AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2011-08-29Public www update: Mon Aug 29 00:53:28 UTC 201113.37-20110829.1 Niels Horn
2011-08-29libraries/alsa-plugins: Mark this APPROVED Erik Hanson
2011-08-29audio/pavucontrol: Fix minor typo Erik Hanson
2011-08-29audio/pulseaudio: Fix minor typo Erik Hanson
2011-08-29libraries/yajl: Updated download location. Niels Horn
2011-08-28development/love: Added (Lua 2D game development framework) Dugan Chen
2011-08-28audio/zita-rev1: Added (reverb audio effect) B. Watson
2011-08-28audio/xsynth-dssi: Added (software synthesizer) B. Watson
2011-08-28audio/vcf_plugins: Added (LADSPA plugins) B. Watson
2011-08-28audio/sfc: Added (midi router) B. Watson
2011-08-28audio/qmidiroute: Added (MIDI router and filter utility) B. Watson
2011-08-28academic/pianobooster: Added (educational music software) B. Watson
2011-08-28audio/millenium-plugins: Added (LADSPA audio effects plugins) B. Watson
2011-08-28audio/jack-tools: Added (tools for jack) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/invada_studio_plugins_lv2: Added (Audio plugins for LV2) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/horgand: Added (organ sounds softsynth) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/ghostess: Added (graphical DSSI host) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/fluidsynth-dssi: Added (DSSI plugin wrapper for FluidSynth) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/jack-rack: Added (LADSPA effects host) B. Watson
2011-08-27system/isomd5sum: Added (MD5 checksums within an ISO9660 image) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/fantasia: Added (Java-based GUI frontend for LinuxSampler) B. Watson
2011-08-27system/gphotofs: Added (FUSE filesystem for cameras) B. Watson
2011-08-27audio/bristol: Updated for version 0.60.8 (+new maintainer) B. Watson
2011-08-26graphics/aeskulap: Added (medical image viewer) Federico Lupi
2011-08-26network/choqok: Updated for version 1.1. David Woodfall
2011-08-26network/cmdiag: Added (cable modem diagnostics tool) Michal Bialozor
2011-08-24development/premake: Added (build configuration tool) ponce
2011-08-23system/kegs: Added (Kent's Emulated GS) B. Watson
2011-08-22libraries/ETL: Added (Extended Template Library) Diogo Leal
2011-08-22network/openvswitch: Added (multilayer virtual switch) Christopher Walker
2011-08-22audio/volumeicon: Updated for version 0.4.3. Daniel Cash
2011-08-22office/pdfshuffler: Added (python pdf manipulator) Howard Pepper
2011-08-22games/xskat: Updated e-mail maintainer + misc. cleanups. Jan Herrygers
2011-08-19academic/mathomatic: Updated for version 15.6.3 (+new maintainer) Matthew Fillpot
2011-08-19desktop/wminfo: Updated for version 2.00. Cezary M. Kruk
2011-08-18desktop/wmSun: Updated for version 1.10. Cezary M. Kruk
2011-08-18office/notmuch: Added (fast mail indexer for maildir) Jostein Berntsen
2011-08-17python/pyfeed: Added (module to manipulate syndications feeds) Xavier Maillard
2011-08-17python/xe: Added (XML Elements python module) Xavier Maillard
2011-08-17academic/gelemental: Added (A periodic table viewer) Petar Petrov
2011-08-16system/qemu-kvm: Updated for version 0.15.0. Stu Miller
2011-08-14academic/GMT: Updated for version 4.5.7. Pierre Cazenave
2011-08-13multimedia/xjadeo: Added (software video player) Michales Michaloudes
2011-08-13graphics/raw-thumbnailer: Updated for version 0.2.1. Michiel van Wessem
2011-08-13misc/xlog: Updated for version 2.0.5. Howard Pepper
2011-08-13academic/gpredict: Updated for version 1.3. Matthew Fillpot
2011-08-13graphics/goocanvas: Updated for version 0.15. Jonathan Larsen
2011-08-13network/axel: Added (Download Accelerator) Matthew Fillpot
2011-08-13network/modsecurity-apache: Added (a web application firewall) pyllyukko
2011-08-12academic/R: Updated for version 2.13.1. melikamp
2011-08-12network/ModemManager: Updated for version 0.5. Robby Workman
2011-08-12network/mobile-broadband-provider-info: Updated for version 20110511 Robby Workman
2011-08-12Public www update: Thu Aug 11 23:33:00 UTC 201113.37-20110811.1 Niels Horn
2011-08-12libraries/yaz: Updated for version 4.2.6. Michiel van Wessem
2011-08-12graphics/leocad_pieces: Updated for version 4806. Niels Horn
2011-08-12multimedia/gst-plugins-ugly: Updated for version 0.10.18. Michiel van Wessem
2011-08-12multimedia/gst-plugins-bad: Updated for version 0.10.21. Michiel van Wessem
2011-08-12network/shorewall6: Updated for version ArTourter
2011-08-12network/shorewall: Updated for version ArTourter
2011-08-12network/sshfs-fuse: Moved from System (and bumped to 2.3) Michiel van Wessem
2011-08-12python/virtualenv: Moved from Libraries (and bumped to 1.6.4) Larry Hajali
2011-08-12libraries/hamlib: Updated for version 1.2.14. Howard Pepper
2011-08-12office/libreoffice-langpack: Updated for version 3.4.2. Niels Horn
2011-08-12office/libreoffice: Updated for version 3.4.2. Niels Horn
2011-08-12system/jenkins: Added (automated job monitor) Giorgio Peron
2011-08-12games/puzzles: Bumped build for new tarball from upstream Steve Pledger
2011-08-12python/pypoppler: Reverted pypoppler-0.12.1-76_75.diff Larry Hajali
2011-08-12system/gparted: Updated for version 0.9.0. Erik Hanson
2011-08-12libraries/Jinja2: Fixed typo in build script Robby Workman
2011-08-12network/nginx: Updated for version 1.0.5. Diogo Leal
2011-08-12graphics/enblend-enfuse: Changed maintainer titopoquito
2011-08-12graphics/autopano-sift-C: Changed maintainer titopoquito
2011-08-12misc/owfs: Added (1-Wire File System) MrJackson
2011-08-12system/xjobs: Updated for version 20110724. Erik Hanson
2011-08-12network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version Nishant Limbachia
2011-08-12system/parallel: Updated for version 20110722. Erik Hanson
2011-08-12libraries/libupnp: Added (Portable SDK for UPnP Devices) Ozan Türkyılmaz
2011-08-12system/zeroinstall-injector: Updated for version 1.2. Erik Hanson
2011-08-12multimedia/gecko-mediaplayer: Included some patches for Apple Trailers Phillip Warner
2011-08-12multimedia/gnome-mplayer: Included some patches for Apple Trailers Phillip Warner
2011-08-12graphics/PerlMagick: Added (Perl frontend to Image Magick) klaatu
2011-08-12audio/mpd: Updated for version 0.16.3. Andrew Brouwers
2011-08-12desktop/dmenu: Revert to the dmenu_path script from 4.1.1 Phillip Warner
2011-08-12graphics/darktable: Updated for version 0.9. David Spencer
2011-08-12network/teamviewer: Updated for version 6.0.9258. Binh Nguyen
2011-08-12academic/sage: Added (python based mathematics software) Jack Maddox
2011-08-12development/scite: Updated for version 2.27. Jens Weber
2011-08-12games/vbam: Updated for version r1001. JK Wood
2011-08-12academic/ess: Added (Emacs Speaks Statistics) Nicky Chorley
2011-08-12development/zile: Updated for version 2.3.24. Marco Maggi
2011-08-12misc/klibc: Updated for version 1.5.23. M.Dinslage
2011-08-12libraries/exiftool: Updated for version 8.60. David Spencer
2011-08-12system/nanum-coding-fonts-ttf: Added (Korean fixed width TrueType Fonts) Young Chol Song
2011-08-12system/nanum-fonts-ttf: Added (Korean TrueType Fonts) Young Chol Song
2011-08-12office/mupdf: Fix man pages location. Erik Hanson
2011-08-12system/os-prober: Updated for version 1.42. crocket
2011-08-12network/surfraw: Updated for version 2.2.8. Grigorios Bouzakis
2011-08-12network/RSSOwl: Updated for version 2.1. Erik Hanson
2011-08-12network/quassel: Updated for version 0.7.2. crocket
2011-08-12network/icecat: Updated for version 5.0. melikamp