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@@ -14,7 +14,7 @@ the feature set available in the resulting OpenCV package. The
additional optional packages will mostly be autodetected and used
at build time without any user intervention. Packages that are
processed in this way include (by SBo package name):
- qt5 libdc1394 ffmpeg hdf5 VTK libwebp tesseract glog
+ libdc1394 ffmpeg hdf5 VTK libwebp tesseract glog
apache-ant numpy OpenBLAS openjdk8 (or openjdk or jdk)
In the unlikely situation that features from these packages are not
@@ -43,6 +43,12 @@ VTK support will be disabled unless it was built with qt5 support (which
is possible but not its default). Conversely, if VTK has been built with
qt5, it will be disabled in OpenCV unless it too is being built with qt5.
+Since opencv version 4.1.1, Qt5 is the required widget framework
+(Qt4 is insufficient). Therefore qt5 is now a required dependency,
+although this may be bypassed (with reduced functionality) by setting
+the CVQT5 environment variable e.g.
+ CVQT5=no sh ./opencv.SlackBuild
This package is configured to generate python bindings for Python 3 (via
dependency on the numpy3 package). If bindings for Python 2 are required,
the numpy package is required when building opencv.