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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
11 hourslibraries/libqinfinity: Disabled narrowing warnings.libqinfinity Matteo Bernardini
15 hourslibraries/libfreehand: Fix build on current. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libgltf: Removed. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libwps: Updated for version 0.4.12. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libstaroffice: Updated for version 0.0.7. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libnumbertext: Updated for version 1.0.6. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libmwaw: Updated for version 0.3.17. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libcdr: Updated for version 0.1.6. orbea
15 hourslibraries/liborcus: Updated for version 0.16.1. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libixion: Updated for version 0.16.1. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libetonyek: Fix build on current. orbea
15 hourslibraries/mdds: Updated for version 1.7.0. orbea
15 hourslibraries/spdlog: Updated for version 1.8.1. orbea
15 hourslibraries/fmt: Updated for version 7.1.0. orbea
15 hourslibraries/libpst: Updated for version 0.6.74. B. Watson
15 hourslibraries/libnbcompat: Added (a portable NetBSD compat library) Pomfland
15 hourslibraries/gumbo-parser: Added (An HTML5 parsing library in pure C99) Hunter Sezen
15 hourslibraries/zmusic: Added (library for music support in games) B. Watson
15 hourslibraries/QR-Code-generator: Added (QR Code generator library) Hunter Sezen
15 hourslibraries/libuv: Updated for version 1.40.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
15 hourslibraries/xmlsec: Updated for version 1.2.31. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
8 dayslibraries/zeromq: Updated for version 4.3.3. Isaac Yu
2020-10-17libraries/qt5-legacy: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/tcl-inotify: Fix README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/rhonabwy: Fix README, info. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/qwtplot3d: Fix README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/qml-material: Fix README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/opencl-amd: Fix script, README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/libwpe: Fix README, info, script. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/libtecla: Fix README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/libfixposix: Fix README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/libaec: Fix README, slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/flint: Fix slack-desc, template comments. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/digimend-kernel-drivers: Fix script, info. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/cgicc: Fix README. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/adns: Fix slack-desc, template comments. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/tbb: Use correct github URL. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/gnome-sharp: Convert script to utf-8. B. Watson
2020-10-17libraries/opencv: Updated for version 4.5.0 Christoph Willing
2020-10-17libraries/live555: Updated for version 2020.08.19 Christoph Willing
2020-10-17libraries/libyubikey: Fix download link. T3slider
2020-10-17libraries/libinput: Updated for version 1.16.2. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-10-17libraries/skalibs: Updated for version Muhammad Mahendra Subrata
2020-10-17libraries/Botan: Updated for version 2.16.0. Markus Reichelt
2020-10-17libraries/cyrus-sasl-xoauth2: Added (Cyrus SASL XOAUTH2 Plugin) Ebben Aries
2020-10-17libraries/sqliteodbc: Updated for version 0.9998. Jason Graham
2020-10-17libraries/ogre: Update dep. Jeremy Hansen
2020-10-17libraries/bullet: Updated for version 3.06. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-10-17libraries/ogre: Add notes about assimp. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-10-17libraries/MyGUI: Updated for version 3.4.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-10-17libraries/ogre: Updated for version 1.12.9. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-10-17libraries/bullet: Updated for version 3.05. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-10-10libraries/libheif: Added (HEIF and AVIF format decoder and encoder) Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-10-10libraries/libde265: Added (open h.265 codec implementation) Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-10-10libraries/imlib2_loaders: Updated for version 1.7.0. Azure Zanculmarktum
2020-10-10libraries/imlib2: Updated for version 1.7.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-10-10libraries/flint: Added (Fast Library for Number Theory) R. Jesus
2020-10-10libraries/htslib: Updated for version 1.11. Rob van Nues
2020-10-10libraries/olm: Updated for version 3.2.1. David O'Shaughnessy
2020-10-03libraries/ulfius: Fix md5sum. B. Watson
2020-10-03libraries/pigpio: Fix md5sum, README, VERSION. B. Watson
2020-10-03libraries/hiredis: Fix md5sum. B. Watson
2020-10-02libraries/libwacom: Updated for version 1.5. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-10-02libraries/libinput: Updated for version 1.16.1. Edinaldo P. Silva
2020-10-02libraries/xylib: Updated for version 1.6. Fellype do Nascimento
2020-09-26libraries/tcl-promise: Added (A promise/future lib for tcl) Jeff Parent
2020-09-26libraries/Impacket: Updated for version 0.9.21. Brenton Earl
2020-09-26libraries/ode: Updated for version 0.16.2. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-09-26libraries/aspnetcore-runtime: Updated for version 3.1.8. Reza Talebi
2020-09-20libraries/libmediainfo: Update to 20.08. Jeremy Hansen
2020-09-20libraries/libzen: Update to 0.4.37. Jeremy Hansen
2020-09-19libraries/botocore: Updated for version 1.18.0. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2020-09-19libraries/bcdoc: Switch to python3. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2020-09-18libraries/hiredis: Updated for version 1.0.0. Kent Fritz
2020-09-18libraries/libmicrohttpd: Updated for version 0.9.70. Kent Fritz
2020-09-18libraries/mxml: Remove static library. Kent Fritz
2020-09-18libraries/libbson: Added (a cross platform BSON Library for C) Alexander Verbovetsky
2020-09-16libraries/pexpect: Updated for version 4.8.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-09-12libraries/libuv: Updated for version 1.39.0. Benjamin Trigona-Harany
2020-09-12libraries/gloox: Updated for version 1.0.24. Tim Dickson
2020-09-12libraries/aqbanking: Updated for version 6.2.2. Heiko Rosemann
2020-09-12libraries/gwenhywfar: Updated for version 5.4.0. Heiko Rosemann
2020-09-11libraries/libtorrent-rasterbar: Updated for version 1.2.10. Donald Cooley
2020-09-11libraries/mxml: Updated for version 3.1. Kent Fritz
2020-09-11libraries/libxnvctrl: Updated for version 450.66. M.Dinslage
2020-09-09libraries/c-ares: Updated for version 1.16.1. Kent Fritz
2020-09-05libraries/slv2: Fix for the newer lv2. Matteo Bernardini
2020-09-05libraries/python3-PyQt5: Fix download link. Matteo Bernardini
2020-09-05libraries/PyQt5: Fix download link. Matteo Bernardini
2020-09-05libraries/QScintilla-qt5: Fix download link. Matteo Bernardini
2020-09-05libraries/python3-PyQtWebEngine: Fix download link. Matteo Bernardini
2020-09-05libraries/adns: Updated for version 1.6.0. Sergey Poznyakoff
2020-09-05libraries/gloox: Updated for version 1.0.23. Tim Dickson
2020-09-05libraries/Botan: Updated for version 2.15.0. Markus Reichelt
2020-09-04libraries/leptonica: Updated for version 1.80.0. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-09-03libraries/lua-posix: Updated for version 35.0. abooksigun
2020-09-03libraries/python-efl: Updated for version 1.24.0. Erik Falor
2020-09-03libraries/efl: Updated for version 1.24.3. Erik Falor
2020-09-02libraries/iddawc: updated for version 0.9.6 Arn0
2020-09-02libraries/rhonabwy: updated for version 0.9.12 Arn0