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+Mon May 13 01:30:07 UTC 2013
+development/gnustep-base: Added (GNUstep Base Library)
+development/gnustep-make: Added (GNUstep build/setup/packaging tool)
+games/residualvm: Added (LucasArts' 3D game engine interpreter)
+graphics/librecad: Updated for version 1.0.3.
+graphics/openscad: Added (CAD software for solid 3D objects)
+libraries/CGAL: Added (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library)
+libraries/OpenCSG: Added (CSG rendering library)
+libraries/harfbuzz: Updated for version 0.9.16.
+libraries/live555: Fixed version string in .info file
+libraries/vte3: Updated for version 0.34.4.
+misc/cflow: Added (Flow graph generator for C projects)
+network/ajaxplorer-sync: Added (desktop sync client for AjaXplorer)
+network/claws-mail-extra-plugins: Removed (included in claws-mail)
+network/claws-mail: Updated for version 3.9.1.
+network/fail2ban: Updated for version 0.8.8.
+network/filezilla: Updated for version
+network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 4.0.0.
+network/postgrey: Added (Postfix Greylisting Policy Server)
+network/transmission: Updated for version 2.77.
+office/texlive: include TL perl modules in package
+python/python-authres: Added (RFC 5451 Auth Results Headers generation and parsing)
+system/iotop: Updated for version 0.5.
+system/smem: Updated for version 1.3.
Sun Apr 28 15:57:51 UTC 2013
academic/R: Updated for version 3.0.0.
academic/aris: Fix html docs.