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2010-12-29network/pysmssend: Added (send SMS over internet) Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-29network/httptunnel: Added (tunnel over http) sombriks
2010-12-29network/nsca: Added (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) Bas Couwenberg
2010-12-27network/tor: Updated for version Marco Bonetti
2010-12-27network/dhcping: Small fix. Erik Hanson
2010-12-27network/snort: Updated for version Niels Horn
2010-12-27network/wvdial: Added (ppp dialer app) Moritz Wilhelmy
2010-12-27network/nginx: Updated for version 0.8.54. Diogo Leal
2010-12-27network/docsis: Added (binary config generator for DOCSIS modems) Michal Bialozor
2010-12-27network/leafnode: Fix memory leak with applyfilter Andrew Strong
2010-12-27network/centerim: Updated for version 4.22.10. Christopher Forrest
2010-12-27network/NetworkManager: Really fix rc.networkmanager this time Robby Workman
2010-12-27network/amsn: Removed dependency from README. Giovanne Castro
2010-12-26network/amsn: Added (free open source MSN Messenger clone) Giovanne Castro
2010-12-26network/sopcast: Added (Free P2P internet TV) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-24network/cclive: Added (flash video downloader) crocket
2010-12-24network/quvi: Added (video download link parser) crocket
2010-12-24network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Updated for version 0.2.2. Nishant Limbachia
2010-12-22network/ike: Added (Internet Key exchange daemon / IPsec VPN client) Ferenc Deak
2010-12-21network/imageshack-uploader: Added (upload images to Binh Nguyen
2010-12-21network/arora: Added (web browser) Grigorios Bouzakis
2010-12-21network/perl-Danga-Socket: Added (epoll() interface for perl) Adrian Ulrich
2010-12-21network/perl-Sys-Syscall: Added (perl System Call access) Adrian Ulrich
2010-12-21network/perl-NetAddr-IP: Updated for version 4.037. Nishant Limbachia
2010-12-21network/flexget: Added (multipurpose content downloader) Lionel Young
2010-12-21network/PyRSS2Gen: Added (python RSS feed generator) Lionel Young
2010-12-21network/dropbox: Updated for version 1.0.10. Murat D. Kadirov
2010-12-19network/opera: Updated for version 11.00 (new maintainer). markus reichelt
2010-12-19network/NetworkManager: Included a few minor fixes (read summary) Robby Workman
2010-12-19network/ModemManager: Fix build with newer glib2 Robby Workman
2010-12-17network/kadu: Updated for version M Slodkiewicz
2010-12-17network/python-pypolicyd-spf: Added (Python Postfix SPF engine) Steven King
2010-12-17network/gtorrentviewer: Included two patches. Binh Nguyen
2010-12-17network/gtorrentviewer Added (A torrent viewer and editor) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-17network/mangler: Added (Ventrilo compatible client for Linux) James Geboski
2010-12-17network/teamviewer: Added (remote control application) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-17network/licq: Added (ICQ instant messenger) Michael Filz
2010-12-17network/dhcping: Added (checks if a remote DHCP server is alive) Michal Bialozor
2010-12-17network/freerdp: Added (Free implementation of the RDP protocol) Niels Horn
2010-12-17network/pidgin-sipe: Updated for version 1.11.2. Marco Bonetti
2010-12-17network/xtables-addons: Updated for version 1.31. Robby Workman
2010-12-13network/NetworkManager: patched to ignore temporary files Robby Workman
2010-12-13network/efax-gtk: Updated for version 3.2.6. LukenShiro
2010-12-13network/wicd-client-kde: Added (KDE gui for WICD) Steven Pledger
2010-12-12network/plowshare: Updated for version 0.9.4. Mikhail Cuddy
2010-12-12network/sieve-connect: Added (Perl ManageSieve client) Daniel LEVAI
2010-12-12network/node: Updated for version 0.2.4 Audrius Kažukauskas
2010-12-12network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version Nishant Limbachia
2010-12-12network/snort: Updated for version Niels Horn
2010-12-12network/smb4k: Updated for version 0.10.9. Roberto Neri
2010-12-12network/uget: Updated for version 1.6.1. Morten Juhl-Johansen Zölde-Fejé
2010-12-12network/nginx: Updated for version 0.8.53. Diogo Leal
2010-12-09network/nx: Added (Nomachine NX) ponce
2010-12-09network/freenx: Added (Free implementation of the NX Server) ponce
2010-12-09network/nxclient: (client for the NX protocol) ponce
2010-12-07network/dovecot: Updated for version 2.0.8. Alan Hicks
2010-12-07network/mediatomb: Added (an open source UPnP MediaServer) Heinz Wiesinger
2010-12-07network/claws-mail-extra-plugins: Updated for version 3.7.8. Erik Hanson
2010-12-07network/claws-mail: Updated for version 3.7.8. Erik Hanson
2010-12-07network/choqok: Updated for version 0.9.92. David Woodfall
2010-12-07network/fail2ban: Minor cosmetic changes. Nishant Limbachia
2010-12-07Various: Update maintainer contact information Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/google-chrome: Updated for version 8.0.552.215. Erik Hanson
2010-12-06network/network-manager-applet: Updated for version 0.8.2. Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/NetworkManager-vpnc: Updated for version 0.8.2. Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/NetworkManager-pptp: Updated for version 0.8.2. Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/NetworkManager-openvpn: Updated for version 0.8.2. Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/NetworkManager-openconnect: Updated for version 0.8.2. Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/NetworkManager: Updated for version 0.8.2. Robby Workman
2010-12-06network/tor: Updated for version Marco Bonetti
2010-12-06network/zarafa-webaccess-ajax: Updated for version 6.40.3. Niels Horn
2010-12-06network/zarafa: Updated for version 6.40.3. Niels Horn
2010-12-06network/shorewall6: Updated for version 4.4.15. ArTourter
2010-12-06network/shorewall: Updated for version 4.4.15. ArTourter
2010-12-06network/ngrep: BUILD bump, fixed path to pcap.h. Erik Hanson
2010-12-04network/webalizer: Fixed inconsequential typo in script Robby Workman
2010-12-02Various: miscellaneous fixes/tweaks to .info files Robby Workman
2010-11-29network/znc: Updated for version 0.096. Sean Donner
2010-11-29network/filezilla: Updated for version Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2010-11-29network/frostwire: Updated for version 4.21.1. Edward Koenig
2010-11-29network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 3.3.8. Nishant Limbachia
2010-11-29network/webalizer: Added (web server log file analysis program) Steven King
2010-11-29network/csync: Added (file synchronizer) Steven King
2010-11-29network/shorewall6: Updated for version 4.4.14. ArTourter
2010-11-29network/shorewall: Updated for version 4.4.14. ArTourter
2010-11-29network/claws-mail: Create the system-wide theme directory in pkg Robby Workman
2010-11-29network/xinetd: Added (inetd replacement) Chris Abela
2010-11-29network/argus{-clients}: Moved (back) from Development category. Robby Workman
2010-11-29network/LimeWire: Removed due to lack of maintenance. Robby Workman
2010-11-29network/httping: Updated for version 1.4.4. Steven King
2010-11-24network/wireshark: Updated for version 1.4.2 Michiel van Wessem
2010-11-24network/remmina-plugins: Updated for version 0.8.4 Luis Henrique
2010-11-24network/remmina: Updated for version 0.8.3 Luis Henrique
2010-11-22network/claws-mail-extra-plugins: Updated for version 3.7.7. Erik Hanson
2010-11-22network/claws-mail: Updated for version 3.7.7. Erik Hanson
2010-11-22network/perl-IO-Socket-INET6: Updated for version 0.23. Marco Bonetti
2010-11-22network/transmission: Fixed/Removed old ARCH=${ARCH=i486} line. Iskar Enev
2010-11-22network/pptpd: fix loading on x86_64 Robby Workman
2010-11-22network/rtorrent: Updated for version 0.8.7. Brian Kysela
2010-11-22network/broadcom-sta: Updated for version David Matthew Jerry Koenig