AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-12-29misc/klibc: Added (small C library) M.Dinslage
2010-12-29misc/merkaartor: Updated for version 0.17.0. otzy_007
2010-12-29games/eduke32: Updated for version 20101220_1743. B. Watson
2010-12-29games/xroar: Fixed download link B. Watson
2010-12-29network/pysmssend: Added (send SMS over internet) Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-29desktop/musca: Miscellaneous tweaks and enhancements Jim Bottino
2010-12-29multimedia/mtpfs: Fixed download link and misc tweaks B. Watson
2010-12-29system/dfu-util: Updated for version 0.3. Damien Durand
2010-12-29network/httptunnel: Added (tunnel over http) sombriks
2010-12-29network/nsca: Added (Nagios Service Check Acceptor) Bas Couwenberg
2010-12-29system/dina-font: Added (a monospace bitmap font) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-29system/conky: Miscellaneous tweaks/enhancements M.Dinslage
2010-12-29libraries/wvstreams: Updated for version 4.6.1. Robby Workman
2010-12-29development/haskell-platform: Added (base haskell platform libs) Jockey S. Kyd
2010-12-29system/uae: Added (amiga emulator) Michalis Pappas
2010-12-29development/cc65: Updated for version 2.13.2. B. Watson
2010-12-29office/org-mode: Updated for version 7.4. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-12-29audio/jokosher: Added (a multi-track non-linear audio editor) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-28Public www update: Mon Dec 27 22:57:08 UTC 201013.1-20101227.1 Niels Horn
2010-12-27libraries/json-glib: Fix hard-coded pkgconfig file. Erik Hanson
2010-12-27libraries/libisofs: Updated for version 0.6.38. Robby Workman
2010-12-27libraries/libburn: Updated for version 0.9.0. Robby Workman
2010-12-27games/armagetronad: Added (old school Tron lightcycles openGL game) ponce
2010-12-27multimedia/mediainfo-gui: Updated for version 0.7.38. Binh Nguyen
2010-12-27multimedia/mediainfo: Updated for version 0.7.38. Binh Nguyen
2010-12-27libraries/libmediainfo: Updated for version 0.7.38. Binh Nguyen
2010-12-27libraries/libzen: Updated for version 0.4.17. Binh Nguyen
2010-12-27desktop/maitreya: Updated for version 6.0.1. Didier Charles
2010-12-27office/verbiste: Updated for version 0.1.32. Didier Charles
2010-12-27system/di: Updated for version 4.26. Didier Charles
2010-12-27system/lbench: Updated for version 1.6. Niels Horn
2010-12-27office/elyxer: Updated for version 1.1.2. Bending Unit 647
2010-12-27development/Cython: Updated for version 0.14. Larry Hajali
2010-12-27network/tor: Updated for version Marco Bonetti
2010-12-27network/dhcping: Small fix. Erik Hanson
2010-12-27graphics/SweetHome3D: Updated for version 3.0. Giovanne Castro
2010-12-27desktop/yawp: Updated for version 0.3.6. Stu Miller
2010-12-27desktop/rootactions_servicemenu: Updated for version 2.6. Stu Miller
2010-12-27academic/wxmacmolplt: Updated for version 7.4.2. Daniil Bratashov
2010-12-27network/snort: Updated for version Niels Horn
2010-12-27libraries/daq: Updated for version 0.5. Niels Horn
2010-12-27system/google-droid-fonts: Added (Google's Android font family) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-27games/playonlinux: Updated for version 3.8.6. Giovanne Castro
2010-12-27network/wvdial: Added (ppp dialer app) Moritz Wilhelmy
2010-12-27office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 3.3.0rc1. Niels Horn
2010-12-27office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.3.0rc1. Niels Horn
2010-12-27system/bacula-client: Updated for version 5.0.3. mario
2010-12-27system/bacula: Updated for version 5.0.3. mario
2010-12-27network/nginx: Updated for version 0.8.54. Diogo Leal
2010-12-27network/docsis: Added (binary config generator for DOCSIS modems) Michal Bialozor
2010-12-27development/vala: Updated for version 0.11.2. Erik Hanson
2010-12-27network/leafnode: Fix memory leak with applyfilter Andrew Strong
2010-12-27academic/gwyddion: Updated for version 2.22. Daniil Bratashov
2010-12-27system/rar: Updated for version 4.0.b3. Steven Pledger
2010-12-27graphics/VariCAD: Updated for version 2010_3.03. Niels Horn
2010-12-27network/centerim: Updated for version 4.22.10. Christopher Forrest
2010-12-27network/NetworkManager: Really fix rc.networkmanager this time Robby Workman
2010-12-27system/gdm: Fixed the ID-10-T error in the last commit Robby Workman
2010-12-27accessibility/espeak: Updated for version 1.44.05. B. Watson
2010-12-27system/rxvt-unicode: Updated for version 9.10. Daniel LEVAI
2010-12-27games/ltris: Updated for version 1.0.15. Bill Kirkpatrick
2010-12-27audio/puddletag: Updated for version 0.9.11. Bill Kirkpatrick
2010-12-27games/clonekeen: Updated for version 8.4. B. Watson
2010-12-27libraries/gst-python: Updated for version 0.10.19 + new maintainer. Binh Nguyen
2010-12-27games/oblige: Added (random level generator for various games) B. Watson
2010-12-27system/dfu-util: Added (Device firmware update USB programmer) Damien Durand
2010-12-27development/LLgen: Added (an ELL(1) parser generator) Ferenc Deak
2010-12-27network/amsn: Removed dependency from README. Giovanne Castro
2010-12-27development/jasspa: Added (enhanced microemacs text editor) Ferenc Deak
2010-12-27development/bacon: Test for correct VERSION + fix gcc options. Steve Pledger
2010-12-26libraries/gsspd: Added (GObject-based API for handling SSDP) Giovanne Castro
2010-12-26network/amsn: Added (free open source MSN Messenger clone) Giovanne Castro
2010-12-26graphics/gimp-registry-plugins: Updated source MD5SUM. Pierre Cazenave
2010-12-26system/apg: Added (Automated Password Generator) Georgy Shepelev
2010-12-26network/sopcast: Added (Free P2P internet TV) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-26multimedia/hexter: Updated for version 0.6.2. Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-26multimedia/cfourcc: Added (FourCC code tool) Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-25audio/zita-resampler: Added (C++ library for resampling audio) Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-25audio/meterbridge: Added (software meter for JACK audio system) Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-25libraries/equinox: Updated for version 1.30.2. crocket
2010-12-25libraries/gloox: Added (Jabber/XMPP client library) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-24network/cclive: Added (flash video downloader) crocket
2010-12-24network/quvi: Added (video download link parser) crocket
2010-12-24development/ftnchek: Added (static analyzer for Fortran 77 programs) Pablo Santamaria
2010-12-24games/freedroidrpg: Updated for version 0.14.1. JK Wood
2010-12-24network/dovecot-pigeonhole: Updated for version 0.2.2. Nishant Limbachia
2010-12-24graphics/gimp-wideangle-plugin: Added (distortion filter for gimp) Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-22network/ike: Added (Internet Key exchange daemon / IPsec VPN client) Ferenc Deak
2010-12-22audio/kid3: Updated for version 1.5. Michales Michaloudes
2010-12-22academic/qgis: Updated for version 1.6.0. David Spencer
2010-12-22libraries/irrlicht: Added (realtime 3D engine) Larry Halali
2010-12-21libraries/perl-Text-Iconv: Added (Perl interface to the iconv()) Binh Nguyen
2010-12-21network/imageshack-uploader: Added (upload images to Binh Nguyen
2010-12-21development/monodevelop: Updated for version 2.4.1. Andre Barboza
2010-12-21Public www update: Tue Dec 21 04:45:32 UTC 201013.1-20101221.1 Robby Workman
2010-12-21libraries/webkitgtk: Updated for version 1.3.4. Erik Hanson
2010-12-21network/arora: Added (web browser) Grigorios Bouzakis
2010-12-21desktop/menumaker: Added (menu generator for several wm's) Robby Workman
2010-12-21development/magit: Added (Edit Git repositories with Emacs) Asaf Ohaion
2010-12-21network/perl-Danga-Socket: Added (epoll() interface for perl) Adrian Ulrich