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harmonySEQ is a MIDI sequencer for Linux. Basically, it does what any
sequencer do - it playbacks a sequence of notes. However, it is slightly
different from most of the popular software sequencers.

harmonySEQ allows you to create any number of so-called 'sequencers' (what
a unique name!). All sequencers keep repeating the melody that is bound to
them. You can set the tempo globally, that means that everytime each
sequencer repeats his sequence with the same tempo as the others do. This
keeps them synchronized!

You can set each sequencer not only a sequence, but also the base chord,
from which notes are chosen when playing the sequence. This way all
sequencers can be easily tuned to each other, and the resulting sound will
consist only of notes that sound great together!

There is one more feature that makes harmonySEQ unique - the Events&Actions
system. You can set how harmonySEQ should react on triggers like key press,
MIDI note on, etc.

harmonySEQ also has so-called control sequencers, that output MIDI
controller events instead of notes.