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@@ -7,11 +7,10 @@ use nvidia-legacy390-{driver,kernel}
Installing the 32-bit compatibility libraries is available: if desired, do:
COMPAT32="yes" ./nvidia-driver.SlackBuild
-GLVND GLX client libraries are now the default. If these cause any
-compatibility issues with older GLX sofware, either upgrade your software
-or try:
- GLVND="no" ./nvidia-driver.SlackBuild
+If you plan to test this buildscript on current (15.0), to avoid stomping
+on the installed libglvnd, do:
+ CURRENT="yes" ./nvidia-driver.SlackBuild
Several useful utilities are included: nvidia-xsettings, nvidia-smi, and
nvidia-settings. Please refer to the Nvidia documentation and man pages
@@ -24,39 +23,3 @@ you might need to include the following line in your /etc/rc.d/rc.local:
/usr/bin/nvidia-modprobe -c 0 -u
-Since this nvidia-driver conflicts with some files of xorg, it's a bit
-complex to install/uninstall the driver. However, installation of the
-nvidia-driver package itself backs up the conflicting files and puts
-the nvidia-specific files into place.
-Included is a script called nvidia-switch, which is used to switch from
-the xorg driver to the nvidia driver, but it will not edit xorg.conf
-for you; you have to do that manually. The nvidia-switch script is
-installed to /usr/sbin. NOTE: Although nvidia-switch is aware of a
-COMPAT32 environment, its use therein is not supported.
-Usage of nvidia-switch:
- nvidia-switch --install <--> install the nvidia files and save the
- stock xorg files.
- nvidia-switch --remove <--> remove the nvidia files and symlinks and
- restore the stock xorg files.
-You do NOT have to run nvidia-switch after installing the package.
-Before uninstalling or upgrading this package, it is important that
-you execute 'nvidia-switch --remove', which will switch back to the
-stock xorg files and remove all links created by nvidia-switch during
-installation. If you forget to do this, you might have to do the switch
-manually, since 'nvidia-switch --install' may fail, resulting in xorg
-not working. Here are the affected files:
- /usr/lib[64]/
- /usr/lib[64]/
- /usr/lib[64]/
- /usr/lib[64]/
- /usr/lib[64]/
- /usr/lib[64]/xorg/modules/
- /usr/lib[64]/xorg/modules/extensions/
-Simply remove the dead nvidia symlinks and and reinstall the mesa and
-xorg-server packages. See 'nvidia-switch --help'.