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2013-06-30office/pdfpc: Added (a GTK based presentation viewer application) Markus Hutmacher
2013-06-28office/zathura-pdf-mupdf: Updated for version 0.2.4. B. Watson
2013-06-28office/mupdf: Upated for version 1.2 + new maintainer. B. Watson
2013-06-28office/zathura-ps: Updated for version 0.2.2. B. Watson
2013-06-28office/zathura-djvu: Updated fir version 0.2.3. B. Watson
2013-06-28office/zathura: Updated for version 0.2.3. B. Watson
2013-06-25office/texstudio: Updated for version 2.6.0. Larry Hajali
2013-06-21office/ganttproject: Updated for version 2.6.1_r1499. Chris Abela
2013-06-16office/texlive: Fixup duplicate manpages in wrong places Robby Workman
2013-06-09office/calibre: Updated for version 0.9.34. Larry Hajali
2013-06-05office/text2pdf: Added (Converts text files to PDF) mario
2013-06-05office/gcal: Added (Gnu terminal calendar application) David Woodfall
2013-06-04office/pdftk: Updated for version 2.00. ArTourter
2013-06-04office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.5.5. ArTourter
2013-06-04office/ProjectLibre: Updated for version 1.5.5. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-05-19office/texmaker: Updated for version 4.0.2. Larry Hajali
2013-05-19office/elyxer: Updated for version 1.2.5. Bending Unit 647
2013-05-13office/texlive: include TL perl modules in package Mathew Holleran
2013-04-28office/remind: Updated for version 03.01.13. T3slider
2013-04-27office/bookbinder: (Create a bindable book from a PDF file) Petr Kletecka
2013-04-25office/trelby: Added (A screenwriting program) Zach Gardner
2013-04-24office/pandoc: Updated for version 1.11.1. Peter Wang
2013-04-16office/calibre: Updated for version 0.9.24. Larry Hajali
2013-04-16office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 4.0.2. Niels Horn
2013-04-16office/libreoffice-helppack: Updated for version 4.0.2. Niels Horn
2013-04-16office/libreoffice: Updated for version 4.0.2. Niels Horn
2013-04-16office/libreoffice-helppack: Added (LibreOffice Built-in Help Pack) Niels Horn
2013-04-16office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 4.0.1. Niels Horn
2013-04-16office/libreoffice: Updated for version 4.0.1. Niels Horn
2013-03-22office/gocr: Updated for version 0.50. Nishant Limbachia
2013-03-22office/briss: Added (The BRIght Snippet Sire) Alan Alberghini
2013-03-22office/texmaker: Updated for version 4.0. Larry Hajali
2013-03-22office/evince: Updated for version 3.4.0. Michiel van Wessem
2013-03-22office/calcurse: Updated for version 3.1.4. Michiel van Wessem
2013-03-22office/ProjectLibre: Updated for version 1.5.4. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-03-03office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.5.4. ArTourter
2013-02-25office/wyrd: Fix my stupid copy/paste error Robby Workman
2013-02-24office/texlive: Clarified README wrt building Robby Workman
2013-02-24office/wyrd: Don't clobber config file on package upgrades Robby Workman
2013-02-24office/wyrd: Updated for version 1.4.6. T3slider
2013-02-24office/convertlit: Added (converts .lit files to .epub) B. Watson
2013-02-23office/sigil: Updated for version 0.6.2. Larry Hajali
2013-02-23office/adobe-reader: Updated for version 9.5.3. ArTourter
2013-02-23office/epdfview: Use a working download link Chess Griffin
2013-02-23office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3.7. Gilcio Amaral
2013-02-14office/myrulib: Updated for version 0.29.12. Fridrich von Stauffenberg
2013-02-14office/JabRef: Added (Reference Manager) Mario Antunes
2013-02-14office/flowkeeper: Added (Java-based timer for Pomodoro Technique(R)) LukenShiro
2013-02-14office/ProjectLibre: Updated for version 1.5.3. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-02-06office/pdftk: Updated for version 1.45. ArTourter
2013-02-06office/wink: Fixed download link Robby Workman
2013-01-10office/texstudio: Updated for version 2.5.2, added license. Larry Hajali
2013-01-10office/calibre: Updated for version 0.9.13. Larry Hajali
2013-01-10office/qpdfview: Updated for version 0.3.7. Mark Noman
2013-01-02office/zathura-ps: License added. B. Watson
2012-12-27office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 3.6.4. Niels Horn
2012-12-27office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.6.4. Niels Horn
2012-12-23office/ProjectLibre: Updated for version 1.5.2. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2012-12-23office/xournal: Updated for version 0.4.7. Michael Filz
2012-12-22office/calibre: Updated for version 0.9.11. Larry Hajali
2012-12-19office/treesheets: Added (Free Form Data Organization). Luke Williams
2012-12-14office/hevea: Updated for version 2.00. Dario Nicodemi
2012-12-12office/pdfshuffler: Updated for version 0.6.0. Howard Pepper
2012-12-11office/qpdfview: Added (Document Viewer). Mark Noman
2012-12-11office/notmuch: Updated for version 0.14. Jostein Berntsen
2012-12-11office/gummi: Updated for version 0.6.5. Larry Hajali
2012-12-11office/myrulib: Updated for version 0.29.11. Fridrich von Stauffenberg
2012-12-11office/task: Updated for version 2.1.2 Jostein Berntsen
2012-12-11office/ProjectLibre: Updated for version 1.5.1 Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2012-12-11office/xpad: Updated for version 4.1 Howard Pepper
2012-12-11office/vym: Updated for version 2.2.4 Heinz Wiesinger
2012-12-11office/texstudio: Updated for version 2.5.1 Larry Hajali
2012-12-11office/scribus: Updated for version 1.4.1 Heinz Wiesinger
2012-12-11office/pcal: Updated for version 4.11.0 Tracy Williams
2012-12-11office/lcal: Updated SlackBuild script license Tracy Williams
2012-12-11office/focuswriter: Updated for version 1.4.0 Giuseppe Scalzi
2012-12-11office/texmaker: Updated for version 3.5.2. Larry Hajali
2012-11-04office/texlive: Add a note re obtaining svn checkout Robby Workman
2012-11-04office/hevea: Fixed download link. Matteo Bernardini
2012-10-13office/texlive: Fixed banner text in configure Robby Workman
2012-10-07office/grisbi: Fix typo in slack-desc and README. Heinz Wiesinger
2012-10-07office/mupdf: Fix building against openjpeg. Heinz Wiesinger
2012-10-02Files on server need to be mode 644. dsomero
2012-10-01office/verbiste: Fixed (Handle desktop file) dsomero
2012-10-01office/rednotebook: Fixed (Install dsomero
2012-10-01office/kbgoffice: Fixed (Handle icon and desktop files) dsomero
2012-10-01office/grisbi: Fixed (Handle mime files) dsomero
2012-09-30office/ProjectLibre: Updated for version 1.5 Beta 5. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2012-09-29office/sunbird: Removed (abandoned by upstream) Robby Workman
2012-09-29office/moneydance: Updated for version 2012.820. Robby Workman
2012-09-26office/pdfedit: Patched for gcc 4.7 dsomero
2012-09-25office/chmsee: Updated for version 1.99.14. Binh Nguyen
2012-09-24office/adobe-reader: xulrunner should be optional, not required Robby Workman
2012-09-22office/texworks: Updated for version 0.4.4. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2012-09-22office/rastertospp: Link cups correctly Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2012-09-22office/gbgoffice: Removed some duplicate patches Petar Petrov
2012-09-22office/osmo: Updated for subversion revision 928. Matteo Bernardini
2012-09-20office/lyx: Updated for version 2.0.4. Matteo Bernardini
2012-09-20office/dictd: Updated for version 1.12.1. Robby Workman
2012-09-19office/tellico: Updated for version 2.3.6. Gilcio Amaral