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2013-07-01system/redis: Updated for version 2.6.14. Audrius Kažukauskas
2013-07-01system/iotop: Updated for version 0.6. Audrius Kažukauskas
2013-07-01system/pigz: Updated for version 2.3, new maintainer. Patrick Verner
2013-06-30system/flexbackup: Added (a flexible backup tool) klaatu
2013-06-29system/seahorse: Updated for version 3.8.1. Andrew Rowland
2013-06-29system/gdm: Fix crypt() usage with glibc-2.17+ mancha
2013-06-23system/reptyr: Updated for version 0.5_20130618. B. Watson
2013-06-23system/trackfs: Updated for version 0.1.0. B. Watson
2013-06-23system/v86d: Added (x86 Emulation Daemon) Cj Case
2013-06-23system/mongodb: Updated for version 2.4.4. Miguel De Anda
2013-06-23system/ksh-openbsd: Updated for version 20130611. LEVAI Daniel
2013-06-21system/numactl: Added (NUMA process control) Wainamoinen
2013-06-21system/cronie: Updated for version 1.4.9. Chris Abela
2013-06-20system/unp: Added (unpack almost everything with one command) Petr Kletecka
2013-06-20system/burp: Updated for version 1.3.32. Chris Abela
2013-06-18system/terminator: Updated for version 0.97. Alan Alberghini
2013-06-13system/isomd5sum: Updated for version 1.0.10. B. Watson
2013-06-09system/plan9port: Updated for version 20130308. Ruben Schuller
2013-06-05system/xboxdrv-linux: Updated for version 0.8.5. Roberto Neri
2013-06-05system/tiger: Updated with a few bug fixing patches. pyllyukko
2013-06-05system/systrace: Added (interactive policy gen. for system calls) B. Watson
2013-06-05system/epson-inkjet-printer-escpr: Added (generic printer driver) Ruben Schuller
2013-06-05system/dtrx: Added (Intelligent archive extraction) Petr Kletecka
2013-06-05system/ack: Added (grep for coders) Matteo Bernardini
2013-06-05system/apcupsd: Added "missingok" to the logrotate script Robby Workman
2013-06-04system/unshield: Added (extractor for Microsoft InstallShield cabinet files) B. Watson
2013-06-04system/freeswitch: Added (Open source telephony platform) mario
2013-06-04system/rodent: Updated for version 5.0.5. Roberto Neri
2013-06-04system/rodent: Updated for version 5.0.3. Roberto Neri
2013-06-04system/gpsd: Updated for version 3.9. David Spencer
2013-06-04system/vifm: Updated for version 0.7.5. Charles E. Kauffman
2013-06-04system/i8kutils: Added (utilities for Dell Inspiron and Latitude laptops) Fabio Sangiovanni
2013-06-04system/heirloom-doctools: Added (classic implementation of the troff tools) Ruben Schuller
2013-06-04system/xen: Updated for version 4.2.2 (and 3.2.45 kernel) mario
2013-06-04system/kvm-kmod: Updated for version 3.9. Stu Miller
2013-06-04system/mksh: Updated for version R46. Markus Reichelt
2013-06-04system/nvidia-driver: Updated for version 319.17. Edward Koenig
2013-06-04system/nvidia-kernel: Updated for version 319.17. Edward Koenig
2013-06-04system/zpaq: Added (journaling, incremental, deduplicating archiver) Christoph Willing
2013-06-04system/gparted: Updated for version 0.16.0. Erik Hanson
2013-06-04system/fsviewer: Updated download andhomepage links. B. Watson
2013-06-04system/apcupsd: Add --with-dev="" to configure flags Robby Workman
2013-06-04system/apcupsd: Fix lockdir definition and usage Robby Workman
2013-05-19system/virt-viewer: Updated for version 0.5.5. Zak B. Elep
2013-05-19system/rsyslog: Updated for version 7.2.6. Christophe Trussardi
2013-05-19system/redis: Updated for version 2.6.12. Audrius Kažukauskas
2013-05-19system/pcsc-perl: Updated for version 1.4.13. LukenShiro
2013-05-19system/mongodb: Updated for version 2.4.3. Miguel De Anda
2013-05-19system/makeself: Updated for version 2.2.0. Andrew Tkalia
2013-05-19system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font: Updated for version 1.050. Dugan Chen
2013-05-13system/iotop: Updated for version 0.5. Audrius Kažukauskas
2013-05-13system/smem: Updated for version 1.3. Audrius Kažukauskas
2013-04-28system/convmv: Updated for version 1.15. Oleg O. Chukaev
2013-04-28system/ssdeep: Updated for version 2.9. Oleg O. Chukaev
2013-04-28system/smbldap-tools: Updated for version 0.9.10. Christopher Walker
2013-04-28system/sbotools: Updated for version 1.6. Jacob Pipkin
2013-04-28system/nss-pam-ldapd: Updated for version 0.8.12. Christopher Walker
2013-04-28system/lbench: Updated for version 2.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-28system/kc: Updated for version 2.3.0. LEVAI Daniel
2013-04-28system/innoextract: Updated for version 1.4. Dugan Chen
2013-04-28system/herculesstudio: Updated for version 1.4.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-28system/gcdemu: Updated for version 2.0.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-28system/fs-uae: Updated for version 2.2.1. Marcel Saegebarth
2013-04-28system/ccrypt: Updated for version 1.10. Nishant Limbachia
2013-04-28system/adobe-source-sans-pro-font: Updated for version 1.040. Dugan Chen
2013-04-28system/virtualbox-extension-pack: Updated for version 4.2.10. Nikolay Korotkiy
2013-04-28system/qemu: Clean up some left over verbiage wrt qemu-kvm Robby Workman
2013-04-28system/kvm-kmod: Don't install udev rules Robby Workman
2013-04-28system/kvm-kmod: Clean up leftover verbiage wrt qemu-kvm Robby Workman
2013-04-28system/wine: Updated for version 1.5.25. David Woodfall
2013-04-27system/grub2: Fixed permission issue. crocket
2013-04-27system/multicorn: Added (PostgreSQL Foreign Data Wrappers) Audrius Kažukauskas
2013-04-16system/usbredir: Updated for version 0.6. Matteo Bernardini
2013-04-16system/ccd2iso: Fixed download location. Bogdan Tatarov
2013-04-16system/rar2fs: Fixed dep info (s,libunrar,unrar,) Robby Workman
2013-04-16system/kvm-kmod: Removed spurrious dependency on qemu Robby Workman
2013-04-16system/gparted: Updated for version 0.15.0. Erik Hanson
2013-04-16system/udisks-glue: Added (associate events to user-defined actions) Kurt Erickson
2013-04-16system/qemu-kvm: Removed (merged with system/qemu) Edward Koenig
2013-04-16system/qemu: Updated for version 1.4.0. Edward Koenig
2013-04-16system/fsarchiver: Updated for version 0.6.17. Nishant Limbachia
2013-04-16system/mksh: Updated for version R44. Markus Reichelt
2013-04-16system/unrar: Updated for version 4.2.4. mario
2013-04-16system/rxvt-unicode: Updated for version 9.18. LEVAI Daniel
2013-04-16system/cdemu-client: Updated for version 2.0.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-16system/cdemu-daemon: Updated for version 2.0.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-16system/image-analyzer: Updated for version 2.0.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-16system/slim: Updated for version 1.3.5. Niels Horn
2013-04-16system/postgresql: Updated for version 9.2.4. Adis Nezirovic
2013-04-16system/virtualbox: Updated for version 4.2.10. Heinz Wiesinger
2013-04-16system/virtualbox-kernel: Updated for version 4.2.10. Heinz Wiesinger
2013-04-16system/virtualbox-kernel-addons: Updated for version 4.2.10. Heinz Wiesinger
2013-04-16system/virtualbox-addons: Updated for version 4.2.10. Heinz Wiesinger
2013-04-16system/reiser4progs: Correct information in README and slack-desc Kurt Erickson
2013-03-22system/udftools: Added (udf userspace utilites) Leigh Wedding
2013-03-22system/ksh-openbsd: Updated for version 20130311. LEVAI Daniel
2013-03-22system/dar: Updated for version 2.4.10. Nishant Limbachia
2013-03-22system/nickle: Added (programming language) Mathew Holleran
2013-03-22system/netperf: Added (benchmarking for various types of networking) Mathew Holleran
2013-03-22system/makeself: Added (Make self-extractable archives on Unix) Andrew Tkalia