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hex editor with curses UI

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hexe [*-options*] [**file**]


hexe is a hex editor with emacs-like key bindings. It runs in a
terminal and allows viewing, editing, and searching in hex or ASCII.


   Set the width of byte groups. Valid counts are 1, 2, 4 (default), 8, 16.

   Set the number of columns. Default is 4. No checking is done on the
   size of the terminal, so setting this too high means the rightmost
   columns (and ASCII display) will not be visible.

   Start at ADDRESS (hexadecimal). If the address is greater than the file size,
   starts at the end of the file.

   View mode (read-only).

   Show help message and exit.


hexe was written by spinout.

This man page written for the project
by B. Watson, and is licensed under the WTFPL.


The author's homepage: