated for version 7.4.3.
libraries/php-pgsql: Updated maintainer email
libraries/php-redis: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-ssh2: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-ssh2: Updated for version 1.3.1.
libraries/php-stomp: Remove .la files.
libraries/php-stomp: Updated for version 2.0.2.
libraries/physfs: Specify cmake's path to source.
libraries/pidgin-mra: Handle weird wget filenames.
libraries/pies: Fixed dep info
libraries/pipewire: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/pjsip: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/pjsip: Fixed dep info
libraries/pjsip: Remove .la files.
libraries/plib: Remove .la files.
libraries/plplot: Fix build (missing include)
libraries/plplot: Updated for version 5.15.0.
libraries/plyr: Include python3 support by default
libraries/plyr: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/poco: Remove .la files.
libraries/poco: Removed redundant
libraries/podofo: Patch to bypass a cmake error.
libraries/poppler-qt5: Removed (added to Slackware as poppler).
libraries/protobuf-c: Change maintainer email.
libraries/protobuf-c: Fix MD5SUM.
libraries/protobuf-c: Remove .la files.
libraries/protobuf-c: Updated for version 1.4.0.
libraries/proxygen: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
libraries/psqlodbc: Remove .la files.
libraries/pthsem: Remove .la files.
libraries/ptlib: Patched for the newer gcc, openssl and make.
libraries/ptlib: Removed.
libraries/ptypes: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/pugixml: Updated for version 1.12.
libraries/pugixml: Updated for version 1.12.1.
libraries/pyPEG2: Updated for version 20211118_4dd9d69.
libraries/pyacoustid: Update DEP.
libraries/pycparser: Only build for python2.
libraries/pyechonest: Removed (dead upstream)
libraries/pyqode.core: Update DEP.
libraries/python-efl: Updated for version 1.25.0.
libraries/python-xlrd: Remove redundant
libraries/python2-PyYAML: Renamed from PyYAML.
libraries/python3-PyQt5: Removed (added to Slackware as PyQt5).
libraries/python3-PyQtWebEngine: Fixed dep info
libraries/python3-PyQtWebEngine: Updated for version 5.15.0.
libraries/python3-PyQtWebEngine: Updated for version 5.15.3.
libraries/python3-PyYAML: Removed (Added to Slackware).
libraries/python3-PyYAML: Updated for version 5.3.1.
libraries/python3-pillow: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/python3-pyparsing: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/qca-qt5: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/qmltermwidget: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/qoauth: Updated for version 2.0.0, use qt5.
libraries/qt-assistant-compat: update for new qt4 build.
libraries/qt3: Fix README.
libraries/qt3: Install profiles scripts -x.
libraries/qt3: Remove .la files.
libraries/qt4-postgresql: Removed
libraries/qt4-postgresql: Renamed from libqsqlpsql
libraries/qt4: Added (legacy Qt version).
libraries/qt4: Explicitly disable webkit (it was already missing).
libraries/qt4: Respect TAG.
libraries/qt5-legacy: Fixed dep info in README
libraries/qt5-legacy: Removed (yep, it's legacy)
libraries/qt5-postgresql: Added (Postgresql plugin for Qt5)
libraries/qt5-styleplugins: Patch for qt-5.15.x.
libraries/qt5-webkit-legacy: Removed (yep, it's legacy, Jim)
libraries/qt5-webkit: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/qt5: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/qtermwidget: Updated for version 0.15.0.
libraries/qtmimetypes: Added the dependency qt4.
libraries/quazip-qt4: Added the dependency qt4.
libraries/quazip-qt5: Removed (added to Slackware as quazip).
libraries/quesoglc: Remove .la files.
libraries/qutepart: Updated for version 20220131_aa69fe6.
libraries/qwt-qt5: Removed (redundant; use qwt).
libraries/qwt5: Removed.
libraries/qwt: Add optional qt4 support.
libraries/qwt: Check for Qt5Core.pc.
libraries/qwt: Remove Qt4 support
libraries/qwtplot3d: Removed.
libraries/qwtpolar: Removed (FTBFS, and no dependees).
libraries/rapidjson: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
libraries/raptor: Remove .la files.
libraries/rasqal: Added (RDF parsing library).
libraries/rasqal: Remove .la files.
libraries/redland: Added (RDF high-level interface library).
libraries/redland: Remove .la files.
libraries/remglk: Remove template comment.
libraries/rep-gtk: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/reportlab: Add missing dependency.
libraries/rest: Remove .la files.
libraries/restbed: Updated for version 4.8.
libraries/rhonabwy: Fixed dep info
libraries/rhonabwy: updated for version 0.9.9999
libraries/rhonabwy: updated for version 1.0.0
libraries/rhonabwy: updated for version 1.1.2
libraries/ring-daemon: Remove .la files.
libraries/ring-daemon: Removed (superseded by jami).
libraries/ring-lrc: Fix download URL.
libraries/ring-lrc: Removed (superseded by jami).
libraries/rlog: Removed.
libraries/rrdtool: Remove .la files.
libraries/rudiments: Remove .la files.
libraries/rudiments: Updated for version 1.0.5.
libraries/rudiments: Updated for version 1.4.2.
libraries/rxtx: Allow other JDKs besides Oracle's.
libraries/rxtx: Remove .la files.
libraries/rxtx: Use zulu-openjdk8.
libraries/sdformat: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/sdformat: Patch for cmake >= 3.9.x.
libraries/secp256k1: Remove .la files.
libraries/shairplay: Remove .la files.
libraries/skalibs: Remove INSTALL from doc dir.
libraries/skalibs: Updated for version
libraries/skstream: Remove .la files.
libraries/slib: Remove .la files.
libraries/slv2: Update DEP.
libraries/smpeg2: Remove .la files.
libraries/smpeg2: Update DEP.
libraries/soil: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/sord: Updated for version 0.16.8.
libraries/soundtouch: Updated for version 2.3.1
libraries/soundtouch: Updated maintainer email
libraries/sparsehash: Remove .la files.
libraries/spread-sheet-widget: Remove .la files.
libraries/spread-sheet-widget: Remove redundant
libraries/spread-sheet-widget: Updated for version 0.8.
libraries/sqliteodbc: Avoid a find loop.
libraries/sqliteodbc: Remove .la files.
libraries/sqlpp11-connector-mysql: Removed (included in sqlpp11).
libraries/sqlpp11-connector-sqlite3: Removed (included in sqlpp11).
libraries/sqlpp11: Update DEP.
libraries/sqlpp11: Updated for version 0.61.
libraries/srt: Fix .pc paths and doc permissions.
libraries/srt: Remove .la files.
libraries/srt: Updated for version 1.4.3.
libraries/stfl: Fix the download link in the info file.
libraries/stk: Remove .la files.
libraries/swfdec: Note the new dependency gst0-plugins-base.
libraries/swfdec: Remove .la files.
libraries/swfdec: Remove .la files.
libraries/swfdec: Remove .la files.
libraries/t38modem-opal: Fixed dep info
libraries/t38modem-opal: Removed (missing dependency).
libraries/t38modem-ptlib: Removed (incompatible with openssl-1.1.x).
libraries/t4k_common: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
libraries/t4k_common: Fix segfaults with the newer librsvg.
libraries/t4k_common: Remove .la files.
libraries/t4k_common: Wrapped lines patch.
libraries/tDOM: Remove .la files.
libraries/ta-lib: Fix build (make -j1).
libraries/ta-lib: Remove .la files.
libraries/tamu_anova: Remove .la files.
libraries/tamu_anova: update copyright years
libraries/tcl-inotify: Remove .la files.
libraries/tcl-tls: Remove .la files.
libraries/tcl-tls: Updated for version 1.7.20, changed homepage.
libraries/tclap: Remove .la files.
libraries/tcllib: Remove .la files.
libraries/tkimg: Remove .la files.
libraries/tlsh: Updated for version 4.8.2.
libraries/tomcat-native: Use zulu-opendjk11.
libraries/totem-pl-parser: Align with new template.
libraries/totem-pl-parser: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/totem-pl-parser: Updated for version 3.26.0.
libraries/tox-extension-messages: Fix download URL.
libraries/tox-extension-messages: Updated for version 0.0.3.
libraries/toxext: Updated for version 0.0.3.
libraries/trader: Remove .la files.
libraries/tre: New maintainer.
libraries/tre: Remove .la files.
libraries/tre: Removed Python 2 support.
libraries/tree-sitter: Updated for version 0.20.4.
libraries/trilinos: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/trilinos: Removed (no dependees; conflicts with mpich and openmpi)
libraries/tsocks: Remove .la files.
libraries/ucl: Force using the ISO C90 standard.
libraries/ucl: Remove .la files.
libraries/ucommon: Remove .la files.
libraries/ucommon: Updated for version 7.0.0.
libraries/ucommon: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/udunits: Remove .la files, fix download URL.
libraries/udunits: Remove .la files.
libraries/udunits: Updated for version 2.2.28.
libraries/ulfius: Compress manpages.
libraries/ulfius: updated for version 2.7.3
libraries/ulfius: updated for version 2.7.4
libraries/ulfius: updated for version 2.7.7
libraries/unibilium: New maintainer.
libraries/unibilium: Remove .la files.
libraries/unixODBC: New maintainer.
libraries/unixODBC: Remove .la files.
libraries/upscaledb: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
libraries/urdfdom: Install in lib64 on x86_64.
libraries/uriparser: Updated for version 0.9.6.
libraries/uuid: Remove .la files.
libraries/varconf: Remove .la files.
libraries/varconf: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/vdk: Remove .la files.
libraries/vdpau-video: Removed (obsolete, abandoned upstream, FTB).
libraries/vid.stab: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/virglrenderer: Support alternatives for ninja
libraries/virglrenderer: Updated for version 0.9.1.
libraries/volk: Added (Vector-Optimized Library of Kernels)
libraries/vsqlite++: Remove .la file.
libraries/vte2: Added (gtk+2 terminal emulator widget).
libraries/vte2: Remove .la files.
libraries/vte3-ng: Fixed dep info
libraries/vte3-ng: Removed (conflicts with vte in Slackware).
libraries/vte3: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/wangle: Removed (orphaned and FTB).
libraries/wayland: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/wcslib: Remove .la files.
libraries/wcslib: Update DEP.
libraries/wcslib: Updated for version 7.7.
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Added (Web content rendering)
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Fix README.
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Remove gst-plugins-bad dependency.
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Update README.
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Updated for version 2.34.5.
libraries/webkit2gtk4.1: Updated for version 2.34.6.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Accomodate libsoup and libsoup3.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Align with new template.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Build just once, respect jobs number.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Fix README.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Fixed dep info.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Patch for icu4c >= 69.x.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Remove gst-plugins-bad dependency.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Revert back to building 4.0 API.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Update DEP.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Update README.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Update README.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.32.0, switch to ninja.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.32.1.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.32.2.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.32.3.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.34.2.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.34.3.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.34.4.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.34.5.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Updated for version 2.34.6.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Use libsoup in Slackware.
libraries/webkit2gtk: Use libsoup3.
libraries/webkitgtk3: Add actual patch.
libraries/webkitgtk3: Fix build against newer glib.
libraries/webkitgtk3: Fixed dep info
libraries/webkitgtk3: Patched for icu4c-65, disabled warnings spam.
libraries/webkitgtk3: Removed (no longer build and obsolete).
libraries/webkitgtk: Fix build against newer glib.
libraries/webkitgtk: Fixed dep info
libraries/webkitgtk: Patched for icu4c-65.1, disabled warnings spam.
libraries/webkitgtk: Removed.
libraries/wfmath: Remove .la files.
libraries/wimlib: Remove .la files.
libraries/wimlib: Updated for version 1.13.4
libraries/wpebackend-fdo: Added ( backend for WPE).
libraries/wpwbackend-fdo: Updated for version 1.8.3.
libraries/wv: Remove .la files.
libraries/wv: Updated copyright
libraries/wvstreams: Apply debian patches, cleanups.
libraries/wvstreams: Remove .la files.
libraries/wxGTK3: Remove .la files.
libraries/wxGTK3: Switch to use GTK+3.
libraries/wxGTK: Remove .la files.
libraries/wxPython3: Don't explicitely build internal wxGTK3
libraries/wxPython3: Fix build (ignore /usr/bin/wx-config).
libraries/wxPython3: Fix build with wxGTK3 changes.
libraries/wxPython3: Whoops, hardcoded lib64.
libraries/wxPython4: Kill python3-sip dep
libraries/wxPython4: Patched for the newer setuptools.
libraries/wxPython4: Updated for version 4.1.1.
libraries/wxPython: Remove .la files.
libraries/wxPython: Updated maintainer email
libraries/wxSQLite3: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/wxX11: Remove .la files.
libraries/wxsvg: Remove .la files.
libraries/wxsvg: Update DEP.
libraries/wxsvg: Updated for version 1.5.20.
libraries/xapian-bindings: Remove .la files.
libraries/xapian-bindings: Updated for version 1.4.19.
libraries/xawplus: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/xblas: Remove .la files.
libraries/xblas: Revert duplicate .la file removal
libraries/xcb-util-xrm: Remove .la files.
libraries/xerces-c: Remove .la files.
libraries/xerces-c: Updated for version 3.2.3.
libraries/xf86-input-libinput: Removed (added to Slackware).
libraries/xforms: Remove .la files.
libraries/xine-plugin: Remove .la files.
libraries/xlt: Remove .la files.
libraries/xml-security-c: Fix DOWNLOAD.
libraries/xml-security-c: Remove .la files.
libraries/xmlrpc-c: Remove .la files.
libraries/xmlsec: Updated for version 1.2.32.
libraries/xmlsec: Updated for version 1.2.33.
libraries/xmltooling: Remove .la files.
libraries/xmltooling: Use the C++14 standard.
libraries/xulrunner: Removed (deprecated).
libraries/xview: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x, use libtirpc.
libraries/xview: Remove template comment.
libraries/xylib: Remove .la files.
libraries/yajl: Fix DOWNLOAD url.
libraries/yaml-cpp: Fix github tarball handling.
libraries/yaz: Remove .la files.
libraries/yaz: Remove .la files.
libraries/yaz: Remove .la files.
libraries/yder: updated for version 1.4.14
libraries/zeromq: Remove .la files.
libraries/zimg: Remove .la files.
libraries/zita-convolver: Remove template comment.
libraries/zmusic: Fixed dep info
libraries/zmusic: Updated for version 1.1.8.
libraries/zuluplay: Removed (no maintainer)
libraries/zziplib: Remove .la files.
misc/Colormake: Removed (no maintainer)
misc/OSCAR: Updated for version 1.3.0.
misc/Publican: Removed (missing perl dependencies).
misc/QCMA: Patch to allow building on -current.
misc/QCMA: Update DEP.
misc/abduco: Switch to https.
misc/abgx360: Removed (upstream is gone).
misc/abgx360gui: Removed (upstream is gone).
misc/ardesia: Fix icon path.
misc/ardesia: Patch to build on -current.
misc/asr-manpages: Fix DOWNLOAD.
misc/asterixInspector: Fixed dep info
misc/asterixInspector: Remove icon cache update.
misc/bbrun: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
misc/bdf2psf: Updated for version 1.207, new maintainer.
misc/bdfresize: Add argument checking.
misc/biosdisk: Fix download URL.
misc/bodr: s,i486,i586,g
misc/bodr: update copyright years
misc/boncuk: Added the dependency qt4.
misc/brewtarget: Updated for version 2.3.1.
misc/chemical-mime-data: s,i486,i586,g
misc/chemical-mime-data: update copyright years
misc/chntpw: Updated for version 140201.
misc/ciso: New maintainer, add man page.
misc/clawsker: Add missing
misc/cp437: Remove template comment.
misc/cups-windows: Removed (pretty sure this is obsolete)
misc/cwiid: Comment out the python-3.10 patch.
misc/cwiid: Fix build with python 3.10.
misc/cwiid: Updated for version 0.6.91_2.
misc/dcc: Updated for version 1.3.163.
misc/deroff: Remove template comment.
misc/dmg2img: Patch for openssl-1.1.x.
misc/doclifter: Updated for version 2.20, new maintainer.
misc/drg2sbg: Fixed dep info
misc/dwdiff: Updated for version 2.1.4.
misc/fbcat: Updated for version 0.5.2.
misc/fbdump: Remove template comment.
misc/fcitx-configtool: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/fcitx-libpinyin: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/fcitx-mozc: Disable building against qt-4.x.
misc/fcitx-mozc: Fixed dep info
misc/fcitx-mozc: Fixed dep info
misc/fcitx-qt5: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/fcitx: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/figlet: Fix i486 -> i586.
misc/flashrom: Updated for version v1.2.
misc/font-unscii: Remove template comment.
misc/fribid: Removed (not compatible with openssl-1.1.x).
misc/funny-manpages: Updated for version 2.3.
misc/g15daemon: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
misc/g15daemon: Remove .la files.
misc/g15stats: Update DEP.
misc/ghostpcl: Removed patch.
misc/ghostpcl: Updated for version 9.55.0.
misc/glogg: Fix DOWNLOAD.
misc/glogg: Updated for version 1.1.4.
misc/gnome-mime-data: Updated download link
misc/go-md2man: fix build on newer golang
misc/goldencheetah: Updated for Slackware 15.0
misc/gourmet: Add missing
misc/gourmet: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
misc/gourmet: Switch from tostring to tobytes in the code.
misc/gr-iqbal: Updated for version 20210108_fbee239.
misc/gramps: Fix icon cache update.
misc/gramps: Fixed dep info in README
misc/gxmessage: Fix DOWNLOAD.
misc/hashkill: Fix github tarball handling.
misc/hashkill: Fixed dep info in README
misc/hashkill: Removed (not compatible with openssl-1.1.x).
misc/heimdall: Fix build (qmake => qmake-qt4).
misc/heimdall: Use the C++14 standard.
misc/heyu: Updated for version 2.10.3.
misc/hoorex: Updated for version 0.9.91
misc/hoorex: Updated for version 0.9.92
misc/html2ps: Various fixups for Slackware 15.0
misc/hxtools: Added (miscellaneous command-line tools).
misc/ibus-anthy: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/ibus-chewing: Fix desktop file handling.
misc/ibus-chewing: Fixed dep info (ibus)
misc/ibus-hangul: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/ibus-qt: Fixed dep info
misc/ibus-qt: Small script cleanup and depend on qt4
misc/ibus-qt: Updated maintainer email
misc/ibus-skk: Fixed dep info
misc/ibus-skk: Removed unused code from
misc/ibus-unikey: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/ibus: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/igal2: Removed (ftp + no active maintainer)
misc/igal2: Updated for version 3.1.
misc/igal2: update copyright years
misc/jmri: Remove desktop file handling.
misc/jmri: Updated for version 4.26.
misc/kasumi: Use the C++14 standard.
misc/kcm-fcitx: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/kde_cdemu: Fix download URL.
misc/kde_cdemu: Fix install dir.
misc/kde_cdemu: Updated for version 0.8.0.
misc/klibc: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
misc/klibc: Updated for version 2.0.9.
misc/krename: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/kronometer: Updated for version 2.2.3.
misc/lastpass-cli: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
misc/libydpdict: Fix DOWNLOAD.
misc/libydpdict: Remove .la files.
misc/ltunify: Updated for version 0.3.
misc/mdic: Added the dependency qt4.
misc/megatunix: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
misc/moreutils: Fix download URL.
misc/moreutils: Fix the parallel-removing routine.
misc/moreutils: Update README.
misc/moreutils: Updated for version 0.65.
misc/mosquitto: Fixed dep info
misc/mosquitto: Updated for version 2.0.11
misc/mosquitto: Updated for version 2.0.12
misc/mosquitto: Updated for version 2.0.13
misc/mosquitto: Updated for version 2.0.14
misc/nixnote: Removed.
misc/no-more-secrets: Updated for version 1.0.1.
misc/nvclock: Removed (obsolete and abandoned upstream)
misc/opencc: Removed (added to Slackware as OpenCC).
misc/ophcrack: Updated for version 3.8.0.
misc/oscar: Updated for version 1.2.0.
misc/owfs: Fix conflict w/libkqueue, rm .la files.
misc/owfs: Updated for version 3.2p4.
misc/par2cmdline-tbb: Fix header location.
misc/par: Remove template comment.
misc/pinfo: Fix building with gcc >= 10.x.
misc/pinfo: Fix building with the newer ncurses.
misc/pinfo: Remove template comment.
misc/po4a: Added the new dependency perl-Pod-Parser.
misc/po4a: Updated for version 0.65, new maintainer.
misc/projectM: Fix icon cache handling.
misc/projectM: Updated for version 3.1.12.
misc/projectM: Updated for version 3.1.7.
misc/protobuf3: Moved to development/protobuf3.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.15.8.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.16.0.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.17.0.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.17.1.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.17.2.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.17.3.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.18.0.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.18.1.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.19.1.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.19.3.
misc/protobuf3: Updated for version 3.19.4.
misc/protobuf: Fix dependency.
misc/protobuf: Remove .la files.
misc/protobuf: Removed (use protobuf3 instead).
misc/qtkeychain: Removed (added to Slackware).
misc/qtspell: Updated for version 0.9.0.
misc/ramdefrag: Fix download URL.
misc/rarcrack: Remove template comment.
misc/rbutil: Fixed dep info
misc/rbutil: Fixed dep info
misc/rbutil: Updated for Slackware 15.0
misc/readesm: Removed (no qt4-webkit available).
misc/recode: Remove .la files.
misc/rlwrap: Updated for version 0.45.1.
misc/rsibreak: Updated for version 0.12.13.
misc/rsibreak: Updated for version 0.12.14.
misc/samdump2: Patch for openssl-1.1.x.
misc/sbo-templates: Remove redundant
misc/scim-chewing: Removed (no scim in Slackware anymore).
misc/sdcv: Fix VERSION.
misc/sdcv: Updated for version 0.5.3.
misc/sigrok-firmware-fx2lafw: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
misc/slop: Compress manpages.
misc/solunar: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
misc/ssss: Fix file permissions.
misc/stardict-tools: Add missing gnome-common dependency.
misc/stardict-tools: Disabled narrowing warn., added -fpermissive.
misc/stardict-tools: Updated for version
misc/stardict: Add missing gnome-common dependency.
misc/stardict: Updated for version
misc/subsurface: Add an include for the newer qt5.
misc/subsurface: Fixed dep info
misc/tegaki-zinnia-japanese: Fix build when TMP != /tmp.
misc/texscythe: Removed (no longer needed)
misc/tidyp: Remove .la files.
misc/txt2regex: Remove template comment.
misc/txt2tags: Add the temporary PKG dir to PATH to let it build.
misc/txt2tags: Fix md5sum.
misc/txt2tags: Updated for version 3.7, new maintainer.
misc/utimer: Patch to build on -current.
misc/vdpauinfo: Updated for version 1.4, updated email
misc/vttest: Remove template comment.
misc/wcd: Updated for version 6.0.4_beta2.
misc/weather: Fix
misc/wkhtmltopdf: Updated for version 0.12.6.
misc/wmbday: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
misc/xapian-omega: Updated for version 1.4.18.
misc/xbanish: Remove template comment.
misc/xdelta: Remove .la files.
misc/xwinwrap: Fix DOWNLOAD.
misc/yapet: Added a patch for gcc >= 6.x.
misc/yapet: Fix desktop file handling.
misc/yapet: Updated for version 2.5.
misc/yara: Remove .la files.
misc/yara: Updated for version 4.1.2.
misc/ydpdict: Updated for version 1.0.3.
misc/ykpers: Patch for json-c >= 0.14, pass -fcommon (gcc >= 10.x).
misc/ykpers: Remove .la files.
misc/yubioath-desktop: Fix desktop file handling.
misc/zinnia: Added a patch for gcc >= 6.x.
misc/zinnia: Remove .la files.
multimedia/DivFix++: Handle url-encoded filenames.
multimedia/ExMplayer: Removed (no maintainer)
multimedia/ExMplayer: Update DEP.
multimedia/Gem: Add missing ftgl dependency.
multimedia/Gem: Updated for version 0.94.
multimedia/HandBrake: Fixed dep info
multimedia/HandBrake: Kill jansson from REQUIRES
multimedia/HandBrake: Version bump to 1.5.1
multimedia/MediathekView: Updated for version 13.8.1.
multimedia/Mopidy: Update DEP.
multimedia/MuseScore: Added copyright and license.
multimedia/MuseScore: Disable WEBENGINE and TELEMETRY.
multimedia/MuseScore: Fix typo.
multimedia/MuseScore: Fixed dep info
multimedia/MuseScore: Updated for version 3.6.1.
multimedia/MuseScore: Updated for version 3.6.2.
multimedia/OpenPHT: Fixed dep info
multimedia/OpenPHT: Fixed dep info (again)
multimedia/OpenPHT: Removed (superseded by plex media player and plex htpc)
multimedia/QMPlay2: Update DEP.
multimedia/QMPlay2: Updated for version 21.03.09.
multimedia/SimpleSysexxer: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/aces-dev: Updated for version 1.3
multimedia/aces_container: Updated for version 1.0.2
multimedia/acetoneiso: Removed (no maintainer)
multimedia/acetoneiso: Update DEP.
multimedia/aegisub: Align with template
multimedia/aegisub: Fix build with the newer boost, icu4c and make.
multimedia/aegisub: Fix compatibility with newer ffms2.
multimedia/aegisub: Fixed dep info in README
multimedia/aegisub: Update HOMEPAGE.
multimedia/aom: Updated for version 3.3.0.
multimedia/apetag: Cleanup HTML doc.
multimedia/audio-recorder: Fixed dep info
multimedia/audiopreview: Add gstreamer0 dependency.
multimedia/audiopreview: Killed gst0-plugins-bad note
multimedia/audiopreview: Remove .la files.
multimedia/avidemux: Align with template
multimedia/avidemux: Fixed dep info
multimedia/avidemux: Patch for qt-5.15.x.
multimedia/avidemux: Updated for version 2.7.8.
multimedia/avidemux: Updated for version 2.8.0.
multimedia/bdtools: Remove .la files.
multimedia/beets: Fixed dep info
multimedia/beets: Killed pyechonest mention in README
multimedia/beets: Update DEP.
multimedia/beets: Updated for version 1.4.9.
multimedia/bino: Update DEP.
multimedia/bino: Updated for version 1.6.8, fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/bombono-dvd: Added two more patches for the newer gcc.
multimedia/bombono-dvd: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/bombono-dvd: Fixed dep info
multimedia/cantata: Update DEP.
multimedia/cantata: Updated for version 2.4.1.
multimedia/castget: Fixed dep info
multimedia/ccextractor: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
multimedia/cinelerra: Fixed dep info
multimedia/cinelerra: Updated for version 20210211_54b918a.
multimedia/cinelerra: Updated for version 20210331_eabda9c.
multimedia/coriander: Fix build on -current.
multimedia/ctl: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/devedeng: Update DEP.
multimedia/dirac: Remove .la files.
multimedia/droidcam: Fixed dep info
multimedia/dsmidiwifi: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/dssi: Document qt4 optional dep.
multimedia/dvbsnoop: Removed (No maintainer).
multimedia/dvd-slideshow: Update DEP.
multimedia/dvd-slideshow: Updated for version 0.8.6_1.
multimedia/dvdauthor: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/dvdbackup: Cleanups.
multimedia/dvdrip: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/dvdstyler: Update DEP.
multimedia/dvdstyler: Updated for version 3.1.2.
multimedia/dvgrab: Disabled narrowing warnings.
multimedia/emoc: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/farsight2: Fix REQUIRES.
multimedia/farsight2: Fix for gcc >= 10.x, patch for make >= 4.3.
multimedia/farsight2: Fixed dep info (libnice)
multimedia/farsight2: Remove .la files.
multimedia/farstream: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/fdkaac: Updated for version 1.0.2.
multimedia/ffmpeg2theora: Fix build with py3 scons.
multimedia/ffmpeg2theora: Update DEP.
multimedia/ffmpeg4: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/ffmpeg: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/flashplayer-plugin: Removed. Good riddance.
multimedia/flowblade: Fix github tarball handling.
multimedia/flowblade: Fixed dep info
multimedia/flowblade: Updated for version 24564a.
multimedia/freshplayerplugin: Removed.
multimedia/freshplayerplugin: Update DEP.
multimedia/gecko-mediaplayer: Removed.
multimedia/get_iplayer: Update DEP.
multimedia/get_iplayer: Updated for version 3.28
multimedia/get_iplayer: Updated for version 3.29
multimedia/get_iplayer: updated for version 3.27
multimedia/gimp-gap: Fixed dep info
multimedia/glyr: Remove template comment.
multimedia/gmtp: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/gnash: Added (fixed build post-removal)
multimedia/gnash: Fixed dep info
multimedia/gnash: Remove stray space, note the opt dep qt4.
multimedia/gnash: Removed.  It's dead, Jim.
multimedia/gnash: Updated for Slackware 15.0
multimedia/gnome-mplayer: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
multimedia/gnupod: Fixed dep info
multimedia/google-talkplugin: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
multimedia/gpac: Patch for ffmpeg-4.x.
multimedia/gpac: Updated for version 1.0.1.
multimedia/gpodder: Update DEP.
multimedia/gst-libav: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad-nonfree: Added (encumbered GStreamer plugins).
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Fix build.
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Fix dep info (opencv)
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Removed (conflict w/Slackware gst-plugins-bad-free).
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Support alternatives for ninja
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Updated for version 1.18.3.
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Updated for version 1.18.4.
multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Updated for version 1.18.5.
multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Support alternatives for ninja
multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 1.18.3.
multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 1.18.4.
multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 1.18.5.
multimedia/gst0-ffmpeg: Patch for orc >= 0.4.30.
multimedia/gst0-plugins-bad: Removed (no more openssl-1.0.x).
multimedia/gst0-plugins-base: Added (gst plugins base set, v0).
multimedia/gst0-plugins-base: Remove la file.
multimedia/gst0-plugins-good: Added (gst plugins good set, v0).
multimedia/gst0-plugins-ugly: Added gst0-plugins-base dep.
multimedia/gst0-plugins-ugly: Fixed dep info
multimedia/gstreamer0: Add a README (thanks dive!).
multimedia/gstreamer0: Add a fix for the newer glib2 with gcc-11.x.
multimedia/gstreamer0: Added (streaming multimedia framework, v0).
multimedia/gstreaner0: Remove la file.
multimedia/gtick: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/gtkpod: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
multimedia/gtkpod: Fixed dep info
multimedia/gtkpod: Removed.
multimedia/guvcview: Enable Qt5 support.
multimedia/guvcview: Update DEP.
multimedia/guvcview: Updated for version 2.0.7.
multimedia/hexter: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/huludesktop: Drop flashplayer dependency.
multimedia/huludesktop: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
multimedia/imagination: Update DEP.
multimedia/imagination: Updated for version to 3.6.
multimedia/inputstream.adaptive: Added (kodi addon).
multimedia/k9copy-reloaded: Cleanups.
multimedia/k9copy-reloaded: Update DEP.
multimedia/kaffeine: Updated for version 2.0.18.
multimedia/kdenlive: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/kodi: Avoid downloading things while building.
multimedia/kodi: Fix CEC variable.
multimedia/kodi: Fixed dep info
multimedia/kodi: Updated for version 19.4.
multimedia/l-smash: Add README to docdir.
multimedia/lightspark: Update DEP.
multimedia/lircaile: Removed (No maintainer).
multimedia/lives: Cleanups.
multimedia/lives: Fixed dep info
multimedia/lives: Remove .la files.
multimedia/lives: Updated for version 3.2.0.
multimedia/lsdvd: Remove template comment.
multimedia/lwks: Fix build script.
multimedia/lwks: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
multimedia/lwks: Removed (membership and licensing changes).
multimedia/makemkv: Update DEP.
multimedia/mediainfo: Version bump, update patch, and copyright update
multimedia/mediatomb: Fixed dep info in README
multimedia/mediatomb: Removed.
multimedia/minidlna: Update DEP.
multimedia/minidlna: Updated for version 1.3.0, fix for gcc >= 10.x.
multimedia/minitube: Fix missing quote.
multimedia/minitube: Updated for version 3.9.3.
multimedia/mirage2iso: Add missing dep.
multimedia/mirage2iso: Added (convert CD images to ISO).
multimedia/miro: Killed gst0-plugins-bad note
multimedia/miro: Removed.
multimedia/miro: Update DEP.
multimedia/mjpegtools: Remove .la files.
multimedia/mjpegtools: Updated for version 2.2.1.
multimedia/mkclean: Removed (no maintainer)
multimedia/mkvalidator: Removed (no maintainer)
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Fixed dep info in README
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 55.0.0.
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 60.0.0.
multimedia/mkvtoolnix: Updated for version 65.0.0.
multimedia/mlt: Removed (added to Slackware).
multimedia/mozplugger: Fix download URL.
multimedia/mp3fs: Fixed dep info
multimedia/mplayer-codecs32: Update copyright header
multimedia/mplayer-codecs64: Update copyright header
multimedia/mpv: Adjust REQUIRES for 15.0
multimedia/mpv: Apply upstream patch for the newer libplacebo api.
multimedia/mpv: Fixed dep info
multimedia/mpv: Updated for version 0.34.0
multimedia/mpv: Updated for version 0.34.1
multimedia/mtpfs: Remove template comment.
multimedia/musique: Killed gst0-plugins-bad in REQUIRES
multimedia/musique: Updated for version 1.10.1.
multimedia/mythplugins: Fix dependency.
multimedia/mythplugins: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
multimedia/mythtv: Fix qt5 version check.
multimedia/mythtv: Fixed dep info
multimedia/mythtv: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
multimedia/mythtv: Updated for version 29.0.
multimedia/nightingale: Removed (No maintainer).
multimedia/nted: Fix -current build.
multimedia/obs-studio: Update DEP.
multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 26.0.2.
multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 26.1.2.
multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 27.0.0
multimedia/obs-studio: Updated for version 27.0.1
multimedia/oggvideotools: Disabled narrowing warnings.
multimedia/openshot: Fixed dep info
multimedia/parole: Fixed dep info
multimedia/pepperflash-plugin: Removed.
multimedia/picard-plugins: Version bump and copyright update
multimedia/picard: Fix github tarball handling.
multimedia/picard: Install fix + version bump.
multimedia/picard: Revert new ownership claim
multimedia/picard: Updated for version 2.7.1.
multimedia/picard: Updated for version 2.7.2.
multimedia/picard: Updated for version 2.7.3.
multimedia/pitivi: Fixed dep info
multimedia/pitivi: Fixed dep info (gst-python3 -> gst-python)
multimedia/pitivi: Remove gst-plugins-bad dependency.
multimedia/pitivi: Updated for version 2021.05.
multimedia/playerctl: Updated for version 2.4.1.
multimedia/plex-home-theater: Fixed dep info
multimedia/plex-home-theater: Removed (ftbs, upstream dead).
multimedia/plex-home-theater: Use zulu-openjdk7.
multimedia/popcorntime: Fix download URL.
multimedia/pragha: Fix dependency info.
multimedia/pragha: Fixed dep info + kill gst0-p-bad
multimedia/pragha: Fixed jmtpfs dep mention
multimedia/qsampler: Updated for version 0.9.4, switch to cmake.
multimedia/ripit: Fix README.
multimedia/ripit: Update docs for -current.
multimedia/ripperX: Fixed dep info
multimedia/rosa-media-player: Added qt4 dependency.
multimedia/rosa-media-player: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/rosa-media-player: Update DEP.
multimedia/rtmpdump: Use gnutls instead of openssl.
multimedia/schroedinger: Remove .la files.
multimedia/shotcut: Fixed dep info
multimedia/shotcut: Update DEP.
multimedia/shotcut: Updated for version 21.12.24.
multimedia/simpleburn: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/simpleburn: Removed (upstream is dead).
multimedia/sinthgunt: Update DEP.
multimedia/smpeg: Disabled narrowing warnings, fix underlinking.
multimedia/smpeg: Don't install *.la files
multimedia/smpeg: Updated download URL
multimedia/smpeg: Updated maintainer email
multimedia/smplayer: Disable warnings-as-errors.
multimedia/smplayer: Updated for version 21.10.0.
multimedia/smtube: Build with qt5 by default
multimedia/spek: Update DEP.
multimedia/spotify: Align with template
multimedia/spotify: Fix download URL.
multimedia/spotify: Updated icon cache.
multimedia/straw-viewer: Removed (use pipe-viewer instead).
multimedia/straw-viewer: Updated for version 0.1.3.
multimedia/strawberry: Fixed dep info
multimedia/strawberry: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
multimedia/subtitlecomposer: Removed (needs kde4).
multimedia/subtitleeditor: Remove .la files.
multimedia/subtitleeditor: Updated for version 20191130_4c215f4.
multimedia/tabu_audio_player: Added gstreamer0 dep.
multimedia/telepathy-farstream: Remove .la files.
multimedia/telepathy-glib: Remove .la files.
multimedia/telepathy-glib: Update DEP.
multimedia/telepathy-qt: Add qt4 dependency.
multimedia/tomahawk: Fixed dep info
multimedia/tomahawk: Removed (libechonest dep is gone)
multimedia/totem: Fix 15.0 build, WIP, merge.
multimedia/totem: Fixed dep info in README
multimedia/totem: Removed (no maintainer, ftbfs).
multimedia/tovid: Update DEP.
multimedia/tragtor: Update DEP.
multimedia/transcode: Build against libv4lconvert
multimedia/transcode: Fixed dep info
multimedia/transcode: Patch for glibc >= 2.32, gcc >= 10.x.
multimedia/transcode: Updated maintainer email
multimedia/tvheadend: Fix build (network access).
multimedia/tvheadend: Updated for version 4.2.8.
multimedia/tvtime: Fix building with the newer compiler.
multimedia/tvtime: Updated for version 1.0.11, cleanups.
multimedia/vapoursynth-mvtools: Remove .la files.
multimedia/vapoursynth: Fix build on current.
multimedia/vapoursynth: Remove .la files.
multimedia/vcdimager: Remove .la files.
multimedia/vcdimager: Updated for version 2.0.1.
multimedia/vgmplay: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/videocut: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/vitunes-mplayer: Fix README.
multimedia/vitunes-mplayer: Remove template comment.
multimedia/vkeybd: Remove template comment.
multimedia/vlc: Enable libva, disable opencv, cleanups.
multimedia/vlc: Fix MD5SUM
multimedia/vlc: Fix build.
multimedia/vlc: Fixed dep info
multimedia/vlc: Fixed wayland notes in README
multimedia/vlc: Fixes for Slackware 15.0
multimedia/vlc: Remove .la files.
multimedia/vlc: Remove libupnp & libmatroska from REQUIRES
multimedia/vlc: Update REQUIRES protobuf to protobuf3.
multimedia/vlc: Updated for version 3.0.13
multimedia/vlc: Updated for version 3.0.14
multimedia/vlc: Updated for version 3.0.16
multimedia/vobsub2srt: Cleanups.
multimedia/vobsub2srt: Fix build with newer g++.
multimedia/vokoscreenNG: Fixed dep info
multimedia/vokoscreenNG: Updated for version 3.1.0.
multimedia/w_scan: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
multimedia/webvfx: Fixed dep info
multimedia/winff: Removed (no maintainer)
multimedia/winff: Update DEP.
multimedia/wxcam: Force use of wxPython.
multimedia/wxcam: Use the C++14 standard.
multimedia/x264: Updated download URL
multimedia/x264: Updated for version git_20210613_5db6aa6c
multimedia/x264: Updated maintainer email
multimedia/x265: Updated for version 3.5.
multimedia/xawtv: Fix build on Slackware 15.
multimedia/xjadeo: Fix build with newer portmidi.
multimedia/xjadeo: Update DEP.
multimedia/xjadeo: Updated for version 0.8.10.
multimedia/xjadeo: fix syntax in info file
multimedia/xmltv: Updated for version 0.6.3, cleanups.
multimedia/xmms-crossfade: Reflow README.
multimedia/xmms-cue: Fix download URL.
multimedia/xvidcore: Updated for version 1.3.7
multimedia/xvidcore: Updated maintainer email
multimedia/xvst: Fixed dep info
multimedia/yarock: Fix 15.0 build.
multimedia/youtube-viewer: Removed (no maintainer)
multimedia/zvbi: Remove .la files.
multimedir/pipe-viewer: Added (youtube CLI/GUI).
multiple/pyxdg: Update DEP.
multiple/qt5: Update DEP.
network/2ping: Updated for version 4.5.1.
network/BitchX: Removed (ftb)
network/CherryMusic: Fixed dep info in README
network/EarthReader-Web: Add Python3 support.
network/EarthReader-Web: added python3-waitress as REQUIREMENT for python3 version
network/Electrum-DASH: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/Electrum-DASH: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
network/Electrum-DASH: Update DEP.
network/Electrum-DASH: Use python3/qt5.
network/Electrum: Fixed dep info
network/Electrum: Update DEP.
network/Electrum: Updated for version 4.1.2.
network/FireWorks: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/FireWorks: Fix dependency.
network/Free-Cinema: Change BeautifulSoup4 DEP to python2-BeautifulSoup4
network/GeoIP: Remove .la files.
network/GhostInTheMail: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/Icecat: Removed (unmaintained, ftbfs).
network/MEGAsync: Fixed dep info
network/MEGAsync: Kill libuv from REQUIRES
network/MEGAsync: Killed cryptopp dep
network/MEGAsync: Updated for version
network/MEGAsync: Updated for version
network/NetworkManager-l2tp: Fix github tarball handling.
network/NetworkManager-l2tp: Updated for version 1.20.0.
network/NetworkManager-openconnect: Disable libnm-glib compat.
network/NetworkManager-openconnect: Updated for version 1.2.6.
network/NetworkManager-openvpn: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/NetworkManager-pptp: Updated for version 1.2.8.
network/NetworkManager-pptp: Updated for version 20200716_382a8a2.
network/NetworkManager-vpnc: Updated for version 1.2.6.
network/NetworkManager-vpnc: tweaks for Slackware 15.0
network/NetworkManager: Fix maintainer email typo.
network/Quaternion: Kill qtkeychain@SBo mention
network/RTL8192: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/RTL8192: Removed (waiting for the new version, rtl8192eu).
network/RYMTacks: Update DEP
network/RYMTracks: Add python2-BeautifulSoup4 DEP
network/RYMTracks: Update DEP.
network/SpiderOakONE: Align with template
network/TeamSpeak3: Fixed dep info
network/UDR: Fix github tarball handling.
network/XD: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
network/XD: Fix github tarball handling.
network/aMule: Fix README wording
network/aMule: Fix freeze problems.
network/aMule: Fixed dep info
network/aMule: Updated for version 2.3.3.
network/aMule: Updated for version r11055.
network/aMule: Use wxGTK3.
network/aircrack-ng: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
network/aircrack-ng: Remove .la files.
network/airpwn-ng: Removed
network/airpwn: Remove .la files.
network/aldryn-client: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/aldryn-client: Update DEP.
network/amavisd-new: Create PIDDIR during init
network/amavisd-new: Updated README.
network/anydesk: Fix BUILD usage.
network/anydesk: Updated for version 6.1.1.
network/argus-clients: Updated for version
network/aria2: Fixed dep info
network/aria2: Updated for version 1.36.0.
network/arm: Removed.
network/arno-iptables-firewall: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/arora: Removed (unmaintained upstream).
network/asciinema: Updated for version 2.1.0.
network/asterisk: Fixed dep info
network/asterisk: create piddir during init
network/atftp: Remove template comment.
network/atheme: Fixed dep info
network/authbind: Fix README.
network/authbind: Remove template comment.
network/avahi: Disable mono support (broken).
network/avahi: Enable qt5 for Slackware 15.0
network/avahi: Fix build.
network/avahi: Fix path to python3.
network/avahi: Remove la files.
network/awscli: Update DEP.
network/awstats: Updated for version 7.7.
network/awstats: Updated for version 7.8.
network/b43-firmware: Fix homepage link in README.
network/b43-fwcutter: s,i486,i586,g
network/barnyard2: Fix build on 15.0.
network/base: Removed (ftp + no active maintainer)
network/basilisk-bin: Updated for version 2022.01.27.
network/basilisk: Removed (upstream development suspended).
network/basilisk: Update DEP.
network/bip: Disable some warning-as-errors.
network/bip: Updated for version 0.9.0.
network/bird: Removed (no maintainer).
network/bitcoin: Fixed dep info
network/bitcoin: Patch for qt-5.15.x.
network/bitcoin: Remove .la files.
network/bitcoin: Updated for version 22.0.
network/bluejeans: Fix build after template adjustment.
network/bluejeans: Updated to version
network/bmon: Fix README.
network/bmon: Remove template comment.
network/bollux: Update MD5SUM.
network/boxcryptor: Removed (No maintainer).
network/bozohttpd: Fix 15.0 build.
network/bozohttpd: Updated for version 20210227.
network/brave-browser: Fixed dep info
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.35.100.
network/brave-browser: Updated for version 1.35.103.
network/broadcom-sta: Removed (no maintainer)
network/btpd: Fix github tarball handling.
network/bwm-ng: Added a patch for gcc >= 7.x.
network/bwm-ng: Remove old gcc7 patch.
network/c-toxcore: Fixed dep info
network/canto: Update DEP.
network/cclive: Removed (Not building on 15.0).
network/ccnet: Fix download URL.
network/ccnet: Fixed dep info
network/ccnet: Remove .la files.
network/ccnet: Updated for version 6.1.8.
network/cherokee: Remove .la files.
network/cherokee: Updated for version 20180709_9a75e65.
network/chrony: Updated for version 4.2.
network/cicb: Updated for version 5.1.2b1+git20191209.
network/claws-mail: Updated for version 3.17.8.
network/claws-mail: Updated for version 4.0.0.
network/clipgrab: Fixed dep info
network/cmst: Removed (no maintainer)
network/connman: Removed (no maintainer)
network/corebird: Fixed dep info
network/corebird: Removed.
network/courier-authlib: Adjust REQUIRES. Disable static.
network/courier-unicode: Updated for version 2.2.3.
network/csync: Fixed dep info
network/cyrus-imapd: Fixed dep info
network/cyrus-imapd: Remove .la files.
network/dante: Updated for version 1.4.3.
network/darkstat: Updated for version 3.0.721.
network/davmail: Align with template
network/dbmail: Fixed dep info
network/dbmail: Removed.
network/dclib: Fix build on 15.0.
network/dclib: Removed.
network/ddgr: Updated for version 1.9.
network/ddgr: Use systemwide dir for bash-completion file
network/deis: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/deis: Fix dependency.
network/deis: Update DEP.
network/deis: Update DEP.
network/deluge: Fix REQUIRES.
network/deluge: Update DEP.
network/deluge: Update DEP.
network/deluge: Update DEP.
network/dianara: Updated for version 1.4.3.
network/dillo: Patched for openssl >= 1.1.x and gcc >= 10.x.
network/dirb: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/discord: Fixed dep info
network/discord: Updated for version 0.0.15.
network/discord: Updated for version 0.0.17.
network/discord: Version bump to 0.0.16.
network/dmitry: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
network/dnscrypt-proxy: Updated for version 2.0.45.
network/dnscrypt-wrapper: Fixed dep info
network/dobbscoin: Add qt4 dependency.
network/dobbscoin: Fixed dep info
network/dobbscoin: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
network/dobbscoin: Removed.
network/dobbscoin: Switch to clang to let it build, changed md5sum.
network/docsis: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/dogecoin: Fixed dep info
network/dogecoin: Removed.
network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Fixed dep info
network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Updated for version 0.5.13.
network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Updated for version 0.5.17.
network/dovecot: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/drawterm: Updated for version 1d3e2b3502f1.
network/drawterm: Updated for version dc703b3438f9.
network/dropbear: Fix backing up openssh scp.
network/dropbox: Update desktop file.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 121.4.4267.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 123.4.4832.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 125.4.3474.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 128.4.2870.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 129.4.3571.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 130.4.4978.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 131.4.3968.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 133.4.4089.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 136.4.4345.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 138.4.2392.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 139.4.4896.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 140.4.1951.
network/dropbox: Updated for version 143.3.4161.
network/dsniff: Update to the latest debian patches.
network/dukto: Add the dependency qt4.
network/dwb: Removed (requires webkitgtk, use vimb instead).
network/efax-gtk: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
network/efax: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
network/eiskaltdcpp: Updated for version 2.4.2. Add dep miniupnpc.
network/ekiga: Patch for the newer boost, libresolv and gcc.
network/ekiga: Removed.
network/elemental-ircd: Create piddir during init
network/elemental-ircd: Don't set $USER inside a script
network/elemental-ircd: Fix logrotate script
network/elemental-ircd: Removed.
network/elemental-ircd: Use setpriv instead of su for init
network/elinks: Fix documentation generation.
network/elinks: Updated for version git20170723.
network/emacs-w3m: Removed.
network/emacs-w3m: Updated for version cvs_1.4.569_0.20170110.
network/emesene: Removed (No maintainer).
network/enet: Remove .la files.
network/et: Fixed dep info
network/et: Removed.
network/et: Updated for version 6.1.11.
network/et: added cmake option -DDISABLE_VCPKG=ON
network/etcd: Removed.
network/etherape: Fixed dep info
network/etherape: Updated for version 0.9.20.
network/ettercap-NG: Removed (incompatible with the newer openssl).
network/ettercap: Added the dependency GeoIP.
network/exim: Updated for version 4.94.2.
network/fail2ban: Don't remove entire /usr/share directory
network/fail2ban: Install bash completion by default
network/fail2ban: Updated for version 0.11.2.
network/falkon: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/fcgiwrap: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
network/fdm: Fix MD5SUM.
network/fdm: Fix for upstream tarball change.
network/fdm: Updated for version 2.0.
network/fdns: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/fdns: Update DEP.
network/felinks: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/felinks: Fix github tarball handling.
network/filezilla: Remove la files.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.51.0.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.53.1.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.54.1.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.55.0.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.55.1.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.56.0.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.56.2.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.57.0.
network/filezilla: Updated for version 3.58.0.
network/firewalld: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/firewalld: Fix REQUIRES.
network/firewalld: Updated for version 0.9.3.
network/flexget: Add python2-BeautifulSoup4 DEP
network/flexget: Update DEP.
network/flexget: Update DEP.
network/fqterm: Add qt4 to REQUIRES.
network/fqterm: Updated for version, cleanups.
network/franz: Updated for version 5.7.0.
network/franz: Updated for version 5.8.0.
network/freedownloadmanager: Updated MD5SUM.
network/freeradius-server: Remove .la files.
network/freeradius-server: Updated for version 3.0.21.
network/freerdp: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
network/freerdp: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/freerdp: Update DEP.
network/freerdp: Updated for version 2.3.2, enable wayland.
network/frr: Disable docs to build on 15.0.
network/frr: Fixed dep info
network/frr: Use /var/lib/frr instead of /var/run/frr
network/ftp-cloudfs: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/ftp-cloudfs: Fix dependency.
network/fwbuilder: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
network/fwknop: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/fwknop: Remove .la files.
network/gajim: Updated for version 1.3.3.
network/ganglia-web: Removed.
network/ganglia: Removed.
network/glassfish: Removed (No maintainer).
network/glewlwyd: updated for version 2.5.3
network/glewlwyd: updated for version 2.5.4
network/glewlwyd: updated for version 2.6.0
network/glewlwyd: updated for version 2.6.1
network/glusterfs: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
network/glusterfs: Install bash-completion file to system dir
network/glusterfs: Remove .la files.
network/gmvault: Update DEP.
network/gnome-bluetooth: Remove .la files.
network/gns3: Align with template
network/googler: Install bash-completion file to system dir
network/googler: Updated for version 4.3.2.
network/gophernicus: Updated for version 3.1.1.
network/gq: Removed.
network/graphite-carbon: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/graphite-carbon: Fix REQUIRES.
network/greenbone-security-assistant: Removed.
network/grsync: Updated for version 1.2.8.
network/grsync: Updated for version 1.3.0.
network/gtk-gnutella: Updated for version 1.2.1.
network/gtk-gnutella: Updated for version 1.2.2.
network/gtmess: Removed.
network/guacamole-client: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/guacamole-server: Fixed dep info in README
network/guacamole-server: Removed freerdp dep (part of slackware).
network/guacamole-server: Removed.
network/haproxy: Updated for version 2.5.3.
network/haskell-network-multicast: Updated for version 0.3.2.
network/havp: Updated for version 0.93.
network/heimdal: Fixed for Slackware 15.0
network/hiawatha: Revert php version change needed by 14.2
network/hping3: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
network/httpie: Update DEP.
network/httrack: Remove .la files.
network/httrack: Updated for version 3.49.2.
network/hydra: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/hylafax+: Updated for version 7.0.5.
network/hylafax: Patch for the newer gcc.
network/hylafax: Removed (ftb + no active maintainer)
network/icinga2: Fix installing docs.
network/icinga2: Updated for version 2.13.2.
network/icyque: Fixed dep info
network/ifstatus: Removed (FTBS and upstream dead).
network/ike: Fixed dep info
network/ike: Removed.
network/imapfilter: Updated for version 2.7.5.
network/imapproxy: Removed.
network/insync: Fixing a broken link.
network/insync: Updated for version 3.3.9
network/ip2location-c: Remove .la files.
network/iperf3: Remove .la files.
network/iperf: Updated for version 2.0.8.
network/ipscan: Removed (no maintainer)
network/iptv-analyzer: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/iptv-analyzer: Removed.
network/ipv6calc: Updated for version 4.0.1.
network/ipxnet: Fix
network/irc.c: Added (minimalist curses IRC client).
network/ircII: Updated for version 20210616_2.
network/ircd-hybrid: Create piddir during init
network/ircd-hybrid: Updated for version 8.2.38
network/ircd-hybrid: Updated for version 8.2.39
network/ircd-hybrid: Use setpriv instead of su for init
network/irssi-python: Updated for version test4_1.2.3.
network/irssi_otr: Updated for version 1.2.3.
network/jabberd2: Create piddir during init
network/jabberd2: Updated for version 2.7.0.
network/jigdo: Patch for gcc >= 7.x.
network/jigdo: Updated for version 0.8.1.
network/jitsi: Updated for version 5633.
network/kadu: Removed (unmaintained).
network/kcm_ufw: Removed.
network/kea: Remove .la files.
network/kea: Updated for version 2.1.3.
network/keepalived: Updated for version 2.2.7.
network/kfilebox: Removed.
network/kirc: Added (tiny IRC client).
network/kismet: Updated for version 2022.02.R1 + new maintainer.
network/kivy-garden: Update DEP.
network/kmess: Removed (upstream dead, msn service dead).
network/knemo: Removed.
network/knock: Updated for version 0.7, cleanups.
network/kobby: Removed (no kde4 anymore).
network/konversation: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/krb5: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/kstart: Fixed dep info
network/kubectl: Updated for version 1.23.0.
network/kvirc: Fix 15.0 build.
network/kvirc: Fixed dep info
network/kvirc: Updated for version 5.0.0.
network/leafnode: s,i486,i586,g
network/leechcraft: Removed (unmaintained).
network/libcapi20: Removed (roger-router is removed).
network/libdnet: Remove .la files.
network/libident: Remove .la files.
network/libident: Updated copyright
network/libinfinity: Removed (unused).
network/libiscsi: Fix conflict with cunit.
network/libiscsi: Remove .la files.
network/libmaxminddb: Remove .la files.
network/libnfsidmap: Remove .la files.
network/libqinfinity: Removed (unused).
network/libteam: Fixed dep info
network/libteam: Remove .la files.
network/licq: Removed (No maintainer).
network/liferea: Fixed dep info
network/lighttpd2: Fixed dep info
network/lighttpd2: Removed (still too unripe).
network/lighttpd: Updated for version 1.4.59.
network/lighttpd: Updated for version 1.4.64.
network/limnoria: Fix github tarball handling.
network/limnoria: Updated for version 2021_04_11.
network/linksys-tftp: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/linphone: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/linphone: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
network/linphone: Fixed dep info
network/linphone: Remove .la files.
network/linssid: Tweak README.
network/linuxdcpp: Force -std=gnu++98 for the newer gcc.
network/linuxdcpp: Removed.
network/livestreamer: Update DEP.
network/lizardfs: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/lldpd: Remove .la files.
network/luakit: Fix md5sum.
network/luakit: Updated for version 2.3, change maint. email.
network/maildrop: Updated for version 3.0.7.
network/mailman: Update DEP.
network/mailman: Updated for version 2.1.39.
network/mailspring: Updated for version 1.9.1.
network/mailspring: Updated for version 1.9.2
network/mattermost-desktop: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/memcached: Updated for version 1.6.9.
network/midori: Fix github tarball handling.
network/midori: Patch to fix focus issue.
network/midori: Support alternatives for ninja
network/midori: Updated for version 9.0.
network/miniupnpd: Updated for version 2.3.0.
network/miredo: Removed (No maintainer).
network/mitmproxy-bin: Added (interactive HTTPS proxy).
network/mk-livestatus: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/mk-livestatus: Update DOWNLOAD.
network/mkvserver_mk2: Update DEP.
network/mldonkey: Removed.
network/mldonkey: Updated for version 3.1.6, cleanups.
network/mod_auth_gssapi: Fixed dep info
network/mod_auth_kerb: Fixed dep info
network/mod_dnssd: Various tweaks for Slackware 15.0
network/monkey: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/monkey: Don't package /var/run/monkey
network/mosaic-ck: Updated for version 2.7ck13.
network/mosh: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
network/mosh: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
network/mrtg: Updated for version 2.7.10.
network/msmtp: Fix README.
network/msn-proxy: Removed (MSN Messenger is long dead)
network/mumble-server: Fix .info.
network/mumble-server: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/mumble-server: Remove NUMJOBS.
network/mumble-server: Renamed murmur to mumble-server
network/mumble-server: Upgraded for version 1.4.230
network/mumble: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/mumble: Fixed README (speech-dispatcher mention)
network/mumble: Fixed dep info
network/mumble: Remove NUMJOBS.
network/mumble: Updated maintainer email
network/mumble: upgraded for version 1.4.230
network/munge: Fix 15.0 build.
network/munge: Fix typo in script.
network/munge: Remove .la files.
network/murmur: Create piddir during init
network/murmur: Updated maintainer email
network/murmur: fix rc.d path
network/murmur: fix rc.murmur edit
network/museek+: Removed.
network/nagios: Add a fix for gcc >= 10.x.
network/nagios: Updated for version 4.4.6.
network/nagiosgraph: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/nbd: Updated for version 3.22
network/nbd: Updated for version 3.23
network/ncp: Fix README.
network/ncp: Fix for recent libowfat.
network/ncp: Remove template comment.
network/ncrack: Added -fpermissive to the CXXFLAGS.
network/ncrack: Updated for version 0.7.
network/neomutt: Fixed dep info; build with libidn2 by default
network/netdiscover: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/netdrive-connector: Fixed dep info in README
network/netperf: Updated for version 2.7.0.
network/netsurf: Updated for version 3.10.
network/netsurf: fix executable in desktop file.
network/newsboat: Fixed dep info.
network/newsboat: Updated for version 2.24.
network/newsboat: Updated for version 2.25.
network/newsboat: Updated for version 2.26.
network/nextclound-client: Fixed dep info
network/nfdump: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/nghttp2: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/nginx: Fixed dep info in REAME
network/nginx: Updated for version 1.21.6.
network/ngircd: Updated for version 26.1.
network/ngrok: Updated for version 2.3.39
network/ngrok: Updated for version 2.3.40
network/nordvpn: Fixed dep info in README
network/nsd: Align with template
network/nsd: Create piddir during init
network/nsd: Fix logrotate file for non-root /var/log subdir
network/nss-mdns: Tweak for Slackware 15.0
network/ntop: Removed.
network/ntpclient: Fix -current build.
network/offlineimap: Fix duplicated dependencies.
network/offlineimap: Fixed dep info
network/offlineimap: Updated for version 7.3.4.
network/onedrive: Updated for version 2.4.13
network/onedrive: Updated to version 2.4.25
network/onedrive: updated to version 2.4.14
network/onionshare: Change to Flask.
network/onionshare: Fixed dep info
network/open-iscsi: Updated for version 2.1.5.
network/open-isns: Updated for version 0.101.
network/openconnect: Remove .la files.
network/opendchub: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/opendkim: Added a patch for openssl-1.1.x.
network/opendkim: Fixed piddir creation at init
network/opendkim: Remove .la files.
network/opendmarc: Fix github tarball handling.
network/opendmarc: Fixed dep info
network/opendmarc: Updated for version
network/openfortivpn: Updated for version 1.17.1.
network/openl2tp: Removed.
network/openldap-server: Removed (added to Slackware - in openldap).
network/openntpd: Updated for version 6.8p1.
network/openrdate: Removed.
network/openresolv: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/opensm: Remove .la files.
network/opensmtpd: Updated for version 6.6.4p1.
network/opensmtpd: Updated for version 6.8.0p2.
network/openssh-krb5: Removed (redundant now)
network/openvas-manager: Removed.
network/openvswitch-utils: Remove .la files.
network/openvswitch-utils: Updated for version 2.15.1.
network/opera-legacy: Remove flashplayer from README.
network/otter: Updated for version 1.0.02.
network/owncloud-client: Fixed dep info
network/owncloud-client: Patch for qt-5.15.x.
network/owncloud-client: Update for
network/pCloudDrive: Fix case statement in SlackBuild.
network/packETH: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/packit: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/palemoon-bin: Updated for version 29.4.4.
network/palemoon: Add missing patch.
network/palemoon: Update DEP.
network/palemoon: Updated for version 29.4.4.
network/pdns-recursor: Updated for version 4.6.0.
network/pdns: Updated for version 4.6.0. Add lua to REQUIRES.
network/pdnsd: Removed.
network/pentadactyl: Removed for Slackware 15.
network/persepolis: Fixed download info
network/persepolis: Update DEP.
network/pexip-infinity-connect: Fix .info.
network/pexip-infinity-connect: Updated to version 1.6.2
network/pfqueue: Remove .la files.
network/pgl: Removed (No maintainer).
network/pgpool-II: Remove .la files.
network/pgpool-II: Updated for version 3.7.21.
network/phodav: Align with new template.
network/phodav: Fixed ninja build.
network/phodav: Updated for version 2.3, switch to meson.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 5.1.2.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 5.1.3.
network/pidgin-musictracker: Add extra CFLAGS.
network/pidgin-musictracker: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
network/pidgin-opensteamworks: Fixed dep info
network/pidgin-sipe: Updated for 1.25.0. Add --enable-quality-check.
network/pidgin-sipe: Updated for version 1.24.0.
network/plasma-nm-openconnect: Removed. Uninterested.
network/plowshare-modules: Version bump and copyright update
network/pmacct: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/pmacct: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/policyd: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/postfix: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/postman: Updated for version 8.2.3
network/pound: Removed.
network/pptp: Updated for version 1.10.0.
network/pptp: s,i486,i586,g
network/pptpd: Updated for Slackware 15.0 (pppd-2.4.9)
network/privoxy: Fixed dep info
network/privoxy: Updated for version 3.0.33
network/profanity: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/profanity: Remove .la files.
network/prosody-mod-cloud-notify: Updated for version hg4730.
network/prosody-mod-cloud-notify: Updated for version hg4827.
network/prosody-mod-csi: Updated for version hg4785.
network/prosody-mod-http-upload: Updated for version hg4617.
network/prosody-mod-http-upload: Updated for version hg4654.
network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg4584.
network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg4631.
network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg4637.
network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg4760.
network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg4771.
network/prosody-mod-vcard-muc: Updated for version hg4879.
network/prosody: Updated for version 0.11.13.
network/prosody: Updated for version 0.11.9.
network/protonmail-bridge: Updated for version 1.8.10.
network/protonmail-bridge: Updated for version 1.8.12.
network/protonmail-bridge: Updated for version 2.1.1.
network/protonmail-import-export-app: Updated for version 1.3.3.
network/protonvpn-cli: Update DEP.
network/protonvpn-cli: Update DEP.
network/protonvpn-cli: Updated for version 2.2.11.
network/proxytunnel: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/psi-plus: Fixed dep info
network/psi-plus: Updated for version 1.5.1484.
network/psi-plus: Updated for version 1.5.1600.
network/psi: Updated for version 1.5. New maintainer.
network/pulse-sms: Updated for version 4.4.0.
network/pulse-sms: Updated for version 4.4.1
network/pulse-sms: Updated for version 4.5.0
network/pulse-sms: Updated for version 4.5.1
network/pulse-sms: Updated for version 4.5.2
network/purple-facebook: Fixed dep info
network/purple-hangouts: Fix download and requires.
network/purple-hangouts: Fixed dep info
network/purple-plugin-pack: Fix DOWNLOAD and HOMEPAGE.
network/purple-telegram: Fixed dep info (libwebp)
network/putty: Updated for version 0.75.
network/putty: Updated for version 0.76.
network/pydio-sync: Fixed dep info
network/pysub-dl: Update DEP.
network/qTox: Disable warnings-as-errors.
network/qTox: Fixed dep info
network/qemu: Updated to version 6.1.0
network/qtmib: Updated for version 1.1.1+20190827_e62ab95.
network/quagga: Add autoreconf + -fcommon.
network/quagga: Fix download URL.
network/quagga: Fixed dep info
network/quagga: Remove .la files.
network/quassel-qt5: Fixed dep info
network/quassel-qt5: Patch for qt5 >= 5.14.x.
network/quassel: Updated for version 0.14.0.
network/quotebrowser: Update DEP.
network/qutebrowser-tox: Fixed dep info
network/qutebrowser-tox: Removed.
network/qutebrowser: Fixed dep info
network/qutebrowser: Update DEP.
network/qutebrowser: Update REQUIRES.
network/qutebrowser: Updated for version 2.3.1.
network/qutebrowser: Updated for version 2.4.0.
network/quvi: Removed (Not needed as cclive is removed).
network/r2e: Removed (superseded by rss2email).
network/r8168: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/radvd: Updated for version 2.19.
network/razor-agents: Force a single make job.
network/rclone: Updated for version 1.5.7.
network/reaver: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/rejik: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/rekonq: Removed (KDE4 app).
network/remmina: Fixed dep info
network/remmina: Pass -fcommon for gcc >= 10.x.
network/remmina: Removed freerdp dep (part of slackware).
network/remmina: Updated for version 1.4.16, enable KF5 wallet.
network/remmina: Updated for version 1.4.24.
network/retroshare: Fixed dep info
network/retroshare: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
network/retroshare: Updated for version 0.6.5, fix for qt5 >= 5.14.
network/retroshare: Updated for version 20220216_3dfcb58.
network/rhapsody: Security fix.
network/roger-router: Fixed dep info
network/roger-router: Removed (source only for flatpak).
network/rspamd: Create piddir during init
network/rspamd: Fixed dep info
network/rspamd: Updated for version 2.6.
network/rspamd: Updated for version 2.7
network/rspamd: Updated for version 3.1
network/rtl8188eu: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/rtl8188eu: Re-added (fixed build for 15.0).
network/rtl8188eu: Removed.
network/rtl8188eu: Respect KERNEL.
network/rtl8821ce: Delete
network/rtl8821ce: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/rtl8821ce: Re-added (fixed build for 15.0).
network/rtl8821ce: Removed.
network/rtorrent: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/rtorrent: Updated for version 0.9.7.
network/rubygem-showterm: Updated for version 0.6.0.
network/s-nail: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/sabnzbd: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
network/scrcpy: Fixed dep info
network/scrcpy: Support alternatives for ninja
network/seafile-server: Updated for version 8.0.6.
network/seafile: Added (Cloud Storage System).
network/seafile: Fix dependencies.
network/seafile: Remove .la files.
network/seafile: Updated for version 8.0.4.
network/serviio: Create PIDDIR during initialization
network/serviio: Use setpriv instead of su -c for init
network/sfeed: Update for 1.2
network/sfeed: Update for 1.3 (+ change homepage)
network/sfeed: Updated for version 1.1.
network/sflowtool: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/shadowsocks-libev: Fixed dep info
network/shadowsocks-libev: Remove .la files.
network/shibboleth-sp: Remove .la files.
network/shibboleth-sp: Use the C++14 standard.
network/sic: Updated for version 1.2+20210506_058547e.
network/sickrage: Updated for version 10.0.50.
network/siege: Updated for version 4.1.1
network/siege: Updated maintainer email
network/signal-desktop: Fixed dep info
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.18.0.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.26.1.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.30.0.
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.32.0 + new maintainer
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.33.0
network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 5.34.0
network/silc-toolkit: Remove .la files.
network/sks-keyserver: Remove db46 dep (works with Slackware db48).
network/sks-keyserver: Removed.
network/skype4pidgin: Fixed dep info
network/skypeforlinux: Remove skype-dbus-mock workaround.
network/skypeforlinux: Updated for version
network/skypeforlinux: Updated for version
network/skypeforlinux: Updated for version
network/slack: Updated for version 4.17.0.
network/slimjet: Removed (abandoned by SBo maintainer)
network/slowhttptest: Updated for version 1.8.2.
network/slurm: Fix download URL.
network/slurm: Remove .la files.
network/smb4k: Removed (No maintainer).
network/smstools3: Add L(D)FLAGS, DESTDIR patch.
network/smuxi: Removed (dbus-sharp dep ftbfs)
network/snmptt: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/snort: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/snort: Fix github tarball handling.
network/snort: Remove .la files.
network/snort: Updated for version 2.9.17.
network/sntpc: Add man page.
network/sntpc: Added (simple NTP client).
network/socat: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/social-engineer-toolkit: Fixed dep info
network/spamassassin: Fixed dep info
network/spamassassin: Removed dep perl-IO-Socket-SSL.
network/speedometer: REQUIRES: python3-urwid -> python-urwid.
network/speedometer: Update DEP.
network/spice-gtk: Fix usb redirection.
network/spice-gtk: Fixed dep info
network/spice-gtk: Remove NUMJOBS.
network/spice-gtk: Updated for version 0.39.
network/spice-gtk: Updated for version 0.40.
network/spice: Fixed dep info
network/spice: Remove .la files.
network/spice: Updated for version 0.14.3.
network/spice: Updated for version 0.15.0.
network/sqlninja: Removed dep perl-IO-Socket-SSL.
network/sqlrelay: Updated for version 1.1.0.
network/sqlrelay: Updated for version 1.9.2.
network/squid: Updated for version 4.16.
network/squidGuard: Removed (upstream no longer maintained).
network/ssh-chat: Remove template comment.
network/sshfp: Update DEP.
network/sshfs-fuse: Removed (added to Slackware as sshfs).
network/sshuttle: updated for version 1.1.0
network/sslscan: Updated for version 2.0.10.
network/sslscan: Updated for version 2.0.11.
network/sslscan: Updated for version 2.0.12.
network/sslstrip: Fix REQUIRES.
network/ssmtp: Clean up build.
network/sstp-client: Remove .la files.
network/ssvnc: Removd (ftbfs).
network/surf: Updated for version 2.1.
network/suricata: Fixed dep info
network/suricata: Updated for version 6.0.2.
network/surl: Remove template comment.
network/sylpheed: Fix build against new enchant.
network/sylpheed: Patched for the newer enchant2.
network/sylpheed: Remove double fix.
network/syncthing: Update for 1.19.1 (+new maintainer)
network/synergy: Patch for openssl-1.1.x.
network/synergy: Updated for version
network/synergy: Use correct github URL.
network/t38modem: Removed (missing dependency).
network/tahoe-lafs: Fix DOWNLOAD.
network/teams: Updated for version
network/teamviewer: Fixed dep info
network/teamviewer: Removed (No longer functional).
network/telegram-cli: Fixed dep info
network/telegram-cli: Updated for version 20200106.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.7.3.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.7.4.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.8.0.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.8.1.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.8.10.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.8.9.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.9.0.
network/telegram: Updated for version 2.9.2.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.1.1.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.2.1.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.2.2
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.2.4.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.3.0.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.4.3.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.4.8.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.5.0.
network/telegram: Updated for version 3.5.2.
network/thrift: Add network warning.
network/thrift: Fix go build.
network/thrift: Remove .la files.
network/thrift: Updated for version 0.14.2.
network/tightvnc: Removed (linux development abandoned).
network/tinyirc: Change default server.
network/tixati: Updated for version 2.88_1.
network/tnftp: Updated for version 20210827.
network/tntnet: Updated for version 3.0.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.0.16.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.0.17.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.0.18.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.5.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.5.2.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.5.4.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.5.5.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.5.6.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 10.5.8.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.1.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.3.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.4.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.6.
network/tor-browser: Updated for version 11.0.7.
network/tor: Create /var/run/tor at daemon start.
network/tor: Fix dep info (zstd)
network/tornado: Update DEP.
network/tornado: Update DEP.
network/toxcore: Fixed dep info
network/toxcore: Remove .la files.
network/transmission-qt4: Removed (outdated).
network/transmission-remote-gtk: Allow disabling libappindicator.
network/transmission-remote-gtk: Fixed dep info
network/transmission-remote-gtk: Fixed note re appindicator
network/transmission-remote-gtk: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
network/transmission: Remove autoreconf (breaks build).
network/transmission: Restore Qt client.
network/tribler: Removed (no maintainer)
network/tribler: Update DEP.
network/trojita: Fixed dep info
network/trojita: Updated for version 20201106_b4f24d7.
network/turbolift: Update DEP.
network/twitter: Updated for version 1.19.3.
network/uTox: Fixed dep info
network/ubertooth: Fix github tarball handling.
network/ucarp: Add -fcommon to CFLAGS.
network/ucspi-ssl: Removed.
network/udpcast: Updated for version 20200328
network/udpcast: Updated maintainer email
network/ufw: Update README.
network/uget: Fix build on -current.
network/unbound: Fixed dep info
network/unbound: Remove .la files.
network/urlscan: REQUIRES: python3-urwid -> python-urwid.
network/urlwatch: Update DEP.
network/urlwatch: Update DEP.
network/uwsgi: Updated for version 2.0.20.
network/vacuum-im: Removed (no maintainer).
network/valknut: Removed.
network/varnish: Fix build on 15.0.
network/vblade: Updated for version 25.
network/vcspull: Update DEP.
network/vde2: Patch to build against openssl-1.1.x.
network/vde2: Remove .la files.
network/verlihub: Added a patch for gcc-7.x.
network/verlihub: Remove .la files.
network/verm: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
network/verm: Removed (unused, no dependees).
network/viber: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/viber: Updated for version
network/vivaldi: Fixed dep info
network/vnstat: Updated for version 2.7.
network/vnstat: Updated for version 2.8.
network/vnstat: Updated for version 2.9.
network/vpnc: s,i486,i586,g
network/w3af: Update DEP
network/webalizer: Patched for gcc-10.x.
network/webhook: Fix build with the newer google-go-lang.
network/weechat: Updated for version 3.2.
network/weechat: Updated for version 3.3, new maintainer.
network/wendzelnntpd: Align with template
network/wifi-radar: Fix README.
network/windscribe: Fix path
network/windscribe: Update path to /opt
network/windscribe: Updated for version 2.3.15.
network/wire: Updated for version 3.26.2941.
network/wireguard-linux-compat: Add a kernel version test block.
network/wireguard-linux-compat: Amend the README.
network/wireguard-linux-compat: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/wireguard-linux-compat: Removed (part of newer kernels).
network/wireguard-tools: Removed (added to Slackware).
network/wireshark: Fixed dep info
network/wireshark: Fixed dep info
network/wireshark: Updated for version 20210411_cb432b8.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.4.10.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.4.5.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.4.6.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.4.7.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.4.8.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.4.9.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.6.0.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.6.1.
network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.6.2.
network/wmnd: Updated for version 0.4.18.
network/wp-cli: Install bash-completion file to system dir
network/wput: Updated for version 0.6.2+git20130413_11.
network/x11spice: Added (export X via spice).
network/x11spice: Updated for version 20200608_f4593d3.
network/x11vnc: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
network/x2goclient: Updated for version
network/x2goserver: Updated for version 20201227_08aa5e6.
network/xaric: Add a fix for gcc >= 10.x.
network/xaric: Updated for version 0.13.9.
network/xdman: Removed (no maintainer)
network/xl2tpd: Updated for version 1.3.16.
network/xtables-addons: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
network/xtables-addons: Remove .la files.
network/xtables-addons: Updated for version 3.18.
network/yadifa: Create piddir during init
network/yadifa: Fix logrotate script
network/yadifa: Updated for version 2.5.3.
network/yandex-browser-beta: Removed (no maintainer)
network/yate: Add qt4 dependency.
network/yate: Fixed dep info in README
network/yate: Updated for version 6.4.0_1.
network/yle-dl: Update DEP.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20210502.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20210704.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20210808.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20210917.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20211203.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20211207.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20211213.
network/yle-dl: Updated for version 20220213.
network/yoda: Update DEP.
network/you-get: Updated for version 0.4.1555.
network/youtube-dl-server: Add python3 support.
network/youtube-dl: Fix download link.
network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2021.04.26.
network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2021.06.06.
network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2021.12.17
network/youtube-upload: Update DEP.
network/yt-dlp: Added (download videos from youtube).
network/yturl: Removed (broken and unmaintained).
network/yturl: Update DEP.
network/zeek: Updated for version 4.2.0.
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.6.16775.0418
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.6.20278.0524
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.6.22045.0607
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.7.25958.0621
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.7.26030.0627
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.7.28852.0718
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.7.28991.0726
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.7.29123.0808
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 5.7.31792.0820
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
network/zoom-linux: Updated for version
office/CherryTree: Fix tarball handling in the SlackBuild.
office/JabRef: Align with template
office/JabRef: Updated for version 5.5.
office/LibreOffice: Reenable Skia font rendering
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/LibreOffice: Updated for version
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.7.60.
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.7.90.
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.06.
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.20.
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.30.
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.32.
office/MasterPDFEditor: Updated for version 5.8.33.
office/NME: Add missing libminizip dependency.
office/NME: Fix download URL, add gtk/epub support.
office/ReText: Fixed dep info
office/ReText: Fixed dep info again
office/SOGo: Fixed dep info
office/SOGo: Make the optional docs truly optional.
office/TaskCoach: Fix REQUIRES.
office/abiword: Patched for the newer enchant.
office/abiword: Updated for version 3.0.5.
office/abook: Fix for the newer gettext.
office/adobe-reader: Fix download URL.
office/adobe-reader: Use systemwide dir for bash-completion file
office/aiksaurus: Fix README.
office/aiksaurus: Modified.
office/aiksaurus: Remove .la files.
office/aiksaurus: Update DOWNLOAD.
office/aiksaurus: Use the C++14 standard.
office/anorack: Remove espeak dep; make NOARCH.
office/apvlv: Fix 15.0 build.
office/apvlv: Updated for version 20160627_9ab7626.
office/asymptote: Update DEP.
office/asymptote: Update scripts.
office/asymptote: Updated for version 2.70, added the dep glm.
office/basket: Fix writes outside DESTDIR during build
office/basket: Fixed homepage.
office/basket: Updated for version 2.49b.
office/beaver: Fix 15.0 build.
office/ Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
office/calibre-bin: Fixed dep info
office/calibre: Fix dependency.
office/calibre: Fixed dep info
office/calibre: Update DEP.
office/calibre: Updated for version 3.48.0.
office/color-theme: Removed (No maintainer).
office/convertlit: Add man page, use SLKCFLAGS.
office/coolreader: Updated for version 3.2.57.
office/coolreader: Updated for version 3.2.59.
office/cups-pdf: Patch for the newer ghostscript.
office/diction: Minor man page fix.
office/diffpdf: Fix 15.0 build.
office/djvusmooth: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
office/djvusmooth: Fix REQUIRES.
office/djvusmooth: Remove template comment.
office/eqonomize: Removed.
office/etmtk: Fix dependency.
office/etmtk: Update DEP.
office/evince: Updated for version 3.34.2.
office/evince: Updated for version 40.4.
office/evince: Updated for version 41.3.
office/fbpdf: Updated for version 20200617_f590024.
office/fbreader: Disabled narrowing warnings, move to qt5.
office/fbreader: Fix download URL.
office/focuswriter-legacy: Removed (use focuswriter instead).
office/fop-legacy: Removed (ftbfs)
office/fop: Fix download URLs.
office/fop: Updated for version 2.7, noarch, binary repack.
office/full-pack: Allow building without gbgoffice or kbgoffice.
office/gbgoffice: Added a patch for gcc >= 6.x.
office/gbgoffice: update copyright years
office/gcal: Patched to fix libio errors.
office/ghostwriter: Remove duplicate loc
office/ghostwriter: Updated for version 2.1.1.
office/gnokii: Patch for gcc >= 7.x.
office/gnokii: Remove .la files.
office/gnucash-docs: Updated for version 4.5.
office/gnucash-legacy-docs: Removed.
office/gnucash-legacy: Added the new dependency guile1.8.
office/gnucash-legacy: Removed.
office/gnucash: Cleanups.
office/gnucash: Fixed dep info
office/gnucash: Support alternatives for ninja
office/gnucash: Updated for version 4.5.
office/gnucash: Updated for version 4.6.
office/gnucash: Use NINJA=ninja by default.
office/gnumeric: Avoid the cs help or build will break.
office/gnumeric: Remove .la files.
office/gnumeric: Updated for version 1.12.49.
office/goldendict: Patch for the newer qt5 and ffmpeg.
office/goldendict: Update DEP.
office/goldendict: Use the C++14 standard.
office/gummi: Remove dep gtksourceview3 (part of slack).
office/gummi: Updated for version 0.8.1.
office/hamster: Change maintainer email.
office/hamster: Update DEP.
office/hevea: Updated for version 2.35.
office/hunspell-id: Fix download URL, merge with hyphen-id.
office/hyphen-id: Fix DOWNLOAD.
office/hyphen-id: Removed (merged with hunspell-id).
office/impressive: Updated for version 0.13.0_beta2+20220110_r312.
office/jfbview: Added (framebuffer PDF and image viewer).
office/jstock: Updated for version
office/jstock: Updated for version
office/jstock: Updated for version
office/juffed: Removed.
office/kate-latex-plugin: Removed (KDE4 app; use kile instead).
office/kbgoffice: Added patch for gcc >= 6.x.
office/kbgoffice: Fix 15.0 build (add qt4 dep).
office/kbibtex: Updated for version 0.9.81.
office/kbibtex: updated for version 0.9.90
office/kchmviewer-qt: Updated for version 8.0.
office/kchmviewer: Removed (redundant; use kchmviewer-qt).
office/keepassx: Add qt4 to REQUIRES.
office/keepassxc: Fixed dep info
office/keepassxc: New maintainer
office/keepassxc: Updated for Slackware 15.
office/keepassxc: Updated for version 2.6.6.
office/kmymoney: Removed (added to Slackware).
office/krop: Switch to python-poppler-qt5.
office/latex2rtf: Update DEP.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.1.2.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.1.3.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.1.4.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.1.5.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.2.0.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.2.1.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.2.2.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.2.3.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.2.4.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.2.5.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.3.0.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 7.3.1.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.1.2.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.1.3.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.1.4.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.1.5.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.2.0.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.2.1.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.2.2.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.2.3.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.2.4.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.2.5.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.3.0.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 7.3.1.
office/libreoffice: Align with template
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.1.2.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.1.3.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.1.4.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.1.5.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.2.0.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.2.1.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.2.2.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.2.3.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.2.4.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.2.5.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.3.0.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 7.3.1.
office/lowdown: Updated for version 0.10.0.
office/lowdown: Updated for version 0.11.0.
office/lowdown: Updated for version 0.9.2.
office/lumina-pdf: Fixed dep info
office/lyx: Re-enable qt5 (there's no qt4 anymore).
office/marave: Fix download URL.
office/marave: Removed (PyQt4; unmaintained upstream since 2015)
office/mathtex: Fix download URL.
office/mdbtools: Fix 15.0 build.
office/minidjvu: Remove .la files.
office/mobiperl: Remove template comment.
office/moneydance: Fixed VERSION in .info file
office/moneydance: Updated for version 2021.1.3069.
office/msee: Add missing dependency on nodejs.
office/mu: Remove .la files.
office/mu: Updated for version 1.2.0.
office/mu: Updated for version 1.6.10.
office/multivalent-tool-pdf: Move completion file to system dir
office/mupdf-legacy: Removed (no dependees).
office/mupdf: Remove template comment.
office/myrulib: Removed (No maintainer).
office/mytetra: Fix 15.0 build.
office/mythes: Remove .la files.
office/notmuch: Updated for version 0.34.3.
office/nts: Fix dependency.
office/onlyoffice-desktopeditors: Fixed dep info
office/openoffice-langpack: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
office/ Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
office/pandoc-bin: Fix BUILD usage.
office/pandoc-bin: Fix architecture name
office/pandoc-bin: Updated for version
office/pandoc-bin: fix typo in slackbuild
office/pandoc: Install manpage.
office/pandoc: Updated for version
office/paps: Fix -current build.
office/pdf2djvu: Fix for the newer poppler.
office/pdf2djvu: Updated for version
office/pdf2djvu: Updated for version
office/pdfchain: Fix build on 15.0.
office/pdfpc: Fixed dep info
office/pdfpc: Updated for version 4.4.1.
office/pdfpc: updated for version 4.5.0
office/pdftk: Switch using gcc5.
office/pstoedit: Remove .la files.
office/python-gcalcli: Update to 4.3.0. Fix REQUIRES.
office/qpdfview-qt5: Fixed dep info
office/qpdfview-qt5: Patched for qt-5.15.x.
office/qpdfview: Fix 15.0 build.
office/qute: Fix ARCH, download filename.
office/re-typeset: Remove template comment.
office/rednotebook: Fixed dep info
office/rednotebook: Removed.
office/referencer: Patch for the newer gcc.
office/referencer: update copyright years
office/remind: Fix download URL.
office/sc-im: Removed (added to Slackware).
office/scribus: Updated for version
office/scribus: Updated for version 1.5.7
office/scribus: Updated maintainer email
office/siag: Fix 15.0 build.
office/sigil: Fixed dep info
office/smoffice2018: Updated for version 2018_982.
office/sofastats: Removed.
office/sofastats: Update DEP.
office/teams-for-linux: Removed (Use official teams).
office/teapot: Link against libtirpc.
office/teapot: Removed (website and source are not available).
office/tellico: Updated for version 3.4.
office/texlive-docs: Fix doc installation.
office/texlive-docs: Update information about package.
office/texlive-docs: Updated for version 2021.210418.
office/texlive-extra: Fix doc installation.
office/texlive-extra: Update DEP.
office/texlive-extra: Update information about package.
office/texlive-extra: Updated for version 2021.210418.
office/texlive: Removed (added to Slackware).
office/texmacs: Updated for version 1.99.19.
office/texmacs: Updated for version 1.99.20.
office/texmacs: Updated for version 2.1.
office/texmacs: Updated for version 2.1.1
office/texstudio: Updated for version 3.1.2 (using qt5).
office/texstudio: Updated for version 4.0.2
office/texworks: Update DEP.
office/texworks: Updated for version 0.6.6 (python3-based).
office/texworks: Updated for version 0.6.7.
office/timetrap: Fix gemspec (hardcoded versions).
office/trello-cli: Add nodejs dependency.
office/tudu: Fix conflict with PDCurses.
office/uncsv: Remove template comment.
office/verbiste: Fix 15.0 build.
office/vlna: Fix download URL.
office/vym: Updated for version 2.8.8
office/vym: Updated maintainer email
office/wammu: Fix typo it's => its.
office/wammu: Updated for version 0.44
office/wammu: Updated maintainer email
office/wink: Fix download URL.
office/wordgrinder: Fix 15.0 build.
office/wordgrinder: Fixed dep info
office/wps-office: Updated for version
office/wps-office: Updated for version
office/wyrd: Removed (ftbfs)
office/x_x: Fix -current build.
office/x_x: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
office/x_x: Update DEP.
office/xournal: Update slackbuild year.
office/xpad: Fixed dep info
office/xreader: Remove .la files.
office/xtrkcad: Updated for version 20211202.
office/zathura-cb: Updated for version 0.1.9.
office/zathura-djvu: Updated for version 0.2.9.
office/zathura-pdf-mupdf: Updated for version 0.3.7.
office/zathura-ps: Updated for version 0.2.7.
office/zathura: Fix README.
office/zathura: Updated for version 0.4.8.
office/zim: Updated for version 74.3.
perl/MoarVM: Fixed dep info
perl/MoarVM: Remove libuv dep (part of Slackware).
perl/MoarVM: Updated for version 2021.09
perl/MoarVM: Updated for version 2021.12.
perl/Net-SSLeay: Removed (added to Slackware's perl).
perl/mod_perl: Patch for the newer perls.
perl/mod_perl: Updated for version 2.0.12.
perl/nqp: Updated for version 2021.09
perl/nqp: Updated for version 2021.12
perl/perl-Alien-SDL: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-Astro-SunTime: Removed (no maintainer)
perl/perl-Audio-FLAC-Header: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Authen-SASL: Removed (added to Slackware's perl).
perl/perl-CPAN-Changes: Updated for version 0.400002.
perl/perl-Class-Mix: Don't hardcode lib dir.
perl/perl-Class-ReturnValue: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Compress-Bzip2: Updated for version 2.28
perl/perl-Compress-Bzip2: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-Config-Find: Fix build if perl-Test-Pod is installed.
perl/perl-Convert-UU: Removed (no maintainer)
perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-ECDSA: Updated for version 0.10.
perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Guess: Added (perl module).
perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA: Updated for version 0.31.
perl/perl-Curses-UI: Add missing dep.
perl/perl-Data-Printer: Updated for version 1.000004.
perl/perl-Date-Manip: Updated for version 6.86.
perl/perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime: Disabled tests.
perl/perl-DateTime-TimeZone: Updated for version 2.01.
perl/perl-DateTime: Updated for version 1.25.
perl/perl-Devel-CheckLib: Removed (added to Slackware's perl).
perl/perl-Devel-PartialDump: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Digest-MD4: Removed (not used by anything @ SBo)
perl/perl-EV: Fix build when libkqueue is installed.
perl/perl-Encode-EUCJPASCII: New maintainer.
perl/perl-Encode-HanExtra: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Encode-HanExtra: New maintainer.
perl/perl-Encode-ISO2022: New maintainer.
perl/perl-Encode-JISX0213: New maintainer.
perl/perl-File-HomeDir: Fix README filename.
perl/perl-File-HomeDir: Updated for version 1.006.
perl/perl-File-ShareDir: Updated for version 1.118
perl/perl-File-ShareDir: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-File-Slurp: Updated for version 9999.27.
perl/perl-GD: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-GD: Fix -current build.
perl/perl-Gnome2-Vte: Added the new dependency vte2.
perl/perl-Gtk2-Notify: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Guard: Compress manpages.
perl/perl-HTML-Template: update copyright years
perl/perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Removed (added to Slackware's perl).
perl/perl-IPC-System-Simple: Updated for version 1.30
perl/perl-IPC-System-Simple: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-Image-Magick: Removed (incompatible with imagemagick-7.x).
perl/perl-Image-Sane: Fix build if dbus not running.
perl/perl-Locale-Msgfmt: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-MIME-Charset: New maintainer.
perl/perl-MIME-Charset: Updated for version 1.012.2.
perl/perl-MIME-tools: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-MP3-Info: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Module-Implementation: Remove duplicate dependency.
perl/perl-Module-Manifest: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Module-Runtime: Removed (added to Slackware).
perl/perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-Humane: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-Humane: Don't install in /usr/local.
perl/perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-I18N: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Mojolicious-Plugin-I18N: Don't install in /usr/local.
perl/perl-Moo: Removed (added to Slackware).
perl/perl-MooX-StrictConstructor: Add missing dependencies.
perl/perl-Moose: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-MusicBrainz-DiscID: New maintainer.
perl/perl-Net-LDAP: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Net-RawIP: Fix build when network not available.
perl/perl-Net-Works: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-PDF-Builder: Fix mandir.
perl/perl-PHP-Serialization: Removed (no maintainer)
perl/perl-PPI: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Package-Constants: Update maintainer
perl/perl-Path-Tiny: Removed (added to Slackware).
perl/perl-PerlIO-Layers: Removed (no maintainer)
perl/perl-Pod-Coverage: Added the new dep perl-Pod-Parser.
perl/perl-Pod-Parser: Added (base class for POD).
perl/perl-Pod-Parser: Compress manpages.
perl/perl-Razor2-Client-Agent: Removed (no maintainer)
perl/perl-String-Random: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive: Updated for version 0.001013.
perl/perl-Sub-Quote: Removed (added to Slackware).
perl/perl-Syntax-Highlight-Engine-Kate: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Task-Weaken: Fix REQUIRES.
perl/perl-Template-Toolkit: Removed (added to Slackware).
perl/perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu: Updated for version 1.42, new maint.
perl/perl-Test-Class: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Test-Most: Updated for version 0.37
perl/perl-Test-Most: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-Test-Script: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Test-utf8: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Text-CharWidth: New maintainer.
perl/perl-Text-Password-Pronounceable: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-Text-Patch: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-Text-Soundex: update copyright years
perl/perl-Text-WrapI18N: New maintainer.
perl/perl-Tie-Simple: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-Tk-TableMatrix: Updated for version 20201024_2c4c333.
perl/perl-Unicode-LineBreak: New maintainer.
perl/perl-WWW-Curl: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-WWW-Curl: Fix build when no network available.
perl/perl-WebService-Gyazo-B: Remove duplicate dependency.
perl/perl-WebService-MusicBrainz: New maintainer.
perl/perl-X10: Removed (no maintainer)
perl/perl-XML-SAX-Writer: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-ZMQ-Constants: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-audio-sndfile: Fix build with Perl 5.34.
perl/perl-audio-sndfile: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-data-dump: Updated for version 1.25.
perl/perl-file-libmagic: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-file-libmagic: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-gnome2-gconf: Take over maintainership
perl/perl-gstreamer: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-image-bmp: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-libintl: Updated for version 1.32.
perl/perl-libnet: Removed (added to Slackware's perl).
perl/perl-lwp-useragent-cached: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-namespace-autoclean: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-palm-pdb: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-parallel-forkmanager: Add missing dependency.
perl/perl-rename: Removed (replaced with system/
perl/perl-text-unaccent: Fix build on -current.
perl/perl-text-unaccent: Fix build with Perl 5.34.
perl/perl-tk: update for version 804.036
perl/perl-xml-fast: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-xml-parser-lite-tree: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-xml-parser-lite: Remove template comment.
perl/perl-xml-twig: Updated maintainer email
perl/perl-yaml: Updated for version 1.30
perl/perl-yaml: Updated maintainer email
perl/rakudo: Updated for version 2021.09
perl/rakudo: Updated for version 2021.12
perl/zef: updated to 0.13.7
python-djvulibre: Rename to python-djvulibre, support py3.
python-python2-pbr: Renamed from pbr.
python/*: Switch /bin/sh back to /bin/bash
python/APScheduler: Fix dependency.
python/APscheduler: Update DEP.
python/Automat: Convert python to python2.
python/Automat: Fix dependency.
python/Automat: Update DEP.
python/Automat: new maintainer
python/Beaker: Convert python to python2.
python/BeautifulSoup4: Build also for python3 by default.
python/BeautifulSoup4: Convert python to python2.
python/BeautifulSoup4: Update for 4.10.0
python/BeautifulSoup4: Updated for version 4.10.0.
python/BeautifulSoup4: Updated for version 4.9.3.
python/DVR-Scan: Fixed dep info
python/Flask-Babel: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Bcrypt: Change to Flask.
python/Flask-Compress: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Cors: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Cors: Update DEP.
python/Flask-Dance: Change to Flask.
python/Flask-Dance: Update DEP.
python/Flask-Dance: Updates REQUIRES for python3-urlobject
python/Flask-Gravatar: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-HTMLmin: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Login: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Mail: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Principal: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-RESTful: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-RESTful: Update DEP.
python/Flask-SQLAlchemy: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-Security: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask-WTF: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask: Convert python to python2.
python/Flask: Removed Python 2 support.
python/Flask: Update DEP.
python/Flask: Updated for version 1.1.2.
python/GeoIP-Python: Convert python to python2.
python/Kallithea: Convert python to python2.
python/Kallithea: Fix circular deps.
python/Kallithea: Fixed dep info
python/Kallithea: updated for version 0.7.0, and python3
python/Logbook: Update DEP.
python/Logbook: Update DEP.
python/Mako: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/Markdown: Disable python3 support.
python/MarkupSafe: Build python2 only.
python/Parsley: Convert python to python2.
python/Paste: Add missing dependency.
python/Paste: Updated for version 3.5.0.
python/PasteDeploy: Fix README.
python/PasteDeploy: Fix REQUIRES.
python/Paver: Removed redundant
python/Paver: Update DEP.
python/PyAudio: Convert python to python2.
python/PyGithub: Convert python to python2.
python/PyGreSQL: Convert python to python2.
python/PyPDF2: Build for python3 too.
python/PySDL2: Convert python to python2.
python/PySDL2: Fixed dep info in README
python/PySDL2: Update DEP.
python/PyStemmer: Updated for version 2.0.1.
python/Pygments: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/Pyro4: Convert python to python2.
python/PythonQt: Fix MD5SUM.
python/PythonQt: Fixed dep info
python/QtPy: Added QtPy (+new maintainer)
python/Routes: Convert python to python2.
python/Scrapy: Fix dependency.
python/TurboGears2: Convert python to python2.
python/WTForms: Convert python to python2.
python/WebHelpers: Convert python to python2.
python/WebHelpers: Update DEP.
python/Whoosh: Convert python to python2.
python/affine: Remove Python 2 support.
python/aiosignal: Added (managing callbacks)
python/aniso8601: Convert python to python2.
python/anyjson: Fix build with python 3.10.
python/anyjson: updated homepage
python/apprise: Convert python to python2.
python/apprise: Update DEP.
python/apprise: Update DEP.
python/apsw: Always build python3.
python/argcomplete: Remove redundant
python/argon2-cffi: Fixed dep info
python/argon2-cffi: Updated for version 21.1.0 (+new maintainer)
python/arrow: Convert python to python2.
python/artifacts: Convert python to python2.
python/artifacts: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/artifacts: Update DEP.
python/asciimatics: Convert python to python2.
python/asciimatics: Fix dependency.
python/asciimatics: Update DEP.
python/astroid: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/astroid: Update DEP.
python/asttokens: Add missing dependencies.
python/asttokens: Removed dependency.
python/async-timeout: Updated for version 4.0.2.
python/attrs: new maintainer
python/autopep8: Convert python to python2.
python/autopep8: Remove redundant
python/babel: Convert python to python2.
python/backlash: Convert python to python2.
python/bcrypt: Fix REQUIRES.
python/billiard: Fix DOWNLOAD and README.
python/billiard: Fix DOWNLOAD and README.
python/bleach: Fix REQUIRES.
python/bleach: Update DEP.
python/bleach: new maintainer
python/bleach: updated for version 4.1.0
python/blessings: Update DEP.
python/boto3: Convert python to python2.
python/boto3: Update DEP.
python/boto: Convert python to python2.
python/boto: Update DEP.
python/boto: Update DEP.
python/bottle-mysql: Convert python to python2.
python/bsddb3: Build with python3 unconditionally
python/buildbot-slave: Convert python to python2.
python/buildbot-slave: new maintainer
python/buildbot-worker: Updated for version 3.4.1.
python/buildbot-worker: fixed REQUIRES
python/buildbot: Convert python to python2.
python/buildbot: Update DEP.
python/buildbot: fixed REQUIRES
python/buildbot: new maintainer
python/buildbot: updated for version 3.4.1 and python3
python/cairocffi: Convert python to python2.
python/cairocffi: Update for 1.3.0 (+new maintainer)
python/cariocffi: Add missing pytest-runner dependency.
python/celery: Convert python to python2.
python/cheroot: Convert python to python2.
python/cheroot: Update DEP.
python/click-default-group: Convert python to python2.
python/click-plugins: Remove Python 2 support.
python/click-plugins: new maintainer
python/click: Updated for version 7.1.2.
python/clint: Convert python to python2.
python/cloudscraper: Fixed dep info
python/cloudscraper: Update DEP.
python/cocos2d: removed
python/colorama: Updated for version 0.4.4.
python/colored: Updated for version 1.4.3.
python/constantly: also building for python3
python/constantly: new maintainer
python/cov-core: Convert python to python2.
python/coverage: Updated for version 6.3.1.
python/cryptography: Convert python to python2.
python/cryptography: Fix URL.
python/cryptography: Fix offline build.
python/cryptography: Fixed dep info
python/cryptography: Update DEP.
python/cryptography: Updated for version 2.8, added the dep wheel.
python/cryptography: Updated for version 35.0.0.
python/css-parser: Added (CSS parser and builder).
python/cssselect2: Convert python to python2.
python/cssutils: Build with python3 by default
python/dbus-python3: Removed (Added to Slackware).
python/debugpy: Added debugpy
python/decorator: new maintainer
python/decorator: updated for version 5.1.1
python/dfdatetime: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/dfvfs: Convert python to python2.
python/dfvfs: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/dfwinreg: Convert python to python2.
python/dfwinreg: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/dfwinreg: Update DEP.
python/django-sass: Fixed dep info
python/dnspython: Disable python3 support.
python/dotty: Update DEP.
python/dtfabric: Convert python to python2.
python/dtfabric: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/dtfabric: Update DEP.
python/dulwich: Add python3 support.
python/dulwich: Removes python3 support for older version, conflicting with python3-dulwich
python/dxfwrite: Fix DOWNLOAD and upgrade (zips only).
python/egenix-mx-base: Removed.
python/elasticsearch5: Update DEP.
python/entrypoints: Remove Python 2 support.
python/entrypoints: Updated for version 0.4.0 (+new maintainer)
python/et_xmlfile: Convert python to python2.
python/et_xmlfile: Update for 1.1.0
python/etk.docking: Convert python to python2.
python/euca2ools: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/fabric: Convert python to python2.
python/fasteners: Convert python to python2.
python/fasteners: Update DEP.
python/feedparser: Updated for version 6.0.8
python/fixtures: Convert python to python2.
python/flake8: Convert python to python2.
python/flake8: Fixed dep info
python/flake8: Remove redundant
python/flask-paginate: Convert python to python2.
python/flask-restplus: Convert python to python2.
python/flask-restplus: Update DEP.
python/foolscap: Convert python to python2.
python/frosted: Convert python to python2.
python/frosted: Removed redundant
python/frozenlist: Added (list-like structure)
python/functools-lru-cache: Add missing dependency.
python/functools-lru-cache: Convert python to python2.
python/functools-lru-cache: Removed dependency.
python/gearbox: Convert python to python2.
python/getdevinfo: Removed (no maintainer)
python/git-fame: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/git-fame: Updated for version 1.15.0.
python/git-fame: Updated for version 1.15.1.
python/gmpy: Removed (no dependees).
python/google-api-python-client: Convert python to python2.
python/google-images-download: Fix tarball handling.
python/gst-python3: Removed (included in gst-python now)
python/gst-python3: Updated for version 1.16.2, switch to meson.
python/gst-python: Support alternatives for ninja
python/gst-python: Updated for version 1.16.2.
python/gst-python: Updated for version 1.18.4
python/gst-python: Updated for version 1.18.5.
python/gst0-python: Fix REQUIRES.
python/guessit: Convert python to python2.
python/guessit: Remove redundant
python/hachoir-core: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/hachoir-metadata: Convert python to python2.
python/hachoir-metadata: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/hachoir-parser: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/halberd: Removed makefile patch for latex.
python/hg-git: Switch to python3.
python/hg-git: Updates REQUIRES for python3-dulwich
python/hgsubversion: Convert python to python2.
python/html2text: Remove template comment.
python/html5-parser: Convert python to python2.
python/huepy: Added (python text color library).
python/hyperlink: new maintainer
python/hyperlink: updated for version 21.0.0, added python3 build
python/idna: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/importlib-resources: Removed dependency.
python/incremental: new maintainer
python/incremental: updated for version 21.3.0, added python3 build
python/internetarchive: Convert python to python2.
python/internetarchive: Update DEP.
python/invoke: Remove redundant
python/ipaddr-py: Updated for Slackware 15.0
python/ipython: Removed (abandoned).
python/ipython: Update for 8.1.1 (+new stack_data dependency)
python/ipython: Upgraded for version 7.22.0.
python/ipython: Upgraded for version 7.25.0.
python/ipython: Upload ipython (+new maintainer)
python/ipython_genutils: Remove Python 2 support.
python/ipython_genutils: Removed (abandoned).
python/ipython_genutils: Upload ipython_genutils (+new maintainer)
python/isort: Convert python to python2.
python/itsdangerous: Updated for version 1.1.0.
python/jaraco-packaging: Add missing dependency..
python/jaraco-packaging: Fix REQUIRES.
python/jaraco-packaging: Removed dependency.
python/jaraco.classes: Convert python to python2.
python/jaraco.classes: Fix dependencies.
python/jaraco.classes: Update DEP.
python/jdcal: Convert python to python2.
python/jedi: Convert python to python2.
python/jmespath: Remove redundant
python/josepy: Updated for version 1.10.0.
python/josepy: Updated for version 1.11.0.
python/josepy: Updated for version 1.12.0.
python/jsonpatch: Convert python to python2.
python/jsonschema: Convert python to python2.
python/jsonschema: Removed redundant
python/kallithea-frontend: Fix slack-desc
python/kallithea-frontend: added, offline frontend data for Kallithea
python/kaptan: Convert python to python2.
python/kaptan: Update DEP.
python/kombu: Convert python to python2.
python/linecache2: Convert python to python2.
python/linecache2: Update DEP.
python/llfuse: Updated for version 1.4.1.
python/lxml: Add python2-BeautifulSoup4 dependency
python/lxml: Updated for version 4.6.3.
python/lxml: Updated for version 4.8.0
python/mando: Convert python to python2.
python/mini-amf: Convert python to python2.
python/mini-amf: Update DEP.
python/mistune: Build python2 version also.
python/mistune: Removed Python 2 support.
python/mistune: new maintainer
python/mock: Convert python to python2.
python/mock: Update DEP.
python/monty: Convert python to python2.
python/monty: Update DEP.
python/monty: Update DEP.
python/more-itertools: Update DEP.
python/msgpack-python: Updated for version 1.0.2.
python/munch: Fix REQUIRES and README.
python/munch: Removed Python 2 support.
python/munch: Update DEP.
python/ndg_httpsclient: Convert python to python2.
python/nest_asyncio: Updated for version 1.5.4 (+new maintainer)
python/npm: Convert python to python2.
python/numpydoc: Update DEP.
python/numpydoc: Updated for version 1.1.0.
python/nxt-python3: Updated for version 3.0.0.
python/nxt-python: Fix file permissions.
python/nyx: Convert python to python2.
python/odoo: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/odoo: Fix REQUIRES.
python/odoo: Fixed dep info
python/odoo: Update DEP.
python/odoo: Update DEP.
python/odoo: Update DEP.
python/optional-django: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/packaging: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/pandocfilters: Removed Python 2 support.
python/pandocfilters: Updated for version 1.5.0 (+new maintainer)
python/paramiko: Convert python to python2.
python/paramiko: Updated maintainer email
python/parsel: Convert python to python2.
python/parso: new maintainer
python/parso: updated for version 0.8.3
python/ Add missing dependency.
python/ Convert python to python2.
python/ Removed dependency.
python/pathlib2: Convert python to python2.
python/pathlib2: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/pathlib2: Update DEP.
python/pbr: Only build python2.
python/pbr: Updated for version 5.6.0.
python/pefile: Fixed dep info in README
python/pefile: Update DEP.
python/pelican: Convert python to python2.
python/pelican: Fixed dep info
python/pelican: Update DEP.
python/pendulum: Convert python to python2.
python/phply: Update DEP.
python/pickleshare: Removed Python 2 support.
python/pip: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/pipdeptree: Update DEP.
python/pipdeptree: Updated for version 2.2.1.
python/piprot: Remove redundant
python/piprot: Update DEP.
python/pkginfo: Updated for version 1.8.2.
python/planes: Convert python to python2.
python/planes: Removed.
python/plaso: Convert python to python2.
python/plaso: Update DEP.
python/pluggy: Add missing dependency.
python/pluggy: Convert python to python2.
python/pluggy: Removed dependency.
python/ply: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/portend: Convert python to python2.
python/progressive: Convert python to python2.
python/prompt_toolkit1: Convert python to python2.
python/prompt_toolkit1: Update DEP.
python/prompt_toolkit: Convert python to python2.
python/prompt_toolkit: Update DEP.
python/ptpython: Removed redundant
python/pure_eval: Upload pure_eval
python/purl: Update DEP.
python/py3cairo: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/py3sensors: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/py4j: Removed (No maintainer).
python/py: Add missing dependency.
python/py: Convert python to python2.
python/py: Removed dependency.
python/pyOpenSSL: Convert python to python2.
python/pyasn1-modules: Convert python to python2.
python/pybind11: Include python libraries in build
python/pybind11: Updated for version 2.6.2
python/pybind11: Updated for version 2.7.1
python/pybind11: Updated for version 2.8.1
python/pybind11: Updated for version 2.9.0
python/pybluez: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/pybluez: Updated for version 0.23
python/pybluez: Updated maintainer email
python/pycdio: Updated for version 2.1.0.
python/pychart: Removed.
python/pycld2: Remove Python 2 support.
python/pycodestyle: Updated for version 2.8.0.
python/pycrypto: Updated maintainer email
python/pycryptodomex: Convert python to python2.
python/pycryptodomex: Removed dependency.
python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.10.4.
python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.11.0.
python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.12.0.
python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.13.0.
python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.14.0.
python/pycryptodomex: Updated for version 3.14.1.
python/pycryptopp: Fix build on newer gcc.
python/pycryptopp: Fixed dep info
python/pydot: Minor script cleanup
python/pydot: Update DEP.
python/pydot: Updated maintainer email
python/pyfiglet: Removed redundant
python/pygame: Convert python to python2.
python/pygame: Updated for version 2.0.1.
python/pygame: Updated for version 2.0.2
python/pygame: Updated for version 2.0.3.
python/pygobject3-python3: Removed (Added to Slackware).
python/pyicu: Build with python3 unconditionally
python/pyicu: Updated for version 2.4.2.
python/pyicu: Updated for version 2.7.2.
python/pyicu: Updated for version 2.7.4
python/pyicu: Updated maintainer email
python/pyliblo: Add python3 support.
python/pylirc: Removed (No maintainer).
python/pymysql: Convert python to python2.
python/pynacl: Convert python to python2.
python/pynacl: Update DEP.
python/pyparsing: Removed (Added to Slackware).
python/pypoppler: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
python/pypy3: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/pypy: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/pyqode.qt: Fixed dep info
python/pyresample: Update DEP
python/pyrsistent: Update DEP.
python/pysed: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/pyside2: Added. Required for latest FreeCAD
python/pyside2: Updated for version
python/pyside: Fix download URL.
python/pysqlite: Update DEP.
python/pytest-runner: Convert python to python2.
python/pytest: Removed dependency.
python/pytest: Update DEP.
python/python-Levenshtein: Renamed python2-Levenshtein.
python/python-MonthDelta: Renamed python2-MonthDelta.
python/python-PySnooper: Removed Python 2 support.
python/python-Safe: Renamed python2-Safe.
python/python-argopt: Removed dependency.
python/python-argopt: Updated for version 0.7.0.
python/python-authres: Renamed python2-authres.
python/python-autobahn: Renamed python2-autobahn.
python/python-bigfloat: Renamed python2-bigfloat.
python/python-bitstring: Fix tarball handling.
python/python-blake2: Renamed python2-blake2.
python/python-branca: Removed (abandoned).
python/python-branca: Update DEP.
python/python-branca: Update DEP.
python/python-branca: Updated MD5SUM.
python/python-certifi: Removed (Added to Slackware).
python/python-chardet: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python-cheetah: Renamed python2-cheetah.
python/python-clamd: Renamed python2-clamd.
python/python-cluster: Renamed python2-cluster.
python/python-cmdln: Removed (abandoned upstream)
python/python-configargparse: Updated for version 1.4.
python/python-configargparse: Updated for version 1.4.1.
python/python-configargparse: Updated for version 1.5.1.
python/python-css-parser: Added (css for python).
python/python-css-parser: Duplicate of css-parser.
python/python-daemon: Renamed python2-daemon.
python/python-dateutil: Renamed python2-dateutil.
python/python-dateutil: Update DEP.
python/python-dateutil: Updated for version 2.8.1.
python/python-dbus-next: Upload python-dbus-next
python/python-demjson: Renamed python2-demjson.
python/python-distro: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python-distutils-extra: Build with python3 by default
python/python-django-legacy: Renamed python2-django-legacy.
python/python-django-tagging: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/python-django-tagging: Renamed python2-django-tagging.
python/python-django: Renamed python2-django.
python/python-djvulibre: Add missing files.
python/python-djvulibre: Renamed python2-djvulibre.
python/python-docker-pycreds: Renamed python2-docker-pycreds.
python/python-docker-pycreds: Update DEP.
python/python-docker: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/python-docker: Renamed python2-docker.
python/python-docker: Update DEP.
python/python-dockerpty: Renamed python2-dockerpty.
python/python-dockerpty: Update DEP.
python/python-editor: Renamed python2-editor.
python/python-editor: Update DEP.
python/python-editor: Updated for version 1.0.4.
python/python-elementtree: Renamed python2-elementtree.
python/python-elementtree: Updated for version 1.3.
python/python-elib.intl: Renamed python2-elib.intl.
python/python-emoji: Fix tarball handling.
python/python-esmre: Renamed python2-esmre.
python/python-executing: Upload python-executing
python/python-fonttools: Updated for version 4.29.1.
python/python-future: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python-gammu: Renamed python2-gammu.
python/python-gattlib: Fix for the newer boost.
python/python-gattlib: Renamed python2-gattlib.
python/python-helpdev: Added python-helpdev
python/python-importlib_metadata: Updated for version 4.10.1.
python/python-jeepney: Added (Pure Python DBus interface).
python/python-joblib: Update for 1.1.0 (+new maintainer)
python/python-jsonrpclib: Updated for version 0.4.3.
python/python-kerberos: Fixed dep info
python/python-keybinder: Renamed python2-keybinder.
python/python-keyczar: Renamed python2-keyczar.
python/python-keyring: Add missing dependency.
python/python-keyring: Removed dependency.
python/python-keyutils: Renamed python2-keyutils.
python/python-klein: Renamed python2-klein.
python/python-lazy-object-proxy: Renamed python2-lazy-object-proxy.
python/python-ldap: Fix tarball handling.
python/python-lhafile: Renamed python2-lhafile.
python/python-libnacl: Fixed dep info
python/python-libsass: Removed redundant
python/python-libsass: Update DEP.
python/python-libtmux: Updated for version 0.10.3.
python/python-ly: Updated for version 0.9.7, switch to python3.
python/python-lz4: Renamed python2-lz4.
python/python-m2r: Fixed dep info
python/python-magic: Autodetect python3.
python/python-magick: Renamed python2-magick.
python/python-mccabe: Renamed python2-mccabe.
python/python-memcached: Renamed python2-memcached.
python/python-memcached: Update DEP.
python/python-mimeparse: Renamed python2-mimeparse.
python/python-morbid: Renamed python2-morbid.
python/python-mpd: Renamed python2-mpd.
python/python-mysql-replication: Updated for version 0.25.
python/python-mysql-replication: Updated for version 0.26.
python/python-mysqlclient: Fix MD5SUM and SRCNAM.
python/python-mysqlclient: Fix MD5SUM and SRCNAM.
python/python-nbxmpp: Updated for version 2.0.4.
python/python-netaddr: Renamed python2-netaddr.
python/python-notify2: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python-oauth2: Renamed python2-oauth2.
python/python-oauth2client: Renamed python2-oauth2client.
python/python-oauth: Renamed python2-oauth.
python/python-openid: Renamed python2-openid.
python/python-orbited: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/python-orbited: Renamed python2-orbited.
python/python-parsedatetime: Update DEP.
python/python-patch: Renamed python2-patch.
python/python-pdfminer: Renamed python2-pdfminer.
python/python-pmw: Renamed python2-pmw.
python/python-poppler-qt4: Removed (needs poppler-qt4).
python/python-poppler-qt5: Added (Python bindings to poppler-qt5).
python/python-poppler-qt5: Direct to qt5 qmake-bin.
python/python-precis-i18n: Updated for version 1.0.4.
python/python-progress: Renamed python2-progress.
python/python-prometheus_client: Update for 0.13.1
python/python-prometheus_client: Updated for version 0.12.0 (+new maintainer)
python/python-pydns: Renamed python2-pydns.
python/python-pyparted: Add -fcommon cflag. Fix DOWNLOAD/MD5SUM.
python/python-pypolicyd-spf: Renamed python2-pypolicyd-spf.
python/python-pyspf: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/python-pyspf: Renamed python2-pyspf.
python/python-qrcode: Update DEP.
python/python-qrcode: Updated for version 6.1.
python/python-qrcode: Updated for version 7.1.
python/python-qrcode: Updated for version 7.3.1.
python/python-requestbuilder: Renamed python2-requestbuilder.
python/python-requestbuilder: Update DEP.
python/python-requests-kerberos: Renamed python2-requests-kerberos.
python/python-requests-kerberos: Update DEP.
python/python-requests: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python-scandir: Renamed python2-scandir.
python/python-setuptools-doc: Renamed python2-setuptools-doc.
python/python-simpy: Renamed python2-simpy.
python/python-slacklog: Renamed python2-slacklog.
python/python-slacklog: Updated for version 0.9.6.
python/python-slip: Include support for python3
python/python-socks: Updated for version 2.0.3.
python/python-soupsieve: Renamed python2-soupsieve.
python/python-stomper: Renamed python2-stomper.
python/python-suds: Renamed python2-suds.
python/python-swiftclient: Renamed python2-swiftclient.
python/python-swiftclient: Update DEP.
python/python-tabulate: Renamed python2-tabulate.
python/python-tblib: Renamed python2-tblib.
python/python-tblib: Update DEP.
python/python-texttable: Renamed python2-texttable.
python/python-transaction: Renamed python2-transaction.
python/python-tvrage: Renamed python2-tvrage.
python/python-twisted: Renamed python2-twisted.
python/python-twitter: Renamed python2-twitter.
python/python-twitter: Update DEP.
python/python-txaio: Renamed python2-txaio.
python/python-txaio: Update DEP.
python/python-unicodecsv: Renamed python2-unicodecsv.
python/python-unicodedata2: Updated DOWNLOAD.
python/python-unicodedata2: Updated for version 14.0.0.
python/python-uri-templates: Renamed python2-uri-templates.
python/python-urllib3: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python-urwid_readline: New submission.
python/python-uuid: Renamed python2-uuid.
python/python-vatnumber: Renamed python2-vatnumber.
python/python-vulndb: Renamed python2-vulndb.
python/python-webencodings: Removed Python 2 support.
python/python-webpack: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/python-whisper: Renamed python2-whisper.
python/python-wordpress-xmlrpc: Renamed python2-wordpress-xmlrpc.
python/python-wrapt: Renamed python2-wrapt.
python/python-x11_hash: Renamed python2-x11_hash.
python/python-xcffib: Renamed python2-xcffib.
python/python-xcffib: Update DEP.
python/python-xlib: Add missing dependency.
python/python-xlib: Removed dependency.
python/python-xlib: Removed not needed hack.
python/python-xlib: Update DEP.
python/python-xlwt: Renamed python2-xlwt.
python/python-xrandr: Renamed python2-xrandr.
python/python-yenc: Renamed python2-yenc.
python/python-zipp: Fix REQUIRES.
python/python-zipp: Removed dependency.
python/python-zipp: Updated for version 3.7.0.
python/python2-BeautifulSoup4: Added (legacy BeautifulSoup4) python2-BeautifulSoup4 (for Python 2 compatibility)
python/python2-MarkupSafe: Renamed from MarkupSafe.
python/python2-blake2: Removed (unused, python2, ftbfs).
python/python2-cached-property: Renamed python2-cached-property.
python/python2-cheetah: Fixed comment.
python/python2-cryptography: Added (Python2 cryptography library)
python/python2-cryptography: Fix PRGNAM in info file
python/python2-dateutil: Fix dependency.
python/python2-gammu: Updated for version 2.12
python/python2-gammu: Updated maintainer email
python/python2-gattlib: Updated for version 0.20200121
python/python2-gattlib: Updated maintainer email
python/python2-keybinder: Removed (keybinder3 in -current dropped python support).
python/python2-lz4: Updated for version 2.2.1.
python/python2-pbr: Fix .info.
python/python2-pillow: Added (Python Imaging Library).
python/python2-pkgconfig: Added (python module for pkg-tool).
python/python2-progress: Updated for version 1.6.
python/python2-psycopg2: renamed from psycopg2 as the latest version supporting python2
python/python2-pybluez: Renamed from pybluez
python/python2-pycrypto: Renamed to clarify it's python2 only
python/python2-pyicu: Renamed from pyicu and updated for version 2.8
python/python2-selectors2: Added (backported selctors for py2).
python/python2-setuptools-doc: Removed (does not build.)
python/python2-setuptools-scm: Added (setuptools-scm for Python 2).
python/python2-sip: Removed (already in current as sip).
python/python2-swiftclient: Update DEP.
python/python2-tabulate: Removed redundant
python/python2-twisted: new maintainer
python/python2-txaio: new maintainer
python/python3-Cython: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python3-Flask-Basicauth: Added (Flask extension).
python/python3-Flask-Basicauth: Change to Flask.
python/python3-Flask-RESTful: Change to Flask.
python/python3-Flask-RESTful: Update DEP.
python/python3-Flask-httpauth: Change to Flask.
python/python3-Flask: Removed. (Use Flask).
python/python3-Flask: Updated for version 1.1.2.
python/python3-MutatorMath: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-aiohttp-socks: Updated for version 0.7.1.
python/python3-aiohttp: Change source to pypi.
python/python3-aiohttp: Fix MD5SUM.
python/python3-aiohttp: Update DEP.
python/python3-aiohttp: Updated for version 3.8.1.
python/python3-alembic: Updated for version 1.7.6.
python/python3-amqp: Updated for version 5.0.9
python/python3-appdirs: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python3-astroid: Updated dependencies.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.5.5.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.5.6.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.5.7.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.5.8.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.6.0.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.6.2.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.6.4.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.6.5.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.6.6.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.7.2.
python/python3-astroid: Updated for version 2.7.3.
python/python3-autobahn: cloned from python2-autobahn for python3, updated for version 22.2.2
python/python3-automat: cloned from Automat for python3, updated for version 20.2.0
python/python3-babel: new maintainer
python/python3-babel: updated for version 2.9.1
python/python3-backlash: renamed from backlash for python3, updated for version 0.3.1
python/python3-bcrypt: renamed from bcrypt for python3, updated for version 3.2.0
python/python3-beaker: renamed from Beaker for python3
python/python3-billiard: Updated for version
python/python3-booleanOperations: Add missing dep, fix script.
python/python3-booleanOperations: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-booleanOperations: Fix .info file, add missing dep.
python/python3-celery: renamed from celery for python3, updated for version 5.2.3
python/python3-configargparse: Renamed from python-configargparse.
python/python3-configargparse: Updated for version 1.5.3.
python/python3-crank: renamed from crank for python3
python/python3-dateutil: Fix REQUIRES.
python/python3-dateutil: Removed dependency.
python/python3-dateutil: Update DEP.
python/python3-dateutil: new maintainer
python/python3-dateutil: updated for version 2.8.2
python/python3-defcon: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-defusedxml: Updated for version 0.7.1 (+new maintainer)
python/python3-django: Install bash-completion file to system dir
python/python3-dugong: Fix DOWNLOAD.
python/python3-dulwich: cloned from dulwich for python3, updated for version 0.20.32
python/python3-editor: Updated for version 1.0.4.
python/python3-fasteners: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-fasteners: Updated for version 0.17.2.
python/python3-fasteners: Updated for version 0.17.3.
python/python3-fontMath: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-fontParts: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-fontPens: Added (New dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-fontPens: Fix PRGNAM in script and info file.
python/python3-formencode: cloned from FormEncode for python3, updated for version 2.0.1
python/python3-fs: Added (New dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-future: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python3-gattlib: Added
python/python3-gearbox: renamed from gearbox for python3
python/python3-geventhttpclient: Added (HTTP client library).
python/python3-geventhttpclient: Updated for version 1.5.3.
python/python3-gmpy2: Updated for version 2.1.0rc1.
python/python3-hupper: renamed from hupper for python3, updated for version 1.10.3
python/python3-ipaddr: added for Kallithea
python/python3-ipython-sql: Fix dependency.
python/python3-ipython-sql: Removed (no more ipython).
python/python3-ipython-sql: Update python3-ipython3-sql for 0.4.0
python/python3-ipython: Removed (replaced by python/ipython).
python/python3-isort: Updated for version 5.10.1.
python/python3-isort: Updated for version 5.9.1.
python/python3-isort: Updated for version 5.9.2.
python/python3-isort: Updated for version 5.9.3.
python/python3-isounidecode: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-jedi: Update for 0.18.1 (+new maintainer)
python/python3-kombu: renamed from kombu for python3, updated for version 5.2.3
python/python3-lazy-object-proxy: Allow newer setuptools.
python/python3-lazy-object-proxy: Removed dependency.
python/python3-lazy-object-proxy: Updated for version 1.7.1.
python/python3-matplotlib-inline: Upload python3-matplotlib-inline (+new maintainer)
python/python3-monotonic: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-mpmath: Removed dependency.
python/python3-multidict: Updated for version 6.2.0.
python/python3-natsort: Added (Python Sorting Library)
python/python3-natsort: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-natsort: Updated for version 8.0.0.
python/python3-natsort: Updated for version 8.0.2.
python/python3-natsort: Updated for version 8.1.0.
python/python3-nltk: Fix slack-desc.
python/python3-nltk: renamed from libraries/ntlk
python/python3-obspy: Update DEP.
python/python3-obspy: Update DEP.
python/python3-openpyxl: Fix MD5SUM
python/python3-openpyxl: Fixed dep info
python/python3-openpyxl: Update for 3.0.9
python/python3-packaging: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python3-paginate: added, requirement for Kallithea
python/python3-paginate_sqlalchemy: added, requirement for Kallithea
python/python3-pandas: Update for 1.4.1 (+new maintainer)
python/python3-paramiko: Added (Python3 SSH module)
python/python3-paste: renamed from Paste for python3
python/python3-pastedeploy: renamed from PasteDeploy for python3, updated for version 2.1.1
python/python3-patsy: Update DEP.
python/python3-patsy: Update for 0.5.2
python/python3-plexapi: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.10.0.
python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.5.2.
python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.7.2.
python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.8.0.
python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.9.1.
python/python3-plexapi: Updated for version 4.9.2.
python/python3-prompt_toolkit: Update DEP.
python/python3-prompt_toolkit: new maintainer
python/python3-prompt_toolkit: updated for version 3.0.28
python/python3-psautohint: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-pulsectl: Updated for version 21.10.5.
python/python3-pulsectl: Updated for version 21.5.0.
python/python3-pulsectl: Updated for version 22.1.0.
python/python3-pulsectl: Updated for version 22.1.3.
python/python3-pybluez: Added (Python BlueZ bindings)
python/python3-pyclipper: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-pyicu: Added (python wrapper for icu4c)
python/python3-pyjwt: Updated for version 2.3.0, switch to python3.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.10.1.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.8.0.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.8.2.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.9.3.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.9.4.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.9.5.
python/python3-pylint: Updated for version 2.9.6.
python/python3-pylyrics: Add the dependency BeautifulSoup4.
python/python3-pylyrics: Fix for version 1.1.0.
python/python3-pyparted: Add -fcommon cflag. DOWNLOAD/MD5SUM, i486.
python/python3-pypresence: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-pypresence: Updated for version 4.2.1.
python/python3-pyrsistent: Update DEP.
python/python3-pyrsistent: Updated for version 0.18.1 (+new maintainer)
python/python3-pysdl2: Updated for version 0.9.10.
python/python3-pysdl2: Updated for version 0.9.11.
python/python3-pysdl2: Updated for version 0.9.9.
python/python3-pytest: Removed dependency.
python/python3-pytest: Update DEP.
python/python3-pythondialog: Updated for version 3.5.2.
python/python3-pyusb: Added (Python Module)
python/python3-pyzmq: Updated for version 19.0.2
python/python3-repoze.lru: renamed from repoze.lru for python3
python/python3-routes: renamed from Routes for python3, updated for version 2.5.1
python/python3-seaborn: Update for 0.11.2
python/python3-semantic-version: Added (Python Library).
python/python3-semantic-version: Fix MD5SUM.
python/python3-semantic-version: Updated for version 2.9.0.
python/python3-setuptools-rust: Added (Setuptools plugin for Rust).
python/python3-setuptools-rust: Fix dependency.
python/python3-setuptools-rust: Removed dependency.
python/python3-setuptools-rust: Update DEP.
python/python3-setuptools_scm_git_archive: added, requirement for Kallithea
python/python3-sge: Added (2d game engine).
python/python3-sge: Remove old template CWD.
python/python3-sgmllib3k: Added (python3 port of python 2 sgmllib)
python/python3-sip: Removed (already in current as sip).
python/python3-six: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/python3-soupsieve: Update for 2.3.1
python/python3-statsmodels: Update for 0.13.2 (+fix slack-desc)
python/python3-sympy: Updated README.
python/python3-tekore: Replaced PyPI binary as source.
python/python3-tekore: Updated for version 3.7.1.
python/python3-tekore: Updated for version 4.0.0.
python/python3-tekore: Updated for version 4.1.0.
python/python3-tekore: Updated for version 4.2.0.
python/python3-tgext.routes: renamed from tgext.routes for python3, updated for version 0.2.1
python/python3-toml: Added (Python Library).
python/python3-toml: Removed (part of python-toml).
python/python3-turbogears2: renamed from TurboGears2 for python3, updated for version 2.4.3
python/python3-twisted: Updated for version 22.1.0.
python/python3-txaio: cloned from python2-txaio for python3,updated for version 22.2.1
python/python3-ufoProcessor: Added (new dependendency Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-ufonormalizer: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3-ufonormalizer: Fix script.
python/python3-urlobject: renamed from URLObject for python3
python/python3-waitress: cloned from waitress forpython3, updated for version 2.0.0
python/python3-wcwidth: new maintainer
python/python3-webencodings: Renamed to python3.
python/python3-webencodings: new maintainer
python/python3-webhelpers2: added for Kallithea
python/python3-webob: Updated for version 1.8.7
python/python3-whoosh: renamed from Whoosh for python3
python/python3-xcffib: Upload python3-xcffib (dependency of qtile)
python/python3-zopfli: Added (new dependendency of Type1_to_OTF)
python/python3: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/pytsk: Fixed DOWNLOAD.
python/pytsk: Updated for version 20210801.
python/pytz: Minor script cleanup
python/pytz: Updated for version 2021.3.
python/pytz: Updated maintainer email
python/pyudev: Update DEP.
python/pyusb: Add missing dependencies.
python/pyusb: Add missing dependency.
python/pyusb: Fix REQUIRES and README.
python/pyusb: Fix REQUIRES and README.
python/pyusb: Removed dependency.
python/pyusb: Updated for version 1.2.1
python/pywebkitgtk: Removed.
python/pyxdg: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/pyzmq: new maintainer
python/ramlfications: Convert python to python2.
python/readme_renderer: Fixed dep info
python/readme_renderer: Updated for version 32.0.
python/rebulk: Convert python to python2.
python/rebulk: Update DEP.
python/recommonmark: Convert python to python2.
python/recommonmark: Fix tarball handling.
python/recommonmark: Fixed dep info
python/reedsolo: Fix building with gcc on -current.
python/relatorio: Convert python to python2.
python/rencode: Add missing dependency.
python/requests-futures: Update DEP.
python/requests-oathlib: Update DEP.
python/requests-oauthlib: Convert python to python2.
python/requests-toolbelt: Update DEP.
python/requests-toolbelt: Updated for version 0.9.1.
python/requirements-detector: Convert python to python2.
python/requirements-detector: Remove redundant
python/rfc6555: Added (Happy Eyeballs in Python).
python/rsa: Convert python to python2.
python/rst-linker: Add missing dependency.
python/rst-linker: Fix REQUIRES.
python/rst-linker: Fix REQUIRES.
python/rst-linker: Removed dependency.
python/ruffus: Convert to python3
python/s3cmd: Convert python to python2.
python/s3transfer: Convert python to python2.
python/s3transfer: Update DEP.
python/schema: Convert python to python2.
python/scikit-learn: Update for 1.0.2 (+new maintainer)
python/scikit-umfpack: Convert python to python2.
python/secretstorage: Added missing dependency.
python/secretstorage: Convert python to python2.
python/secretstorage: Updated for version 3.3.1.
python/selenium: Update DEP.
python/send2trash: Removed Python 2 support.
python/send2trash: Updated for version 1.8.0 (+new maintainer)
python/service_identity: Convert python to python2.
python/setuptools-scm-git-archive: Convert python to python2.
python/setuptools-scm-git-archive: Fix dependency.
python/setuptools-scm: Removed (added to slackware.)
python/setuptools-scm: Updated for version 6.0.1.
python/sge-pygame: Update DEP.
python/sge-pygame: Updated for version 2.0.
python/shutil_get_terminal_size: Removed.
python/shutil_which: Removed.
python/simplegeneric: Removed Python 2 support.
python/singledispatch: Update DEP.
python/six: Removed (added to Slackware).
python/slpkg: Update DEP.
python/snuggs: Convert python to python2.
python/snuggs: Fixed dep info
python/snuggs: Removed Python 2 support.
python/soundcloud: Convert python to python2.
python/soundcloud: Update DEP.
python/sphinxcontrib-htmlhelp: Updated for version 2.0.0.
python/sphinxcontrib-plantuml: Removed.
python/sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml: Updated for version 1.1.5.
python/sqlalchemy-migrate: Always build for python3
python/sqlalchemy-migrate: Update DEP.
python/sqlalchemy-migrate: Update DEP.
python/stack_data: Upload stack_data
python/statsmodels: Convert python to python2.
python/stevedore: Convert python to python2.
python/stevedore: Update DEP.
python/stevedore: Update DEP.
python/tagpy: Fix boost_libname.
python/tempita: Always build for python3
python/tempita: Fix build with newer setuputils.
python/tempora: Convert python to python2.
python/tempora: Fix dependency.
python/tempora: Update DEP.
python/terminado: Convert python to python2.
python/terminado: Removed Python 2 support.
python/terminado: Updated for version 0.13.1 (+new maintainer)
python/testpath: Removed Python 2 support.
python/testpath: Updated for version 0.5.0 (+new maintainer)
python/testscenarios: Convert python to python2.
python/testtools: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
python/testtools: Fix dependencies.
python/testtools: Update DEP.
python/thonny: Fixed dep info
python/threadpoolctl: Added (threadpoolctl)
python/thunarx-python: Add -fcommon cflag.
python/thunarx-python: Updated for version 0.5.1.
python/tinycss2: Fix REQUIRES.
python/tinycss2: Fixed REQUIRES.
python/tinycss2: Removed python2 support.
python/tornado_systemd: Convert python to python2.
python/tox: Convert python to python2.
python/tox: Remove redundant
python/tox: Removed dependency.
python/tox: Update DEP.
python/tqdm: Removed dependency.
python/tqdm: Updated for version 4.62.0.
python/tqdm: Updated for version 4.63.0
python/traceback2: Convert python to python2.
python/traitlets: Fixed dep info
python/traitlets: Removed (abandoned).
python/traitlets: Upload traitlets, update for 5.1.1 (+new maintainer)
python/traittypes: Removed (abandoned).
python/trezor: Convert python to python2.
python/trezor: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
python/trollius: Update DEP.
python/tweepy: Fix ARCH.
python/tweepy: Update DEP.
python/tweepy: Updated for version 3.10.0.
python/txi2p: Convert python to python2.
python/txrequests: Convert python to python2.
python/txrequests: Update DEP.
python/txsocksx: Convert python to python2.
python/txtorcon: Convert python to python2.
python/typed_ast: Updated dependencies.
python/typing-extensions: Update for (+new maintainer)
python/typing: Removed (added to Slackware as part of M2Crypto).
python/tzlocal: Convert python to python2.
python/unrardll: Convert python to python2.
python/vanguards: Convert python to python2.
python/veryprettytable: Convert python to python2.
python/virtualenvwrapper: Convert python to python2.
python/vobject: Convert python to python2.
python/vobject: Updated for version
python/vobject: Updated maintainer email
python/w3lib: Update DEP.
python/w3lib: Updated for version 1.22.0.
python/waitress: removed python3 support in favor of python3-waitress
python/watchdog: Convert python to python2.
python/websocket-client: Add support for python3.
python/websocket-client: Update DEP.
python/websocket-client: Updated for version 0.59.0.
python/winpdb: Convert python to python2.
python/xarray: Updated for version 0.21.1, changed maintainer.
python/xopen: update copyright years
python/yara-python: Updated for version 4.1.2.
python/yarl: Fix tarball handling.
python/yarl: Update DEP.
python/yarl: Update for 1.7.2
python/yarl: Updated for version 1.6.3.
python2-paramiko: Renamed from paramiko and updated to 2.9.2
python3-fasteners: Added (fasteners, required in python3)
python3-monotonic: Added (monotonic, required in python3)
ruby/rbenv: Updated for version 1.2.0.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for verion 20210526.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210420.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210510.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210611.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210707.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210720.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210726.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210804.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210825.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20210928.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20211019.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20211109.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20211203.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20211227.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20220125.
ruby/ruby-build: Updated for version 20220218.
ruby/ruby-faraday: Removed (no maintainer)
ruby/ruby-gist: Removed (no maintainer)
ruby/ruby-haste: Removed (no maintainer)
ruby/ruby-json: Removed (no maintainer)
ruby/ruby-multipart-post: Removed (no maintainer)
ruby/rubygem-asciidoctor: Removed (added to Slackware).
ruby/rubygem-atk: Updated for version 3.4.9.
ruby/rubygem-bundler: Removed (added to Slackware).
ruby/rubygem-cairo-gobject: Added (cairo-gobject bindings).
ruby/rubygem-cairo: Updated for version 1.17.5.
ruby/ Updated for version 1.7.1.
ruby/rubygem-gdk3: Added (Ruby GDK3 bindings).
ruby/rubygem-gdk_pixbuf2: Updated for version 3.4.9.
ruby/rubygem-gio2: Added (VFS API ruby bindings).
ruby/rubygem-glib2: Updated for version 3.4.9.
ruby/rubygem-gobject-introspection: Added (Ruby gobjects).
ruby/rubygem-gosu: Fixed dep info
ruby/rubygem-gosu: Updated for version 1.2.0.
ruby/rubygem-gtk2: Updated for version 3.4.3.
ruby/rubygem-gtk3: Added (Ruby GTK3 bindings).
ruby/rubygem-jaro_winkler: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-lolcat: Remove empty man dir.
ruby/rubygem-matrix: Added (matrix and vector classes).
ruby/rubygem-msgpack: Fix VERSION.
ruby/rubygem-msgpack: Updated for version 1.4.2.
ruby/rubygem-native-package-installer: Added (native pkg helper).
ruby/rubygem-pango: Updated for version 3.4.9.
ruby/rubygem-parallel: Updated for version 1.20.1.
ruby/rubygem-parser: Updated for version
ruby/rubygem-pkg-config: Updated for version 1.4.6.
ruby/rubygem-powerpack: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-rainbow: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-red-colors: Added (color utility).
ruby/rubygem-rubocop: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-ruby-progressbar: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-ruumba: Remove Ruby 2.2 fixes.
ruby/rubygem-ruumba: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-unicode-display_width: Removed (unused).
ruby/rubygem-yajl-ruby: Updated for version 1.4.1
ruby/rubygems-update: Updated for version 3.2.16.
system/AnonymousPro: Rewrote SlackBuild, updated link.
system/Attic: Fix build with newer openssl.
system/CPU-X: Do not write to real /usr.
system/Eterm: Remove .la files.
system/GentiumPlus: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/I-Nex: Add missing .desktop files.
system/I-Nex: Various fixes.
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 10.1.1.
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 10.3.0.
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 11.1.1
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 11.2.4
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 11.3.0
system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 14.0.1
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 10.1.1.
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 10.3.0.
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 11.1.1.
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 11.2.4.
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 11.3.0
system/Iosevka: Updated for version 14.0.1
system/Sl: Remove template comment.
system/Solaar: Fix udev rules file and move to correct location.
system/TermRecord: Removed Python 2 support.
system/TermRecord: Update DEP.
system/Type1_to_OTF: Added for 15.0 (OTF fonts converted from Type1 fonts)
system/Type1_to_OTF: Removed (ftbfs).
system/ZoneMinder: Kill X10 notes
system/ZoneMinder: Mirror download URL.
system/ZoneMinder: Update DEP.
system/a2tools: Remove template comment.
system/acpi_call: Fix for the newer kernels.
system/acpi_call: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font: Updated for version 3.046R.
system/adobe-source-serif-pro-font: Updated for version 4.004.
system/afdko: Add network warning to README.
system/afdko: Update DEP.
system/afdko: Updated for version 3.8.0
system/afio: Fix 15.0 build.
system/afpfs-ng: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
system/afpfs-ng: Remove .la files.
system/agedu: Remove template comment.
system/aha: Remove template comment.
system/alacritty: Install desktop file.
system/alacritty: Updated for version 0.10.0.
system/alacritty: Updated for version 0.10.1.
system/alacritty: Updated for version 0.7.2.
system/alacritty: Updated for version 0.8.0.
system/alacritty: Updated for version 0.9.0.
system/amanda: Updated DOWNLOAD.
system/amanda: Updated for version 3.3.9, use libtirpc.
system/anacron: Removed (no maintainer)
system/android-file-transfer: Fix 15.0 build.
system/andromeda: Add qt4 dependency.
system/ansible: Update DEP.
system/ansible: Update DEP.
system/apache-cassandra: Fix start option.
system/apache-cassandra: Updated for version 4.0.1.
system/apache-tomcat: Fix download URL.
system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 10.0.13
system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 10.0.14.
system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 10.0.17.
system/apache-tomcat: Updated maintainer email
system/apg: Remove template comment.
system/apparmor: Remove .la files.
system/aqemu: No longer usable with qemu.
system/arc: Add a fix for gcc >= 10.x.
system/arc: Remove template comment.
system/archivemount: Remove template comment.
system/archmage: Added (CHM to HTML/PDF/text converter)
system/argyllcms: Fix 15.0 build.
system/arj: Remove template comment.
system/aterm: Fix building on current.
system/atop: Updated for version 2.7.1.
system/audit: Remove .la files.
system/audit: Update to HTTPS.
system/audit: Updated for version 3.0.1.
system/audit: Updated for version 3.0.7.
system/augeas: Remove la files.
system/autoarchive: Updated for version 2.0.2.
system/autocutsel: Fix README.
system/autocutsel: Updated for version 0.10.1.
system/avfs: Remove .la files.
system/babeltrace: Remove .la files.
system/bacula-client: Remove .la files.
system/bacula: Remove .la files.
system/bareos-client: Removed (orphaned, ftbfs).
system/bareos: Removed (orphaned, ftbfs).
system/barman: Fix dependency.
system/bat: New maintainer + update to 0.18.3
system/bat: Updated for version 0.18.1.
system/betty: Fixed README (remove speech-dispatcher mention)
system/bicon: New maintainer.
system/bit-babbler: Fix download URL.
system/bitmapfont2ttf: Add REQUIRES="fontforge".
system/blktrace: Updated for version 1.3.0.
system/bochs: Updated for version 2.7.
system/bogofilter: Align with template
system/bogofilter: Updated for version 1.2.5.
system/borgbackup: Removed dependency.
system/borgbackup: Update DEP.
system/brasero: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
system/brasero: Fixed dep info
system/brasero: Updated for version 3.12.3.
system/btop: Added (system resources monitor).
system/btrbk: Fixed dep info.
system/buildah: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
system/bulk_extractor: Updated for version 20170403_779dbe1.
system/bulk_extractor: Updated for version 20210928_692ee97.
system/busybox: Updated for version 1.32.1
system/c-icap: Remove .la files.
system/can-utils: Updated for version 2021.08.0.
system/caprice32: Disabled narrowing warnings, respect CXXFLAGS.
system/cbmbasic: Fix -current build.
system/ccd2cue: Remove template comment.
system/ccid: Align with template
system/ccid: Updated for version 1.4.36
system/ccrypt: Fix download URL.
system/ccrypt: Fix download URL.
system/cdemu-daemon: Fix permission.
system/cdrkit: Fixed dep info in README
system/cdrkit: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/cdw: Fixed dep info
system/cfengine: Fixed dep info
system/cfengine: Updated for version 3.15.2.
system/chipsec: Respect KERNEL.
system/chipsec: Updated for version 1.8.1.
system/chkrootkit: Updated for version 0.55.
system/chronograf: Updated for version 1.9.0
system/chronograf: Updated for version 1.9.1
system/chronograf: Updated for version 1.9.3
system/chrpath: s,i486,i586,g
system/ciopfs: Fix README.
system/ciopfs: Remove template comment.
system/clamav: Don't use wildcards for the source.
system/clamav: Updated for version 0.103.3.
system/clamav: Updated for version 0.104.0, switch to cmake.
system/clamav: Updated for version 0.104.1.
system/clamav: Updated for version 0.104.2.
system/clamsmtp: Fix 15.0 build.
system/clamtk: update for version 6.11
system/cldr-emoji-annotation: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/cluster-glue: Fix 15.0 build.
system/cluster-glue: Remove .la files.
system/cndrvcups-capt: Fix 15.0 build.
system/cndrvcups-capt: Remove .la files.
system/cndrvcups-common: Fix 15.0 build.
system/cnijfilter2: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/cnijfilter2: Respect ARCH if already set.
system/cnijfilter2: Updated for version 6.10.1 and bug fixes.
system/cnijfilter2: Updated for version 6.20.1.
system/collectd: Updated for version 5.12.0.
system/colord-gtk: Support alternatives for ninja
system/colord-gtk: Updated for version 0.2.0.
system/colord: Align with new template.
system/colord: Fix path.
system/colord: Patch version to build against -current's polkit.
system/colord: Support alternatives for ninja
system/colord: Updated for version 1.4.5.
system/colord: Updated for version 1.4.6.
system/colorize: Remove template comment.
system/commons-daemon: Build and install manpage
system/commons-daemon: Updated for version 1.2.4
system/commons-daemon: Updated maintainer email
system/conky: Patch for gcc >= 7.x.
system/conky: Updated for version 1.12.2.
system/consolation: Fixed dep info
system/consolation: Updated for version 0.0.8.
system/conspy: Remove template comment.
system/containerd: Fix MD5SUM.
system/containerd: Updated for version 1.4.4
system/containerd: Updated for version 1.5.7.
system/containerd: Updated for version 1.5.8.
system/corosync: Remove .la files.
system/courier-prime: Fix download URL.
system/courier-screenplay: Fix MD5SUM.
system/cpmtools: Remove template comment.
system/cpuid: Updated for version 20211210.
system/cpulimit: Patch for glibc >= 2.32.
system/crashplan: Fix download URL.
system/crc32_simple: Remove template comment.
system/csh: Updated for version 20110502_6.
system/csvutils: Added (inspect/manipulate CSV data).
system/cups-bjnp: Disabeld some warnings-as-errors.
system/cups-bjnp: Updated for version 2.0.3.
system/curlftpfs: Updated maintainer email
system/cutecom: Add qt4 dependency.
system/cve-check-tool: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
system/d-feet: Support alternatives for ninja
system/d-feet: Updated for version 0.3.15.
system/d52: Remove template comment.
system/dahdi-complete: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/dahdi-complete: Remove .la files.
system/dahdi-complete: Updated for version 20201116_5c840cf.
system/dahdi-complete: Updated for version 3.0.0.
system/dahdi-complete: Updated for version 3.1.0.
system/dash: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/dateutils: Updated for version 0.4.9.
system/davfs2: Updated for version 1.6.0.
system/davfs2: Updated for version 1.6.1.
system/ddcutil: Updated for version 0.9.7.
system/ddrescue-gui: Removed (no maintainer)
system/ddrescue-gui: Update DEP.
system/ded: Reflow README, rm template comment.
system/dehydrated: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/dfc: Fix download URL.
system/dfu-util: Updated for version 0.11
system/dget: Fix download URL.
system/dieharder: Fix 15.0 build.
system/dieharder: Fix build with gcc>=10.
system/diit: Removed (No maintainer).
system/dina-font: Reflow README.
system/dislocker: Patch for ruby >= 3.x.
system/dislocker: Updated for version 0.7.3.
system/displaylink: Update README for new URL.
system/docker-cli: Updated for version 20.10.10.
system/docker-cli: Updated for version 20.10.11.
system/docker-cli: Updated for version 20.10.6
system/docker-compose: Fix REQUIRES for python2.
system/docker-compose: Fix dep info.
system/docker-compose: Fixed dep info
system/docker-compose: Update DEP.
system/docker-machine-kvm: Adjust docker-machine source.
system/docker-machine-kvm: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
system/docker-machine: Updated for version 0.16.2.
system/docker-proxy: Updated for version 20210125_b350742
system/docker: Updated for version 20.10.10.
system/docker: Updated for version 20.10.11.
system/docker: Updated for version 20.10.6
system/dos33fsprogs: Fix README.
system/dos33fsprogs: Remove template comment.
system/dosbox-dev: Align with template
system/dosbox-dev: updated for version 0.75_pre4446
system/dosbox-dev: updated for version 0.75_pre4454
system/dosbox-dev: updated for version 0.75_pre4471
system/dosbox-x: Updated for version 0.83.22.
system/dosbox-x: Updated for version 0.83.8.
system/drbd-utils: Updated for version 9.18.2.
system/dse-typewriter-font: Fix README.
system/dse-typewriter-font: Remove template comment.
system/dump: Updated for version 0.4b47.
system/duplicity: Update DEP.
system/dust: Updated for version 0.6.0.
system/dust: Updated for version 0.7.5 + New maintainer.
system/dvdisaster: Fix 15.0 build.
system/dvdisaster: Updated for version 0.79.9.
system/dymo-cups-drivers: Fix build with newer cups.
system/dymo-cups-drivers: Fix download URL.
system/dymo-cups-drivers: Patch for the newer cups.
system/dynamips: Fix 15.0 build.
system/dynamips: Fixed linking against zlib.
system/eaglemode: Updated for version 0.95.1.
system/ecryptfs-utils: Patched against openssl-1.1.x.
system/ecryptfs-utils: Remove .la files.
system/edid-decode: Fix README.
system/edid-decode: Updated for version 0.1~git20201230.95d81c9.
system/efitools: Updated for version 1.9.2.
system/elo-mt-usb: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/elo-mt-usb: Removed (download is gone, we dont have the hardware to test new versions).
system/eltclsh: Fixed dep info
system/eltclsh: Remove .la files.
system/eltclsh: Updated for version 1.18.
system/emelfm2: Fix build with newer gcc, adapt to template.
system/encfs: Fix VERSION in the info file.
system/encfs: Updated for version 1.9.5
system/encfs: Updated maintainer email
system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Remove .la files.
system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr: Remove .la files.
system/epson-printer-utility: Fix 15.0 build.
system/esekeyd: Remove template comment.
system/etsh: Remove template comment.
system/evdi-kernel: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/evdi-kernel: Upgraded for version 1.10.0.
system/evdi: Updated for version 1.10.0.
system/eventlog: Remove .la files.
system/evhz: Updated for version 35b7526e.
system/evilvte: Added the new dependency vte2.
system/evilvte: Removed (no maintainer)
system/evtest: Added (monitor input device events).
system/exa: Updated for version 0.10.1.
system/execline: Updated for version
system/exomizer: Better download link.
system/exomizer: Updated for version 3.1.1.
system/ext4magic: Fix build with newer gcc.
system/extract-xiso: Removed (no maintainer)
system/extundelete: Added a patch for the newer e2fprogs.
system/f2fs_tools: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/facter: Disable some warning-as-errors.
system/facter: Fix 15.0 build.
system/fakechroot: Updated for version 2.20.1.
system/fakeroot: Remove .la files.
system/fakeroot: Updated for version 1.25.3.
system/fatsort: Updated for version
system/fbterm: Add checkfb man page.
system/fd: Updated for version 8.3.0.
system/fd: Updated for version 8.3.1.
system/fd: Updated for version 8.3.2.
system/fdclone: Convert .jp docs to UTF-8.
system/fence-agents: Update DEP.
system/file-roller: Support alternatives for ninja
system/file-roller: Updated for version 3.36.2, switch to meson.
system/filerunner: Remove (unmaintainable mess).
system/findcmd: Updated for version 0.1.2.
system/fio: Updated for version 3.29.
system/firejail: Updated for version 0.9.66.
system/firejail: Updated for version 0.9.68.
system/firmware-gobi-2000: Fix download URL.
system/fish: Fixed dep info in README
system/flSynclient: Removed (no maintainer).
system/flexbackup: Add patch.
system/font-manager: Fix build when webkit2gtk not installed.
system/font-manager: Fixed dep info
system/font-manager: Fixed dep info
system/font-manager: Updated for version 0.8.8.
system/foremost: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/forkstat: Removed (no maintainer)
system/fountain: Added (pipe stdin to multiple processes).
system/fpm2: Fix 15.0 build.
system/fr: Updated for version 3.0.
system/franny: Make man pages match script names.
system/freeipmi: Remove .la files.
system/fsarchiver: Updated for version 0.8.6.
system/fsv: Fix README.
system/fsv: Fix building with the newer autotools.
system/fsv: Remove template comment.
system/fsviewer: Fix README.
system/fsviewer: Fix build on -current.
system/fswatch: Remove .la files.
system/ft2demos: Updated for version 2.11.1.
system/fuse-overlayfs: Update DEP.
system/fuse3: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/fwupd: Align with new template.
system/fwupd: Fixed dep info
system/fwupd: Fixed dep info in README
system/fwupd: Fixed ninja build.
system/fwupd: Kill py3cairo dep mention
system/fwupd: Updated for version 1.3.12.
system/fwupdate: Disabled some warnings-as-errors.
system/fwupdate: Fixed dep info
system/fwupdate: Removed (part of fwupd).
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.27.1.
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.27.2.
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.27.3.
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.28.0.
system/fzf: Updated for version 0.29.0.
system/gammu: Updated for version 1.42.0
system/gammu: Updated maintainer email
system/gencfs: Fix 15.0 build.
system/gentoo: Updated homepage.
system/geoclue2: Fixed dep info
system/geoclue2: Remove la file.
system/geoclue: Remove .la files.
system/geoclue: Removed NetworkManager support.
system/gimp-help: Updated for version 2.10.0.
system/gitolite: Updated for version 3.6.12.
system/gkrellm-volume: Removed (upstream disappeared).
system/gnome-commander: Updated for version 1.14.0.
system/gnome-disk-utility: Remove NUMJOBS.
system/gnome-disk-utility: Update DEP.
system/gnome-disk-utility: Updated for version 3.38.1.
system/gnome-disk-utility: Updated for version 3.38.2.
system/gnome-terminal: Added the new dependency vte2.
system/gnome-terminal: Updated for version 2.33.5.
system/gnome-vfs: Patched for openssl-1.1.x.
system/gnome-vfs: Remove .la files.
system/gnomint: Apply patches from debian.
system/gnomint: Fix 15.0 build.
system/gnomint: Updated DOWNLOAD.
system/gnu-unifont: Updated for version 14.0.01.
system/go-mtree: Updated for version 0.5.0.
system/goaccess: Updated for version 1.4.6.
system/gohu-font: Fix README.
system/gohu-font: Remove template comment.
system/google-fonts: Fix MD5SUM.
system/google-fonts: Kill noto-fonts conflict mention
system/gphotofs: Remove template comment.
system/grub_legacy: Fix download URL.
system/gtk-vnc: Align with new template.
system/gtk-vnc: Fix build.
system/gtk-vnc: Fixed dep info
system/gtk-vnc: Updated for version 1.2.0.
system/gtk-vnc: Updated for version 1.3.0.
system/gtklp: Updated for version 1.3.4.
system/guake: Fixed dep info
system/guake: Update DEP.
system/guake: Updated for version 3.8.5.
system/guefi: Added (GTK+3 frontend for efibootmgr).
system/guix: Kill guile-json dep reference
system/guix: Removed (no maintainer)
system/hack-font-ttf: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/hal-flash: Remove .la files.
system/hashcat: Fixed dep info
system/hashcat: Updated for version 6.2.4.
system/haveged: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/hddtemp: Fix installation instruction.
system/heartbeat: Fix 15.0 build.
system/heartbeat: Remove .la files.
system/hebe: Removed (KDE4 app).
system/heirloom-doctools: Updated for version 191015.
system/heirloom-pax: Fix 15.0 build.
system/hercules: Remove .la files.
system/hercules: Updated for version 3.13
system/herculesstudio: Fix 15.0 build, new-style icons.
system/hexec: Get rid of static lib.
system/hfsprogs: Fix 15.0 build.
system/hime: Fix 15.0 build and other issues.
system/hstr: Updated for version 2.5
system/hungrycat: Reflow README, https URL.
system/hwinfo: Fix 15.0 build.
system/hwinfo: Updated for version 21.78
system/hwinfo: Updated maintainer email
system/hwloc: Fix 15.0 build.
system/icingaweb2: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/imwheel: Fix README.
system/incron: Change maintainer email.
system/incron: Fix 15.0 build.
system/influxdb: Update DOWNLOAD.
system/info2man: Remove template comment.
system/innotop: Removed (included in the newer mariadb).
system/intel-microcode: Updated for version 20210608
system/intel-microcode: Updated for version 20220207.
system/intelmas: Updated for version 1.12.
system/inxi: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/ioping: Updated for version 1.2.
system/ipmitool: Add many patches from fedora.
system/irqbalance: Updated for version 1.8.0.
system/iscan-data: Added (EPSON Image Scan! data files).
system/iscan-data: Updated for version 1.39.2.
system/iscan: Added (front-end for EPSON all-in-one devices).
system/isextract: Remove template comment.
system/isextract: Update man page.
system/isomd5sum: Remove template comment.
system/jdupes: updated for version 1.20.0
system/jdupes: updated for version 1.20.1
system/jdupes: updated for version 1.20.2
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.277.3.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.277.4.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.289.1.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.289.2.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.289.3.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.303.1.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.303.2.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.303.3.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.319.1.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.319.2
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.319.3.
system/jenkins: Updated for version 2.332.1.
system/jmtpfs: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/joyce: Fix 15.0 build.
system/joyce: Updated for version 2.2.15.
system/jq: Fixed dep info
system/jq: Remove .la files.
system/jshon: Fixed dep info
system/kapacitor: Updated for version 1.6.1
system/kapacitor: Updated for version 1.6.2
system/kapacitor: Updated for version 1.6.3
system/kbfs: Fixed dep info in README
system/kbfs: Update README and URL.
system/kbfs: Updated for version 5.7.1.
system/kbfs: Updated for version 5.8.1_20210930160723.
system/kbfs: Updated for version 5.9.3_20220216215910.
system/kc: Fix dep info in README
system/kcm_touchpad: Removed (KDE4 app).
system/kcollectd: Removed (KDE4 app).
system/kegs: Updated for version 1.12.
system/kexec-tools: Updated for version 2.0.21.
system/keybase: Removed.
system/kfc: Updated for version 0.1.3.
system/kitchen-sync: Removed (unused, no dependees).
system/kitchen-sync: Updated for version 2.11.
system/kitchen-sync: Updated for version 2.14.
system/kitty: Fixed dep info
system/kitty: Updated for version 0.23.1.
system/klish: Remove .la files.
system/kmscon: Updated for version 8+20140708_0b34527.
system/komparator4: Removed (KDE4 app).
system/krusader: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/ktsuss: update copyright years
system/kvantum-qt5: Updated for version 1.0.0.
system/kvantum-qt5: Updated for version 1.0.1.
system/kvpm: Removed (KDE4 app).
system/kyotocabinet: Fix URLs (bad certificate).
system/laptop-mode-tools: Fixed dep info
system/laptop-mode-tools: don't install systemd files
system/lbench: Fix 15.0 build.
system/lbzip2: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/lddsafe: Remove template comment.
system/letsencrypt: Update DEP.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for versino 1.21.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.15.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.16.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.17.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.18.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.19.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.20.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.22.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.23.0.
system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.24.0.
system/lhasa: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/libcloudproviders: Upload libcloudproviders (new dependency for owncloud-client)
system/libnatspec: Remove .la files.
system/libtrash: Switch /bin/sh back to /bin/bash
system/libtrash: Update for 3.7
system/lilyterm: Updated for version
system/linkchecker: Update DEP.
system/linkchecker: Use Python2 explicitly.
system/linux-vt-setcolors: Remove template comment.
system/linuxconsoletools: Reflow README and remove SDL2 ref.
system/lirc: Docs in /usr/doc, not /usr/share/doc.
system/lirc: Fix 15.0 build.
system/lirc: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/lirc: Update DEP.
system/lnav: Updated for version 0.10.1.
system/local-persist: Fix build without glide.
system/localepurge: Stop writing to $CWD, make noarch.
system/locust: Added (performance testing tool)
system/locust: Fix missing deps.
system/loggedfs: Removed (rlog dep is gone)
system/logkeys: Updated for version 0.2.0.
system/logtool: Removed (no maintainer)
system/logwatch: Updated for version 7.6
system/logwatch: updated for version 7.5.6
system/loksh: Fixed dep info
system/lomoco: Fix for glibc-2.33.
system/lsb-release: Stop writing to $CWD, make noarch.
system/luckybackup: Switch to qt5.
system/lv: Updated for version 4.51_8.
system/lvm2-cluster: Fix 15.0 build.
system/lvm2-lockd: Fix 15.0 build.
system/lxd: Removed (ftb, no maintainer).
system/lxsession: Fixed dep info
system/lxterminal: Add the new dependency vte2.
system/lxterminal: Fixed dep info in README
system/lynis: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/lynis: Updated for version 3.0.4.
system/lynis: Updated for version 3.0.5.
system/lynis: Updated for version 3.0.6.
system/lynis: Updated for version 3.0.7.
system/lz4: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/lzop: Remove template comment.
system/macemu: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
system/macutils: Remove template comment.
system/mailutils: Remove .la files.
system/makefile2graph: Fix README.
system/makefile2graph: Remove template comment.
system/makepasswd: Remove template comment.
system/makepp: Updated for version
system/makeself: Updated for version 2.4.5.
system/man-db: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/man-pages-es: Remove template comment.
system/man-pages-fr: Default to UTF-8.
system/man-pages-ja: Fix README.
system/man-pages-ja: Updated for version 20210815.
system/man-pages-ru: Use correct install path.
system/mandoc: Fix 15.0 build.
system/maxcso: Fixed dep info
system/mbootpack: Fix 15.0 build.
system/md5deep: Fix 15.0 build.
system/mediaextract: Added (extract embedded media files)
system/memtest86+: Patch for newer binutils
system/memtest86: Patch for newer binutils
system/memtester: Updated for version 4.5.1_1.
system/mhddfs: Fix 15.0 build.
system/microemulator: Removed (No maintainer).
system/mjpg-streamer: Removed.
system/mlocate: Removed (already in Slackware).
system/mlterm: Fix MD5SUM.
system/mlterm: Remove .la files.
system/mlterm: Updated for version 3.9.2.
system/mmv: Remove template comment.
system/mongo-tools: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
system/mongodb: Update DEP.
system/mongodb: Updated for version 3.4.24.
system/mongodb: Updated for version 5.0.4.
system/monit: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/monitoring-plugins: Updated for version 2.3.1.
system/monitorix: Fix download URL.
system/mpack: Fix download URL.
system/mpich: Fix building with gfortran >= 10.x.
system/mpich: Mention conflict with openmpi.
system/mpich: Remove .la files.
system/mpich: Updated for version 3.4.2
system/mpich: Updated for version 3.4.3
system/mrxvt: Fix 15.0 build.
system/msitools: Remove .la files.
system/multibootusb: Fixed dep info
system/multicorn: Removed (FTBFS, even with debian patches and/or latest git).
system/multicorn: Updated for version 1.4.0.
system/multiload-ng: Fix 15.0 build.
system/multipath-tools: Updated for version 0.8.7.
system/multitail: Fix download URL.
system/munin-node: Fix 15.0 build.
system/munin-node: Fix tarball handling.
system/munin-node: Use zulu-openjdk8.
system/mysql-utilities: Removed (EOL).
system/nanum-coding-fonts-ttf: Fix build.
system/nbench: Fix download URL.
system/netatop: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/netatop: Updated for version 3.1.
system/netdata: Fixed dep info
system/netdata: Update DEP.
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.30.1.
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.31.0.
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.32.0.
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.32.1.
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.33.0.
system/netdata: Updated for version 1.33.1.
system/newLd: Fix build.
system/nilfs-utils: Updated for version 2.2.8
system/nilfs-utils: Updated maintainer email
system/nix: Fixed dep info
system/nix: Update DEP.
system/nix: Updated for version 2.3.16.
system/nix: Updated for version 2.4.
system/nix: Updated for version 2.5.1.
system/nix: Updated for version 2.6.0.
system/nix: Updated for version 2.6.1.
system/nnn: Updated for version 4.4.
system/noto-fonts: Removed (added to Slackware as noto-fonts-ttf).
system/nrg2cue: Added (convert .nrg CD images)
system/nss-pam-ldapd: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/nss_ldap: Fix download URL.
system/numactl: Remove .la files.
system/nut: Dynamically create /var/run/nut/
system/nut: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/nut: Remove .la files.
system/nut: Use the C++14 standard.
system/nvidia-driver: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 460.73.01, cleanups.
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 460.84.
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 470.63.01.
system/nvidia-kernel: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 460.73.01.
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 460.84.
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 470.63.01.
system/nvidia-legacy304-driver: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-legacy304-driver: No, fix for gcc >= 10.x
system/nvidia-legacy304-driver: Removed (unmaintained, ftbfs).
system/nvidia-legacy304-kernel: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-legacy304-kernel: Patched for the newer kernels.
system/nvidia-legacy304-kernel: Removed (unmaintained, ftbfs).
system/nvidia-legacy340-driver: Fix *GL versions in nvidia-switch.
system/nvidia-legacy340-driver: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-legacy340-driver: Use libtirpc, no
system/nvidia-legacy340-kernel: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-legacy340-kernel: Patch for the newer kernels.
system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: Updated for version 390.143.
system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: Updated for version 390.144.
system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: Use libtirpc, no
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Disable some warnings-as-errors.
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Patch for kernel 5.12.x.
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Patch for kernel 5.13.x.
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Updated for version 390.143.
system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: Updated for version 390.144.
system/nvme-cli: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/ocfs2-tools: Fix 15.0 build.
system/ohmyalias: Fix download URL.
system/oldschool-pc-fonts: Remove template comment.
system/omnidb-app: Fix download URL.
system/opam: Updated for version 2.0.5.
system/opam: Updated for version 2.1.2.
system/opam: Updated for version 2.1.2.
system/open-vm-tools: Disable warnings-as-errors.
system/open-vm-tools: Remove .la files.
system/open-vm-tools: Updated for version 11.3.5_18557794.
system/openct: Remove .la files.
system/opendoas: Fix download URL.
system/opendoas: Updated for version 6.8.2.
system/opendoas: Workaround internal usage of the $BUILD variable.
system/openmpi: Mention conflict with mpich.
system/openrc: Fix 15.0 build.
system/openrc: Updated for version 0.44.10.
system/opensc: Remove .la files.
system/openscap: Updated for version 1.3.6.
system/openstego: Remove template comment.
system/oracle-instantclient-basic: Updated DOWNLOAD.
system/oracle-instantclient-basic: Updated for version
system/oracle-instantclient-devel: Updated DOWNLOAD.
system/oracle-instantclient-devel: Updated for version
system/oracle-xe: Removed (old version, not available for download).
system/osinfo-db-tools: Fixed dep info
system/osinfo-db-tools: Support alternatives for ninja
system/osinfo-db-tools: Updated for version 1.9.0.
system/osinfo-db: Updated for version 20210426.
system/osinfo-db: Updated for version 20211216 (+ Slackware 15.0)
system/osquery-bin: Updated for version 4.8.0.
system/osquery-bin: Updated for version 4.9.0.
system/osquery-bin: Updated for version 5.0.1.
system/osquery-bin: Updated for version 5.1.0.
system/osquery-bin: Updated for version 5.2.2.
system/ossec-agent: Fixed dep info
system/ossec-agent: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/ossec-local: Fixed dep info
system/ossec-local: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/ossec-server: Fixed dep info
system/ossec-server: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/ostree: Remove .la files.
system/ostree: Updated for version 2021.3.
system/otf-hermit: Updated for version 2.0.
system/otf2bdf: Reflow README.
system/ovmf: removed
system/p7zip: Patch for gcc >= 10.x.
system/p7zip: Updated for version 17.04
system/p7zip: Updated maintainer email
system/p7zip: Use the C++14 standard.
system/pacemaker: Remove .la files.
system/pacemaker: Updated for version 2.0.5.
system/packagekit: Fixed dep info
system/packagekit: Removed.
system/packagekit: Updated for version 1.1.12.
system/parallel: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/partclone: Fix download URL.
system/partclone: Updated for version 0.3.18.
system/partimage: Fix -current build.
system/partimage: Fix README.
system/pass-import: Switch /bin/sh back to /bin/bash
system/pass-import: Upload pass-import
system/pass-otp: Fixed dep info
system/passwdqc: Updated for version 2.0.2.
system/password-store: Updated for version 1.7.4.
system/passwordsafe: Fixed dep info
system/patchelf: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/pce: Fix 15.0 build.
system/pce: Updated for version 20220220-991c55d9.
system/pcf2bdf: Reflow README, rm template comment.
system/pcsc-lite: Remove .la files.
system/pcsc-lite: Updated for version 1.9.4.
system/pcsc-perl: Align with template
system/pcsc-tools: Fix download URL.
system/pcsc-tools: Updated for version 1.5.7
system/pcsc-tools: Updated for version 1.5.8.
system/percona-toolkit: Updated for version 3.3.1
system/percona-toolkit: Updated maintainer email
system/percona-xtrabackup: Removed (included in the newer mariadb).
system/pgadmin3: Removed.
system/pgbadger: Fix homepage and download URLs.
system/phoronix-test-suite: Updated for version 10.4.0.
system/phoronix-test-suite: Updated for version 10.6.1.
system/phoronix-test-suite: Updated for version 10.8.0.
system/phoronix-test-suite: Updated for version 10.8.1.
system/phoronix-test-suite: Updated for version 10.8.2.
system/pigz: Updated for version 2.7.
system/pipemeter: Updated for version 1.1.5.
system/pixma: Patched for SL15.0
system/pixma: Update HOMEPAGE
system/plan9port: Updated for version 20211019_d0d4408.
system/plocate: Added (a much faster locate).
system/plymouth: Remove .la files.
system/podman: Fix github tarball handling.
system/podman: correct the MD5 digest :sigh:
system/polyglotman: Remove template comment.
system/pommed-light: Fix 15.0 build.
system/porg: Remove .la files.
system/posixovl: Fix 15.0 build.
system/postgresql: Updated for version 10.17.
system/postgresql: Updated for version 14.1.
system/postgresql: Updated for version 14.2.
system/postgresql: Use same data dir for all 14.x releases.
system/powernowd: Use -std=gnu90.
system/powershell: Updated for version 7.2.0.
system/preload: s,i486,i586,g
system/profile-cleaner: Update DEP.
system/prometheus: Updated for version 2.27.0.
system/prometheus: Updated for version 2.27.1
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.28.0
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.28.1
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.29.1
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.29.2
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.30.0
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.30.3
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.31.1
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.32.1
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.33.0
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.33.1
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.33.3
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.33.4
system/prometheus: Updated to version 2.33.5
system/pspg: Updated for version 5.0.4.
system/pspg: Updated for version 5.0.5.
system/ptop: Fix 15.0 build.
system/pucrunch: Reflow README.
system/pv: updated for version 1.6.20
system/pwgem: Update HOMEPAGE.
system/pwgen: Fix DOWNLOAD.
system/pwgen: Updated for version 2.08.
system/pwman: Fix 15.0 build.
system/python-urwid: Added (python console UI module)
system/python-urwid: Updated for version 2.1.2.
system/python3-urwid: Removed.
system/pytrash: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/qemu: Fixup README; remove NUMJOBS from script
system/qemu: Patch for binutils-2.36.x.
system/qemu: Update DEP.
system/qemu: Update README.
system/qemu: Updated email
system/qemu: Updated for version 5.2.0.
system/qemu: Updated for version 6.0.0.
system/qemu: Updated for version 6.2.0
system/qemu: Use MAKEFLAGS to pass numjobs.
system/qingy: Change package pam.d file, not fs.
system/qingy: Fix 15.0 build.
system/qingy: Removed (old age, lack of use).
system/qingy_0.3_themepack: Removed (old age, lack of use).
system/qjoypad: Updated for version 4.3.1.
system/qstardict: Fix download URL.
system/qstardict: Updated for version 1.3.
system/qterminal: Updated for version 0.15.0.
system/qtgzmanager: Fix 15.0 build.
system/rEFInd: Fix for gcc-10.x.
system/rEFInd: Patch for the newer gnuefi.
system/rEFInd: Updated for version 0.13.2.
system/rabbitmq-server: Updated for version 3.8.14.
system/ranger: use python3 by default now
system/read-edid: Fix -current build.
system/read-edid: Fix README.
system/recoverdm: Fix download URL.
system/refind: Updated for version 0.13.2.
system/reiser4progs: Remove .la files.
system/ Added (rename multiple files).
system/reprepro: Remove NUMJOBS.
system/reptyr: Remove template comment.
system/resource-agents: Fix 15.0 build.
system/restic: Updated for version 0.12.1
system/restic: man/completion files for version 0.12.1
system/rfdump: Fix 15.0 build.
system/rhash: Always build static lib.
system/rhash: Fix parallel builds.
system/rhash: Updated for version 1.4.2
system/ripgrep: Build with pcre2 support.
system/ripgrep: Updated for version 13.0.0.
system/rlwrap: Updated for version 0.45.2.
system/rmw: Updated for version 0.8.0_2.
system/rmw: Updated for version 0.8.1.
system/routersploit: Add python2-BeautifulSoup4 DEP
system/routersploit: Update DEP.
system/roxterm: Added the dependency vte2.
system/roxterm: Fix 15.0 build.
system/rsyslog: Fixed dep info
system/rtirq: Updated for version 20210530_acf01e7.
system/runc: Update DEP.
system/runc: Updated for version 1.0.0-rc93
system/runc: Updated for version 1.0.2.
system/rxvt-unicode: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/s3fs-fuse: Updated for version 1.90.
system/s3ql: Fix Build.
system/s3ql: Fix homepage and download.
system/s3ql: Update DEP.
system/s6-linux-init: Updated for version
system/s6-rc: Updated for version
system/s6: Updated for version, move root-only binaries to /sbin
system/sakura: Fixed dep info
system/salt: Update DEP.
system/salt: Update DEP.
system/salt: Update DEP.
system/salt: Update DEP.
system/samhain: Updated for version 4.4.6.
system/samsung-mfp-drivers: Changed to version 1.00.06.
system/sandbox: Updated for version 2.23.
system/sandy: Remove template comment.
system/sanlock: Fix MD5SUM.
system/sargon: Fix build with newer google-go-lang.
system/sbbdep: Patch for gcc >= 11.x.
system/sbotools: Fix ARCH.
system/sbotools: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/sbsigntools: Updated for version 0.9.1.
system/scangearmp2: Update for version 4.10.1 and bug fix.
system/scanmem: Remove .la files.
system/scdoc: Fix MD5SUM.
system/sddm: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/sdl-jstest: Update README.
system/shake: Updated for version 1.0.
system/skim: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/slack-utils: Handle weird download filename.
system/slackrepo-hints: Added (hints for slackrepo).
system/slackrepo: Added (automated slackbuild builder)
system/slackroll: Updated for version v49.
system/slackyd: Add a fix for gcc >= 10.x.
system/sleepd: Fix 15.0 build.
system/sleuthkit: Disable Java support by default.
system/sleuthkit: Remove .la files.
system/sleuthkit: Updated for version 4.11.0.
system/slim: Add PAM support, fix for gcc >= 11.x, cleanups.
system/slmenu: Added (single line menu)
system/slpkg: Updated for version 3.9.2.
system/slpkg: Updated for version 3.9.3.
system/snapscreenshot: Remove (broken on modern kernels).
system/snapscreenshot: Updated for version 1.0.15.
system/snore: Added (sleep with visual feedback)
system/socketcand: Fix 15.0 build.
system/solarize-12x29-psf: Fix README.
system/solarize-12x29-psf: Remove template comment.
system/spacefm: Patch for glibc >= 2.28 and gcc >= 10.x.
system/speedcontrol: Updated download URL
system/speedcontrol: Updated maintainer email
system/spice-vdagent: Fix startup script.
system/spkg: Updated for version 1.4.
system/spl-solaris: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/spl-solaris: Removed (fails to build, unused).
system/spman: Install bash-completion file to systemwide dir
system/spman: Update DEP.
system/sqlcipher: Remove .la files.
system/sqldiff: Remove NUMJOBS.
system/sqldiff: Use 15.0 download link.
system/sqldiff: updated for version 3.35.5
system/sqldiff: updated for version 3.36.0
system/sqldiff: updated for version 3.37.2
system/sqlite2: Removed.
system/ssdeep: Remove .la files.
system/st: Fix ncurses conflict; many enhancements.
system/st: Update README.
system/statifier: Fix README.
system/statifier: Remove template comment.
system/steamos-xpad: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/steamos-xpad: Respect KERNEL.
system/steghide: Enable patches for 15.0.
system/stress-ng: Download URL updated.
system/stress-ng: Fix download URL.
system/stress-ng: Updated for version 0.12.07.
system/stressapptest: Added (system stress test).
system/suckless-tools: Reflow README.
system/suhosin: Removed (not compatible with newer PHP).
system/sunflower: Update DEP.
system/sunflower: Update for 0.5.63
system/swun: Added qt4 dependency.
system/sysdig: Fix offline build.
system/sysdig: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/sysdig: Updated for version 0.28.0.
system/sysdig: Use correct github URL.
system/syslog-ng: Remove .la files.
system/syslog-ng: Updated for version 3.35.1.
system/system76-io-dkms: Add
system/system76-power: Fix github tarball handling.
system/system76-power: Fix one of the 63 download URLs.
system/system76-power: Fix to respect Content-disposition header.
system/system76-power: Updated for version 1.1.18.
system/system76-power: Updated for version 1.1.20.
system/t1utils: Removed (added to Slackware as part of texlive).
system/tabbed: Fix README.
system/tabbed: Remove template comment.
system/tagainijisho: Updated for version 1.1.90.
system/tagainijisho: Updated for version 1.1.92.
system/tagainijisho: Updated for version gita84d46b.
system/tagtools: Mirror download URL.
system/targetcli-fb: Update DEP.
system/tbsm: Update for 0.6
system/tc-play: Fix 15.0 build.
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.18.2
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.18.3
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.19.0
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.19.1
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.19.2
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.19.3
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.20.0
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.20.2
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.20.4
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.21.1
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.21.2
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.21.3
system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.21.4
system/termenu: Updated for version 1.2.5.
system/terminator: Added the new dependency vte2.
system/terminology: Align with new template.
system/terminology: Fix ninja brokenness.
system/terminology: Updated for version 1.12.1.
system/termite: Removed (obsoleted by alacritty).
system/termsaver: Updated for version 0.4.
system/the_silver_searcher: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
system/the_silver_searcher: New maintainer.
system/thermald: Updated for version 2.4.4.
system/thermald: Updated for version 2.4.5.
system/thermald: Updated for version 2.4.6.
system/thermald: Updated for version 2.4.8.
system/tilda: Fixed dep info
system/tilix: Fixed dep info
system/tilix: Removed (ftbfs, no maintainer).
system/tinyterm: Added the new dependency vte2.
system/tinyterm: Reflow README, relicense as WTFPL.
system/tinyvm: Removed (no dependees).
system/tm: Make noarch, fix zsh completion.
system/tmuxp: Update DEP.
system/tmuxp: Updated for version 1.9.4.
system/tomb: Fixed dep info
system/tp_smapi: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/tpc: Fix 15.0 build.
system/tpe-kmod: Fix download URL.
system/tpe-kmod: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/tpe-kmod: Removed (ftbfs, no upstream activity).
system/tracker: Updated for version 3.2.1.
system/trackfs: Fix README.
system/trackfs: remove template comment.
system/trash: Fix download URL.
system/trashy: Fix .info.
system/trashy: Updated for version 2.5.1
system/triggerhappy: Expand/fix README.
system/trmaid: Update DEP.
system/trmaid: Update DEP.
system/ttf-aller: Fix download URL.
system/ttf-ancient-fonts: Remove template comment.
system/ttf-arphic-uming: Updated for version 0.2.20080216.2.
system/ttf-coda: Fix download URL.
system/ttf-console-fonts: Remove template comment.
system/ttf-ipaex: Fix download URL.
system/ttyrec: Patch for the newer glibc and fix the CFLAGS.
system/twapake: Fix download URL.
system/twin: Fix 15.0 build.
system/u3-tool: Updated for version 1.0.
system/uae: Fix 15.0 build.
system/udftools: Updated for version 2.3.
system/udiskie: Update DEP.
system/uhd: Fix github tarball handling.
system/uhd: Fixed python2-cheetah dependency.
system/uhd: Update DEP.
system/uhd: Updated for version 003_009_007.
system/uhd: Updated for version
system/unac: Fix download URL.
system/unac: Updated for version 1.8.0_9.
system/unetbootin: Switch to Qt5.
system/unetbootin: Updated for version 702.
system/unicode-character-database: Updated for version .
system/unigine-heaven-benchmark: Fixed broken link in /usr/bin
system/unigine-valley-benchmark: Fixed broken link in /usr/bin
system/unionfs-fuse: updated for version 2.2
system/unison: Updated for version 2.51.4.
system/unison: Updated for version 2.51.5.
system/univga-font: Remove template comment, use https URLs.
system/unshield: Updated for version 1.4.3.
system/unshieldv3: Added (extract v3 InstallShield files).
system/untex: Fix download URL.
system/upass: python3-urwid -> python-urwid in REQUIRES.
system/uptimed: Remove .la files.
system/usbguard: Fixed dep info
system/usbguard: REQUIRES protobuf => protobuf3.
system/usbguard: Remove .la files.
system/usbguard: Update README.
system/usbmon: Remove template comment.
system/usbredir: Remove la files.
system/usbredir: Updated for version 0.12.0.
system/usbredir: Updated for version 0.9.0.
system/usbview: Updated for version 2.1
system/usbview: Updated for version 3.0
system/usermin: Updated for version 1.830.
system/usermin: Updated for version 1.832.
system/usermin: Updated for version 1.833.
system/usermin: Updated for version 1.834.
system/usermin: Updated for version 1.840.
system/v4l2loopback: Updated email
system/v4l2loopback: Use KERNEL env var.
system/vcp: Fix README.
system/vcp: Fix build on -current.
system/veracrypt: Updated for version 1.25.7.
system/vhba-module: Disable -Werror.
system/vhba-module: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/vhba-module: Updated for version 20210418.
system/vhba-module: Updated for version 20211023.
system/vhba-module: Updated for version 20211218.
system/vice: Fix for gcc >= 10.x.
system/vice: Updated for version 3.5.
system/vifm: Remove template comment.
system/vifm: Updated for version 0.11.
system/vinterm: Reflow README.
system/virt-manager: Fixed dep info
system/virt-manager: Updated for version 3.2.0.
system/virt-viewer: Support alternatives for ninja
system/virt-viewer: Updated for version 10.0.
system/virtualbox-addons: Fake gcc-9.x support.
system/virtualbox-addons: Updated for version 6.1.26
system/virtualbox-addons: Updated for version 6.1.28
system/virtualbox-addons: Updated for version 6.1.32
system/virtualbox-addons: Updated maintainer email
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Revert commit 8280900.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Update for version 6.1.32
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 6.1.18.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 6.1.18.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 6.1.22.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 6.1.26.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 6.1.28.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 6.1.8.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated maintainer email
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Removed.
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Updated for version 5.2.8.
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Updated maintainer email
system/virtualbox-kernel: Drop support for non-hardened virtualbox
system/virtualbox-kernel: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/virtualbox-kernel: Revert commit 14f2c05.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.18.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.18.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.22.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.26.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.28.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.32
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 6.1.8.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated maintainer email
system/virtualbox: Fix kernel module detection on 'rc.vboxdrv start'
system/virtualbox: Revert commit b41b5db.
system/virtualbox: Script simplifications and python3 support
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.18.
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.18.
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.22.
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.26.
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.28, detect python 3.10.
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.32
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 6.1.8.
system/virtualbox: Updated maintainer email
system/vlock: Remove template comment.
system/vms: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/vms: Fixed dep info
system/wacomtablet: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/wdiff: Add --enable-experimental.
system/wdiff: Fix README.
system/webmin: Updated for version 1.979.
system/webmin: Updated for version 1.981.
system/webmin: Updated for version 1.982.
system/webmin: Updated for version 1.983.
system/webmin: Updated for version 1.984.
system/webmin: Updated for version 1.990.
system/whowatch: Fix 15.0 build, download URL.
system/wiimms-iso-tools: Fix 15.0 build.
system/wine-staging: Fixed dep info
system/wine-staging: Updated for version 6.18.
system/wine-staging: Updated for version 7.1.
system/wine: Fixed dep info in README
system/wine: Updated for version 6.0.1.
system/wine: Updated for version 7.0.
system/winusb: Fix 15.0 build and wx 2/3 stupidity.
system/wipe: Removed (no maintainer)
system/wmgtemp: Minor fixes.
system/worker: Updated for version 4.10.0.
system/worker: Updated for version 4.8.1.
system/worker: Updated for version 4.9.0
system/wqy-microhei-font-ttf: Fix fontconfig syntax.
system/xar: Added (eXtensible ARchiver)
system/xarchiver: Updated email
system/xautomation: Minor fixes.
system/xboxdrv-linux: Fix 15.0 build.
system/xboxdrv-linux: Handle either download filename.
system/xchm: Don't depend on wx-config symlink.
system/xdg-dbus-proxy: Added (D-Bus proxy).
system/xen: Updated for version 4.15.0.
system/xen: Updated for version 4.15.1.
system/xen: XSA 385-390 update.
system/xf86-video-qxl: Patch for the newer libdrm.
system/xfburn: Fixed dep info
system/xfburn: Updated for version 0.6.2.
system/xfe: Updated for version 1.44.
system/xidel: remove template comment.
system/xinput_calibrator: Fix tarball filename mess.
system/xldconfig: Fix download URL.
system/xnp2: Patched for gcc >= 6.x.
system/xonsh: Fixed dep info
system/xonsh: Updated for version 0.11.0.
system/xosd: Remove .la files.
system/xpipe: Added (split input and feed it into the given utility)
system/xwiimote: Remove .la files.
system/yakuake: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/yeahconsole: Update man page.
system/yelp-tools: Support alternatives for ninja
system/yelp-tools: Updated for version 40.0.
system/yelp-tools: Updated for version 41.0.
system/yelp-xsl: Remove NUMJOBS.
system/yelp-xsl: Update DEP.
system/yelp-xsl: Updated for version 40.2.
system/yelp-xsl: Updated for version 41.1.
system/yelp-yelp: Updated for version 40.0.
system/yelp: Remove .la files.
system/yelp: Update DEP.
system/yelp: Updated for version 40.0.
system/yelp: Updated for version 40.2.
system/yelp: Updated for version 40.3.
system/yelp: Updated for version 40.3.
system/yelp: Updated for version 41.2.
system/yelp: Updated for version 41.2.
system/zarfy: Fix 15.0 build.
system/zerofree: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/zfs-auto-snapshot: Fix github tarball handling.
system/zfs-on-linux: Fix support for PRINT_PACKAGE_NAME
system/zfs-on-linux: Updated for version 2.1.0.
system/zfs-on-linux: Updated for version 2.1.2.
system/zfs-on-linux: Use KERNEL env var.
system/zookeeper: Fix download URL.
system/zpaq: Fixed dep info
system/zstd: Removed (added to Slackware).
system/zuluCrypt: Removed (no maintainer)
system/zulyCrypt: Update DEP.
thirdparty/paho-mqtt: Added
various: Fixed man-db dep references
various: Fixed texlive notes in README files
various: Kill dvdauthor dep mentions
various: Kill lots of python3 dep mentions
various: Kill lz4 dep mention
various: Kill now-in-Slackware Mako dep
various: Kill perl/* deps no longer needed
various: Kill pygobject3-python3 dep mention
various: Kill python-chardet dep mention
various: Kill python-requests dep mention
various: Kill python-urllib3 dep mentions
various: Kill python3-Cython dep mentions
various: Kill python3-six dep mentions
various: Kill xulrunner dep mention
various: Tweak haveged dep mentions
various: Use zulu jdk builds for REQUIRES.
various: kill idna dep mentions
various: kill now-in-Slackware Pygments dep
various: kill perl/Net-SSLeay dep notes
various: kill wayland dep mentions