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2013-07-01libraries/libnetfilter_log: Changed header with license. Michal Bialozor
2013-06-30libraries/vsqlite++: Added (SQLite Wrapper Library) Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-06-30libraries/zend-opcache: Added (PHP opcode caching and optimization) Marcel Saegebarth
2013-06-29libraries/libnetfilter_acct: Updated for version 1.0.2. Michal Bialozor
2013-06-29libraries/libnetfilter_conntrack: Updated for version 1.0.3. Michal Bialozor
2013-06-29libraries/libsecret: Added (library for accessing Secret Service API) Andrew Rowland
2013-06-29libraries/jbig2dec: New maintainer + remove static lib. B. Watson
2013-06-27libraries/girara: Updated for version 0.1.6. B. Watson
2013-06-25libraries/liboglappth: Fix for x86_64 Daniil Bratashov
2013-06-23libraries/c-ares: Updated for version 1.10.0. Kent Fritz
2013-06-23libraries/gnome-media: Miscellaneous cleanup Robby Workman
2013-06-23libraries/libnova: Fixed homepage link Robby Workman
2013-06-23libraries/vte3: Updated for version 0.34.6. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-06-23libraries/ORBit2: Fix build on -current (harmless on 14.0) Chris Abela
2013-06-23libraries/libnfs: Updated for version 1.6.0. Larry Hajali
2013-06-16libraries/libbsd: Updated for version 0.5.2. LEVAI Daniel
2013-06-09libraries/libmygpo-qt: Updated for version 1.0.7. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-06-06libraries/libgda: Updated for version 5.1.2. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-06-06libraries/gdal: Updated for version 1.9.2. David Spencer
2013-06-05libraries/libg3d: Added (3-d environment importing library) S. Randall Sawyer
2013-06-05libraries/gnome-python2-gconf: Added (GConf bindings for Python2) Robby Workman
2013-06-05libraries/glfw: Added (OpenGL framework) Jeffrey T. Read
2013-06-05libraries/libisoburn: Updated for version 1.3.0. Nishant Limbachia
2013-06-05libraries/libisofs: Updated for version 1.3.0. Robby Workman
2013-06-05libraries/libburn: Updated for version 1.3.0. Robby Workman
2013-06-04libraries/libxmp: Added (The Extended Module Player library) Erik Hanson
2013-06-04libraries/log4shib: Updated for version 1.0.6. Thibaut Notteboom
2013-06-04libraries/io_lib: Updated for version 1.13.0. Petar Petrov
2013-06-04libraries/edelib: Added (C++ library for EDE) Andrew Tkalia
2013-06-04libraries/edje: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/eio: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/efreet: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/e_dbus: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/ecore: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/evas: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/embryo: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/eet: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/eina: Updated for version 1.7.7. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-06-04libraries/hdf5: Updated for version 1.8.10_patch1. LukenShiro
2013-06-04libraries/quazip: Added (Qt/C++ wrapper for ZIP/UNZIP package) Isaque Galdino
2013-06-04libraries/libskk: Added (Japanese kana-to-kanji conversion library) Jun SAITO
2013-05-19libraries/reportlab: Updated for version 2.7. LukenShiro
2013-05-19libraries/opencv: Updated for version 2.4.5. M.Dinslage
2013-05-19libraries/miniupnpc: Updated for version 1.8. Larry Hajali
2013-05-19libraries/flickcurl: Updated for version 1.24. David Spencer
2013-05-19libraries/dietlibc: Updated for version 0.33. Markus Reichelt
2013-05-19libraries/c++-gtk-utils: Updated for version 2.0.16. LukenShiro
2013-05-13libraries/vte3: Updated for version 0.34.4. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-05-13libraries/harfbuzz: Updated for version 0.9.16. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-05-13libraries/live555: Fixed version string in .info file Robby Workman
2013-05-13libraries/OpenCSG: Added (CSG rendering library) David Spencer
2013-05-13libraries/CGAL: Added (Computational Geometry Algorithms Library) David Spencer
2013-04-28libraries/opencv: Updated for version 2.4.4a. M.Dinslage
2013-04-28libraries/xine-plugin: Updated for version 1.0.2. Michales Michaloudes
2013-04-28libraries/tbb: Updated for version 4.1u3. powtrix
2013-04-28libraries/libsidplay2: Added some debian patches. Marcel Saegebarth
2013-04-28libraries/libnfs: Updated for version 1.5.0. Larry Hajali
2013-04-28libraries/evas: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/embryo: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/eio: Updated for version Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/eina: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/eigen3: Updated for version 3.1.2. Niels Horn
2013-04-28libraries/efreet: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/eet: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/edje: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/ecore: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/e_dbus: Updated for version 1.7.6. Aleksandar Samardzic
2013-04-28libraries/cracklib: Updated for version 2.8.22. Christopher Walker
2013-04-28libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 9.27. David Spencer
2013-04-28libraries/harfbuzz: Update for version 0.9.15. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-04-28libraries/harfbuzz: Updated for version 0.9.13. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2013-04-28libraries/gtkextra: Updated for version 3.0.4. Niels Horn
2013-04-28libraries/wxGTK: included libgnomeprint support Niels Horn
2013-04-28libraries/luasocket: Added (Network support for the Lua language) Andrew Tkalia
2013-04-28libraries/libpeas: Updated for version 1.6.2. Matteo Bernardini
2013-04-28libraries/luadbi: Added (database interface library for Lua) Andrew Tkalia
2013-04-28libraries/lua-zlib: Added (streaming interface to zlib for Lua) Andrew Tkalia
2013-04-27libraries/luasec: Added (A Lua binding for OpenSSL library) Andrwe Tkalia
2013-04-27libraries/luaevent: Added (binding of libevent to Lua) Andrew Tkalia
2013-04-27libraries/luaexpat: Added (XML Expat parsing for Lua) Andrew Tkalia
2013-04-27libraries/cfitsio: Updated for version 3.34. Dominik Drobek
2013-04-25libraries/vigra: Added (Vision with Generic Algorithms library) Nishant Limbachia
2013-04-24libraries/php-pdo_dblib: Updated for version 5.4.13. Trayan Denev
2013-04-24libraries/php-mssql: Updated for version 5.4.13. Trayan Denev
2013-04-16libraries/libvmime: Updated for version 0.9.1. Niels Horn
2013-04-16libraries/libmp3splt: Updated for version 0.8.2. Roberto Neri
2013-04-16libraries/libunrar: Removed (use system/unrar instead) mario
2013-04-16libraries/irrlicht: Updated for version 1.8. Niels Horn
2013-04-16libraries/libmirage: Updated for version 2.0.0. Niels Horn
2013-04-16libraries/libvirt: Updated for version 1.0.3. Bogdan Radulescu
2013-04-16libraries/libaal: Fix maintainer email address Kurt Erickson
2013-03-22libraries/compface: Added (48x48x1 image (de)compression) Bojan Popovic
2013-03-22libraries/yaz: Updated for version 4.2.51. Michiel van Wessem
2013-03-22libraries/muParser: Updated for version 2.2.3. Petar Petrov
2013-03-22libraries/libotr: Updated for version 4.0.0. Guillermo Bonvehi
2013-03-22libraries/libewf: Updated for version 20130303. Barry J. Grundy
2013-03-22libraries/libcec: Updated for version 2.1.1. Larry Hajali
2013-03-22libraries/libaacs: Updated for version 0.6.0. Larry Hajali
2013-03-22libraries/SDL_gfx: Updated for version 2.0.24. Michiel van Wessem
2013-03-04libraries/ Updated for version 4.0.0a4. Mikko Värri