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-skalibs: skalibs (general purpose C libraries)
+skalibs: skalibs (general-purpose C libraries for softwares)
skalibs: skalibs is a package centralizing the free software / open source C
skalibs: development files used for building all software at it
-skalibs: contains essentially general-purpose libraries. The point is that
-skalibs: you won't have to download and compile big libraries, and care
-skalibs: about portability issues, everytime you need to build a package: do
-skalibs: it only once.
+skalibs: contains essentially general-purpose libraries. You will need to
+skalibs: install skalibs if you plan to build software. skalibs can
+skalibs: also be used as a general-purpose library. It is very suitable for
+skalibs: creating small and secure system programs.
+skalibs: Homepage: