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2019-04-05system/pycp: Updated for version 8.0.8. Edinaldo P. Silva
2019-03-16system/pycp: Updated for version 8.0.7. Edinaldo P. Silva
2017-10-07system/pycp: Updated for version 7.3.0. Edinaldo P. Silva
2016-11-15system/pycp: Fix README. B. Watson
2016-08-05system/pycp: Fix tarball handling. David Spencer
2016-07-30system/pycp: Updated for version 7.2.2. Edinaldo P. Silva
2016-01-17Multiple: Fixed .info file (removed pysetuptools) Robby Workman
2015-09-05system/pycp: Added (cp and mv with a progressbar). Edinaldo P. Silva