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+Mon Apr 9 16:55:45 UTC 2012
+academic/ImageJ: Added (Image processing and analysis in Java)
+audio/xmp: Added (Extended Module Player)
+desktop/thunar-sendto-clamtk: Added (A clamtk plugin for Thunar)
+development/argouml: Added (uml modeling tool)
+development/ola: Updated for version 0.8.18.
+games/chocolate-doom: Added (Doom source port)
+games/dunelegacy: Added (real-time strategy game)
+games/fortune-dune: Added (quotes from Frank Herbert's Dune series)
+games/supertux2: Added (The development snapshot of SuperTux)
+games/zdbsp: Added (node builder for Doom and related games)
+games/zennode: Added (node builder for Doom maps)
+graphics/Alchemy: Added (sketching environment)
+graphics/exact-image: Updated for version 0.8.7.
+graphics/psftools: Added (tools for converting bitmap font formats)
+libraries/girara: Added (GTK+ GUI for text-oriented applications)
+libraries/libnfs: Updated for version 1.3.0.
+libraries/libupnp: Updated for version 1.6.17.
+libraries/ortp: Fixed download link in .info file
+misc/html2ps: Added (converts html to postscript)
+network/bird: Added (internet routing suite)
+network/claws-mail: Noted optional html2ps dep in README
+office/kmymoney: Updated for version 4.6.2.
+office/ Fixed inverted MD5SUMs in .info file
+perl/perl-File-Find-Rule: Added (File::Find::Rule perl module)
+perl/perl-Number-Compare: Added (Number::Compare perl module)
+perl/perl-Text-Glob: Added (Text::Glob perl module)
+system/clamtk: Added (A frontend for ClamAV)
+system/kvm-kmod: Updated for version 3.3.
+system/postgresql: Updated for version 9.1.3.
+system/qemu-kvm: allow non-root use of vhost-net acceleration
+system/syslog-ng: Updated for version 3.3.4.
+system/twin: New maintainer
Mon Apr 2 22:13:23 UTC 2012
academic/qhull: Updated for version 2012.1.
academic/wxmacmolplt: Updated for version 7.4.3.