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-The TeXLive Package Manager, i.e. tlmgr(1), is not shipped with this
-TeXLive package, as it's not expected to work properly (if at all).
-The general consensus from the TeXLive users mailing list is that
-distributions should not be shipping tlpkg.
-The *proper* way to upgrade the TeXLive Slackware package (or any
-part of it) is through your Slackware's package manager. If you
-elect to try tlmgr(1), and it doesn't work at all, or worse, it messes
-up part of your TeXLive installation, too bad. On the other hand,
-if you are able to document exactly what we need to do in order to
-make it:
- 1) work
- 2) put updates and such in a user-specific directory, i.e.
- *not* alter/replace system package contents
-then we would love to hear from you. :-)
---rworkman :-)