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1.0     20-MAR-2011 New Maintainer: Edward W. Koenig <>
1.1     10-APR-2011 updated to new version, testing 13.37rc4.6692
1.2     27-MAY-2011 new version, allow multilib option, minor edits
1.2.1   20-JUN-2011 minor edits, thanks to Robby and Roberto
1.5     01-JUL-2011 new version, single driver download, add switch to select pure x86_64 or x86_64 with 32-bit compatibility.
1.6     27-AUG-2011 version bump, minor edits
1.7     21-OCT-2011 version bump
1.8     24-MAR-2012 version bump, fix to nvidia-switch thanks to Phill W.
1.9     02-AUG-2012 version bmp, fixes, updates, nvidia-switch for install/uninstall only
2.0     21-AUG-2012 new version (important security fix), missing vdpau-nvidia, dropped *.h
2.1     25-AUG-2012 new version -Long Lived Branch, fixed symlinks (per Das email)
2.2     22-NOV-2012 new version -Long Lived Branch. Updates: libs, apps
2.3     15-FEB-2013 new version -Long Lived Branch.
2.4     19-MAY-2013 new version -Long Lived Branch.
2.6     20-OCT-2013 new version -Long Lived Branch, add new lib, fix nvidia-switch --remove
3.0     13-NOV-2013 new version (LLB), update libs
3.1     12-APR-2014 new version (LLB), update libs
3.2a	12-JUL-2014 new version (LLB), update libs and bug fixes, fix /dev/nvidia-uvm
3.3     20-NOV-2014 new version (LLB), update libs, fix nvidia-switch
3.4     11-JAN-2015 new version (LLB), monitor detection bug fix, add libEGL/GLES
4.0     07-FEB-2015 new long lived branch, version update, bug fixes
4.1     27-APR-2015 version update LLB, fix $VERSION usage
4.2     28-JUL-2015 version update LLB, bug fixes, clean-ups.
4.3     05-SEP-2015 version update LLB
4.4     13-DEC-2015 version update, X.Org 1.18 support
4.5     12-MAR-2016 version update LLB, symlink fixes, drop nvidia-installer, get ready for 14.2
4.5a    26-MAR-2016 fixed broken symlinks
4.6     24-APR-2016 version update LLB, fix symlinks, added to version if multilib
4.7	31-APR-2016 version update LLB, added nvidia-installer, updated libs/symlinks
5.0	20-FEB-2017 version update LLB, security fixes, updated libs/symlinks, nvidia-switch
5.1     01-APR-2017 fix nvidia-switch lib names to prevent bad ldconfig symlinks on reboot
5.2	02-JUN-2017 version update LLB, refactor/debug scripts, use nvidia-installer
5.3	13-OCT-2017 version update LLB, bug fixes, update copyright
5.4     18-FEB-2018 version update LLB, updates, bug fix (thanks Leo)
5.5	25-MAR-2018 version update LLB
5.6     23-APR-2018 version update LLB, update symlinks, fix changelog formatting
5.7     28-MAY-2018 version update LLB
5.8     30-JUL-2018 version update LLB
5.9	06-SEP-2018 version update LLB
6.0	09-N0V-2018 version update LLB, 32-bit CPU support dropped, x86_64 COMPAT32 available.
6.1	22-Dec-2018 version update LLB, fix libglx symlink
6.2	04-FEB-2019 beta version update LLB (build fixes kernel 4.4.168+), minor fixes/corrections
6.3	26-FEB-2019 version update LLB
6.4	20-APR-2019 version update LLB
6.5     14-MAY-2019 version update LLB
6.6     10-AUG-2019 version update LLB, drop non-glvnd libs. This script will NOT work on current
6.7     11-SEP-2019 version update LLB, fix for pre-Turing GPUs (This script will NOT work on current).
7.0     28-Sep-2019 version update LLB, add temp glvnd switch for 15.0, remove nvidia-switch
7.1	15-Dec-2019 version update LLB, fix libs
7.2     12-Feb-2020 version update LLB
7.3     24-Mar-2020 version update LLB, fixes nvidia-switch; doinst; update patch (thanks Daniel B.)