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Iosevka is an open-source, sans-serif, monospace quasi‑proportional
typeface family, designed for writing code, using in terminals,
and preparing technical documents.

Iosevka provides a large variety of variants. Prebuilt variants are
listed below. For all Monospace variants' packages, it will contain
three spacing variants.

Default: The default variant with ligatures. Various symbols, like
arrows and geometric, are wide (2-column).

Terminal (“Term”):A narrower variant focusing terminal uses. Arrows and
geometric symbols will be narrow to follow typical terminal usages.

Fixed: Exact monospace font without ligatures and wide glyphs. Since
some environments cannot interpret Iosevka or Iosevka Term as monospace,
and have difficulties with ligatures included, you can use Iosevka Fixed
as an alternative.

Iosevka Slab variant - Monospace, Slab.