AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2010-05-15Public www push - Thu Apr 22 03:31:59 UTC 201013.1-20100422 Erik W. Hanson
2010-05-15system/picocom: Added (minimal dumb-terminal emulation) Asaf Ohaion
2010-05-15audio/musepack-tools: Added (Musepack SV8 command line tools) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15multimedia/DivFix++: Added. Roberto Metere
2010-05-15academic/octave-forge: Updated for bundle-20090607. Mauro Giachero
2010-05-15games/openttd: Updated for version 1.0.0. Chess Griffin
2010-05-15network/rtorrent: Updated to include doc/rtorrent.rc example. Brian Kysela
2010-05-15libraries/libmpd: Updated for version 0.20.0. Erik Hanson
2010-05-15audio/gmpc-plugins: Updated for version 0.20.0. Erik Hanson
2010-05-15audio/gmpc: Updated for version 0.20.0. Erik Hanson
2010-05-15desktop/gtk-kde4: Added. mario
2010-05-15development/tkcvs: Added. Ferenc Deak
2010-05-15games/mfe: Added. Luis Henrique
2010-05-15development/Pivy: Added. Niels Horn
2010-05-15development/SoQt: Added. Niels Horn
2010-05-15development/Coin: Added. Niels Horn
2010-05-15multimedia/tovid: Added. eviljames
2010-05-15games/nexuiz: Updated for version 2.5.2. B. Watson
2010-05-15graphics/scantailor: Added. Zhischenko Sergey
2010-05-15games/gens-gs: Updated Homepage and Download links. Erik W. Hanson
2010-05-15system/ufiformat: Added. Ben Collver
2010-05-15offive/adobe-reader-fontpacks: Added. ArTourter
2010-05-15academic/R: Fixes for bash4. Robby Workman
2010-05-15multimedia/dssi: Build bump, BUILD=2 Michales Michaloudes
2010-05-15network/transmission: Updated for version 1.92. Iskar Enev
2010-05-15libraries/wxPython: Build bump, BUILD=3 Heinz Wiesinger
2010-05-15network/LimeWire: Updated for version 5.5.8. Robby Workman
2010-05-15games/micropolis: Updated for version 20100418. B. Watson
2010-05-15system/pbzip2: Updated for version 1.1.1. Erik Hanson
2010-05-15libraries/configobj: Added (python configobj module). Luis Henrique
2010-05-15system/conky: Updated for version 1.8.0. Marcel Saegebarth
2010-05-15system/cbmfs: Added (A fuse filesystem for Commodore disk images) Marcel Saegebarth
2010-05-15network/etherape: Added (A graphical network monitor) Chris Abela
2010-05-15multimedia/anyremote: Added (Remote control service) otzy_007
2010-05-15misc/fribid: Added (program for handling e-legitimation with BankID) Niklas Nille Åkerström
2010-05-15misc/conkyforecast Added (weather plugin for conky) M.Dinslage
2010-05-15libraries/pyquery: Added (A jquery-like library for python) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15libraries/perl-Text-Reform: Added (Manual reformatting module) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15libraries/perl-Text-Autoformat: Added (Auto reformatting module) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15libraries/libreplaygain: Added (Musepack ReplayGain library) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15libraries/libjpeg-turbo: Added (accelerated libjpeg) V'yacheslav Stetskevych
2010-05-15libraries/libffado: Added (free firewire driver implemenation) Heinz Wiesinger
2010-05-15libraries/libev: Added (high-performance event loop/model library) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15libraries/libcuefile: Added (CUE File library) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15graphics/fotoxx: Added (photo editing and management application) Robby Workman
2010-05-15development/ht: Added (Hex editor and debugger) Luís Henrique
2010-05-15development/hexedit: Added (Simple hex editor) Luis Henrique
2010-05-15desktop/dekorator: Added (themable window decorator) mario
2010-05-15business/lemonpos: Added (Point-Of-Sale finance application) Vincent Batts
2010-05-15system/acpi: Updated for version 1.5. Grigorios Bouzakis
2010-05-15libraries/pygtksourceview: Updated for version 2.68.0. Larry Hajali
2010-05-15games/openarena: Updated for version 0.8.5. Chess Griffin
2010-05-15games/mupen64plus: Updated build with patch for gcc 4.4. M.Dinslage
2010-05-15desktop/tint2: Updated for version 0.9. Eugene Wissner
2010-05-15audio/moc: Updated for version 2.5.0_alpha4. Grigorios Bouzakis
2010-05-15multimedia/ffmpeg: Updated for version 0.5.1. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-05-15multimedia/x264: Updated for snapshot 20100327-2245. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-05-15development/yasm: Updated for version 1.0.0. Heinz Wiesinger
2010-05-15multimedia/xvidcore: Updated for version 1.2.2. Frank Caraballo
2010-05-15development/pip: Updated for version 0.7. Audrius Kažukauskas
2010-05-15network/aria2: Updated for version 1.9.1. Marco Cecchetti
2010-05-15system/ccrypt: Build bump, script cleanup. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15system/safecopy: Build bump, script cleanup. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15misc/gramps: Updated for version 3.2.0. Bill Kirkpatrick
2010-05-15libraries/libiptcdata: Build bump, script cleanup. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15system/dar: Updated for version 2.3.10. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15system/pacemaker: Added (cluster resource manager) Zordrak
2010-05-15system/openais: Added (OpenAIS Standards Based Cluster Framework) Zordrak
2010-05-15system/corosync: Added (plug-in for 3rd party cluster services) Zordrak
2010-05-15system/clusterresourceagents: Added (Resource Agents for HA-Linux) Zordrak
2010-05-15system/clusterglue: Added (Reusable Cluster Components) Zordrak
2010-05-15network/allmydata-tahoe: Added (Tahoe-LAFS) Marco Bonetti
2010-05-15libraries/pycryptopp: Added (Python wrappers for Crypto++) Marco Bonetti
2010-05-15network/youtube-dl: Updated for version 2010.04.04. GPLeo
2010-05-15desktop/QtCurve-Gtk2: Updated for version 1.3.0. ArTourter
2010-05-15desktop/QtCurve-KDE4: Updated for version 1.3.1. ArTourter
2010-05-15office/abiword: Updated for version 2.8.4. Robby Workman
2010-05-15graphics/leocad_pieces: Updated for version 3506. Niels Horn
2010-05-15graphics/LDraw_data: Updated for version 201001. Niels Horn
2010-05-15desktop/openbox: Updated for version 3.4.11. Chess Griffin
2010-05-15system/emelfm2: Updated for version 0.7.2. Chess Griffin
2010-05-15network/phpmyadmin: Updated for version 3.3.2. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15multimedia/schroedinger: Build bump. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15business/skrooge: Updated for version 0.7.0. Vincent Batts
2010-05-15system/pv: Added license to build script. Erik W. Hanson
2010-05-15development/mono: Updated for version 2.6.3. Sebastián Salazar Molina
2010-05-15business/AssociationSubscribersManager: Updated for version 3.2.0. Arnaud Dupuis
2010-05-15office/org-mode: Updated for version 6.35g. Valeriy Timchenko
2010-05-15system/halevt: Updated for version Dave Margell
2010-05-15network/ekiga: Updated for version 3.2.6. Mauro Giachero
2010-05-15graphics/ufraw: Updated for version 0.17. Nishant Limbachia
2010-05-15development/couchdb: Updated for version 0.11.0. Nicolas Steinmetz
2010-05-15system/terminator: Added (useful tool for arranging terminals) Alan Alberghini
2010-05-15system/ksh: Added (OpenBSD ksh ported to Linux) Daniel LEVAI
2010-05-15system/bacula-client: Added (bacula client only) mario
2010-05-15system/bacula: Added (managed backup and recovery) mario
2010-05-15network/xl2tpd: Added (L2TP daemon) gshep
2010-05-15network/imapfilter: Added (mail filtering utility) Šime Ramov
2010-05-15multimedia/xmms-crossfade: Added (XMMS Crossfade plugin) Luis Henrique
2010-05-15multimedia/audacious-crossfade: Added (Audacious Crossfade plugin) Luis Henrique