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cnijfilter2 (Canon IJ Printer Driver)

cnijfilter2 provides printing functions for Canon Inkjet printers operating
under the CUPS (Common UNIX Printing System) environment.

Supported series:
- MG2900, MG3000, MG3600, MG5600, MG5700, MG6600, MG6700, MG6800, MG6900, MG7700,
- MB2700, MB2300, MB2100, MB2000, MB5000, MB5300
- G4010, G4000, G3010, G3000
- iB4100, iB4000, iP110
- E450, E480, E470, E300, E200, E3100, E4200, MX490
- TR4500, TR7500, TR7530, TR8500, TR8530, TR8580, TR9530
- TS9500, TS8230, TS8280, TS8200, TS6280, TS6230, TS6200, TS200, TS300, TS3100,
  TS5100, TS6100, TS6130, TS6180, TS8100, TS8180, TS9100, TS9180, TS8130, TS9580
- XK80, XK70, XK50

NB. see also SBo system/pixma SlackBuild for support of related Canon
printers. It supports MG2500, MG2400, MG3500, MG5500, MG6400, MG6500, MG7100
and P200 series.