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Sat Feb  1 06:42:26 UTC 2014
academic/amd: Renamed and moved from libraries
academic/arpack-ng: Added (library for solving eigenvalue problems)
academic/btf: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/camd: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/ccolamd: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/cholmod: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/colamd: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/csparse: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/cxsparse: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/klu: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/ldl: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/octave: Updated for version 3.8.0.
academic/rbio: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/spqr: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/suitesparseconfig: Renamed and moved from libraries.
academic/umfpack: Renamed and moved from libraries.
audio/easymp3gain: Added patches to fix compile against new FPC.
desktop/cwp: Updated for version 1.10.0.
desktop/icewm: Included some patches from Fedora and Gentoo
desktop/xfce4-battery-plugin: Added (battery monitor panel plugin).
desktop/xfce4-embed-plugin: Added (Embed arbitrary application).
desktop/xfce4-eyes-plugin: Added (Eyes that spy on you).
desktop/xfce4-fsguard-plugin: Added (Checks free space).
development/Editra: Updated for version 0.7.20.
development/golang-googlecode-gotools: Added (golang extra tools).
development/google-go-lang: Unset BASH_ENV during build
development/google-go-lang: Updated for version 1.2.
development/robomongo: Updated for version 0.8.4.
games/yae: Added (Yet another Apple Emulator).
graphics/fotoxx: Updated for version 14.01.1.
graphics/pyformex: Added (program to create 3D geometry).
libraries/AMD: Updated for version 2.3.1.
libraries/BTF: Updated for version 1.2.0.
libraries/CAMD: Updated for version 2.3.1.
libraries/CCOLAMD: Updated for version 2.8.0.
libraries/CHOLMOD: Updated for version 2.1.2.
libraries/COLAMD: Updated for version 2.8.0.
libraries/CSparse: Updated for version 3.1.2.
libraries/CXSparse: Upgraded for version 3.1.2.
libraries/KLU: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/LDL: Updated for version 2.1.0.
libraries/PyYAML: Updated for version 3.10.
libraries/RBio: Updated for version 2.1.1.
libraries/SPQR: Updated for version 1.3.1.
libraries/SuiteSparse_config: Updated for version 4.2.1.
libraries/UFconfig: Removed (renamed to SuiteSparse_config)
libraries/UMFPACK: Updated for version 5.6.2.
libraries/pgtcl-ng: Updated for version 2.1.0.
multimedia/Poor-Mans-Spotify: Updated for version 0.18.38.
network/ClusterSSH: Updated for version 4.02_03.
network/Flootty: Added (Floobits collaborative terminal).
network/asciinema: Added (Command line recorder for
network/httpie: Added (command line HTTP client).
network/weathercli: Updated for version 2.3.1.
office/abiword: Fix a segfault when trying save to pdf
office/abiword: Fixed icon installation
office/calibre: Updated for version 1.22.0.
office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 4.2.0.
office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 4.2.0.
office/libreoffice: Updated for version 4.2.0.
python/argcomplete: Updated for version 0.6.9.
python/clint: Updated for version 0.3.4.
python/msgpack-python: Added (MessagePack for Python)
python/pip: Updated for version 1.5.2.
python/py: Updated for version 1.4.20.
python/pysetuptools: Updated for version 2.1.
python/tox: Updated for version 1.7.0.
python/virtualenv: Updated for version 1.11.2.
system/Attic: Added (Deduplicated backups)
system/em: Updated for version 0.3.
system/fr: Updated for version 1.19.
system/gdm: Update glibc crypt patch to fix segfaults
system/homerun: Added (KDE launcher widgets)
system/mongodb: Updated for version 2.4.9.
system/rename: Fixed homepage.
system/repeat: Added (Repeat command N times every S seconds).
system/termenu: Added (Interactive in-line menus).
system/xosd: Note that gdk-pixbuf causes build failure
Thu Jan 30 05:25:12 UTC 2014
academic/OWSLib: Updated for version 0.8.3.
academic/amplifx: Added (Manage, test and design your primers).
academic/freechartgeany: Updated for version 1.1.5.
academic/gchemutils: Updated for version 0.14.4.
academic/geoserver-control-flow: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver-css: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver-pyramid: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver-wps: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/geoserver: Updated for version 2.4.4.
academic/ij-plugins-LOCI: Updated for version 4.4.10.
academic/ncbi-blast-plus: Updated for version 2.2.29.
academic/pspp: Added (Free open source replacement of SPSS).
academic/rasterio: Updated for version 0.5.
academic/staden: Updated for version 2.0.0b10.
academic/suitesparse: Updated for version 4.2.1.
audio/alsacap: Added (ALSA device capability lister).
audio/azr3: Added (tonewheel organ simulator for jack).
audio/gmpc-plugins: Updated for version 11.8.16 + New Maintainer.
audio/gmpc: Updated for version 11.8.16 + New Maintainer.
audio/gtklick: Added (GUI metronome for JACK).
audio/jaaa: Added (spectrum analyser for JACK).
audio/japa: Added (audio spectrum analyser for JACK).
audio/jkmeter: Added (audio level meter for JACK).
audio/jnoise: Added (white and pink noise generator for JACK).
audio/klick: Added (metronome for jack-audio-connection-kit).
audio/midillo: Added (MIDI file tools).
audio/mktoc: Update dependency for python-chardet.
audio/puddletag: Updated for version 1.0.2.
audio/rakarrack: Fix distortion on x86_64.
audio/speex: Changed maintainer.
audio/xmms-jack: Added (xmms output plugin for jack).
audio/zita-ajbridge: Added (ALSA <=> JACK bridge).
audio/zita-dpl1: Added (limiter for jack-audio-connection-kit).
desktop/avant-window-navigator: Fixed unused variables.
desktop/awn-extras: Fixed unused variables.
desktop/compton: Added (X compositor).
desktop/dwm: Restore patches directory.
desktop/i3: Updated for version 4.7.2.
desktop/jwm: Fixed download link.
desktop/lxappearance: Updated for version 0.5.5.
desktop/matrixgl: Added (The Matrix Screensaver).
desktop/notion: Updated for version 3_2014010900.
desktop/plasma-widget-menubar: Added (Plasma Global Menu Support).
desktop/pyful: Added (Python file management utility).
desktop/redshift: Updated for version 1.8.
desktop/superkey-launch: Added (app launcher).
desktop/wmCalClock: Fixed download link.
desktop/wmMoonClock: Fixed download link.
desktop/wmclockmon: Added (windowmaker clock dockapp).
desktop/xtrlock: Added (minimal X display lock).
development/Editra: Added (A Developer's Text Editor).
development/PythonToolkit: Added (interactive environment).
development/SDL2: Updated for version 2.0.1.
development/SDL2_image: Added PNG Support.
development/Sphinx: Updated for version 1.2.1.
development/avr-gcc: New Maintainer.
development/brackets: Added (source code editor for web designers).
development/codeblocks: Fixed unused variables.
development/cppcms: Updated for version 1.0.4.
development/cppdb: Added (stand alone connectivity library).
development/dhex: Added (curses-based hex editor).
development/diakonos: Added (advanced console text editor).
development/golang-googlecode-gonet: Added (golang networking libs).
development/jdk: Updated for version 7u51.
development/kaaedit: Added (console text editor).
development/leo: Added (Leonine Editor with Outlines).
development/pasdoc: Updated for version 0.13.0.
development/pylint: Updated for version 1.1.0.
development/wxHexEditor: Updated for version 0.22 + New Maintainer.
games/angband: Updated for version 3.5.0.
games/bastet: Added (horribly difficult Tetris clone).
games/higan: Fixed symlink, cleanups, and download link.
games/ltris: Updated for version 1.0.19.
games/pokerth: Fix looking for libircclient's headers.
games/quakeforge: Fix building on i486 ARCH.
games/sms_sdl: Added (A Sega Master System and Game Gear Emulator).
games/xye: Updated for version 0.12.2.
games/yamagi-quake2: Updated for version 5.21.
graphics/darktable: Updated for version 1.4.
graphics/fim: Added (customizable and scriptable image viewer).
graphics/gifsicle: Added (CL tool for manipulating GIF images).
graphics/gnofract4d: Added (A program to create fractal images).
graphics/librecad: Updated for version 2.0.2.
graphics/oyranos: Updated for version 0.9.4 + New Maintainer.
graphics/pygifme: Added (simple command line tool to generate GIFs).
graphics/rawtherapee: Added (High Image Quality).
graphics/whyteboard: Fix desktop shortcut + Update README.
haskell/haskell-Crypto: Added (Collects cryptographic functions).
haskell/haskell-attoparsec: Added (Fast combinator parsing).
haskell/haskell-curl: Added (Haskell binding to libcurl).
haskell/haskell-hashable: Added (Hashable class).
haskell/haskell-hslogger: Added (Versatile logging framework).
haskell/haskell-scientific: Added (precision floating-point).
libraries/BeautifulSoup4: Added (Python HTML/XML parser).
libraries/IMAPClient: Added (IMAP client library).
libraries/Jinja2: Updated for version 2.7.2.
libraries/PySoundCard: Added (An audio library).
libraries/appmenu-qt: Added (Global Menu support for Qt).
libraries/audioread: Added (multi-library audio decoding).
libraries/avr-libc: New Maintainer.
libraries/cffi: Added (Foreign Function Interface for Python).
libraries/curses_ex: Added (additional curses functions).
libraries/discogs-client: Added (official client for Discogs).
libraries/enum34: Added (backported Python 3.4 Enum).
libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 9.46.
libraries/futures: Added (Java-style package for Python).
libraries/gst1-libav: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-bad: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-base: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-good: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gst1-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/gstreamer1: Updated for version 1.2.2.
libraries/imageloader: Added (An image loader library).
libraries/io_lib: Updated for version 1.13.3.
libraries/ipaddress: Added (IPv4/IPv6 manipulation library).
libraries/kaadbg: Added (Remote debugger runner for kaa).
libraries/libearth: Added (shared library for Earth Reader apps).
libraries/libmpd: Updated for version 11.8.17 + New Maintainer.
libraries/libssh2: Fixed HOMEPAGE link.
libraries/libvirt-python: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/logilab-common: Updated for version 0.60.1.
libraries/luasocket: Fixed download link.
libraries/lunatic-python: Added (bridge between Python and Lua).
libraries/munkres: Added (Munkres algorithm in python).
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Fixed library path on x86_64.
libraries/netcdf: Update MD5SUM.
libraries/pies2overrides: Added (Override classes with pies).
libraries/pies: Added (Simple way to write Py2 and Py3 program).
libraries/pyacoustid: Added (acoustic fingerprinting).
libraries/pycparser: Added (C parser in Python).
libraries/pyechonest: Added (Python interf. for Echo Nest APIs).
libraries/pyjf3: Added (Japanese text functions for Python 3).
libraries/pylast: Added (Python interface to
libraries/pymediainfo: Added (wrapper for mediainfo command line).
libraries/python-librtmp: Added (Python bindings for librtmp).
libraries/rtorrent-python: Added (A simple rTorrent interface).
libraries/setproctitle: Added (library to customize process title).
libraries/tDOM: License Update + Build New Extensions.
libraries/tcl-inotify: Added (Tcl inotify extension).
libraries/tff: Added (Terminal Filter Framework).
libraries/toro: Added (Synchronization primitives).
libraries/vtk: Added Qt Support + Fix x86_64 cmake.
libraries/ Added (Web Framework).
libraries/wjelement: Updated for version 1.0.1.
libraries/xforms: Updated for version 1.2.3.
libraries/zend-opcache: Updated for version 7.0.3.
misc/dvtm: Updated for version 0.10.
misc/klibc: Added (small C library).
misc/po4a: Added (PO documentation format converter).
misc/qtkeychain: Added (Qt API to store passwords and secret data).
misc/rsibreak: Updated for version 0.11_git5e9d393.
misc/viking: Updated for version 1.5.
multimedia/OpenLP: Added (Open Source Worship Presentation).
multimedia/Poor-Mans-Spotify: Added (Search, Stream MP3).
multimedia/beets: Added (music tagger and library organizer).
multimedia/get_iplayer: Updated for version 2.85.
multimedia/google-earth: Fixed unused variables.
multimedia/mp3fm: Added icon + desktop shortcut.
multimedia/xvst: Updated for version 2.5.1.
network/DarTui: Added (rTorrent web interface).
network/EarthReader-Web: Added (Earth Reader for Web).
network/FireWorks: Added (FireWorks workflow software).
network/Free-Cinema: Added (Search, Download movies via Torrent).
network/ajaxplorer-sync: Removed (project renamed to pydio-sync).
network/canto: Update dependency for python-chardet.
network/chrony: Updated for version 1.29.
network/deluge: Update dependency for python-chardet.
network/elinks: Updated for version git20131231 + New Maintainer.
network/gns3: Updated for version 0.8.6 + New Maintainer.
network/ike: Added (Shrew Soft VPN Client for Linux and BSD).
network/livestreamer: Added (Stream Extrator).
network/netsurf: Added patch for scroll.
network/newsbeuter: Updated for version 2.8.
network/nxclient: Fixed download links.
network/offlineimap: Fixed unused variables.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.1.4.
network/pydio-sync: Added (desktop sync client for Pydio).
network/pysub-dl: Added (Download movie subtitles automatically).
network/qupzilla: Updated for version 1.6.0.
network/ssvnc: Added (Adds encryption/security to VNC connections).
network/synergy: Updated for version 1.4.15.
network/tightvnc: Added (VNC viewing application).
network/torsocks: Fix lib path in torsocks.
network/urlwatch: Added (Watch web pages and URLs for changes).
network/vacuum-im: Updated for version 1.2.4.
network/wavemon: Updated for version 0.7.6 + New Maintainer.
network/weathercli: Added (A command line weather tool).
network/weighmail: Added (Labels your Gmail messages).
office/calibre: Updated for version 1.20.0.
office/gnucash: Updated for version 2.6.0.
office/marave: Added (A text editor).
office/muttprint: Added (Pretty printing of your mails).
office/qpdfview: Updated for version 0.4.8.
perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build: Updated for version 0.76.
perl/perl-Encode-EUCJPASCII: Added (An eucJP-open mapping).
perl/perl-Encode-HanExtra: Added (Extra sets of Chinese encodings).
perl/perl-Encode-ISO2022: Added (JISO/IEC 2022 character encoding).
perl/perl-Encode-JISX0213: Added (JIS X 02I3 encoding).
perl/perl-IPC-DirQueue: Added (many-to-many queueing system).
perl/perl-Log-Log4perl: Added (Log4j implementation for Perl).
perl/perl-MIME-Charset: Added (Charset Information).
perl/perl-Proc-ProcessTable: Added (Process table Perl extension).
perl/perl-Text-CharWidth: Added (Column Computer).
perl/perl-Text-WrapI18N: Added (line wrapping module).
perl/perl-Time-Piece: Updated for version 1.27.
perl/perl-Unicode-LineBreak: Added (UAX #14 Unicode Line Breaking).
python/Flask: Added (Microframework).
python/Mako: Fixed download link.
python/PyInstaller: Added (Converts Python programs).
python/Pyro4: Updated for version 4.22.
python/argcomplete: Added (Bash tab completion for argparse).
python/argh: Added (An unobtrusive argparse wrapper).
python/args: Added (Command Arguments for Humans).
python/astroid: Added (new abstract syntax tree from Python's ast).
python/bitarray: Added (Efficient arrays of booleans).
python/clint: Added (Python Command-line Application Tools).
python/coverage: Added (Code coverage measurement for Python).
python/docopt: Added (Command-line interface description language).
python/frosted: Added (A passive Python syntax checker).
python/fudge: Added (Python module for using fake objects).
python/itsdangerous: Added (Various helpers to pass trusted data).
python/pilkit: Added (utilities and processors for PIL).
python/purl: Added (An immutable URL class).
python/py3cairo: Added (Python 3.x bindings for cairo).
python/py: Added (library with cross-python path).
python/pySmartDL: Updated for version 1.1.2.
python/pygame: Updated for version 1.9.1 + New Maintainer.
python/pytest: Added (simple powerful testing with Python).
python/python-chardet : Added (renamed from python2-chardet).
python/python-requests: Updated for version 2.2.0.
python/python-urllib3: Updated for version 1.7.1.
python/six: Updated for version 1.5.2.
python/soundcloud: Added (wrapper library for the Soundcloud API).
python/sql: Removed the pysetuptools dependency.
python/termcolor: Added Python3 support.
python/threadpool: Added pysetuptools as dependency.
python/tox: Added (virtualenv-based automation of test activities).
python/waitress: Added (Waitress WSGI server).
python/wsgiref: Added (WSGI (PEP 333) Reference Library).
ruby/ruby2: Updated for version 2.0.0_p353.
system/PySixel: Added (Make SIXEL color graphics).
system/TLP: Updated for version 0.4.1.
system/a2tools: Added (copy data to/from Apple II DOS 3.3).
system/autoarchive: Added (A simple backup utility).
system/backasa: Added (A Picasa Web Albums backup utility).
system/barman: Added (Backup and Recovery Manager for PostgreSQL).
system/bleachbit: Updated for version 1.0.
system/bochs: Updated for version 2.6.2, fixed linking on x86_64.
system/brasero: Updated for version 3.11.3.
system/cbmbasic: Added (Commodore BASIC V2 as a scripting language).
system/clamtk: Updated for version 5.03.
system/cpmtools: Added (access CP/M filesystem images or floppies).
system/d52: Added (disassembler for 8051/8052, 8041/8048, and Z80).
system/ddg: Added (DuckDuckGo zero-click api for your command-line).
system/dos33fsprogs: Added (Utilities for the Apple II DOS 3.3 FS).
system/elasticsearch: Added (distributed RESTful search engine).
system/em: Added (Highlight some PATTERN in terminal's STDOUT).
system/findcmd: Added (A command line tool for searching commands).
system/flashcards: Added (A simple command line flashcards utility).
system/fr: Added (command-line tool to print free resources).
system/gentoo: Added (file manager).
system/gtk-vnc: Script cleanup + New Maintainer.
system/idle3-tools: Added (Linux/Unix Utility for WD Drives).
system/info2man: Added (convert GNU info files into man pages).
system/kasp_updater: Added (updater for Kaspersky antivirus).
system/libscrypt: Updated for version 1.15.
system/logkeys: Added (a GNU/Linux keylogger that works).
system/mlterm: Added (Mlterm is a multilingual terminal emulator).
system/ncdu: Updated for version 1.10.
system/nmon: Added (Nigel's performance MONitor).
system/patool: Added (Portable Archive File Manager).
system/pmount: Added (mount removable devices as normal user).
system/polyglotman: Added (convert man pages to other formats).
system/read-edid: Added (read EDID information).
system/rename: Added (Renames files using regular expressions).
system/roxterm: Updated for version 2.8.1.
system/rtirq: Added (set priorities on kernel IRQ threads).
system/sentimental-skk: Added (Japanese Input Method SKK).
system/slack: Added (manage SBo packages in local repository).
system/termsaver: Added (Simple text-based terminal screensaver).
system/the_silver_searcher: Updated for version 0.19.1.
system/thermal_daemon: Updated for version 1.1_rc2.
system/trachet: Added (Step-by-step/realtime terminal debugger).
system/ts: Updated for version 0.7.4.
system/u3-tool: Added (utility for U3 flash drives, including SanDisk and Verbatim).
system/vagrant: Updated for version 1.4.3.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: New Maintainer.
system/worker: Updated for version 3.3.0.
system/xen: Remove support for x86
Tue Jan  7 17:15:32 UTC 2014
academic/Shapely: Updated for version 1.3.0.
academic/avogadro: Updated for version 1.1.1.
audio/aeolus: Updated for version 0.9.0.
audio/clxclient: Updated for version 3.9.0.
audio/easytag: Updated for vesion 2.1.9.
audio/google-musicmanager: Added (Google Music Uploader/Downloader).
audio/lastfm: Added (Official player from
audio/pianobar: Permissions fix.
audio/qsynth: Force -j1 in make install.
desktop/clearlooks-phenix-theme: Updated for version 20131228.
desktop/dwm: Updated for version 6.0 + New Maintainer.
desktop/i3: Updated for version 4.7.
desktop/notion: Added (tiling tabbed window manager).
desktop/oxygen-transparent: Added (Transp. vers. of oxygen theme).
desktop/qtile: Added (tiling window manager).
development/as31: Added (8031/8051 cross assembler).
development/codeblocks: Updated for version 13.12.
development/fpc-source: Updated for version 2.6.2.
development/lazarus: Updated for version 1.0.14.
development/mutagen: Updated for version 1.22.
development/mysql-workbench: Force building over python-2.7.
development/rapidsvn: Updated for version 0.12.1 + new maintainer.
games/cutemaze: Added (top-down maze game)
games/dustrac: Added (2D racing game).
games/extremetuxracer: Updated for version 0.6.0.
games/fortune_doctor_who: switch to /bin/sh
games/mame: Updated for version 0.152.
games/playonlinux: Updated for version 4.2.2.
games/qmc2: Updated for version 0.42.
games/quakeforge: Force -j1 in make install.
graphics/HotShots: Updated for version 2.0.0
graphics/frescobaldi: Updated for version 2.0.13.
graphics/paraview: Added (data analysis and visualization).
graphics/xmedcon: Added (Medical Image Conversion).
graphics/yed: Updated for version 3.11.1.
libraries/Botan: Updated for version 1.10.6.
libraries/aqbanking: Added (library for online banking).
libraries/cfitsio: Updated for version 3.36.
libraries/cryptopp: Updated for version 5.6.2.
libraries/gevent: Added (A coroutine-based network library).
libraries/greenlet: Added (micro-threads for Python).
libraries/gsm: Fixed HOMEPAGE link.
libraries/gwenhywfar: Added (multi-purpose library for aqbanking).
libraries/jemalloc: Updated for version 3.4.1.
libraries/lensfun: Build bump, added SSE/SSE2 optimization.
libraries/libaacs: Updated for version 0.7.0.
libraries/libbdplus: Added (implementation of BD+ System Specifications)
libraries/libcec: Updated for version 2.1.4.
libraries/libgda: Updated for version 5.2.2.
libraries/libhoard: Updated for version 3.10.
libraries/libircclient: Updated for version 1.7.
libraries/libowfat: Updated for version 0.29.
libraries/musicbrainzngs: Added (Python bindings for musicbrainz).
libraries/vtk: Added (The Visualization Toolkit).
libraries/xforms: Updated for version 1.2.1.
libraries/zbase32: Updated for version 1.1.5.
libraries/zita-alsa-pcmi: Added (Alsa library for Aeolus).
libraries/zita-resampler: Updated for version 1.3.0.
misc/nvclock: Force -j1 + update email.
misc/weather: updated for version 2.0
multimedia/MediathekView: Updated for version 4.
multimedia/dvdbackup: Update MD5SUMS.
multimedia/flashplayer-plugin: Updated for version
multimedia/gecko-mediaplayer: Fix build with newer seamonkey.
multimedia/mp3fs: Added (Packing the Songs into folders).
multimedia/plexmediaserver: Updated for ver
multimedia/xbmc: Updated for version 12.3.
multimedia/xvst: Updated for version 2.5.
network/flvstreamer: Added (RTMP client).
network/freeradius-server: Updated for version 2.2.3.
network/hostsblock: Added (ad/malware-blocking cron script).
network/nicotine+: Updated for version 20130813_037e16c.
network/node: Updated for version 0.10.24.
network/onioncat: Updated for version 0.2.2.r559, added a license.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.1.3.
network/retroshare: Added (Secure, Decentralized Friend-2-Friend).
network/roger-router: Updated for version 1.8.2.
network/squidanalyzer: Added (squid logs parser).
network/tor: Update
network/wireshark: Update DOWNLOAD link.
network/yate: Removed (per maintainer request).
office/texmaker: Updated for version 4.1.1.
office/xtrkcad: Added (Model RR Track Planner).
office/zim: Added (Desktop wiki editor).
perl/perl-Module-Pluggable: Updated for version 5.0.
perl/perl-Term-UI: Updated for version 0.42.
python/Markdown: Updated for version 2.3.1.
python/SimpleParse: Removed (incompatible with newer pysetuptools).
python/Unidecode: Updated for version 0.4.14.
python/babel: Added missing data files.
python/blinker: Updated for version 1.3.
python/buildbot-slave: Updated for version 0.8.8.
python/colorama: Added (Cross-platform colored terminal text).
python/dulwich: Updated for version 0.9.4.
python/feedgenerator: Updated for version 1.7.
python/geopy: Updated for version 0.97.
python/gerbmerge: Removed (build dep failure).
python/hg-git: Updated for version 0.5.0.
python/mock: Updated for version 1.0.1.
python/pelican: Updated for version 3.3.
python/pip: Updated for version 1.4.1.
python/pySmartDL: Added (download manager for python).
python/pyasn1: Updated for version 0.1.7.
python/pysetuptools: Updated for version 2.0.1.
python/python-blake2: Updated for version 0.1.6.
python/python3: Updated for version 3.3.3.
python/pyutil: Updated for version 1.9.7.
python/sql: Added (DB API 2.0 for humans).
python/stem: Updated for version 1.1.1.
python/termcolor: Added (ANSII Color formatting).
python/threadpool: Added (object-oriented thread pool framework).
python/virtualenv: Updated for version 1.10.1.
python/webassets: Updated for version 0.9.
system/bacula: Added icon.
system/ccid: Updated for version 1.4.14.
system/dateutils: Updated for version 0.2.6.
system/diskscan: Added (tool to scan a block device).
system/etckeeper: Added (version control for /etc).
system/extundelete: Updated for version 0.2.4.
system/f2fs_tools: Added (Userland tools for the f2fs filesystem).
system/lxdm: Updated for version 20140103_b8b08e5.
system/mdocml: Added (UNIX manpage compiler).
system/mksh: Updated for version R48b.
system/newrelic-sysmond: Added (server monitor application).
system/pgbadger: Added (PostgreSQL log analyzer).
system/postgresql: Updated for version 9.3.2.
system/ranger: Updated for version 1.6.1.
system/redis: Updated for version 2.8.3.
system/smem: Updated for version 1.4.
Wed Dec 25 21:07:28 UTC 2013
academic/gcompris: New maintainer and script cleanups.
academic/osm2pgsql: Updated for version 0.84.0.
academic/rasterio: Added (direct raster I/O for numpy coders).
academic/sage: Updated for version 6.0 and changed maintainer.
audio/soundkonverter: Updated for version 2.0.5.
audio/spandsp: Added (A DSP library for telephony).
desktop/awesome: Updated for version 3.5.2.
desktop/kpartsplugin: Added (KParts plugin for browsers).
desktop/plasma-runner-browsefirefoxbookmarks: Added (FF bookmark).
desktop/slack-wallpapers: Updated for version 0.284.
desktop/vim-qt: Added (Qt gui for Vim).
desktop/wmmon: New download link.
desktop/xmms-skins-almond: Added more extra skins.
desktop/xtitle: Added (print title of active X window).
development/Sphinx: Updated for version 1.2.
development/arduino: Updated for version 1.0.5 + New Maintainer.
development/fpc: Updated for version 2.6.2.
graphics/draftsight: Updated for version 1.2.285.
graphics/entangle: Updated for version 0.5.4.
graphics/librecad: Updated for version 1.0.4.
graphics/pinta: New Maintainer.
graphics/shutter: Updated for version 0.87.2.
graphics/teighafileconverter: Updated for version 3.09.1.
graphics/teighaviewer: Updated for version 3.09.1.
libraries/LibRaw: Update MD5SUM.
libraries/libbluray: Updated for version 0.5.0.
libraries/libeatmydata: Added (library designed to disable fsync).
libraries/physfs: Updated for version 2.0.3.
libraries/poppler-qt5: Added (Qt5 bindings for poppler).
misc/hashkill: Added (multithreaded password recovery tool).
misc/sutils: Added (small command-line utilities).
multimedia/mplayer-codecs32: Added (32-bit Codecs for MPlayer)
multimedia/mplayer-codecs64: Added (64-bit Codecs for MPlayer)
multimedia/mplayer-codecs: Removed (Replaced by -codecs32/-codecs64)
network/etherpad-lite: Added alternate tar-uncompress command.
network/hipchat: Updated for version 2.1.982.
network/libcapi20: Added (CAPI support libraries).
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.1.1.
network/policyd2: Upgraded for version 2.0.4.
network/qupzilla: Updated for version 1.4.4.
network/roger-router: Added (former FFGTK Router Manager).
network/sipp: Updated for version 3.3.
network/tor: Updated for version
office/myrulib: Updated for version 0.29.16.
office/qpdfview: Updated for version 0.4.7.
perl/perl-Archive-Extract: Added (Generic archive extracting).
perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build: Added (CPANPLUS with Build.PL).
perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Slackware: Updated for version 1.016.
perl/perl-CPANPLUS: Added (API and CLI access to the CPAN mirrors).
perl/perl-DBIx-Simple: Added (Easy-to-use OO interface to DBI).
perl/perl-JSON-XS: Added (JSON serialising/deserialising).
perl/perl-Log-Message-Simple: Added (Interface to Log::Message).
perl/perl-Log-Message: Added (Powerful message storage mechanism).
perl/perl-Module-Pluggable: Added (Pluggable Plugin for Perl).
perl/perl-Object-Accessor: Added (Create object getters/setters).
perl/perl-Path-Class: Added (Cross-platform path spec manipulation).
perl/perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu: Added (line-edit/history capabilities).
perl/perl-Term-UI: Added (Interfaces via Term::ReadLine made easy).
perl/perl-common-sense: Added (perl common defaults).
python/python-vatnumber: Renamed from vatnumber
python/python-xlwt: Added (Python package to work with MS Excel ™).
python/werkzeug: Added (WSGI utility library for Python).
system/bacula-client: Documentation and script updates.
system/bacula: Documentation and script updates.
system/bindfs: Updated for version 1.12.3.
system/dfc: Updated for version 3.0.4.
system/goaccess: Updated for version 0.7.
system/ksh-openbsd: Updated for version 20131221.
system/mysql-utilities: Updated for version 1.4.1.
system/nss_ldap: Rebuilt to fix segfaults.
system/password-store: Added (Password manager using GnuPG)
system/vagrant: Updated for version 1.4.1.
system/worker: Updated for version 3.2.1.
system/xfsudo: Updated for version 0.2.
Tue Dec 17 17:03:59 UTC 2013
academic/gwyddion: Updated for version 2.34.
academic/horao: Added (visualisation tool for 3D GIS data).
audio/mp3splt-gtk: New Maintainer.
audio/mp3splt: New Maintainer.
audio/soundkonverter: New Maintainer.
desktop/bspwm: Added (Binary space partitioning window manager).
desktop/lxmed: Changed maintainer.
desktop/menulibre: New Maintainer.
desktop/sxhkd: Added (Simple X hotkey daemon).
development/amaya: Removed (not compatible with gcc-4.8.x).
development/squirrel-sql: Updated for version 3.5.0.
libraries/libmp3splt: New Maintainer.
libraries/libpst: New Maintainer.
libraries/qt5: Added (multi-platform C++ GUI toolkit).
libraries/zend-opcache: Updated for version 7.0.2.
multimedia/w_scan: New Maintainer.
network/hydra: Updated for version 7.5.
network/icecat: Updated for version 24.0.
network/midori: Updated for version 0.5.6.
network/smcroute: Added (Static Multicast Routing Daemon).
network/sstp-client: Added (SSTP client for Linux).
office/calibre: Updated for version 1.15.0.
office/hevea: Updated for version 2.09.
perl/perl-Class-Method-Modifiers: Updated for version 2.09.
perl/perl-Date-Manip: Fix download link.
perl/perl-strictures: Updated for version 1.005002.
python/python-ldap: Added (Python modules for LDAP clients).
python/vatnumber: Added (Python module to validate VAT numbers).
system/linuxconsoletools: New Maintainer.
system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 331.20.
system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 331.20, cleanups.
system/sdl-jstest: New Maintainer.
system/udevil: Updated for version 0.4.3.
system/xboxdrv-linux: New maintainer.
system/zerofree: New Maintainer.
Sat Dec 14 17:01:37 UTC 2013
academic/EMBASSY: Updated for version 6.6.0.
academic/EMBOSS: Updated for version 6.6.0.
academic/PhyML: Updated for version 20131112.
academic/bowtie2: Added (A tool for aligning sequencing reads).
academic/bowtie: Updated for version 1.0.0.
academic/cistrome-CEAS: Added (Cis-regulatory Element Annotation).
academic/cistrome-MACS: Added (Model-based Analysis of ChIP-Seq).
academic/cufflinks: Added (reference-guided assembler for RNA-Seq).
academic/geoserver-control-flow: Added (request rate limitation)
academic/geoserver-pyramid: Added (pyramid data store support)
academic/mafft: Updated for version 7.130.
academic/mkDSSP: Updated for version 2.2.1.
academic/mrbayes: Updated for version 3.2.2.
academic/paml: Added (Phylogenetic Analysis by Maximum Likelihood).
academic/pamlX: Added (A GUI for PAML).
academic/primer3: Updated for version 2.3.6.
academic/samtools: Added (Sequence Alignment/Map Tools).
academic/t_coffee: Updated for version 10.00.r1613.
academic/tabix: Added (Generic indexer).
academic/topdraw: Added (A sketchpad for protein topology diagrams).
academic/tophat: Added (Splice junction mapper for RNA-Seq reads).
academic/ugene: Updated for version 1.13.0.
academic/vcftools: Added (A program designed for working with VCF).
audio/mpd: Added optional deps + New Maintainer.
audio/opus-tools: Added (utilities for opus)
audio/opus: Updated for version 1.1.
audio/opusfile: Added (opus decoding API)
desktop/awesome: Removed note from the README
desktop/copyq: Added (clipboard manager with advanced features).
desktop/murrine-themes: Updated for version 0.98.6.
desktop/screenfetch: Updated for version 3.2.2.
desktop/thunar-sendto-clamtk: Updated for version 0.04.
desktop/yawp: Updated for version 0.4.5.
development/Cython: Updated for version 0.19.2.
development/MySQL-python: Avoid downloading distribute during build.
development/acpica: Updated for version 20131115.
development/avra: Added (Atmel AVR Microcontrollers Assembler).
development/geany-plugins: New Maintainer.
development/mono-addins: Updated for version 20131127.
development/mono: Updated for version 3.2.3.
development/monodevelop-database: Updated for version 4.2.1.
development/monodevelop-debugger-gdb: Updated for version 4.2.1.
development/monodevelop: Updated for version 4.2.1.
development/trac: New maintainer.
games/Scorched3D: Updated for version 43.3d.
games/angband: Added license.
games/fortune_doctor_who: Added (quotes from Doctor Who).
games/supertux2: Updated for version 0.3.4.
games/xonotic: New maintainer, small clean up.
graphics/digikam: Cleanup + added additional optional deps.
graphics/goocanvas: Changed homepage.
graphics/luxblend25: Added (LuxRender's interface for Blender 2.6x).
graphics/luxrender: Added (rendering engine).
graphics/pinta: Updated for version 20131027.
graphics/shotwell: Added (Open source photo manager for GNOME)
libraries/SFCGAL: Added (C++ wrapper around CGAL).
libraries/dbus-sharp-glib: Added (a C# implementation of dbus-glib).
libraries/dbus-sharp: Added (C# implementation of D-Bus).
libraries/elementary: Added (toolkit set).
libraries/emotion: Added (video library).
libraries/ethumb: Added (thumbnail lib).
libraries/genshi: Updated for version 0.7, new maintainer.
libraries/goffice: Updated for version 0.10.9 + New Maintainer.
libraries/gtk-sharp: Updated for version 2.12.22.
libraries/lensfun: Switching to cmake, New maintainer.
libraries/libburn: Updated for version 1.3.4.
libraries/libgee1: Added (GObject-based interfaces and classes)
libraries/libgee: Updated for version 0.12.0.
libraries/libisoburn: Updated for version 1.3.4.
libraries/libisofs: Updated for version 1.3.4.
libraries/libquvi-scripts: Updated for version 0.4.21.
libraries/libskk: Update deps to libgee1.
libraries/libsuinput: Added (Thin userspace library)
libraries/libx86emu: Updated for version 1.4.
libraries/mysql-connector-python: Fix download link.
libraries/ndesk-dbus-glib: Removed (Replaced by dbus-sharp-glib).
libraries/ndesk-dbus: Removed (Replaced by dbus-sharp).
libraries/notify-sharp: Updated for version 0.4.1.
libraries/squish: Added (open-source DXT compression library).
misc/WhatPulse: Removed (no SBo maintainer).
misc/ibus-fbterm: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
misc/ibus-hangul: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
multimedia/guvcview: Updated for version 1.7.2.
multimedia/plexmediaserver: Added (media center server).
network/aoetools: Added (ATA Over Ethernet).
network/bitcoin: Updated for version 0.8.6.
network/cclive: Updated for version 0.7.16 + New Maintainer.
network/libquvi: Use Shared Libs + New Maintainer.
network/mangler: Removed (no SBo maintainer).
network/mumble: New Maintainer.
network/murmur: New Maintainer.
network/opensmtpd: Updated for version 5.4.1p1.
network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.1.0.
network/quvi: New Maintainer.
network/weechat: Updated for version 0.4.2.
office/gnumeric: Updated for version 1.12.9.
office/pdfpc: Update deps to libgee1.
perl/perl-Scalar-List-Utils: Added (Scalar and List Subroutines).
perl/perl-Text-CSV: Added (Perl Text::CSV module).
perl/perl-Time-Piece: Added (Perl Time::Piece module).
python/psutil: Updated for version 1.2.1.
python/pygoocanvas: Changed homepage.
system/apache-tomcat: Fix location of tomcat-juli.jar.
system/clamtk: Updated for version 5.01.
system/eventlog: Updated for version 0.2.12+20120504+1700.
system/gparted: Updated for version 0.17.0.
system/hermit-font: Added (monospace font for programming).
system/hwinfo: Updated for version 20.1.
system/kc: Updated for version 2.3.2.
system/libscrypt: Added (library that implements scrypt()).
system/postgis: Add SFCGAL as an optional dependency.
system/rsyslog: Updated for version 7.4.6.
system/scrypt: Use SLKCFLAGS.
system/spl-solaris: Added (solaris kernel API for linux).
system/syslog-ng: Updated for version 3.5.2.
system/tagainijisho: Added (Japanese dictionary and kanji lookup).
system/terminology: Added (terminal emulator).
system/thermal_daemon: Added (Linux Thermal Daemon).
system/vagrant: Added (virtual development environments).
system/vbindiff: Added (visual binary diff).
system/virtualbox-addons: Updated for version 4.3.4.
system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Updated for version 4.3.4.
system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 4.3.4.
system/virtualbox: Updated for version 4.3.4.
system/xfsudo: Added (run graphical apps as root using sudo).
system/zfs-on-linux: Added (native linux port of ZFS).
Fri Dec  6 06:07:53 UTC 2013
academic/geogit: Updated for version 0.6.0.
audio/milkytracker: Updated for version 0.90.86.
audio/mpd: Updated for version 0.18.5.
audio/qmpdclient: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
audio/soundconverter: Updated for version 2.1.2.
desktop/cwm-openbsd: Added (stacking window manager).
desktop/cwp: Updated for version 1.9.0.
desktop/metacity: Removed (unmaintained/unused)
desktop/spectrwm: Updated for version 2.4.0.
desktop/xfce4-mailwatch-plugin: Updated for version 1.2.0.
development/grails: Updated for version 2.3.3.
development/mg-openbsd: Added (small, fast and portable editor).
development/power-architect: Updated for version 1.0.6.
development/racket: Updated for version 5.3.6.
development/sqliteman: Script cleanup.
games/UrbanTerror: Updated for version 4.2.015, changed maintainer.
games/fceux: Updated for version 2.2.2.
games/fgo: Added (FlightGear Flight Simulator Front End).
games/ioquake3: Update README.
games/scid_vs_pc: Added (Usability and bug-fix fork of Scid)
libraries/CherryPy: Update Email Address.
libraries/equinox: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/goffice0.8: Added (document utilities - version 0.8.x).
libraries/libestr: Updated for version 0.1.9.
libraries/libvirt-python: Added (libvirt python bindings).
libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 1.2.0.
libraries/log4net: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/msn-pecan: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/mysql-connector-java: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/nini: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/smartirc4net: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
libraries/totem-pl-parser: New maintainer
libraries/xerces: Updated Download link.
misc/j7z: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
multimedia/mozplugger: Updated for version 2.1.4.
multimedia/pyradio: Added (Internet Radio Player for the CLI).
network/QuiteRSS: Updated for version 0.14.1.
network/dkimproxy: Added (SMTP-proxy).
network/nateon: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
network/ndiswrapper-kernel: Updated for version 1.59.
network/ndiswrapper-utils: Updated for version 1.59.
network/sieve-connect: Updated for version 0.87.
network/strongswan: Updated for version 5.1.1.
network/teamviewer: Updated for version 9.0.24147.
office/gnucash: Added (financial accounting application).
office/timetrap: Added (CLI time tracker)
python/Mako: Update Email Address.
python/gnome-python-desktop: Removed metacity from optdeps
python/gnome-python-desktop: Updated for version 2.32.0.
python/pyxdg: Update Download Link.
ruby/chronic: Added (Date/time parser)
ruby/sequel: Added (Database toolkit for Ruby)
ruby/sqlite3: Added (Database interface module)
system/MySQL-Sandbox: Updated for version 3.0.43.
system/glances: Script cleanup.
system/hal-flash: Added (HAL stub library for playing DRM flash content).
system/mbr: Removed (no SBo maintainer)
system/rar: Updated for version 5.0.1.
system/scrypt: Added (scrypt encryption utility)
system/smart: Added (meta-package manager).
system/the_silver_searcher: Added (grep-like text search, but faster).
system/unrar: Updated for version 5.0.14.
system/virt-manager: Added libvirt-python to REQUIRES.
system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Fix wrong package name.
various: Fix permissions.
Mon Dec  2 06:59:33 UTC 2013
academic/Fiona: Added (Python interface for OGR)
academic/OWSLib: Added (OGC Web Service utility library)
academic/Shapely: Added (geometric objects, predicates, and operations in Python)
academic/geoserver-css: Added (CSS styling support for GeoServer)
academic/geoserver-wps: Added (WPS support for GeoServer)
academic/geoserver: Added (geospatial server)
academic/osm2pgrouting: Added (import OSM data into pgRouting database)
academic/pdal: Added (point data abstraction library)
academic/pointcloud: Added (PostgreSQL extension for storing LiDAR data)
academic/pyproj: Added (Python interface to the PROJ.4 library)
audio/kradio: Updated for version 4.0.7 + New Maintainer.
desktop/cairo-dock-plugins: Updated for version 3.3.2.
desktop/cairo-dock: Updated for version 3.3.2.
desktop/kdeconnect: Added (KDE integration with Android)
desktop/murrine: Fixed Homepage link.
desktop/razercfg: Added (Razer device configuration tool)
desktop/xfce4-places-plugin: Updated for version 1.6.0.
desktop/xfce4-whiskermenu-plugin: Added (alternate application launcher for Xfce)
development/apache-maven: Updated for version 3.1.1.
development/chicken: Updated for version
development/cunit: Added (Unit Testing Framework for C).
development/fossil: Added (Distributed Version Control System).
development/gnuradio: Added (toolkit for building SDRs).
games/desmume: Updated for version 0.9.10.
games/fceux: Fixed validation warnings in .desktop file
games/ioquake3: Updated for version r20131127, added a license.
games/megaglest: Updated for version, added a license.
games/openttd: Updated for version 1.3.3.
games/pcsxr: Updated for version 1.9.93, added a license.
games/qxw: Added (advanced interactive crossword construction tool).
graphics/GPS: Script cleanup and Source Update.
graphics/entangle: Updated for version 0.5.3.
graphics/gimagereader: Added (GUI for tesseract).
libraries/gnome-media: New maintainer
libraries/iniparser: Updated for version 3.1.
libraries/laszip: Added (Free and Lossless LiDAR Compression).
libraries/libasyncns: New maintainer
libraries/libedit: Updated for version 20130712_3.1.
libraries/log4c: Updated for version 1.2.4.
libraries/tre: Build python bindings
libraries/wjelement: Added (JSON manipulation, JSON-schema validation, CLI/script tool)
misc/cups-windows: New maintainer
misc/gprename: Updated for version 5.
multimedia/dvdbackup: Updated for version 0.4.2.
multimedia/flowblade: Updated for version 0.10.0.
multimedia/mythplugins: Added (plugins for mythtv).
multimedia/mythtv: Added (mythical home media convergence PVR/DVR).
multimedia/totem: Added (GNOME Movie Player)
network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Updated for version 0.4.2.
network/dovecot: Updated for version 2.2.9.
network/httping: Updated for version 2.3.3.
network/netsniff-ng: Fixed Homepage Link.
network/nload: Updated for version 0.7.4.
network/postfix: Updated for version 2.10.2.
network/quassel: Updated for version 0.9.2 + New Maintainer.
network/siege: Updated for version 3.0.5, added a license.
network/tornado: Added (Web Framework and Asynchronous Networking Library).
network/webalizer: Updated for version 2.23_08.
office/calibre: Updated for version 1.13.0.
perl/perl-Gtk2-Unique: Added (use single instance applications).
perl/perl-Readonly: Updated for version 1.04.
perl/perl-Test-Harness: Updated for version 3.30.
python/gnome-python-desktop: New maintainer
python/pygtkspell: Added (Python bindings for the GtkSpell library).
python/pyicu: Updated for version 1.5.
python/pytz: Updated for version 2013.8.
python/pyzmq: Added (Python bindings for ØMQ)
system/TLP: Added (Advanced Power Management Tool).
system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 7.0.47.
system/commons-daemon: Updated for version 1.0.15.
system/glances: Added (curses-based monitoring tool).
system/haveged: Updated for version 1.7c.
system/kc: Updated for version 2.3.1.
system/ksh-openbsd: Updated for version 20131129.
system/lirc: Forced a single make job.
system/nilfs-utils: Updated for version 2.1.5.
system/rxvt-unicode: Updated for version 9.19.
system/sakura: Updated for version 3.1.1.
system/sbotools: Added (ports-like interface to
system/uhd: Added (USRP Hardware Driver).
system/unrar: Remove libunrar directory.
system/wacomtablet: Updated for version 2.0.
Sat Nov 30 06:16:29 UTC 2013
academic/convertall: Fixed file ending with no newline.
audio/audtty: Fixed file ending with no newline.
audio/pithos: Added (Pandora Radio client)
desktop/Vanilla-DMZ: Fixed download link.
desktop/cheser-icon-theme: Fixed download link.
desktop/clearlooks-phenix-theme: Updated to version 20131129.
desktop/gtk1-industrial-engine: Fixed download link.
desktop/murrine-themes: Fixed download link.
development/dejagnu: Fixed download link.
development/device-tree-compiler: Added (Device Tree Compiler for Flat Device Trees)
development/guile1.8: Fixed file ending with no newline.
development/kforth: Fixed file ending with no newline.
development/nant: Fixed file ending with no newline.
development/sublime_text: Updated for version 2.0.2 (New Maintainer).
games/UrbanTerror: Fixed download link.
games/adom: Updated for version 1.2.0_pre20.
graphics/entangle: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/Impacket: Fixed download link.
libraries/iniparser: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/libsmi: Fixed download link.
libraries/libtxc_dxtn: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/liburcu: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/mysql-connector-c++: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/mysql-connector-python: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/nacl: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/ocaml-bisect: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/rest: Fixed file ending with no newline.
libraries/vigra: Fixed download link.
misc/ophcrack: Fixed file ending with no newline.
network/netsniff-ng: Fixed file ending with no newline.
network/teamviewer: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-Capture-Tiny: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-Class-Method-Modifiers: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-Devel-GlobalDestruction: Fixed file with no newline.
perl/perl-ExtUtils-Helpers: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-ExtUtils-InstallPaths: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-File-Tail: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-LockFile-Simple: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-Module-Build-Tiny: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-Role-Tiny: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-Test-Harness: Fixed file ending with no newline.
perl/perl-strictures: Fixed file ending with no newline.
python/virtualenv-clone: Fixed PRGNAM in .info file
system/brasero: Updated for version 2.32.1.
system/linkchecker: Added (Website Validator).
system/mysql-utilities: Fixed file ending with no newline.
system/netatop: Fixed file ending with no newline.
system/numlockx: Fixed download link.
system/nvidia-legacy304-driver: Fixed file ending with no newline.
system/qemu: Optionally use device-tree-compiler if installed
system/scanmem: Fixed file ending with no newline.
system/winetricks: Fixed VERSION in .info file.
Thu Nov 28 06:14:07 UTC 2013
audio/Pd-extended: Fixed dep info.
audio/cmus: Updated for version 20131125_a854f85.
audio/pavucontrol: New maintainer
audio/pulseaudio: New maintainer
desktop/i3: Update EMAIL for Marcin Herda
desktop/i3status: Fixed VERSION in .info.
desktop/quickaccess: Fixed VERSION in .info.
desktop/wmmon: Fixed VERSION in .info.
desktop/xmms-status-plugin: Use system-provided libtool binary
development/couchdb: Updated for version 1.5.0.
development/ipython: Updated for version 1.1.0 (+ new maintainer)
development/mysql-workbench: Respect $LIBDIRSUFFIX.
development/pyenchant: Update EMAIL for vvoody
graphics/FreeCAD: Install the qt plugin.
graphics/brlcad: Fix tcl/tk build
graphics/dia: Applied patches from upstream.
graphics/digikam: Noted brokeness of the opt dep lensfun.
libraries/yajl: Update EMAIL for Marcin Herda
multimedia/HandBrake: Fixed VERSION in .info.
multimedia/gpac: Noted brokeness of the opt dep xulrunner.
multimedia/spotify: Updated for version
network/ekiga: Quiet an error about missing X11 in gconf update
network/ekiga: Removed erroneous comment re libsoup
network/luakit: Fixed for git tarball.
office/evince: Updated README
office/kbibtex: Updated for version 0.4.1.
office/texlive: Use a mirror for texlive-texmf download
python/geopy: Updated for version 0.96.2.
python/stevedore: Added (Manage dynamic plugins for Python applications)
python/virtualenv-clone: Added (virtualenv cloning script)
python/virtualenvwrapper: Updated for version 4.1.1.
system/detox: Update EMAIL for Marcin Herda
system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr: Updated for version 1.3.0.
system/fbterm: Update EMAIL for vvoody
Tue Nov 26 06:41:27 UTC 2013
Here it is! The launch of the repository into the 14.1 era.
With the help of our amazing community we spent the last couple of weeks
testing, fixing, and updating the scripts in the repository for the latest
Slackware release.  We are happy to say that we think it has never been
better :)
There are no big user-visible changes this time around, although we did
make some smaller tweaks and adjustements in the templates.  Be sure to
check those out before starting to submit new or updated scripts.
We'd like to take this time to welcome the newest member of our admin team,
Willy Sudiarto Raharjo (willysr), and thank him for the huge amount of
testing and fixing of various scripts that he did.  Similarly goes for Matteo
Bernardini (ponce) as well as for David Somero (XGizzmo), who once again put
the repository through its paces using automated build testing.  Then there's
Heinz Wiesinger (pprkut) for the usual fixes and updates, as well as his
work behind the scenes with our database.  Kudos also go to Erik Hanson
(erik) for his never-ending job of server maintenance and upkeep, on top
of fixes and updates all over the SBo tree.  Thanks go as well to Michiel
van Wessem (BP{k}) and Niels Horn (niels_horn) for jumping in every once
in a while for moral support and hints on various hard to crack issues.
Then there's also rob0 (/dev/rob0) hiding in the shadows working tirelessly
to keep mail and dns working.  Last but not least there's Robby Workman
(rworkman), our ever inspiring project lead who knows exactly how to kick
us all into gear when work needs to get done! :)
All of our users and maintainers deserve proper thanks for our existence,
but David Spencer and David Woodfall really helped out a lot this time
around with testing and fixing an insane amount of SlackBuilds.  Naturally
there have been many more providing input on all sorts of things.  Thanks
go out to all of you, regardless of how small or large your contributions
may have been.
See the git log <> for
detailed changes since 14.0. Happy Slacking!
-- The SBo team