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2010-11-22development/eagle: Added. (schematic capture program) Niels Horn
2010-11-22development/gsoap: Updated for version 2.8.0. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-11-22development/acpica: Updated for version 20100915. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-11-22development/p4v: Updated for version 2010.1.265509. Andy Bailey
2010-11-22development/geany: Fixed homepage link. Binh Nguyen
2010-11-22development/gprolog: Fix typos in README Andrew Antle
2010-11-22development/eclipse: Updated for version 3.6.1 Andre Barboza
2010-11-22development/lua: Small script cleanups and new maintainer. ponce
2010-11-06development/numpy: New Maintainer. Serban Udrea
2010-11-06development/splint: New Maintainer. Ozan Türkyılmaz
2010-10-25development/valgrind: Updated for version 3.6.0. Peter Wang
2010-10-25development/wxHexEditor: Added (Free Hex Editor) Branko Grubic
2010-10-25development/numexpr: Added (numerical array expression evaluator) LukenShiro
2010-10-25development/kicad-library: Added (library for KiCad EDA Suite) Niels Horn
2010-10-25development/kicad-doc: Added (documentation for KiCad EDA Suite) Niels Horn
2010-10-25development/kicad: Added (Open Source EDA Suite) Niels Horn
2010-10-25development/javacc: Added (Java Compiler Compiler [tm]) Alan Alberghini
2010-10-25development/arduino: Added (IDE) Diogo Leal
2010-10-20development/kdesvn: Updated for version 1.5.5. Michiel van Wessem
2010-10-20development/mono-debugger: Updated for version 2.8. Andre Barboza
2010-10-20development/orc: Updated for version 0.4.11. M.Dinslage
2010-10-20development/empty: Added (automate otherwise interactive sessions) Menno Duursma
2010-10-20development/tcc: Added (Tiny C Compiler) markus reichelt
2010-10-20development/erlang-otp: Updated for version 14B. Ben Mendis
2010-10-20development/geany-plugins: Added. (additional plugins for Geany) James Geboski
2010-10-18development/eric: Updated for version 4.4.8. Rudson Alves
2010-10-18development/viewvc: Updated for version 1.1.7. Niels Horn
2010-10-18development/pep8: Updated for version 0.6.0. Audrius Kažukauskas
2010-10-18development/latrace: Updated for version 0.5.9. Peter Wang
2010-10-17development/tig: Updated for version 0.16.2. Grigorios Bouzakis
2010-10-17development/Cython: Updated for version 0.13. Larry Hajali
2010-10-12development/mono: Updated for version 2.8. Sebastián Salazar Molina
2010-10-10development/lua: Link libm in the shared library Menno Duursma
2010-09-23development/check: Added (unit test framework) Duane Penzien
2010-09-22development/distribute: Added (fork of the Setuptools project) Audrius Kažukauskas
2010-09-22development/pip: Updated for version 0.8.1. Audrius Kažukauskas
2010-09-13Various: standardize newline handling and whitespace in .info files Jason Woodward
2010-09-13development/llvm: Updated for version 2.7. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-09-13development/icecream: Updated for version 0.9.6. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-09-13development/django: Updated for version 1.2.3. Carlos Corbacho
2010-09-10development/kdesvn: Updated for version 1.5.4. Michiel van Wessem
2010-09-10development/geany: Updated for version 0.19.1. Michiel van Wessem
2010-09-09development/qconf: Added (qmake configure script tool) Alexei Panov
2010-09-09development/orc: Updated for version 0.4.8. M.Dinslage
2010-09-07development/p4v: Updated for version 2010.1.256349. Andy Bailey
2010-08-30development/netbeans: Updated for version 6.9.1. Antonio Hernández Blas
2010-08-30development/kompozer: Added (Easy Web Authoring) Giovanne Castro
2010-08-30development/ipython: Fixed permissions of docdir contents Robby Workman
2010-08-30development/parrot: Fixed pkgconfig path and typo. dsomero
2010-08-29development/sqlitebrowser: Added (GUI editor for SQLite databases) Binh Nguyen
2010-08-29development/logisim: Added (logic simulator) GPLeo
2010-08-29development/mono: Updated for version 2.6.7. Sebastián Salazar Molina
2010-08-23development/monodevelop-python: Added (Python language support for MonoDevelop) Andre Barboza
2010-08-23development/pep8: Added (Check Python source code formatting) Audrius Kažukauskas
2010-08-18development/mysqlcc: Miscellaneous cleanups and enhancements Michales Michaloudes
2010-08-16development/monodevelop: Disable mimedb/desktopdb updates. Erik Hanson
2010-08-16development/PyOpenGL: Removed. Replaced with libraries/PyOpenGL. Erik Hanson
2010-08-16development/django: Updated for version 1.2.1. Carlos Corbacho
2010-08-16development/monodevelop-database: Added (Database support for MonoDevelop) Andre Barboza
2010-08-16development/monodevelop-debugger-mdb: Added (Mono Debugger support for MonoDe... Andre Barboza
2010-08-16development/monodevelop-debugger-gdb: Added (GDB Debugger support for MonoDev... Andre Barboza
2010-08-16development/mono-debugger: Added (Mono-specific debuggers) Andre Barboza
2010-08-16development/monodevelop: Added (IDE for Mono and Gtk#) Andre Barboza
2010-08-16development/mono-addins: Added (a framework for creating extensible applicati... Andre Barboza
2010-08-16development/psycopg2: Updated for version 2.2.2. Carlos Corbacho
2010-08-16development/orc: Updated for version 0.4.6. M.Dinslage
2010-08-16development/kiwi: Updated for version 1.9.26. Mikko Värri
2010-08-16development/Sphinx: Added (Documentation generator) Mikko Värri
2010-08-16development/cxxtools: Added (reusable c++-components) Christopher Reimer
2010-08-16development/parrot: Corrected name of SlackBuild file. dsomero
2010-08-15development/gaphor: Added (UML modeling tool) Mikko Värri
2010-08-15development/nose: Updated for version 0.11.2. Mikko Värri
2010-08-15development/setuptools_git: Added (Setuptools revision control system plugin ... Mikko Värri
2010-08-15development/zope.interface: Updated for version 3.6.1. Mikko Värri
2010-08-15development/zope.testing: Updated for version 3.10.0. Mikko Värri
2010-08-15development/geany: Updated for version 0.19. Michiel van Wessem
2010-08-15development/scite: Updated for version 2.12. Iskar Enev
2010-08-11development/xtruss: Fixed md5sum in file V'yacheslav Stetskevych
2010-08-10development/parrot: Added (virtual machine for program languages) Shrivatsan V Sampathkumar
2010-08-01development/meld: Added (a visual diff and merge tool) K.D.Hedger
2010-07-28development/gsoap: Updated for version 2.7.17. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-07-21development/acpica: Updated for version 20100702. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-07-21development/happy: Updated for version 1.18.5. Mikko Värri
2010-07-21development/alex: Updated for version 2.3.3. Mikko Värri
2010-07-21development/ghc: Updated for version 6.12.3. Mikko Värri
2010-07-11development/Pivy: Miscellaneous cleanups Niels Horn
2010-07-11development/SoQt: Miscellaneous cleanups Niels Horn
2010-07-11development/Coin: Miscellaneous cleanups Niels Horn
2010-07-10development/argus-clients: Added (open source IP Audit tool) Andy Bailey
2010-07-10development/argus: Added (open source IP Audit tool) Andy Bailey
2010-07-10development/ldns: Updated for version 1.6.5. Andy Bailey
2010-07-09development/p4v: Updated for version 2010.1.251161. Andy Bailey
2010-07-09development/p4: Updated for version r10.1. Andy Bailey
2010-07-08development/nant: Added (a .NET build tool) asaf
2010-07-06development/eclipse: Fixed VERSION in file Robby Workman
2010-07-04development/pycscope: Fixed ARCH setting (this is not noarch) Niels Horn
2010-07-04development/power-archtect: Disallow ARCH=noarch override Niels Horn
2010-07-04development/epydoc: Fixed ARCH setting - this is not noarch Niels Horn
2010-07-04development/cryptoki: Disallow override of ARCH=noarch Niels Horn
2010-07-04development/Pygments: Fixed ARCH setting - this is not noarch Niels Horn