path: root/system/clamav/rc.clamav
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-08-18system/clamav: Fix clamav-milter command in rc.clamav. Matteo Bernardini
2012-11-04system/clamav: Fixed logging location of freshclam in rc.clamav. pyllyukko
2012-08-22system/clamav: /var/run/clamav/ must exist, so create in rc.clamav Robby Workman
2011-09-23system/clamav: Updated for version 0.97.2 (+new maintainer) ponce
2010-05-13system/clamav: Updated for version 0.95.2 Yalla-One
2010-05-11system/clamav: Added to 12.0 repository Yalla-One