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horgand (organ sounds softsynth)

horgand is a softsynth, really simple and easy to use, specially designed
to produce organ sounds, and is also capable of generating other sound
types like Electric Pianos, Jazz Guitar, Strings, Brass, Fretless Bass,
Accordion etc. using low CPU resources.

NOTE: The first time you start horgand, jack should NOT be running. To
enable jack in horgand, use its Settings menu (Audio Output => Jack,
then Save). Then exit horgand, start jack (with e.g. qjackctl), and run
horgand again. It should now be able to connect to the jack server. Don't
forget to connect its audio ouputs to something, if you want to hear it
(and its MIDI inputs to something, to play it).

This package uses POSIX filesystem capabilities to execute with
elevated privileges (required for realtime audio processing). This
may be considered a security/stability risk. Please read for more information. To disable
capabilities, pass SETCAP=no to the script.