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+The EAGLE Layout Editor is an easy to use, yet powerful tool for designing
+printed circuit boards (PCBs). The name EAGLE is an acronym, which stands for
+Easily Applicable Graphical Layout Editor. The program consists of three main
+modules (Layout Editor, Schematic Editor, and Autorouter) which are embedded
+in a single user interface.
+If EAGLE prompts for a license key the first time it is run, point it toward
+the freeware license file located at /opt/eagle-VERSION/bin/freeware.key, or
+purchase a license to unlock advanced features.
+After the key is accepted, you may wish to change the permission of
+/opt/eagle-VERSION/bin/eagle.key so that it is no longer world-writable.
+ # chmod 0644 /opt/eagle-<version>/bin/eagle.key
+This script installs the English documentation. With version 5.10.0 German and
+(some) Chinese documentation is included as well. To select them, run this
+script as:
+ # LANG=<xx> ./eagle.SlackBuild
+where <xx> = "de" for German and "zh" for Chinese.