AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-05-12Public www update: Sat May 12 00:00:00 UTC 2018.14.2-20180512.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2018-05-12system/fwupd: Updated for version 1.0.7. Andrew Clemons
2018-05-12network/verm: Updated for version 1.4.0. Andrew Clemons
2018-05-12python/python-fonttools: Updated for version 3.26.0. Andrew Clemons
2018-05-12system/redis: Updated for version 4.0.9. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12system/docker-compose: Updated for version 1.21.1. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12python/python-docker: Updated for version 3.3.0. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12python/python-docker-pycreds: Updated for version 0.2.3. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12python/python-dockerpty: Update download URL. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12python/python-texttable: Update download URL. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12python/python-cached-property: Updated for version 1.4.2. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12system/docker-machine-kvm: Updated libraries. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12system/docker-machine: Updated for version 0.14.0. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12system/docker: Updated for version 18.03.1. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12system/containerd: Updated for version 1.0.3. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12system/docker-proxy: Updated for version 20180412_c15b372. Audrius Kažukauskas
2018-05-12network/bip: Updated for version 0.9.0-rc3. Erik Hanson
2018-05-12system/pcmanfm: Changed homepage. Matteo Bernardini
2018-05-12libraries/libfm: Upgraded for version Matteo Bernardini
2018-05-12libraries/libfm-extra: Upgraded for version Matteo Bernardini
2018-05-12office/LibreOffice: Updated for version Christoph Willing
2018-05-12network/weathercli: Update script & DOWNLOAD. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12system/eaglemode: Updated for version 0.93.1. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12python/pycodestyle: Updated for version 2.4.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12python/pendulum: Updated for version 2.0.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12python/tqdm: Updated for version 4.23.3. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12games/tome: Updated for version 1.5.8. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2018.05.01. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12network/awscli: Updated for version 1.15.14. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12libraries/botocore: Updated for version 1.10.14. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12python/pyglet: Updated for version 1.3.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12python/Flask: Updated for version 1.0.2. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2018-05-12python/ipython: Upgraded for version 5.7.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12python/python3-ipython: Updated for version 6.4.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12python/python3-dateutil: Updated for version 2.7.3. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12libraries/msgpack-c: Updated for version 3.0.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12office/keepassxc: Updated for version 2.3.3. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12development/jupyter-notebook: Updated for version 5.5.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12system/vagrant: Updated for version 2.1.1. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12libraries/libuv: Updated for version 1.20.3. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12python/munch: Updated for version 2.3.2. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2018-05-12perl/perl-Math-MPFR: Updated for version 4.04. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12network/opera-developer: Updated for version 54.0.2949.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12multimedia/opera-ffmpeg-codecs: Updated for version 66.0.3359.139. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12network/opera: Updated for version 53.0.2907.37. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12network/PaleMoon: Updated for version 27.9.1. khronosschoty
2018-05-12system/sbbdep: Updated for version 0.3.1. Harald Achitz
2018-05-12academic/ds9: Updated for version 7.6. Nitish Ragoomundun
2018-05-12system/nix: Updated for version 2.0.2. Pragmatic Cypher
2018-05-12network/discord: Updated for version 0.0.5. Jeremy Hansen
2018-05-12desktop/elementary-xfce: Updated for version 0.12. Andrzej Telszewski
2018-05-12system/borgbackup: Updated for version 1.1.5. Andrzej Telszewski
2018-05-12development/sphinx_rtd_theme: Updated for version 0.3.1. Andrzej Telszewski
2018-05-12development/guzzle_sphinx_theme: Added (Sphinx theme for Guzzle). Andrzej Telszewski
2018-05-12python/python-m2r: Updated for version 0.1.14. David Spencer
2018-05-12development/diffoscope: Updated for version 94. David Spencer
2018-05-12office/trelby: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12development/srcML: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12ruby/rubygem-activesupport: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12libraries/rocksdb: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12games/redeclipse: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12network/radicale: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12system/multicorn: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12gis/pgrouting: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12perl/perl-Mojolicious: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12gis/osm2pgrouting: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12libraries/libtomcrypt: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12multimedia/exaile: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12games/dreamchess-music: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12games/dreamchess: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12graphics/CairoSVG: Update homepage. David Spencer
2018-05-12network/ipv6calc: Updated for version 1.0.0. Jason Graham
2018-05-12network/ip2location-c: Updated for version 8.0.7. Jason Graham
2018-05-12games/speed-dreams: Updated for version 2.2.2_rc2_r6527. powtrix
2018-05-12libraries/tbb: Updated for version 2018u3. powtrix
2018-05-12system/kexec-tools: Updated for version 2.0.17. powtrix
2018-05-12libraries/libwebp: Updated for version 1.0.0. powtrix
2018-05-12system/powerpanel: Added (CyberPower PowerPanel Personal Edition). Jason Graham
2018-05-12gis/qmapshack: Updated for version 1.11.1. Daniel Stolarski
2018-05-12system/ranger: Updated for version 1.9.1. David Woodfall
2018-05-12network/glewlwyd: Added (Oauth 2 authentication server). Yth - Arnaud
2018-05-12libraries/libjwt: Added (JWT C Library). Yth - Arnaud
2018-05-12libraries/hoel: Added (Database abstraction library written in C). Yth - Arnaud
2018-05-12libraries/ulfius: Added (HTTP Framework for REST Applications in C). Yth - Arnaud
2018-05-12libraries/yder: Added (Logging library written in C). Yth - Arnaud
2018-05-12libraries/orcania: Added (C functions). Yth - Arnaud
2018-05-12system/pytrash: Added (CLI implementation of the "trash"). Vladimir MyRequiem
2018-05-12network/palemoon: Updated for version 27.9.1. Skaendo
2018-05-12system/spman: Updated for version 1.5.1. Vladimir MyRequiem
2018-05-12games/RetroArch: Patched from upstream + add optional dep. Hunter Sezen
2018-05-12network/miniupnpd: Added (IGD Protocol, NAT-PMP, and PCP daemon). Andreas Guldstrand
2018-05-12perl/perl-Sidef: Updated for version 3.16. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12perl/perl-ExtUtils-ModuleMaker: Updated for version 0.58. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12desktop/Zafiro-icons: Updated for version 0.1.6. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12system/nano-syntax-highlighting: Updated for version 20180505. Edinaldo P. Silva
2018-05-12system/slack-scripts: Updated for version 0.0.2. David Woodfall
2018-05-12games/oolite: Updated for version 1.86. Johannes Schoepfer
2018-05-12development/rstudio-desktop: Updated for version 1.1.447. Ekin Akoglu
2018-05-12office/asymptote: Updated for version 2.44. Johannes Schoepfer
2018-05-12libraries/physfs: Changed build options. Johannes Schoepfer