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+ZoneMinder is a Linux video camera security and surveillance solution.
+This suite is intended for use in single or multi-camera video
+security applications, commercial or home CCTV. It supports capture,
+analysis, recording, and monitoring of video data. PTZ cameras can
+be controlled via web or semi-automatically using a variety of
+protocols. It can also be integrated into a home automation system
+via X.10 or other protocols. This build includes cambozola and jscalendar.
+This requires perl-Date-Manip, libwww-perl, perl-PHP-Serialization, and
+perl-Sys-Mmap. Optional dependencies are ffmpeg (video streaming and
+recoding support), perl-Archive-Zip (automatic event uploading), perl-X10
+(integration with X10-based home automation), perl-Device-SerialPort
+(RS232/RS485 PTZ camera control), perl-MIME-Lite, and perl-MIME-Entity
+(automatic event mail notification).
+See README.SLACKWARE for configuration information.