AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-02-16Fixed typocurrent-20220216.1 Lucio Pileggi
2022-02-16README: Updated to display fork informations. Matteo Bernardini
2022-02-16office/pandoc: Install manpage. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16office/pandoc: Updated for version Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-commonmark-pandoc: Added (Bridge pandoc AST). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-commonmark-extensions: Added (commonmark extends). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-lpeg: Added (Parsing Expression Grammars For Lua). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-aeson: Added (aeson data types for Lua). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-lexer: Updated for version 1.1. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-pretty-show: Updated for version 1.10. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-safe: Updated for verion 0.3.19. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-module-version: Added (module for versions). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-module-system: Added (system module wrapper). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-module-path: Added (lua module for files). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-module-text: Updated for version 1.0.1. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-pandoc-lua-marshal: Added (pandoc types in lua). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua: Updated for version 2.1.0. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-resourcet: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-pipes: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-path: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-free: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-cgi: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-aeson-compat: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-retry: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-rio: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-shelly: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-temporary: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-zeromq4-haskell: Fix dependencies. Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-exceptions: Removed (part of ghc). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-packaging: Added (Utils to build Lua modules). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-objectorientation: Added (OO tools for HsLua). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-marshalling: Added (marshalling lua values). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-classes: Added (Type classes for HsLua). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-hslua-core: Added (lua bindings). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-lua: Added (bindings to lua). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-ipynb: Added (Data structure for Jupyter notebooks). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-commonmark: Added (Pure Haskell commonmark parser). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-jira-wiki-markup: Added (Jira wiki markup). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-citeproc: Added (gen citations). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-unicode-collation: Added (Unicode Collation). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16haskell/haskell-uniplate: Added (operatio writing help). Andrew Clemons
2022-02-16libraries/libindi: Fix download URL and tarball name. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/libmusicbrainz5: Fix download URL and tarball name. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/ocaml-batteries: Add missing dep. B. Watson
2022-02-16development/ocaml-num: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/ocaml-batteries: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/ocaml-camomile: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/libpgf: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/libpff: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/libopenraw: Fix my own stupidity. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/nx-libs: Fix build (make -j1). B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/libvmdk: Updated for version 20210807. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/openbabel: Fix download URL, remove jdk dep. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/bino: Updated for version 1.6.8, fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/bombono-dvd: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/unibilium: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16development/pyenchant: Fix 15.0 build, add python3 support. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/ring-lrc: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/pidgin-mra: Handle weird wget filenames. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/rxtx: Allow other JDKs besides Oracle's. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/ta-lib: Fix build (make -j1). B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/tox-extension-messages: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/udunits: Remove .la files, fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/spotify: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/rosa-media-player: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/videocut: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/xmms-cue: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16perl/perl-Data-Printer: Updated for version 1.000004. B. Watson
2022-02-16perl/perl-DateTime: Updated for version 1.25. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/vapoursynth-mvtools: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/vapoursynth: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16development/avr-gcc: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/OpenSceneGraph: Fix build when asio is installed. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/vlc: Fix build. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/wxPython3: Fix build (ignore /usr/bin/wx-config). B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/ogre: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/assimp: Fix cmake support for 64-bit. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/vlc: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/Gem: Updated for version 0.94. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/SimpleSysexxer: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/vcdimager: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/telepathy-farstream: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16graphics/plotutils: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/telepathy-glib: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16academic/sword: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16audio/opencore-amr: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/mjpegtools: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16libraries/libvorbisidec: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16audio/twolame: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16ham/hamlib: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/audiopreview: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/bdtools: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/farsight2: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/subtitleeditor: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/schroedinger: Remove .la files. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/dvdrip: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/dsmidiwifi: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/emoc: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/lwks: Fix build script. B. Watson
2022-02-16multimedia/hexter: Fix 15.0 build. B. Watson