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2012-08-15Entire Repo: Remove APPROVED field from .info files Robby Workman
2012-07-27perl/perl-cairo: Updated for version 1.100. Binh Nguyen
2012-07-01perl/perl-Date-Manip: Fixed download link Robby Workman
2012-06-26perl/perl-gtk2: Updated README. Binh Nguyen
2012-06-26perl/perl-DBD-SQLite: Updated for version 1.37. Thomas Morper
2012-06-03perl/perl-pango: Updated for version 1.223. Binh Nguyen
2012-06-03perl/perl-gtk2: Updated for version 1.244. Binh Nguyen
2012-06-03perl/perl-glib: Updated for version 1.260. Binh Nguyen
2012-06-03perl/perl-cairo: Updated for version 1.082. Binh Nguyen
2012-06-03perl/perl-Regexp-Common: Added (common regular expressions) Mikko Värri
2012-05-22Fix files with no newline at the end. dsomero
2012-05-22perl/perl-xml-twig: Updated for version 3.39. Heinz Wiesinger
2012-05-22perl/perl-File-HomeDir: Updated for version 0.99. Mikko Värri
2012-05-22perl/perl-Proc-Daemon: Updated for version 0.14. Thomas Morper
2012-05-22perl/perl-HTTP-Proxy: Updated for version 0.25. Thomas Morper
2012-05-22perl/perl-FCGI: Updated for version 0.74. Thomas Morper
2012-05-19Misc slack-desc clean-ups. LukenShiro
2012-05-13perl/perl-IO-Multiplex: Added (IO::Multiplex perl module) Nishant Limbachia
2012-05-08perl/perl-NetAddr-IP: Fixed source name bug. dsomero
2012-05-07perl/mod_perl: Updated for version 2.0.6 moved from network. Heinz Wiesinger
2012-05-07perl/perl-Test-Deep: Updated for version 0.109. Nishant Limbachia
2012-05-07perl/perl-NetAddr-IP: Updated for version 4.059. Nishant Limbachia
2012-05-07perl/perl-MailTools: Updated for version 2.09. Nishant Limbachia
2012-05-07perl/perl-Config-IniFiles: Updated for version 2.71. Nishant Limbachia
2012-05-07perl/perl-Cache-FastMmap: Updated for version 1.40. Nishant Limbachia
2012-05-07perl/perl-BerkeleyDB: Updated for version 0.51. Nishant Limbachia
2012-04-30perl/perl-Text-Tabulate: Added (pretty text data tabulator) Jacob Pipkin
2012-04-30perl/perl-Sort-Versions: Added (sorting of revision-like numbers) Jacob Pipkin
2012-04-30perl/perl-www-robotrules: Updated for version 6.02. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-uri-escape: Updated for version 1.60. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-net-http: Updated for version 6.03. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-net-dns: Updated for version 0.68. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-lwp-mediatypes: Updated for version 6.02. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-http-negotiate: Updated for version 6.01. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-http-message: Updated for version 6.03. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-http-date: Updated for version 6.01. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-http-daemon: Updated for version 6.01. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-http-cookies: Updated for version 6.01. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-file-listing: Updated for version 6.04. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/perl-encode-locale: Updated for version 1.03. LukenShiro
2012-04-30perl/libwww-perl: Updated for version 6.04. LukenShiro
2012-04-20perl/perl-IO-Tty: Added (Pseudo TTY object class) Ruari Oedegaard
2012-04-16perl/perl-Curses-UI: Added (curses based user interface framework) Daniel LEVAI
2012-04-08perl/perl-Text-Glob: Added (Text::Glob perl module) Petar Petrov
2012-04-08perl/perl-Number-Compare: Added (Number::Compare perl module) Petar Petrov
2012-04-08perl/perl-File-Find-Rule: Added (File::Find::Rule perl module) Petar Petrov
2012-03-29perl/perl-Image-Info: Updated for version 1.32. Nishant Limbachia
2012-03-29perl/perl-Net-CIDR: Updated for version 0.15. Nishant Limbachia
2012-03-29perl/perl-Mail-SPF: Updated for version 2.8.0. Nishant Limbachia
2012-03-29perl/perl-NetAddr-IP: Updated for version 4.058. Nishant Limbachia
2012-03-29perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Slackware: Added (Install Perl distributions) Andreas Voegele
2012-03-29perl/perl-Template-Toolkit: Updated for version 2.24. Thomas Morper
2012-02-19perl/perl-DBD-SQLite: Updated for version 1.35. Thomas Morper
2012-02-19perl/perl-BerkeleyDB: Updated for version 0.50. Nishant Limbachia
2012-02-19perl/perl-NetPacket: Updated for version 1.3.1. Marco Bonetti
2012-02-19perl/perl-Net-Pcap: Updated for version 0.16. Marco Bonetti
2012-02-19perl/perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Updated for version 1.54. Marco Bonetti
2012-02-19perl/perl-IO-Socket-INET6: Updated for version 2.69. Marco Bonetti
2012-01-11perl/perl-IPC-Run3: Updated for version 0.045. Mikko Värri
2012-01-05perl/libwww-perl: Fix typo and build order in README. LukenShiro
2011-12-27perl/perl-xml-sax: Updated for version 0.99. Murat D. Kadirov
2011-12-27perl/perl-XML-SAX-Base: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-DateTime: Updated for version 0.70. David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Math-Round: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Date-Manip: Updated for version 6.25. V'yacheslav Stetskevych
2011-12-27perl/perl-DateTime-TimeZone: Updated for version 1.41. David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Class-Load: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Package-Stash: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Package-Stash-XS: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Package-DeprecationManager: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Test-Requires: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Dist-CheckConflicts: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Test-Fatal: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Try-Tiny: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Sub-Exporter: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Module-Runtime: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Params-Classify: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Data-OptList: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Sub-Install: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-27perl/perl-Params-Util: Added (perl module) David Somero
2011-12-18perl/perl-html-parser: Add APPROVED line to .info file Robby Workman
2011-12-18perl/perl-Sort-Naturally: Change license. Mikko Värri
2011-12-18perl/libwww-perl: Updated for version 6.03. LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-file-listing: Added (parse directory listing) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-http-cookies: Added (HTTP cookie jars) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-http-negotiate: Added (choose a variant to serve) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-http-daemon: Added (a simple http server class) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-http-message: Added (HTTP style message base class) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-http-date: Added (date conversion routines) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-lwp-mediatypes: Added (guess media type for file/URL) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-net-dns: Updated for version 0.67. LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-net-http: Added (Low-level HTTP connection client) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-www-robotrules: Added (DB of robots.txt-derived perms) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-uri-escape: Added (encode/decode unsafe characters / URIs) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-html-parser: Updated for version 3.69. LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-encode-locale: Added (Determine the locale encoding) LukenShiro
2011-12-18perl/perl-digest-hmac: Updated for version 1.03. LukenShiro
2011-12-18Various: License change Mikko Värri
2011-12-18perl/perl-Config-Find: Added (Find configuration files) Mikko Värri
2011-12-18perl/perl-File-HomeDir: Added (Find your home and other directories) Mikko Värri