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2020-04-1120200411.1 global branch merge.current-20200411.1 Matteo Bernardini
2020-04-11Public www update: Sat Apr 11 02:30:39 UTC 2020.14.2-20200411.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-11python/python-importlib_metadata: Updated for 1.6.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11development/Sphinx: Updated for version 2.4.4. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/python3-wcwidth: Updated for version 0.1.9. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/sphinxcontrib-devhelp: Updated for version 1.0.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/sphinxcontrib-qthelp: Updated for version 1.0.3. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/sphinxcontrib-serializinghtml: Updated for version 1.1.4. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/python3-tornado: Updated for version 6.0.4. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11gis/pyproj: Updated for version 2.6.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/python3-jupyter-ipykernel: Updated for version 5.2.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/bleach: Updated for version 3.1.4. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11gis/OWSLib: Updated for version 0.19.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11python/python3-ipython: Updated for version 7.13.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11libraries/hdf: Updated for version 4.2.15. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11development/nim: Updated for version 1.2.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-04-11office/CherryTree: Updated for version 0.39.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2020-04-11audio/fluidsynth: Updated for version 2.1.1, new maintainer. B. Watson
2020-04-11libraries/qt5-webkit: Updated for version 5.212.0_alpha4. Dave Woodfall
2020-04-11ruby/rubygem-parser: Updated for version Andrew Clemons
2020-04-11network/prosody-mod-smacks: Updated for version hg3968. Andrew Clemons
2020-04-11graphics/vuescan: Update MD5SUMs. Andrew Clemons
2020-04-11development/rustup: Support building newer versions. Andrew Clemons
2020-04-11network/dropbox: Updated for version 94.4.384. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-11development/byacc: Updated for version 20200330. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-11network/Quaternion: Updated for version Charles Daniels
2020-04-11libraries/libQuotient: Updated for version Charles Daniels
2020-04-11libraries/digimend-kernel-drivers: Added (Tablet drivers). Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-11network/zoom-linux: Updated for version 3.5.383291.0407. Ebben Aries
2020-04-11system/telegraf: Updated for version 1.14.0. Ebben Aries
2020-04-11network/insync: Updated for version Pedro R.M. Júnior
2020-04-11network/slack: Updated for version 4.4.2. Pedro R.M. Júnior
2020-04-10multimedia/plexmediaserver: Updated for v Stu Miller
2020-04-10system/netdata: Updated for version 1.21.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-10python/python-soupsieve: Added (A CSS selector implementation). Isaac Yu
2020-04-10python/python3-soupsieve: Added (A CSS selector implementation). Isaac Yu
2020-04-10multimedia/dvdbackup: Fix build on -current. Lenard Spencer
2020-04-10desktop/numix-icon-theme-circle: Speed up symlink creation. Isaac Yu
2020-04-10desktop/numix-icon-theme: Speed up symlink creation. Isaac Yu
2020-04-10desktop/boston-icon-theme: Updated for version 0.6. Azure Zanculmarktum
2020-04-10perl/perl-Test-HexDifferences: Update HOMEPAGE. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-String-Scanf: Update HOMEPAGE. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-String-Random: Update HOMEPAGE. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-Scalar-List-Utils: Updated for version 1.54. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-namespace-autoclean: Updated for version 0.29. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-Moose: Updated for version 2.2012. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-HTML-Tidy: Update HOMEPAGE. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-Data-Validate-IP: Update HOMEPAGE. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-Data-Dumper-Concise: Update HOMEPAGE. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10perl/perl-Clone: Updated for version 0.43. Jan F. Chadima
2020-04-10development/crystal-lang: Added (a Ruby-like programming language). Dmitrii Sosedov
2020-04-10network/protonmail-bridge: Added (ProtonMail Bridge). Erich Ritz
2020-04-10games/speed-dreams: Updated for version 2.2.2_r6553. powtrix
2020-04-10audio/qsynth: Updated for version 0.6.2. Michales Michaloudes
2020-04-10development/octant: Added (Web Interface for Kubernetes). Dmitrii Sosedov
2020-04-10system/apache-tomcat: Updated for version 7.0.103. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-10network/wireshark: Updated for version 3.2.3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-09perl/perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Updated for version 2.068. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-09system/kbfs: Updated for version 5.3.1_20200320154633. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-09system/keybase: Updated for version 5.3.1. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-09development/vscode-bin: Updated for version 1.44.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-09network/tor-browser: Updated for version 9.0.9. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-09network/signal-desktop: Updated for version 1.33.0. David O'Shaughnessy
2020-04-09system/kexec-tools: Updated for version 2.0.20. powtrix
2020-04-09libraries/tbb: Updated for version 2020u2. powtrix
2020-04-09ruby/sequel: Updated for version 5.31.0. Jostein Berntsen
2020-04-09network/axel: Updated for version 2.17.8. Jostein Berntsen
2020-04-09development/velero: Updated for version 1.3.2. Dmitrii Sosedov
2020-04-09development/minikube: Updated for version 1.9.2. Dmitrii Sosedov
2020-04-09network/nordvpn: Updated for version 3.7.0. Reza Talebi
2020-04-09network/wireguard-linux-compat: Updated for version 1.0.20200401. Anj Duvnjak
2020-04-09office/onlyoffice-desktopeditors: Updated for version 5.5.1. Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-04-09games/starfighter: Updated for version 2.1. Tim Dickson
2020-04-09system/bleachbit: Updated for version 3.9.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-04-09network/opera-developer: Updated for version 69.0.3653.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-04-09network/opera: Updated for version 67.0.3575.137. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-04-09libraries/skalibs: Updated for version Muhammad Mahendra Subrata
2020-04-09system/libtrash: Added (trash can). Isaac Yu
2020-04-09system/psuinfo: Added (Custom system usage info). Leo C
2020-04-09network/netcat-openbsd: Updated for version 1.217-1. Duncan Roe
2020-04-09development/codeblocks: Updated for version 20.03. antonioleal
2020-04-09desktop/gkrellm-themes: Added (Themes for GKrellM). Leo C
2020-04-09system/nvidia-legacy390-driver: added rc.nvidia-persistenced. Lenard Spencer
2020-04-09system/nvidia-legacy390-kernel: New maintainer. Lenard Spencer
2020-04-09system/nvidia-driver: added rc.nvidia-persistenced. Lenard Spencer
2020-04-09system/nvidia-kernel: New maintainer. Lenard Spencer
2020-04-09development/uz80as: Updated for version 1.11. Jorge Giner
2020-04-09development/bas55: Updated for version 1.18. Jorge Giner
2020-04-09academic/gri: Update HOMEPAGE. Rob van Nues
2020-04-09audio/pd: Updated for version 0.50_2. Michales Michaloudes
2020-04-09office/xournal: Update HOMEPAGE. Rob van Nues
2020-04-09network/qutebrowser-tox: Update OpenSSL version. Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-04-09system/tbsm: Fix README. Isaac Yu
2020-04-06development/snappy: Fix build with gtest installed. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-06Public www update: Mon Apr 6 04:12:40 UTC 2020.14.2-20200406.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-04-06libraries/qt5: Update README Dave Woodfall
2020-04-06libraries/qt5-legacy: Update README Dave Woodfall
2020-04-06libraries/qt5-legacy: Update to 5.9.9. Dave Woodfall
2020-04-06development/sqlitebrowser: downgrade to 3.10.1. Dave Woodfall
2020-04-06graphics/scantailor: Requires qt5-legacy. Dave Woodfall