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2021-06-01perl/mod_perl: Patch for the newer perls. Matteo Bernardini
2021-05-18perl/perl-tk: update for version 804.036 Petar Petrov
2021-05-18perl/perl-Text-Soundex: update copyright years Petar Petrov
2021-05-18perl/perl-HTML-Template: update copyright years Petar Petrov
2021-05-07perl/perl-Task-Weaken: Fix REQUIRES. Dave Woodfall
2021-05-03perl/perl-Digest-MD4: Removed (not used by anything @ SBo) Robby Workman
2021-04-26perl/perl-Package-Constants: Update maintainer Sergey Poznyakoff
2021-04-23perl/perl-gnome2-gconf: Take over maintainership Cristiano Urban
2021-04-23perl/perl-Sub-Exporter-Progressive: Updated for version 0.001013. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-04-22perl/perl-Convert-UU: Removed (no maintainer) Robby Workman
2021-04-22perl/perl-Astro-SunTime: Removed (no maintainer) Robby Workman
2021-04-22perl/perl-Razor2-Client-Agent: Removed (no maintainer) Robby Workman
2021-04-22perl/perl-X10: Removed (no maintainer) Robby Workman
2021-04-22perl/perl-PerlIO-Layers: Removed (no maintainer) Robby Workman
2021-04-22perl/perl-PHP-Serialization: Removed (no maintainer) Robby Workman
2021-04-21various: Kill perl/* deps no longer needed Robby Workman
2021-04-20perl/MoarVM: Fixed dep info Robby Workman
2021-04-18network/razor-agents: Force a single make job. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-libnet: Removed (added to Slackware's perl). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Tk-TableMatrix: Updated for version 20201024_2c4c333. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Template-Toolkit: Removed (added to Slackware). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Sub-Quote: Removed (added to Slackware). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Pod-Parser: Added (base class for POD). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Pod-Coverage: Added the new dep perl-Pod-Parser. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Path-Tiny: Removed (added to Slackware). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Moo: Removed (added to Slackware). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Module-Runtime: Removed (added to Slackware). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Image-Magick: Removed (incompatible with imagemagick-7.x). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Removed (added to Slackware's perl). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Gnome2-Vte: Added the new dependency vte2. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-File-Slurp: Updated for version 9999.27. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Devel-CheckLib: Removed (added to Slackware's perl). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-DateTime-Format-Strptime: Disabled tests. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-RSA: Updated for version 0.31. Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Crypt-OpenSSL-Guess: Added (perl module). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/perl-Authen-SASL: Removed (added to Slackware's perl). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-18perl/Net-SSLeay: Removed (added to Slackware's perl). Matteo Bernardini
2021-04-17perl/perl-Math-GMPz: Updated for version 0.50. Dave Woodfall
2021-04-17perl/perl-Sidef: Updated for version 3.98. Dave Woodfall
2021-03-27perl/rakudo: Updated for version 2021.03 Michel Begue
2021-03-27perl/nqp: Updated for version 2021.03 Michel Begue
2021-03-27perl/MoarVM: Updated for version 2021.03 Michel Begue
2021-03-20perl/nqp: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2021-03-20perl/rakudo: Fix download URL. B. Watson
2021-03-05perl/perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Updated for version 2.070. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-03-05perl/perl-Date-Manip: Updated for version 6.85. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-03-05perl/perl-Image-Sane: Updated for version 5 Michel Begue
2021-02-27perl/perl-Unicode-LineBreak: Updated for version 2019.001. Didier Spaier
2021-02-24perl/perl-File-Remove: Updated for version 1.60 Michel Begue
2021-02-23perl/rakudo: Updated for version 2021.02 Michel Begue
2021-02-23perl/MoarVM: Updated for version 2021.02 Michel Begue
2021-02-23perl/nqp: Updated for version 2021.02 Michel Begue
2021-02-22perl/perl-Role-Tiny: Updated for version 2.002004. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-02-19perl/perl-PDF-API2: Updated for version 2.038. Michel Begue
2021-02-19perl/perl-Gtk3: Updated for version 0.038. Michel Begue
2021-02-19perl/perl-ExtUtils-Install: Updated for version 2.20. Michel Begue
2021-02-14perl/perl-LWP-Protocol-https: Updated for version 6.10. Chris Walker
2021-02-14perl/perl-Mozilla-CA: Updated for version 20200520. Chris Walker
2021-02-14perl/perl-Math-MPFR: Updated for version 4.16. Dave Woodfall
2021-02-14perl/perl-Math-GMPz: Updated for version 0.49. Dave Woodfall
2021-02-14perl/perl-Math-GMPq: Updated for version 0.46. Dave Woodfall
2021-02-14perl/perl-Sidef: Updated for version 3.97.1. Dave Woodfall
2021-02-08perl/perl-Cairo-GObject: Updated for version 1.005 Michel A. Begue
2021-02-06perl/perl-Path-Tiny: Updated for version 0.118. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-02-06perl/perl-IO-Socket-SSL: Updated for version 2.069. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-01-30perl/perl-PAR: Updated for version 1.017. Edinaldo P. Silva
2021-01-30perl/perl-cairo: Updated for version 1.109. Edinaldo P. Silva
2021-01-17perl/perl-DBIx-Simple: New Maintainer. Sergey Poznyakoff
2021-01-17perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build: New Maintainer. Sergey Poznyakoff
2021-01-17perl/perl-CPANPLUS: New Maintainer. Sergey Poznyakoff
2021-01-17perl/perl-Archive-Extract: New Maintainer. Sergey Poznyakoff
2021-01-17perl/perl-Role-Tiny: Updated for version 2.002003. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-01-17perl/perl-Moo: Updated for version 2.004004. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2021-01-09perl/perl-MusicBrainz-DiscID: New maintainer. Didier Spaier
2021-01-09perl/perl-WebService-MusicBrainz: New maintainer. Didier Spaier
2021-01-09perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Build: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-CPANPLUS: Updated for version 0.9910 & orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Archive-Extract: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-DBIx-Simple: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Module-Pluggable: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Object-Accessor: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Package-Constants: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Term-ReadLine-Gnu: Updated for version 1.37 & orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Term-UI: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Log-Message-Simple: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-09perl/perl-Log-Message: Orphaned. orphaned - no maintainer
2021-01-04perl/perl-CPANPLUS-Dist-Slackware: Change maintainer. Sergey Poznyakoff
2021-01-02perl/raku-Readline: Updated for version 0.1.6. Michel Begue
2021-01-02perl/perl-PDF-Builder: Added (creation and modification of PDFs) Michel A. BEGUE
2021-01-02perl/perl-Devel-Cycle: Updated for version 1.12. Michel A. BEGUE
2021-01-02perl/perl-Test-Memory-Cycle: Updated for version 1.06. Michel A. BEGUE
2020-12-26perl/rakudo: Updated for version 2020.12. Michel Begue
2020-12-26perl/nqp: Updated for version 2020.12. Michel Begue
2020-12-26perl/MoarVM: Updated for version 2020.12. Michel Begue
2020-12-26perl/zef: Change maintainer. Michel Begue
2020-12-26perl/raku-Readline: Change maintainer. Michel Begue
2020-12-18perl/perl-Razor2-Client-Agent: Orphaned. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-12-05perl/perl-Date-Manip: Updated for version 6.83. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-12-05perl/perl-PAR-Dist: Updated for version 0.51. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-12-05perl/perl-cairo: Updated for version 1.108. Edinaldo P. Silva