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2020-10-03system/aha: Updated for version 0.5.1. B. Watson
2020-10-03system/ck4up: Fix md5sum, README, slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-10-03system/archivemount: Fix md5sum. B. Watson
2020-10-03system/wine-staging: Updated for version 5.18. Dave Woodfall
2020-10-03system/wine: Updated for version 5.0.2. Dave Woodfall
2020-10-03system/Iosevka: Updated for version 3.6.1. Eugene M
2020-10-03system/Iosevka-slab: Updated for version 3.6.1. Eugene M
2020-10-03system/unigine-valley-benchmark: Added (System benchmark tool) M.Dinslage
2020-10-03system/unigine-heaven-benchmark: Added (benchmark software) M.Dinslage
2020-10-03system/epson-printer-utility: Added (epson printer monitor+tools) Tim Dickson
2020-10-03system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 450.80.02. Lenard Spencer
2020-10-03system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 450.80.02. Lenard Spencer
2020-10-03system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Updated for version 1.1.20. Tim Dickson
2020-10-02system/cpuid2cpuflags: Updated for version 11.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-10-02system/zsh-completions: Updated for version 0.32.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-10-02system/bleachbit: Updated for version 4.1.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-10-02system/monitorix: Update DEP. Emmanuel N. Millan
2020-09-26system/archivemount: Updated for version 0.9.1. B. Watson
2020-09-26system/jsawk: Support mozjs78 from -current. Andrew Clemons
2020-09-26system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Updated for version 1.1.19. Tim Dickson
2020-09-26system/openmpi: Updated for version 4.0.5. Emmanuel N. Millan
2020-09-26system/monitorix: Updated for version 3.12.0. Emmanuel N. Millan
2020-09-26system/JetBrainsMono: Updated for version 2.001. Wainamoinen
2020-09-26system/powershell: Updated for version 7.0.3. Reza Talebi
2020-09-19system/clamav: Updated for version 0.103.0. Matteo Bernardini
2020-09-19system/osquery: Updated for version 4.5.0. Andrew Clemons
2020-09-19system/noto-emoji: Updated for version 20200916. Andrew Clemons
2020-09-18system/davfs2: Updated for version 1.5.6. Chris Abela
2020-09-18system/terminology: Updated for version 1.8.1. Erik Falor
2020-09-18system/yaft: Added (Yet another framebuffer terminal). Jefferson Rocha
2020-09-16system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Updated for version 1.1.18. Tim Dickson
2020-09-16system/irqbalance: Updated for version 1.7.0. Logan Rathbone
2020-09-16system/autojump: Updated for version 22.5.3. Brenton Earl
2020-09-16system/fio: Updated for version 3.23. Brenton Earl
2020-09-16system/clamtk: Updated for version 6.05. Petar Petrov
2020-09-12system/letsencrypt: Updated for version 1.8.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-09-12system/maxcso: Updated for version 1.12.0. orbea
2020-09-12system/pspg: Updated for version 3.1.3. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-09-12system/xarchiver: Updated to version Edward W. Koenig
2020-09-12system/mkslack: Updated for version 5.3.5. Dave Woodfall
2020-09-12system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Updated for version 1.1.17. Tim Dickson
2020-09-12system/dash: Updated for version Donald Cooley
2020-09-12system/autoslackpkg: Updated for version 1.1. Stu Miller
2020-09-11system/secure-delete: Updated for version 3.1_6. Jefferson Rocha
2020-09-11system/direvent: Added (Directory event monitoring daemon) Jeff Parent
2020-09-11system/nvidia-driver: Fix typo. Lenard Spencer
2020-09-11system/nvidia-kernel: Fix version. Lenard Spencer
2020-09-09system/bindfs: Updated for version 1.14.7. Kent Fritz
2020-09-09system/entr: Updated for version 4.6. Kent Fritz
2020-09-09system/john: Updated for version 1.9.0. Kent Fritz
2020-09-05system/system76-power: Updated for version 1.1.10. Erich Ritz
2020-09-05system/Solaar: Updated for version 1.0.3. Erich Ritz
2020-09-05system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr2: Updated for version 1.1.16. Tim Dickson
2020-09-05system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 450.66. Lenard Spencer
2020-09-05system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 450.66. Lenard Spencer
2020-09-05system/logwatch: Updated for version 7.5.4. ArTourter
2020-09-04system/webmin: Updated for version 1.955. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-09-04system/usermin: Updated for version 1.803. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-09-04system/intel-microcode: Updated for version 20200616. Andrzej Telszewski
2020-09-04system/ncdu: Updated for version 1.15.1. Erik Hanson
2020-09-04system/beebem: Added (Acorn BBC Micro and Master 128 emulator). Tim Dickson
2020-09-04system/libtrash: Updated for version 3.6. Isaac Yu
2020-09-04system/avfs: Updated for version 1.1.3. Eugene M
2020-09-04system/worker: Updated for version 4.5.1. Eugene M
2020-09-04system/dosbox-x: Updated for version 0.83.2. Leo C
2020-09-03system/sleepd: Fix bug. Kenneth Chan
2020-09-03system/scrypt: Updated for version 1.3.1. Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-09-03system/intelmas: Updated for version 1.2. Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-09-03system/terminology: Updated for version 1.8.0. Erik Falor
2020-09-03system/makeself: Updated for version 2.4.2. Erik Falor
2020-09-03system/chronograf: Updated for version 1.8.6. Ebben Aries
2020-09-02system/thin-provisioning-tools: Updated for version 0.9.0. Marek Wodzinski
2020-09-02system/ansible: Updated for version 2.9.13. Marek Wodzinski
2020-09-02system/dosbox-dev: updated for version 0.75_pre4358 Arn0
2020-09-02system/jdupes: updated for version 1.18.2 Arn0
2020-08-29system/slpkg: Updated for version 3.9.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2020-08-29system/xen: XSA 317-328 update. Mario Preksavec
2020-08-29system/wine-staging: Updated for version 5.15.2. Dave Woodfall
2020-08-29system/wine: Update README. Dave Woodfall
2020-08-29system/mkslack: Updated for version 5.3.4. Dave Woodfall
2020-08-29system/ph: Update email. Dave Woodfall
2020-08-29system/vice: New maintainer. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/vinterm: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/ttf-console-fonts: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/solarize-12x29-psf: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/sdl-jstest: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/sandy: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/rtirq: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/pucrunch: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/otf2bdf: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/isextract: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/info2man: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/exomizer: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/etsh: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/dse-typewriter-font: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/bitmapfont2ttf: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/agedu: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/ZoneMinder: Update download URL. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/openstego: Updated for version 0.7.4. B. Watson
2020-08-29system/podman: change variable for repo source directory juankman94