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This is the proprietary binary video driver from NVidia for the X.Org
X-server. This package does not include the kernel-module - it is a part
of the nvidia-kernel package at

NOTE: 64-bit x86_64 support ONLY for Slackware64. For x86 32-bit support,
use nvidia-legacy390-{driver,kernel}

Installing the 32-bit compatibility libraries is available: if desired, do:
  COMPAT32="yes" ./nvidia-driver.SlackBuild
If you plan to test this buildscript on current (15.0), to avoid stomping
on the installed libglvnd, do:
  CURRENT="yes" ./nvidia-driver.SlackBuild

Several useful utilities are included: nvidia-xsettings, nvidia-smi, and
nvidia-settings.  Please refer to the Nvidia documentation and man pages
for details and usage.

For CUDA/OpenCL to work after reboot, and for utilites such as nvidia-smi,
you might need to include the following line in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local:
# Create missing nvidia device nodes after reboot
/usr/bin/nvidia-modprobe -c 0 -u