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2020-03-28games/steam: Add desktop file Christoph Willing
2020-03-20games/crispy-doom: Updated for version 5.7.2. Lenard Spencer
2020-03-20games/ioquake3: Updated for version r20200211. M.Dinslage
2020-03-14games/domination: Updated for version 1.2.1. B. Watson
2020-03-07games/atari800: Updated for version 4.2.0. B. Watson
2020-03-07games/commandergenius: Updated for version 2.3.9. B. Watson
2020-03-07games/gzdoom: Updated for version 4.3.3. B. Watson
2020-02-29games/fortune-dune: Fix homepage. B. Watson
2020-02-27games/endless-sky: updated for version 0.9.11 Arn0
2020-02-27games/roll: Added (Dice game). Charles Daniels
2020-02-24games/bstone: Updated for version 1.1.16_2. B. Watson
2020-02-24games/xcowsay: Add man pages, usr/bin => usr/games. B. Watson
2020-02-24games/javacpc: Updated for version 2.9.8f. Dimitris Zlatanidis
2020-02-19games/freeciv: updated for version 2.6.2 Arn0
2020-02-15games/qmc2: Updated for version 0.195. Erik Hanson
2020-02-15games/vbam-libretro: Removed. orbea
2020-02-15games/libretro-lutro: Removed. orbea
2020-02-15games/higan-libretro: Removed. orbea
2020-02-15games/bsnes-libretro: Removed. orbea
2020-02-15games/wesnoth: updated for version 1.14.11 Edward W. Koenig
2020-02-15games/crispy-doom: Updated for version 5.6.4. Lenard Spencer
2020-02-15games/vkQuake: Updated for version 1.04.1. M.Dinslage
2020-02-13games/lgogdownloader: updated for version 3.5 Arn0
2020-02-08games/retux: Add missing pygame dep. B. Watson
2020-02-08games/lgogdownloader: New maintainer. B. Watson
2020-02-08games/aisleriot: Add missing patch. Willy Sudiarto Raharjo
2020-02-08games/aisleriot: Fix build. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-02-07games/stormbaancoureur: Fix email. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-02-07games/waterCloset: Updated for version 1.0. Tim Dickson
2020-02-07games/ultimatestunts: Updated for version Johannes Schoepfer
2020-02-07games/scummvm: Updated for version 2.1.1. Carlos Corbacho
2020-01-31games/aisleriot: Added (card games collection). Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-31games/cowsay: Fix email. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-31games/ultimatestunts: Fix email. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-26games/doomseeker: Updated for version 1.3+20200119_b623ab1. B. Watson
2020-01-26games/xroar: Migrate jack-audio-connection-kit => jack. B. Watson
2020-01-26games/qtsixa: Migrate jack-audio-connection-kit => jack. B. Watson
2020-01-26games/mednafen: Migrate jack-audio-connection-kit => jack. B. Watson
2020-01-26games/jfsw: Migrate jack-audio-connection-kit => jack. B. Watson
2020-01-26games/RetroArch: Migrate jack-audio-connection-kit => jack. B. Watson
2020-01-20games/stockfish: Updated for version 11. Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-19games/FlightGear-data: Update DOWNLOAD url. Lenard Spencer
2020-01-18games/antares: Moved from graphics. orbea
2020-01-18games/lbreakout2: Assume maintainership Glenn Becker
2020-01-18games/smokinguns: Assume maintainership Ricardo J. Barberis
2020-01-18games/abuse: Assume maintainership Ricardo J. Barberis
2020-01-16games/vkQuake: Updated for version 1.04.0. M.Dinslage
2020-01-12games/scid_vs_pc: Updated for version 4.21. David O'Shaughnessy
2020-01-12games/SameBoy: Updated for version 0.12.3. orbea
2020-01-12games/fortune_doctor_who: Updated for version 20150503. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/mame: Allow builds with unsupported gcc9. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/sms_sdl: Fix icon. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/vegastrike: Move VERSION/BUILD/TAG to top of script. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/goonies: Fix PRGNAM in script. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/dgen: Remove template comments from script. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/manaplus: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/bluez-sixaxis: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/ZEsarUX: Fix slack-desc. B. Watson
2020-01-12games/fortune-slackware: Added (Slackware quotes for fortune). B. Watson
2020-01-07games/FlightGear: Updated for version 2019.1.2. Lenard Spencer
2020-01-07games/FlightGear-data: Updated for version 2019.1.2. Lenard Spencer
2020-01-07games/larn: Updated for version 14.1.3. David Melik
2020-01-07games/stone_soup: Updated for version 0.24.0. David Melik
2020-01-06games/supertuxkart: Updated to version 1.1 Jeremy Hansen
2020-01-06games/ags: updated for version Arn0
2020-01-06games/freeciv: updated for version 2.6.1 Arn0
2020-01-03games/UrbanTerror: Updated for version 4.3.4. Alan Ianson
2020-01-03games/zod-engine: Fix VERSION in script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/triplea: Fix VERSION in script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/smashbattle: Fix VERSION in script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/arnold-cpc: Fix VERSION in script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/BeastieWorker-levels: Fix VERSION in script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/speed-dreams: Fix .info. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/nethack: Fix .info. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/invasion3d: Fix .info. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/redeclipes: Update to 2.0.0. Jeremy Hansen
2020-01-03games/mog: Fixed PRGNAM in build script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/mars: Fixed PRGNAM in build script. B. Watson
2020-01-03games/roadfighter: Fixed PRGNAM in build script Robby Workman
2020-01-03games/unvanquished: Fixed PRGNAM in build script Robby Workman
2020-01-03games/prboom: Assume maintainership Alan Ianson
2020-01-03games/openarena: Assume maintainership Alan Ianson
2020-01-03games/UrbanTerror: Assume maintainership Alan Ianson
2020-01-02games/neverball: Assume maintainership Johannes Schoepfer
2020-01-02games/tuxkart: Assume maintainership Johannes Schoepfer
2019-12-31games/zelda-roth-se: Fix MD5SUM. orbea
2019-12-28games/fortune-farscape: Added (Farscape quotes for fortune). B. Watson
2019-12-21games/supertux: Updated for version 0.6.1 + new maintainer. Pedro R.M. JĂșnior
2019-12-21games/qtads: Added (a multimedia interpreter for TADS games). B. Watson
2019-12-15games/QuickNES-Core: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/nSide-libretro: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/vba-next: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/snes9x2005: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/snes9x2002: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/mupen64plus-libretro: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/meteor-libretro: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/mame2014-libretro: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/mame2010-libretro: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/Craft-libretro: Removed. orbea
2019-12-15games/gpsp-libretro: Removed. orbea